Tami and Cindy became best friends the day they met in 12th grade. It was Tami's first day at a new school and Cindy's best friend had moved away last year. Both girls had been inseparable for the first part of the school year, but this was the first night that Tami got to stay overnight at Cindy's house. It was morning and Cindy's parents had left for work. With her brother away at college, the girls were all alone at home. And since it was a school holiday, they had the house to themselves.

Cindy woke up first. She lightly rubbed her eyes as she watched her friend sleep. Tami's night shirt had crept above her waist and as she lay still, Cindy fixed her eyes on the cotton print panties that Tami was wearing. They seemed to be a little tight and she could clearly make out the outline of her friends slit. She wasn't sure why she was getting a strange feeling looking at another girl. It was the same feeling that she got each time just before she played with herself. As she looked at Tami, she placed a hand in her own panties and started to massage her little bud. This always brought her pleasure but this would be the first time she had done it when she wasn't alone. As she circled her clit with her finger, she admired her friends body. Tami was very cute; long blonde hair, big blue eyes. Cindy wondered if Tami ever played with herself like she was doing now.

They had talked about lots of intimate things, but not that. Soon an overwhelming urge came overtook Cindy to touch her friend on that special spot. Even though she didn't know how Tami would react, she felt compelled to take the chance. Pretending to be asleep so that she could claim it was not intentional, Cindy allowed her hand to come to rest on the mattress next to Tami's crotch. After it had been there a minute without any adverse consequences, she allowed it to brush against the cotton panties. Little by little she became more brave, sure that Tami would not wake up and scream or even worse.

Tami had lay awake, one eye just barely opened, concealed by her hair. She watched as Cindy, with her hand in her panties, played with herself. She was relieved to know that she wasn't the only girl that did this -- maybe it wasn't so bad after all. She wished that Cindy had lowered her pajamas before doing it so that she could actually see what she was doing. When Cindy suddenly stopped playing with herself, Tami was afraid that maybe she had sensed that she was awake and closed her eyes tightly. But when she felt Cindys' hand make contact between her legs, she knew that wasn't the case. A little shiver of excitement trickled through Tami's body as that first initial touch was felt. That was the first time anyone had ever touched her there. She wasn't expecting it from another girl, but right now that really didn't matter.

She was excited from watching Cindy and that overcame any sense of wrongdoing. Besides, she could just lay there and pretend to be asleep and see what happened. Cindys' touch was very light and casual in the beginning. But as time went on and Tami didn't awake and protest, her touch got more aggressive and deliberate. She had already caused a wet spot to appear on Tami's panties and now she was so excited that she didn't care if Tami did wake up. Bravely, with one hand she lifted the waste band of Tamis' panties and held them up while she slid the other hand beneath them. She brushed her hand over the soft, tiny patch of sprouting pubic hair and found her friends moist hole with one finger.

After slightly inserting it she commenced a circular motion around the girls' clit with her thumb. Tami was sure she couldn't pretend to be asleep much longer. The tingles of electricity that she had felt had turned to bolts of lightning as Cindys' finger toyed at the entrance to her cunt. Slowly, instinctively, she began to rotate her hips in a circular motion in response to Cindys' continuing massage of her clit. Sensing that her pretending to be asleep was serving no purpose except to diminish her enjoyment of the experience, Tami opened her eyes, smiled at her friend and said softly, "Ummm... that really feels good." "I am glad you like it. I wasn't sure you would. I don't know why I started doing this, but I just wanted to." Tami responded by pulling her panties off and spreading her legs apart to give Cindy more freedom between her legs and a sort of unspoken permission to proceed. Cindy buried a finger in Tami's cunt and began slowly pushing it in and out. Tami arched her back and moaned loudly " Don't stop, that's just the right place".

Meanwhile Cindy began to use her free hand to edge her own panties down her shapely legs and when they were completely off she decided to be really bold. Cindy slowly rotated around so that Tami had access to her increasingly wet pussy. Sensing her friends need, Tami reached out to touch Cindy's pussy for the very first time. Tami lightly traced a finger around the edges before inserting it deeply into Cindy. The two girls explored each other's pussy's with the delicate touch that only best friend's could and were both soon moaning loudly together.

Tami was the first to get up close and personal, and placed her tounge upon Cindy's engorged clitoris. The reaction was swift and immediate as Cindy rolled over and embraced Tami in the 69 position. The girl's began feverishly licking each other's pussy's and both were rewarded with a simultaneous orgasm. Thrashing about together on the bed Cindy and Tami clawed at each other viciously as they each sought to satisfy the other.

Hot and sweaty the girls were experiencing emotions they had never felt before. Lying on the bed with there chest's heaving, legs askew, they looked at each other and laughed. Tami said ,"I never thought that it could be so good". Cindy looked at her friend for a moment, and then tenderly kissed Tami for the first time, and knew then that she truly had, a best friend.