Fat Attack

By R. J. Spunky

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One day, me and my friend Scott, went ice-skating. We were having such a fun time, when suddenly he fell down on the ice. I accidentally put my hands on his jeans. They were hard. HE was hard. He was VERY hard.

We got back up, and I realised that I needed to go to the toilet. I got off the skating rink, took off my skates, and went off to the toilet. I closed the cubicle door. Just a few seconds after I had sat down, the door was forced inwards, and standing there was Scott.

He came in, closed the cubicle door behind him, and sat on my lap. He began stroking my clit with his finger, up and down, up and down. I moaned with excitement. It was so thrilling, as we were in a public place.

I got up, and Scott then sat down where I was. He undid his fly, and pulled out his pin sized dick. It was small, but then, his flab made up for it. I bend over, and licked his flabby thighs. It was like chewing steak.

He then grabbed me by the waist, and I sat down on his hard member. Scott pulled me towards him, and thrust his pinny dick up my faj. We moved together in rythym, pumping in and out, in and out he was. He caressed my back, and my breast, in circular motions.

He then stod up, and I swung my legs aroung his back, and he fucked me up against the wall.

I climaxed and he came. We both orgasmed at about the same time.

I will always remember that day, and now I have been with Scott for 8 months.

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