Fantasy Date

By Wes Johnson

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I found it rather hard to believe I would be going out with Amy this way. After all, I only knew her by phone conversations, letters and by her picture. But, we had made a wager, and I had won. The deal was that the winner would have an evening with the other, in the manner and places of the winner's choosing. We trusted one another as much as possible, under the circumstances and we had flirted with each other mercilessly. So the bet never seemed too outrageous. I thought as I arrived at her apartment, my secret surprise might have taken it just a little too far.

Amy was everything I had hoped for ... and more. She wore jeans and a low- cut blouse. Her eyes and her smile were precious, but I was taken back by the fullness of her breasts. She was a little intimidating, and it was all I could do to announce the surprise: "I have a little something for you to wear." As I spoke I handed her a gift-wrapped box, and you could see she was shocked when she opened it and saw a Venus Butterfly Vibrator.

She looked me right in the eye and said, "A bet is a bet." You could see just a hint of a devilish smile on her full lips.

I expected her to retreat to her bedroom. Instead, Amy looked me straight into my eyes as she slipped her jeans down to her ankles. I struggled to maintain composure as I saw, the woman I had dreamed about so often, expose herself. Amy wore no panties, and she spread her legs as far apart as the jeans would allow as she strapped on the vibrator. Her pussy was exposed and beautiful ... it looked slightly damp on the inside edges of her perfectly shaved, smooth lips. As I gazed upon the neatly trimmed hair at the top of her cunt, Amy slowly fastened the connectors and pushed the body of the butterfly against her pussy-lips, as if to make sure the position were perfect. As she rocked it against her clitoris, I wondered if her breath came as hard as mine did. Just when I thought she might want more, she coolly slid up her jeans, slipped the battery pack in her pocket and switched "on" the toy. "Are you ready to go to the restaurant", she asked with a sweet smile.

We walked to the bike with our arms around each other ... the familiarity of the many words we had exchanged taking over as if what had just happened was an illusion. But as we rode into the warm night air I wondered if I had made a mistake and hurt her feelings with my "joke." But, I knew it was more than a joke. Amy exuded sexuality, and her reaction at the apartment only enhanced the mystery. It made my desire stronger ... if that was at all possible.

The restaurant was dark, the tables lit by candlelight. We took a booth and sat across from one another. As we waited for appetizers Amy reached into her pocket and removed the remote control. She brazenly laid it on the table between us, took my hands and laid them upon plastic box. "Don't you want to turn something on", she whispered?

My palms were sweaty. My desire for her was obvious, and it had given her complete control. As I looked into Amy's eyes, I felt the switch move between my fingertips ... It was hard for me to know which of us uttered the word ... "Yes" ... It didn't matter now who said it as I was lost within her eyes. There, in that public place, my heart was entwined with her as surely as with myself. I did not want to ever lose the feeling.

As I turned the control the rhythmic pulses began and Amy showed her vulnerability. I saw her swallow hard, and her lips parted slightly as her breasts heaved to draw in more air. With one hand, we touched each other across the tabletop. With the other, I handed her a drink so that she could wet her lips. Her tongue caressed her tender lips and her eyes never left mine.

I thought that her hand had begun to tremble, when our waitress returned. Then, the strangest night of my life took yet another turn.

Our waitress was pretty, though not as pretty as Amy was. I wondered if they might have known each other from before ... since ... it was obvious the electricity that flew from Amy did not stop at me. At first I was hurt, and then I realized that Amy held my hand just as tightly as before. She was including me, not excluding me. Amy looked at the other woman's breasts as she leaned over our table ... not just a glance ... but a sustained gaze. Then their eyes met. Amy's blue eyes were sparkling in the candlelight, and her voice was sweet as she placed her order. Our waitress met the gaze, and smiled back. Her eyes fell to Amy's breasts, which shimmered in the candlelight. Blushing, she stammered a "thank you" to us and rushed away.

Turning back to me Amy almost purred, "I hope you didn't mind." I didn't as I never before noticed such sexual intensity between two women. I had never had someone allow me to go so deeply with them into that side of life and love. It was as if she had cast some magic spell of lust, and she was going to show me things I had only dreamt of before that night. I was lost in the heat of that moment, lost in her eyes, which saw something deep within me.

Amy must have been hot too. She plucked an ice cube from her drink, and ran it over the exposed tops of her breasts. Slowly she made small circles ... oblivious to the room around us, just as I was oblivious to anyone but her. The melted ice formed streams, which darted into her cleavage, and she ran her hand inside the fabric of her blouse until I knew that she was rubbing her nipples. They grew hard and taught and she asked me if I wanted to lick that sultry mixture of water and sweat from her breasts. I answered with my eyes.

"Open your mouth. This is not a request", she said sternly. I obeyed. "Stick out your tongue. Just enough to touch your lower lip." Again, I obeyed. She pulled the piece of ice from her blouse, drops of water falling from her fingertips, and she placed it on my tongue. Once more came a command, now more stern than before: "Suck it!"

I could taste her on my tongue, and fell ever deeper into my willing bondage. Through this now moist connection, energy danced between our bodies. Everything seemed wet, and even Amy's hand felt like a sexual organ. The tremble I felt increased as did the pressure, and her other hand disappeared beneath the table. I knew that she was pressing the vibrator hard against her cunt. I knew her clitoris was swollen. I knew she ached for release.

Amy could not control this fire now, and her hips rocked in the seat subtly but rhythmically. I could see the muscles in her right arm strain with the intensity and her mouth opened wide. The delicate and dangerous dance of her desire played out before me. I was enthralled. Amy struggled between sexual abandonment and social control. She almost seemed to be in pain ... in labor with this orgasm that was building like an unstoppable tidal wave within her. For a second I thought she might scream, but only muted sobs rushed from her mouth into the room. As she squeezed my right hand, I suddenly realized my left hand was holding my cock through my jeans. It was hard and straining at the denim. Amy's orgasm was the most erotic thing I had ever witnessed.

Amy now took both my hands and rested her head in them for a few moments as she gathered in her breath. I was lost in her complexity. With her orgasm past, she was now childlike and sweet. I basked in the glow with her and felt only tenderness for this angel who had set herself on fire before me. I was grateful for the things she shared with me this night. I thought the memory was over.

But, before she raised her head from my hands, I felt her lips on my fingers. She took one fingertip in her mouth, then two. My hands were wrapped in hers, and nothing could be seen by others in the room. It was a romantic kiss of one persons hands by another. Then her lips closed tight, and forcefully and deliberately, joint by joint, Amy sucked my fingers into her mouth until her lips pressed against my palm. Slowly she pulled them out, all the while her wet tongue darting and flicking between the moist crevice they now formed.

Breaking the spell, I went to the bar to order a last beer before we left. Both our throats were dry by now! Instantly, I missed the physical connection with Amy, which had not been broken since we had placed our arms around each other the first time.

Our waitress stood at the end of the bar. Her eyes were on Amy. I could hardly blame her. I felt so lucky to be with her myself. I wondered if the waitress had seen any of our playing? As I picked up the beers, she straightened her dress, her hand quickly slipped to her stomach, pressed down hard against the material of her dress and it continued downward until it was wrapped tightly between her legs. Her groping only lasted a moment, but she squeezed her crotch hard. All the while, her gaze held fast to Amy.

Back at the table, in the glow of Amy's presence, I told her what I'd seen. She smiled and we both laughed. Before our beer was done, Amy had reached once more between her legs, holding the Butterfly tightly as I played with the control. As we were about to leave, she gave me instructions. "I know it's dark, but I'm very wet. You'll have to walk close in front of me." When she saw the wonderment, it seemed to intrigue her. She once more reached beneath the table. "You don't believe me? How many fingers did I suck for you?"


She unzipped her pants and pushed the butterfly aside. She buried two fingers within her luscious cunt. Her fly was still open as she held her wet fingers over the table. "Kissing my hand, and suck my fingers dry." As I obeyed. "That's my pussy between my wet fingers. Show me how you want to lick my pussy." The taste was wonderful ... honey blossom and magnolia mixed with desire ... my tongue eagerly lapped at her fingers. I didn't deserve to taste this nectar. This delicious ran juice from Amy's body. The taste inflamed me and I wanted to be on my knees and between her legs. I wanted to drink from her quivering cunt until she could produce no more of this treasure.

We left with her closely behind me, until the waitress stopped us and asked how everything was. I said, in all honesty, "Delicious." Amy hugged her, and as the waitress pressed her body close to Amy. The embrace lasted a moment. Then they kissed on the cheek. On restaurant porch, Amy stopped and hugged me. I couldn't resist cupping one hand around her pussy. Startled, I said, "You're soaked !"

Then in a sweet and demure tone, Amy replied, "Of course silly. I told you."

We rode to a local park, which looked deserted. The night air was now crisp and refreshing as Amy reached under my shirt to hold onto my chest. One hand would run through the matte of hair on my chest, while with the other hand toyed with my nipples. The vibration of the saddle between our legs and the events of the night left me in need of relief. I wanted to cum for the first time in the evening . . .

I pulled up the bike, turned off the thumping sound of the chopper and walked Amy to a park bench. With a cool coyness I still could not believe Amy purred to me once more, "Did you get enough juice? You looked like you wanted more at the bar. Help me take this vibrator off. Then we'll see if there's any pussy juice left for you."

Amy sat me down in front of her and I pulled her jeans down to her ankles. I looked at the Butterfly in the soft light as I unhooked the snaps and removed her toy. Amy pressed her fingers inside those sweet, wet lips, and held them just above my face. Drops of the nectar were forming at her fingertips as she raised my chin with her other hand. "Stick your tongue out. All the way this time." Drop by drop her honey fell onto my tongue and rolled into my waiting mouth. Never had I known a taste so delicate as hers. Reaching around her hips, kneading the hot flesh of her ass cheeks in my hand, I slowly moved my lips to her pussy. Softly kissing her wet opening, stroking her lips, licking her clitoris ... my tongue became the tool of alternating pressure. Her clitoris became engorged and swollen as I lightly clenched my teeth around its base. My tongue flicked across as fast as I could while barely touching Amy's tender flesh. Then I sucked her hard into my mouth, and her clit became more inflamed as my fingers danced around and within her vagina. My mouth was drenched with her taste and my face was now as wet as her pussy. I drank her cum greedily, and began broad, hard strokes with my tongue. I started at Amy's sweet, puckered ass and ended in lush circles around her clit. I was glad to be sitting, because my knees would not have held me now. Apparently hers grew weak as well.

Amy sat down on the bench, a long, slow moan coming from her mouth. I fell instantly back to my place between her legs, lapping at her mellifluous nectar. Amy's legs began to spread, as her moans got louder. Amy's hands were now kneading at her upper thighs, pressing hard into her flesh. Her fingers began to work the edges of her cunt furiously. She would place my tongue and lips where she wanted me to lick.

My left wrist held her ass and the fingers of one hand teased the sensitive skin between her openings. One finger toyed at the opening to her ass, which was now covered in the honey flowing from dripping pussy. The same two fingers she had sucked before now curved inside, pressing at the nerves behind her clit as my tongue and lips worked feverishly to meet the pressure. The first waves of orgasm began to roll and again more juice flowed into my mouth as her thighs began to clamp around my neck.

Suddenly ... Amy stopped. She pushed my head back with her hands in time for me to see two lovers walking down the path our way. I said, "Don't worry." With my free right hand, I draped my jacket over her exposed cunt. The left hand I kept tightly in place between her legs. Amy was still quivering as they walked by. She trembled uncontrollably on the edge of her orgasm. I tried to keep her there by massaging her pussy with my hand.

As the couple passed they said, " ... hello", politely.

As Amy began a reply, I thrust a wet finger into her ass ... gently but quickly ... I pushed inside her hungry hole. "Hel ... lo ... ", Amy's voice broke, and the muscles in her thighs contracted hard. Amy's hips squirmed as if trying to force the finger deeper, even as she fought for control. She looked down at me with pleading eyes, her face a reflection of pure desire. As the couple disappeared she threw off the coat and whispered urgently ,"Put your fingers back in and lick me hard." My fingers, lips and tongue went back to their pleasant duty. Now louder and more urgent, almost as if she wanted others to hear, Amy yelled, "Lick me HARD. Lick me fast . . . "

Again her voice broke and trailed off, but this time not with weakness. Once again her fingers were kneading the edges of her cunt so hard they were leaving marks. I swallowed what seemed like a cup of hot female cum. Amy's ass squeezed my finger so intensely I thought it would be pinched off as contractions roared through her hips like earthquakes that would not end. Amy made no effort to control her cries and her satisfaction fell upon my ears like sweet refrains.

Finally she stood up on shaky legs, her pants still loose around her ankles. I stood up and faced her. We kissed a deep French kiss. The first real kiss we had shared. She reached to my crotch and said, "You're hard and wet."

"Yes", I replied, and by now my need to cum was burning uncontrollably. She unzipped my pants and pulled my cock from it's wet home. A drop of semen oozed from the head as she placed the cum on a fingertip and licked it off slowly. Amy gazed into my eyes, with her face only inches from mine. "I wanted to know what you taste like. Now spread your legs until your cock is the same height as my pussy and slide it inside."

Eagerly, I did as she said, knowing that I wouldn't last long. The evening had taken its toll. I had been to the brink of orgasm several times while pleasing this angel of the night. The feeling was heavenly. I started to thrust as I wrapped my arms around her back and bit her neck. Amy grabbed one cheek of my ass and squeezed hard.

"No ... I didn't say you could fuck me. I just said you could put it inside. All you get is a little reward for your good work tonight."

I wanted to protest, but obviously on this day my will was no match for hers. The energy she was radiating made me her slave. And, as it turned out, it didn't really . I felt a quiver in both our bodies and I was cumming anyway. I pushed myself into her wet cunt, thrusting as deep inside Amy's sweet pussy as I could. I prayed that I would feel this joy but this climax was cut short by an evening of excitement> The strength of my orgasm helped make up for its brevity.

We got dressed and wobbled back to the motorcycle, once more holding one another. I wondered if I had strength left to ride. Amy said, "You know, you're in a bit of trouble. You're going to have to stay with me tonight until I figure out your punishment. No one said you could do that with your finger when those people walked by ... that was naughty pushing them inside my ass. And no one said you could put your hot cum up inside my cunt. I feel your cum inside and I'm even wetter than I was before. Maybe I'll know what to do when I get you home. Perhaps ... I'll start by sitting on your face ... making you clean out my cunt with that clever tongue of yours. Then ... I'll find some way to be naughty. A way to teach you a lesson you won't forget. If you ever expect to date me again ... you're going to have to learn to be a gentleman."

I wasn't sure what the punishment might be, although the image of whip came to mind. I knew I could not resist her insatiable heat.

I knew that I would do anything to please her.

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