By: Gabriellet Xavior

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Chapter Five

Kathie wakes up and looks at the clock sees its eight in the evening. She turns over to discover the bed empty again. I know I wasn't dreaming this time, she recalls, remembering how fantastic it was. She gets out of bed and heads for the shower. Leo carries a tray of food into the room, hears the shower running so he looks in the room and watches Kathie and feels his cock start to stir. This time he decides not to stand and her shower watch her alone, he's going join her! He quickly slips out of his and steps into the shower with her. "Care if I join you", he asks with an impish smile on his face.

She tries to look upset, but doesn't do it to well, and answers, "Do I have a choice?" He starts laughing as she puts her arms around his neck and kisses him. He wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her close to him, as their kiss deepens. She leans into him and can feel his cock throb against her thighs. Slowly she kisses down his neck to his nipples, licking and nibbling at them. She loves how they get hard and erect with the touch of her lips. His cock rubs against her breasts as she kisses lower. The water splashes and runs down her back as her tongue flicks out and his cock touches her lips. He moans, places his hand on her head, as she slowly licks his cock up and down. Than Kathie takes his balls into her mouth and sucks them, her tongue making little circles around the sack.

Leo spreads his legs wider as he feels her tongue slide toward his ass hole. He sucks in his breath as her tongue teases his butt-hole and her fingers run up and down his cock. "Oh, God Kathie, you're fantastic", he moans softly as her finger enters his ass. Knowing she is giving him so much pleasure, her head is spinning and her pussy is hot and wet. She starts to rubbing her clit, licking kis balls, fingering his ass and nibbling her way back up his cock-head. She parts her lips, his cock slides back into her mouth. Her tongue teases the slit as she sucks him, tastes his precum. Leo's hips start to move, slowly his cock goes deeper and deeper into her throat as she sucks his hard prick. She loves to feel it throb in her mouth. Kathie slides two fingers into her pussy and rubs her clit with her thumb as she feels the fire. Leo pumps his hips harder as his cock slides in and out of her mouth. She reaches up and gently caresses his balls with one hand while the other continues to finger his ass hole. "Oh, my God, Kathie, I'm cummming", Leo shouts as she takes his cock all the way down. His balls touch her chin as he shoots his hot cum down her throat.

Leo holds Kathie's head as she sucks his cock and swallows his cum. she moans and starts to shake and tremble as her fingers slide deep into her puccy and her thumr rubbs her clit. She begins to orgasm and she feels his her cum building within her. Leo's cum shoots down her throat as she sucks him harder, not wanting to miss a drop. Leo takes her hand in his and pulls her fingers from her cunt. "Not yet, baby, I want to help", he whispers as brings her head up and kisses her passionately. She trembles on the brink of orgasm as he whispering in her ear. "Babe you are the greatest! You make me feel so good!">

Kathie leans into his body as, her head rests on his . "I love pleasing you", she whispers. Leo lathers up his hands and starts to wash Kathies' body. His hands rub her nipples, slide down her stomach, till his fingers come in contact with her clit. He feels her sex throbbing, hears her breathing faster, feels her thighs open as he slids his finger into her open cunt. She begs him to give her the release her body craves as her hips move in a slow rhythm as he rubs her dlit. Leo gets downs on his knees, spreads her pussy, his tongue slides into her hole and he slowly inserts his finger into her ass hole. "Oh, God, Leo!! I'm going to cum", she says breathlessly, holding his head in her hands as she grinds her pussy into his face. Kathy spreads her legs and leans against the shower as Leo's tongue slides in and outa, faster and deeper into her slit. "Leo!! I'm cumming", she shouts as her body shudders and her legs weaken as she drenches his mouth with wave after wave of glorious cum. Her orgasm continues as the pleasure races thru her body! "Oh, Leo, I think I'm in heaven!! You make me feel so wonderful", she shouts as if God could hear her. Leo kisses her pussy softly, drinking her juice ... all of her juices.

Leo stands and takes Kathie into his arms and holds her tightly as they kiss. "Mmmmmmmm ... Babe, I can't tell you ... just how great you make me feel", Leo whispers . They wash each other slowly and sensously, not missing a spot and step from the shower and dry each other off.

Chapter Five

Leo carries Kathie into the bedroom. She nibbles at his ear and neck as while slowly lies her on the bed. His hands caress every inch of her body, teasing her. She starts to lick her way down his neck, closer and closer to his nipples. He stops her, takes her chin in his hand, and raises her mouth up to his. He kisss her so passionate that it takes her breath away. Then Leo whispers in her ear that she is to do nothing. Absolutely nothing but enjoy what he is going to do. He starts to lick and kiss his way down her body as she feels his hard cock rubbing against her thighs. Her hand slips down his side but just as she's ready to touch his cock, Leo gently takes her hands and holds them to her side. She moans as he sucks and teases her nipples. Arching her back she wants to touch him so badly. Leo into her eyes for a moment and then he goes lower toward her stomach. He licks and kisses around her pussy and down to her thighs. Her hands tighten into fists as she struggles to control the desire of wanting him so much. With a smile on his face Leo looks up at her and sees the fire and passion in her eyes. He teasingly asks her "What do you want, Babe? You want my tongue?"

"Oh, Yes! Leo ... I want your tongue, your fingers, your cock! I want ALL of you!! Take me ... Please", she pleads as his tongue slowly sucks her clit.

"You will have me ... but ... later", Leo whispers, "but now I want to teasy you. You want all of me. Do you want everything that I may do?", he askes.

"Yes ... Please ... Yes ... Anything", Kathie answers. Leo positiones Kathy on the bed so that she is lying from corner to corner and he takes a piece of rope from the bedstand. Kathy watches as ke wraps the rope around her ankles and ties the end to the bed post. Leo smiles at her as he raises Kathies arms over her head, meeting no resistance. He wraps her wrists as he did her ankles and ties the rope to the opposite corner of the bed. He takes a white hankerchief and covers her eyes and Kathy lies quietly in the darkness. Leo leaves the room and Kathy whispers his name several times and then she speaks loudly, "Leo?" As she finished uttering the words she feels an object being placed into her mouth and she bites down hard on a rubber-like rube as a gag is tied to the back of her head. Kathie tries to tell him that she has never done anything like this but the words were muffled. She feels fear mounting in her gut, yet, at the same time she feels trust in Leo so she remains quiet ... waiting!

Leo's fingers run through her hair as he whispers softly, "Oh, Kathy ... you are so helpless ... so available ... so mine. You are mine ... completely."

Leo, licks her nipples softly then sucks the pink tips between his teeth. A soft bite brings life to her tits and a more presssure brings a soft moan through the gag. His tongue slides around her breast, licking the underside, slipping across her stomach and through her fur on the way to her pussy. She moans more loudly as her pussy tightens as she tries to open her thighs. There is enough slack in the ropes to allow her thighs to split but she can only open them about a foot. She tries to increase the gap as his tongue slides it in and out as his thumb rubs her clit. "Oh, my God ,Leo ... ", Kathy mumbles through the gag as she feels his hand moving around her hip. She turns toward her side, allowing the fingers to slip inside her ass hole as she pulls on the ropes trying to open her legs. She is unsucccessful and falls back on the fingers, driving them deeper into her hole. "I'm cumming", she mumbles again as she shakes, pulling on the ropes as her juices flow around his tongue. Her pussy pulses as she pulls and twists as Leo softly sucks her clit between his lips. Kathie's nipples are alive and her cunt trobbs as she gushes cum between Leo's lips while her mind swims in wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.

Kathie's mind is wild as she pulls on her bonds, trying desperately to open her cunt for Leo's wonderful cock. Sweat dripps from her breasts and forehead as cum runns from her cunt and Leo slowly and carefully bites the soft clit between his teeth. Kathie screams in her head for freedom yet she wants more than anything to have Leo do what Leo is doing. "God", she whispers to herself, "how I love you ... Leo. I want to be yours completely. You control my soul."

Kathie feels something cold between her wrists and suddenly they are free as she brings her hands to the hankerchief and tears it from her eyes. She pulls the gag from her mouth.

"Leo ... Fuck me ... Leo ... I'm yours", Kathie cries as she wipes the emotional tears from her eyes with the back of her hand. The coldness is on her ankles and her feet are free as Kathie sees the shining steel of the knife in the light. She grings her knees to her chest and rises her hips, allowing Leo full access to her holes. His tongue is deep in her cunt as his fingers explore her vergine ass. "Fuck Me Leo ... YES", she screams, holding his head in her hands. "I need you .. I want your cock ... Fuck me ... PLEASE", she cries out as she cums once more.

He sucks and licks drinking her sweet nector, savoring the taste. He pulls her legs up and places them over his shoulders as he guides his cock toward her pussy and slowly penetrates. She moans as his cock passes the opening of her cunt and slides in deeper and deeper inside. Her pussy squeezes his cock until he's all the way inside of her an she whimpers, feelings his prick throb and pulse deep within her. Leo and Kathie move in unison, faster, deeper and harder as she feels his cunt-cock rub against his ass-fingers.

"Oh, Babe, your cunt is so wet. Your ass is so tight", Leo whispers, "I'm about to explode".

"It's your cunt ... forever", she whispers. It's your ass ... your virgin ass."

"I'm going to explode ... I'm cumming", Leo cries as he curls his fingers in her ass and rubs his cock through the thin skin.

"Yes ... Honey ... Cum for me", Kathie whispers, as she feels his cock shudder and feels her orgasm building.

"Oh ... honey ... my God ..."

"I . . . A M . . . C O M M I N G ", they scream together as if singing a duet. Kathie's pussy pulses around his cock as wave after wave of sexual pleasure rushe through her body. She holds his balls, gently squeezing them, massaging them, feeling his cock in the final moment of orgasm.

"I . . . A M . . . C O M M I N G ", they sing together in a final burst of harmony, as she feels his hot cum shoot deep inside her, as she cums again and again while Leo calls out her name ... "KATHIE!"

Leo rolls to his side, his cock still inside the pool of her cunt, as he holds her tightly. Their breathing slowly returns to normal as she looks into his eyes and whispers, "Leo, you are the best. I have never felt this wonderful. I am yours ... really yours ... only yours ... my dearest."

Leo looks into her eyes and whispers, "No, Babe, you are the best ... and ... you are mine!"

Kathie knows she belongs to Leo ... completely ... and her thoughts fade as they snuggle in each others arms and doze off to sleep.

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