By: Gabriellet Xavior

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Chapter Three

Kathie wakes with a start as she hears the clap of thunder. Leo feels her jump and pulls her closer to him, tells her its okay and places a kiss upon her forehead. She snuggles close to him, feeling safe and secure, for once in her life she's not afraid of the storm around them. Her fingers lightly run up and down his chest and hearing his moan makes her excited. Her fingers make small circles around his nipples, never touching the tip as they get harder. She looks up at him and softly says, "Now it my turn to please you ... so ... you just lay there and enjoy".

Leo sucks in his breath Kathie's tongue flicks out and teases his hard nipple as she pinches the other one softly. He arches his back as she starts to suck. She feels his cock throb against her leg as she slowly kisses and licks her way down his chest. She goes down one leg and comes back up the other. Her hands touch every inch of him as she explores his body. She starts to kiss the inside of his thighs. She hears him moan and feels him squirm as she looks up into his eyes. She winks as her tongue lightly touches his balls. He sucks in his breath, again, and runs his fingers lightly through her hair, "Oh ... babe, that feels so good", he moans.

She runs her fingernails up and down his cock as her mouth gently sucks his balls, her tongue swirls around them, one at a time. She can feel herself get hotter and wetter as she places little kisses upon his balls as she then makes her way along his cock, teasing his stiff prick with kisses and licks. Up and down she licks and nibbles his cock she sees his hands ball up into fists. Their eyes meet as she looks up at him, and he whispers, "Baby, Please suck it for me. God, I want to feel your lips wrapped around him so much!"

She smiles seductively and slowly parts her lips and places the head into her mouth. "Oh , my God, Babe", he gasps as he feels his cock go slip into her hot mouth. He doesn't know how much more he can stand, but controls himself from sliding his cock all the way into her mouth. She sucks the head, her tongue teases the slit as she tastes his pre-cum. Her head spins and she can feel her juices flow from her pussy as her excitement grows. She loves to give head and she like when his hips slowly move as she goes down on him, savoring every inch as it slides into her mouth. She stops when she has all of his cock in her mouth. She starts to go up and down the length, sucking and swirling her tongue as he place his hands on her head. Her mouth and tongue drives him crazy, as he feels his cock touch the back of her throat with each stroke. She starts to caress his balls as she sucks harder and faster. Kathie rubs her pussy rubs against his leg. My God, he thinks, this has got to be heaven!

She feels his balls start to tighten in her hand, his cock gets harder and she knows he's close to cumming. She hears him groan as she takes his cock all the way in, squeezes his balls. "Oh, God, Kathie, I'm cumming", Leo shouts, his hips stop moving as his cock explodes deep in her mouth. Spurt after spurt of warm cum slides down her throat as she sucks him harder, wanting to get every last drop of his jism.

She cums as she feels him cumming in her mouth, shaking and shuddering, her juices flow from of her pussy. He pulls her up to his lips and kisses her passionately, tasting his cum as he tongues her mouth. He whispers in her ear as he holds her close to him "Baby, that was FANTASTIC!!! You are the BEST!" Kathie hugs him and snuggles against him as they both doze off to sleep again.

Chapter Four

The phone rings and Leo wakes up and answers it. It's the garage, they tell him that the car won't be fixed till maybe Monday or Tuesday, as they have to get a new radiator. Leo smiles and tells them to take their time, no big deal, as he starts to think of having Kathie to himself for more than just the weekend. Hanging up the phone, he looks over at her, and watches her sleep. He puts his arm around her and pulls her close to him. She moans softly and snuggles against him. God, she feels so good in my arms, Leo thinks, as his cock starts to grow when she wiggles against him. He decides that he best get up before she sucks him again as he has plans for the first time that they really do it. He wants her to remember it for a long time to come. He quietly slips out of bed, dresses and leaves the room.

Kathie awakes, feeling great and remembering that last night was fantastic. She reaches out to find Leo gone and the bed empty. My God, did I dream about last night, she thinks, it seemed so real! She gets out of bed and slips on a sundress and heads to the kitchen. Leo's sits at the table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. As she walks in he looks up with a big smile on his face. "Good Morning ,Sunshine", he says.

She smiles at him. "Good Morning, Leo", she replies, a small frown forms. Damn, the thinks, I wish I knew if last night was for real or just a dream! Sitting across from Leo, watching him read the paper thinking that he's so handsome. Sighing, she then asks if he would like some breakfast. "I'm not the greatest cook but I can make eggs and toast?"

"Sounds good, want me to help?", he asks.

"No, I think I can handle it. I use to make breakfast it all the time for the ex", she says, still thinking about last night but to afraid to say anything.

"Oh, by the way", Leo says, "about your car. They won't be able to fix it till Monday or Tuesday."

"WHAT! How am I going to get to work? My boss is going to kill me. I'm sure he won't believe what happened", she jokingly says.

Leo laughs, "Oh, so your boss is real mean guy ... huh?? Don't worry about work, I think I can take care of your boss". "So you think you can talk to my boss and get me a few days off??", Kathie asks.

"I think I can handle him", he winks. "In fact ... I think I can get you the whole week off!"

As she places the food on the table she bends down, hugs him and kisses his cheek. "You're the greatest! Thank you!"

Leo asks if she would like to go for a drive and see some of the scenery and maybe stop at a few tourist traps. She tells him she would love to. They finish eating, clean the kitchen and head out.

"It sure is pretty around here", she says as they drive around and Leo points out different things for her to see. Her mind starts to wander, thinking about last night, and she still wonders if it was real or not. She looks over at him as he drives, a smile on her face, thinking of how handsome he is and what she would like to be doing right then to him. Leo can feel her eyes, as he recalls last night, and wonders what she is thinking about. Damn, he can feel his cock starting to throb and frowns and has to adjust himself.

"Can I ask you something?", she asks.

"Sure ... anything", he replies.

"Boy, this is embarrassing ... but ... well ...... uummm ... did we do anything last night?" Kathie starts to blush as she asks, "you weren't in the bed this morning so I thought ... well ... maybe ... it was a dream ... or something? A VERY good dream at that!"

"YES, we did something last night. YOU were FANTASTIC", he says.

Blushing she tells him that he was FANTASTIC too! Before she realizes what she's saying she tells him how he is the only one besides her ex that she has given a blowjob. She tells Leo that she enjoyed it with him a lot more. God, I can't believe I just told him that, she thinks.

"Well .... gee ... I ... sshheessshhh .... now you have me blushing!", he stammers. "I can't explain how wonderful you are and how you make me feel."

"I'll be truthful, I didn't think sex could be that GREAT! My ex never was one to take his time. God, I can't believe I'm telling you this!! I'm sorry."

"It's fine, if it makes you feel better to talk about it go ahead. Sometimes it helps to get things off your chest, instead of bottling them up inside."

"Yea, your right there. All I can say is my ex won't be winning any awards for the best lover, although, he thinks he should."

Leo pulls over to where there is a scenic view and they get out and walk down a little path. As they reach a creek, Leo, points out the small waterfall, puts his arm around her waist and pulls her close to him. She turns her head slowly their lips meet. Leo feels his cock stir as his hands run up and down her back. She moans as she presses her body closer to him. A shiver runs up her spine as she feels his cock start to grow. Wanting him so much, the mood is broken as they hear kids screaming and running down the path. Leo adjusts himself, just finishing as a family comes into view. They smile at the group and head back for the car, hand in hand. "God, that was close", he says as they reach the car. "I'm afraid if they had come a few minutes later they would of seen you naked"! Kathie blushes and says, "Me ..... What about you"! They get into the car and head back for the cabin. Leo's mind is wondering on how far they would have gone if the family hadn't come along. He feels his cock stir as he thinks about what it would have been like to take her by the falls. And, I will sometime this week, he thinks, we'll come back! A smile on his face, he looks over at her. She can feel him look at her and she is glad that he can't read minds, because hers is filled with thoughts of sex. Leo pulls into a little diner so they can have a late lunch. He takes Kathie's hand as they enter the restaurant and heads for the back booth.

Oh, God, she thinks, as he sits next to her, I wish he would sit across from me. She knows she will end up touching him when he is so close. She asks him to sit across from her, telling him that she wants to look at him when she talks. As they wait for their food Kathie's foot starts to rub up and down his leg, almost touching his crotch as she teases him. Leo looks up at her as if to tell her that she's asking for it. With an impish grin and a wink she says, "just what do you think you're going to do to me in such a public place". With her words her foot goes a little higher this time.

Leo grabs her foot and places it on his crotch saying, "This!!! is what I'm going to do. I just wish it was your hand instead", he says rubbing her foot on his prick. She can feel her pussy start to twitch as her foot comes in contact with the stiff cock in his pants. She leans over a little as she sees the waitress come with their food and whispers, "I was kind of wishing it was my mouth"!

Leo at the moment wishes that they were at the cabin. God, he wants her so much!! He can't wait until he finally has his cock deep inside her. He dreams of her pussy, tightly squeezing his cock. "Oh, Kathie, I want you so much ", he whispers.

As the waitress brings their drinks she asks if there will anything else that they needed. They both look at each other and almost burst out laughing as they both know what they really need and the waitress can't give it to them. "Not right now, Thanks", Leo says, as the waitress walks away. He looks at Kathie and says, "she wouldn't have known what to say, if, I told her that I needed you!"

Neither one of them remembers what they eat or drink as they leave the diner and head out to the car. Both want to get back to the cabin as soon as possible. As they get into the cabin Leo takes her into his arms, hugs her as their lips meet in a passionate kiss. She wraps her arms around his neck as her tongue slides into his mouth. She moans as her desire for him grows deeper. Picking her up he carries her to the bedroom and puts her down on her feet. He slides the straps of her sundress off her shoulders, revealing her naked breasts. He takes them into his hands and gently squeezes them. He than lowers his head to kiss and suck each one. He can hear her moaning as he slides her dress down her hips. He kisses his way to her stomach as her dress and panties fall to the floor. She runs her hands through his hair, as he licks and kisses her moist pussy.

"Leo, take me ... Please. I need you now", she whispers. Hearing this Leo gently lies her on the bed and quickly undresses himself. Her eyes never leave his body as she watches. His cock is hard and erect. She reaches out and takes it into her hand as he lies down next to her. His hand slides to her pussy as they kiss and he feels her wetness as he gets on top of her. She guides his cock to her pussy, moaning as it touches the lips of her vagina. Ever so slowly, he slides his cock into her as he whispers, "Oh, Kathie." He groans as he feels her pussy tightening around his cock. "I feel so good inside you", Leo whispers.

Kathie moves her hips as Leo starts to slide his cock in and out, slowly, since they do not wanting to rush. But, the need and desire that was building between them seems to be too much. The fire that's burning within them is to much as he starts to pump faster and harder as Kathie's hips move to match him. She can feel herself so close as she reaches down and takes his balls into her hand. She squeezes them as she feels the skin start to tighten. Oh Leo, I'm cumming", she screams, wrapping her arms around him tightly feeling herself explode. She can hardly breath as waves of pleasure take over her body. Trembling, her pussy pulsing around his cock, her clit throbs.

Leo can take no more as he feels her cumming and with one final thrust he explodes deep inside her trembling pussy. Calling out her name as he holds her tightly he shoots spurt after spurt of his hot cum inside her. He and Kathie are both totally lost in the moment.

Slowly they come down from their sexual high and he kisses her softly and whispers, "Babe you are fantastic!! I can't describe how wonderful that felt! You take my breath away!" Leo sees a tear trickle down Kathie's cheek. "Babe I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you", he says softly. Still basking in the fantastic sex she feels Leo brush away the tears. Very softly she whispers to him, "Leo, you didn't hurt me ... its just ..... well .... I .... hhhhmmmm ... I am so happy. I have NEVER felt this way before. I can't explain it. My God, Leo, I have NEVER cum like that before!! I'm crying because it was so fantastic!!! Thank you!"

Leo holds her tightly as she lays her head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. He kisses the top of her head as both drop off to sleep. Both knowing that it was the best they ever had .....

And ...

... there's more to cum!

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