By: Gabriellet Xavior

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Chapter One

Kathie can't believe what a bad day it turned out to be. Late for work, the boss, Leo, calls her into his office to talk it; she spills her drink on the desk and herself. Only to come home to find the water shut off for repairs, she burns her dinner and has her X-husband call wanting to see her. She just had a fuck of a day. On the verge of tears she tells herself that she has to get away! She packs a bag and hops into her car and heads out. She's not sure to where but she remembers of a place that Leo, has talked about. A park where there are cabins that you can stay in, peace, quiet and where you can shut out the world and be alone if you wish. Deciding that's the place to be, Kathie gets on the freeway and heads for paradise.

Her car starts to overheat as a climax to an otherwise shitty day. "Oh, fuck, just what I needed", Kathie sighs.

She spots a rest area just ahead, pulls in and pops the hood, hoping its nothing to bad. Not seeing anything terrible she decides to let the engine cool, add water and get back on the road. She buys a soda and chips while she sits on the curb next to the car waiting for the thing to cool. Deep in thought, she jumps as someone lightly taps her shoulder and she quickly jumps up, about to nail whomever it is. She turns around only to gaze up into Leo's eyes. "Fuck", she thinks, "what have I done wrong now?"

He grabs her wrist, not wanting to get hit, and says, "Hi, beautiful, sorry I scared you. What you doing here?" Kathie's heart skips a beat as she hears his voice and sees his smile, since she nothing has gone well. My god, he's so handsome, she thinks. His blonde hair, blue eyes and what a nice BODY! She was so deep in thought about what she would love to be doing with him, and to him, that she doesn't hear a word said. He repeats his question a little louder, she shakes her head, stammering about the car over heating. He asks her where she's heading. "I was heading for that park you have talked about. I really need to get away"! she replies.

"Tell you what ... I'm heading there right now. How about we get water in your car ... then ... I'll follow you to make sure you get there", he says.

She agrees so they fill the radiator and head out. Just as they get off the freeway her car dies. She pulls off the road and they agree to find a gas station and have someone tow it to get fixed. Leo grabs her bag from the car, throws it in his car and off they drive to call a tow-truck. He makes the arrangements while she waits in his car. She thinks about the smell of his cologne, she looks at him, thinks how it would feel to touch him, maybe kiss him, maybe ... and the door opens.

"OK", Leo says, leaning in the car, " ... they will pick it up and fix it today. Want a ride to the park?"

A shiver runs up her spine as she continues thinking as her gets into the car. He notices her shiver and asks her if she is cold. "Just a little" she answers, not wanting him to know what she's really thinking. She is glad that he can't read her mind.

After a short ride, Leo pulls into the park, jumps out and tells her he'll be right back. "Wait", she says as she sees a no vacant for the cabins, but its too late he's already in the building. A few minutes later he walks out and gets into the car. "Leo, I need a place to stay and they don't have anymore cabins." Her voice cracks a bit as she asks the question, not knowing what to do. A Tear forms in her eyes.

Leo leans over and whispers in her ear, "Don't cry it's been taken care of. The cabin I have has a roll away. I'll sleep there and you can have the bedroom." He looks at her smiling, and thinking, my God, she smells good! I would love nothing better than to take her in my arms right now. I would really like her in the bedroom with me! Being a gentleman he doesn't say what he thinks.

Before Kathy realizes what she's doing, she flings her arms around his neck and gives him a nice kiss. What started out as a "thank you" peck, turns into a passionate embrace. Quickly, before it goes any farther, Kathie lets go and sits back in her seat. Her mind is spinning, stammering, "I'm, erm ... I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have done that".

Being somewhat surprised he mumbles, "Its okay", as he adjusts the slight bulge in his shorts, making sure she doesn't see him doing it. Good, god, her kiss had an effect on me, he thinks. Leo grabs the bags and they head for the cabin in silence, each with thoughts of what just happened. As they reach the cabin, Leo unlocks the door and moves aside and let's Kathie go in first. "Take a look around", he says as he heads for the bedroom. Placing the bags down her returns. "Not to bad a place ... ah? It pretty much has everything except food. So ... I'm going to run back into town get some grub and I'll check of your car. Kathy, why don't you stay here, take a bath and start that relaxing weekend", he says with a wink.

"Sounds great to me ... but ... are you sure its no bother", she inquires.

"Not at all. I figure with shitty the day you've had, you should relax and enjoy yourself as much as possible. I'll be back in about two hours", he states.

"Thanks a lot, Leo", she says as she kisses him on the cheek, "you're so sweet".

He grabs his keys and heads out the door thinking he had better leave before he does something he'll be sorry for. My ... God, I have to quit thinking about her", he says in a low mumble.

"What", she asks>

"Nothing", he responds, closing the door and leaving.

"Nothing", she thinks, remembering the bulge in his pants when she kissed him "I'll know it's more than nothing", she giggles. Kathie heads for the bedroom, opens her bag and takes out her negligée, her robe and heads for the bathroom. Not bothering to shut the door she turns on the water and starts to undress.

Leo enters the cabin since he realized that he had forgotten his wallet and checkbook. He stops dead in his tracks as he steps into the bedroom and sees her reflection in the mirror. Kathy is standing naked, just starting to get into the bath. My God, she's gorgeous, he thinks as he feels his cock stirring. The water is running in the tub so she can't hear anything as he walks over to the bathroom. He stands so she can't see him but he can look at her. Leo watches as Kathy puts her toe into the tub and slowly, sexually, slips into the warm water.

As she washes herself, her mind wanders of how wonderful it would be if it was Leo washing her. Closing her eyes, her hands slide down her neck to her breasts. Leaning against the tub, she teases her nipples making circles around them till they're hard and erect. She places the pink tips between her thumb and finger, pinching and pulling them. A moan escapes her lips as she feels her pussy start to tinge. Sliding her hand down between her thighs, she bites her lower lip so as not to scream as her fingers touch her clit, imagining it might be Leo's tongue. She watches her hands slowly spread her pussy-lips and notices the bright contrast of her red fingernails against the soft pink of her pussy. Slowly ... she slides two fingers into her pussy. "Oh, god", she moans as she pushes deep into her cunt and has a much needed orgasm. Wanting more as her fingers slide in and out, thinking of Leo's cock deep inside her fingers move faster and harder. She slides yet another finger in her hot pussy and rubs her clit with her thumb. With her other hand she pinches her nipples ... hard ... "Oh ... God ... Leo ...", she murmurs, " ... I'm cumming ..." Her voice is almost a whisper and Leo has a hard time hearing as her legs straighten, her back arches, her pussy pulses and she squeezes her nipple. She shakes and trembles through the aftershock and then she slowly starts to catch her breath as she sinks back into the warm water in bliss.

Leo stands there watching her, his cock hard and stiff. He opens his fly and takes his cock into his hand. Slowly he strokes his prick as he watches Kathie resting in her glory, wishing he were in the tub with her. He hears her cum and starts to stroke his cock faster knowing she will start again ... and cum again. He watches her fingers slide in and out of her shaven pussy, wishing it was his tongue licking her clit. He strokes faster, massages his balls, and strokes harder until he explodes. As he cums he hears her scream and call out his name. Spurt after spurt of hot cum shoots from his cock onto the floor. Oh ... God ... he wishes he was shooting cum into her mouth.

He cleans himself quickly and, zips his fly, grabs his wallet and leaves before she sees him.

Kathy steps from the bath, dries herself off and slips on her negligee. She throws her robe over her shoulders and looks around for something to . Curling up on the couch she starts to read a magazine she had found, but soon falls asleep.

Chapter Two

Kathie wakes up to the sound of a car pulling into the drive. Looking out the window she sees that it's Leo so she opens the door and helps him since his arms are full of groceries. She grabs a couple of bags and, as they pass each other, she teasingly asks him if he's feeding an army or does he think she a big eater. She starts to put the groceries away as he deposits the last bag on the counter, mentioning that he's staying the week and doesn't want to keep running into town everyday. "I also grabbed a couple of ready made dinners from the deli. Is that okay? I didn't think either one of us wanted to cook", he says. "Sounds great to me. I want to eat ... but ... I don't want to cook it", she says laughingly. As they sit there eating, she can feel his eyes undressing her and sees a sheepish grin on his face. She wonders what he could be thinking. He realizes he keeps staring at her, but can't help himself. His mind keeps going back to her in the bath.

"Oh, I almost forgot, your car was towed to a garage and they'll take a look at it tomorrow", he says, smiling up at her trying to get his mind on something from her nice body and onto something else. She gets up and lets her robe slip open a little as she starts to clear the table. His eyes can't stop pointing at the top of her breasts and her sweet pointed nipples protruding through the material. Stammering he tells her, "I'm going to take a quick shower, then read something. I'm getting pretty tired. As soon as I get out I'm heading for the couch." Besides, he thinks, if I don't go to bed I'll end up attacking her since as he feels his cock stirring. My god, she has an effect on me, he thinks.

"That sounds like a good idea. I'm really tired too. It's nice of you to let me have the bedroom. I hope you don't get too lonely. Good Night ... just in case I'm asleep when you finish", she smiles, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. "And ... THANK YOU ... for all your help."

"Anytime", he says as he kisses the top of her head, smelling her sweet fragrance. He then quickly dashes into the bathroom.

Leo didn't take long in the shower but he did think of Kathy, lounging in the bath fingering herself. When he dried he quietly opens the door, not wanting to wake her in case she's sleeping. He looks into the bedroom and to his surprise, notices the bed is empty. All the other lights are off and he wonders where she is. He goes into the living room and sees her sleeping on the couch. He gets a blanket and covers her, not wanting her to get cold during the night. He kisses her lightly and looks down, watching her sleep. He hopes that tomorrow, neither one of them will be sleeping on the couch.

During the night a storm hits. The wind is blowing, thunder crashing, and lightening flashing. Kathie wakes with a start and, God, she is terrified of storms. She pulls the blankets over her head, trying to drown out the noise. Leo is also awakened and lies, listening to the storm, his thoughts on Kathie and how he would love to make love to her in this storm. There's a break in the storm and it is silent for a while and he can hear her in the other room. It sounds as if she's crying. All of a sudden he hears a loud clap of thunder and, hearing Kathie scream, he jumps from the bed. Leo rushes to the couch and sees her shaking, tears running down her cheeks. He puts his arms around her and holds her, softly whispering to her that everything is okay. She returns his hug and he whispers softly, "I won't leave your side. It's all right. It's only thunder." He brushes her hair back from her face and wipes the tears away. Kissing the top of her head, then her forehead, he lifts her face and smiles at her. Their eyes meet she sees the tenderness, something she hadn't seen before in a man.

Their lips meet in a tender kiss, which soon becomes one of passion. He pulls her closer, hers arms go around his neck as the feelings they both have for each other can't be kept bottled any longer. He feels her silky negligée against his bare chest, her hands run up and down his back as he whispers, "Kathie, I want you so much, this is heaven holding you in my arms. I have wanted this for a long time."

Shivers run up her spine as she hears Leo telling her that he wants her. "Leo, I want you to .. I have for a long time ... do you want to make love to me? I need you", she whispers.

Leo can feel his cock get hard as he hears her words. "Oh, babe, I do ... but not here on the couch", he whispers lifting her into his arms and carrying her to the bedroom. He sets on the edge of the bed and she stands, allowing him to admire every inch of her body. He reaches out and slips the straps of her nightgown off her shoulders and watches as it slides down to the floor. "Your gorgeous! You don't know how long I've wanted you ... since the first day I hired you."

"Good things are worth waiting for", Kathie whispers.

"I'm sure it's been well worth the wait!"

Their hands explore each other, as the storm outside rages. His hands softly cups her breasts, slowly he teases the nipples as he watches them get hard and erect. They kiss passionately as she slides her tongue into his mouth. He sucks her tongue, tasting her as he moans, feeling his cock grows bigger as it starts to throb. He ends the kiss as he gently nibbles on her neck, moving downward. His tongue flicks out and teases her nipples.

"Oh, Leo", she says arching her back as he teases and sucks her tits. She runs her hands up and down his chest feeling the curly hair in her fingertips.

He gently pushes her onto the bed, telling her that she is to do nothing ... absolutely nothing but enjoy! She starts to protest but he kisses her deeply, silencing her. He kisses down her neck, to her breasts, kissing, teasing, sucking ... as she arches her back.

"Oh, my god, Leo, I'm going to cum", she whispers as he takes her nipple into his mouth biting it gently as he pinches the other pink mound. She grabs his head and holds it to her breasts. "Leo, I'm cumming", she screams, her hips moving as her pussy rubs against his body. He bites a little harder as he hears her screams. Then he kisses and licks his way along her thighs, but, never touching her pussy. He kisses, bites and licks her thighs until she is squirming, begging, demanding that he eat her. He looks into her eyes, seeing the passion and the desire in her eyes. She feels his hot breath upon her pussy. "Leo ... Please ... Leo ...", she asks breathlessly.

His tongue flicks out and teases her clit pushes his head into her cunt. She sucks in her breath, moaning, lifting her hips to meet his mouth. He slides his tongue into her pussy, tasting her sweet nectar. His tongue starts to move in and out, her pussy squeezes his tongue, faster and faster he slides it in and out of her wet hole. She grinds her pussy into his face, grabbing his head as she calls out his name. "Leo ... "

She cums again and drenching his mouth and face. Leo, unable to take it any longer, reaches down he starts stroking his cock. Seeing this, Kathie asks him to sit up so she can watch. He moves up, pumping his cock faster as he watches her hand slide down to her pussy. Slipping two fingers into her cunt, she moves them in and out. Her other hand reaches over and gently squeezes his hairy balls. She feels them tighten. She knows he is close to cumming. "Leo ... cum for me! I want you to shoot your hot cum on me ... shoot all over my breasts".

Hearing this Leo pumps faster and harder. With his spare hand he takes her nipple and pinches it hard. He pumps his cock hard also. "Ooooohhhhh ... Kathie! I'm Cumming", he shouts. His hot thick cum shoots from his cock, landing on her breasts. As she feels his hot cum hit her breasts, she calls out his name ... "Leo" ... I'm cumming too", she says, pushing her fingers deeper into her cunt while a great orgasm drenches her fingers as her juices flow from her pussy. Leo takes her hand, brings it to his mouth and licks her fingers clean. Kathie's other hand wipes his cum from her breasts, then brings her fingers to her mouth and licks them clean of his cum.

He lays down next her, holds her close, as they kiss. The taste of their juices mingle, their tongues entwine, as they slowly come down from their sexual high. Kathie snuggles close to him, her head resting on his shoulder. She whispers softly ... "Leo, you are FANTASTIC!! I've never felt this good before"!

Leo hugs her tightly, smiling down at her, whispering in her ear, "Kathie you're the one who is FANTASTIC! I can't tell you how wonderful you make me feel!" They close their eyes, each with their own thoughts, both knowing that this was just the beginning of a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!


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