Family Fuck Fest !

By Jason

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Chrissy stood just outside the kitchen door listening to "another" planning session between Sara's mom, Kathy, and her own mother. God, why did grown ups make such a big deal out of everything. She had listened to endless conversations between the two moms about just how Sara could be introduced to "the life" without damaging her delicate little mind.

What do you think Mary? Is it a good idea to skip the shopping and go back home and try and approach her. Mary thought, "I want to put my tongue in your ass", but what she said was, "sure, today is as good as any other day .. lets have a coffee and talk about just how you will go about this."

Chrissy shook her head and laughed slightly. Why hadn't they seen it as clearly as she had. She had obviously been the best person to indoctrinate Sara into the wonderful world of sex. Chrissy knew that from the start. She hadn't wasted time pondering the "right" way ether. It had been easy. Sara had turned out to be an eager student. Now the problem was how to let Sara's mom know without panicking her. Grown ups over reacted to everything, but, a plan was already forming in Chrissy active mind. She ran up to her brother's room and burst through the door. Randy was sitting on his bed stroking his cock as usual. He smiled broadly when Chrissy came in, thinking he would be in for the treat from his sister's well trained mouth.

"Put your cock in your pants and come with me", Chrissy said, "we are going to Sara's for a little fun."

"Even better" Randy thought as he stuffed his hard prick into his paints and followed his sister out the door taking in the full view of her ass , which poked through the bottoms of her cut off jeans. "God she had a pretty ass", he thought, squeezing her butt.

Chrissy slapped his hand away. "No time for that now Randy, you'll get plenty when we get to Sara's."

As Kathy poured Mary's coffee she heard her two kids run out the front door. "Wonder what those to are up to today", she commented. "They have spent a lot of time together lately." Kathy put the coffeepot down joined Mary at the kitchen table to talk over Mary's plan.

Sara opened the door dressed in her pink baby dolls outfit. Her hair was pulled into two ponytails at ether side of her head. Chrissy had done her job well since Sara's body reacted quickly to the sight of her two new playmates. Randy could see the nipples of her small plump breasts harden under her pajama tops.

By the time they got to Sara's bed her cunt was already dripping with excitement. They all stripped and climbed onto the bed. Sara was like a kid in a candy store, eager and greedy, reaching out for Randy's cock with one hand and Chrissy's pussy with the other.

Chrissy and Randy lay down with Sara between them. Sara willingly surrendered herself to the brother and sister team that had shown her the pleasures of flesh. Sara's leg's parted involuntarily as Randy's hand ran down her belly to her hairless pussy. She was ready. Chrissy leaned over so Sara could suck her tit as she took Sara's hand and placed it between her own legs. After all, there was no reason why she shouldn't enjoy herself during this little adventure.

Chrissy was quite pleased with herself. She had told Sara all about the wonders of being fucked by a grown man and when that man was your dad, well it just didn't get any better. Chrissy and Randy had been careful not to completely penetrate Sara. They wanted to present Sara's dad with his little girl all primed and ready for him to deflower. This was an important part of Chrissy's plan. Chrissy would have loved to do the presentation herself since Sara's dad was a real dish. He looked absolutely delicious. His little girl certainly had been.

But she had decided that a better plan was to let Mary have that honor. All Chrissy had to do was make Sara's mother a partner in her little plan. That is what this was all about. Chrissy knew Mary had changed her mind about he shopping trip with Kathy.

To day was the day Mary was going to approach her daughter. Chrissy had overheard Mary telling her mother just how eager she was to taste her young daughter's sweet pussy. She just couldn't wait any longer. Sara was home alone and today was the day.

Back at Chrissy house, the two mothers were unaware of Chrissy's plan as they talked and made plans of their own. Mary finished her coffee and asked Kathy to wish her luck as she walked towards the door. Kathy hugged her and kissed her cheek. If Sara is as sweet as her mom your in for a treat Kathy whispered in Mary ear. Kathy reached for Mary's breast and gave it a tender squeeze. "God, she had wanted her all morning", she thought since she had hoped she and Mary would be able to have a little fun before they went shopping.

But the pussy Mary wanted this morning wasn't Sara's. "My God ... Kathy" Mary said, "I can hardly keep my eyes off Sara. This morning she was sitting on my bed watching me get dressed. I could have sworn that she was flirting with me. She looked so sweet in the baby dolls her dad had brought back for her from his last business trip. He loves the way she looks in them."

Chrissy heard Mary's car pull into the driveway, but the others were to busy to notice. Sara was greedily sucking Randy's cock for the second time. Chrissy was fully involved in licking young Sara's pussy and ass as Mary opened the door to her daughter's room. Her mother's appearance on the scene had no effect on Sara's actions. She continued sucking Randy's cock and bucking against Chrissy's tongue as her mother stood in the doorway speechless, her mouth gaping. Randy began to moan loudly and Sara glanced up at her mom, smiling as she sucked harder, shoving two fingers up Randy's ass. He came in spasms holding Sara's head down on his cock and cumming hard in her young mouth. Just then Sara's own orgasm started as Chrissy's tongue licked at her young clitty.

Mary watched as her daughter's body arched with pleasure. She could see Randy's cum running down the side of her sweet mouth and once Chrissy pulled her head out from between Sara's legs Mary could see her daughter's delicious wet pussy.

Sara sat up, breathing heavy, whipped her mouth with the back of one hand and held the other hand out to her mom. Mary, dazed, dripping wet, walked toward the naked children piled on her bed.

Sara knelt on the bed in front of her mother as she unbuttoned her mother's blouse. The blouse slipped off and fell to the floor. Sara undid the front hook on her mother's bra and freed her large breasts. She leaned forward and took her tit into her mouth sucking gently on the nipple as she reached between her mom's legs. Mom put her hands on Sara's head, arched her back, tilting her head back and surrendering to her daughter's mouth. Sara's lips clung to her mother's tit as Randy and Chrissy finished taking off Mary's cloths. The children directed Mary to the center of the bed and she did as she was told. Sara straddled her mom's naked body, sitting on her belly, looking directly into her eyes. Both of Sara's hands manipulated her mom's breasts as Randy positioned himself between Mary's legs and began to slowly lick and hot cunt. Mary was dripping wet and overwhelmed with lust. She reached down and grabbed her daughter's hips pulling her towards her hungry mouth. This is the moment she had been waiting for, dreaming about and talking about for months. She had the taste of her little girl's sweet pussy.

Sara's pussy hovered above her mother's mouth as Mary looked at it, touched it, kissed it and licked it. Then she parted the lips of her daughter's pussy and sucked on her clit. She wanted to prolong the moment yet she was over come with lust. Mary lifted her head and pushed her tongue deep into Sara's pussy.

He tongue glided between the lips like a knife into warm butter. She held her daughter's cunt open and licked slowly from asshole to clit over and over like a mother cat licked her kitten clean. Mom was lost in the taste and scent of her little. Sara, on the other hand, began to rock on her mothers lips, holding the headboard and rubbing herself on Mary's mouth.

Randy continued to eat Mary's pussy, something she was only vaguely aware of as she fully indulged herself in her daughters young pussy. Now Randy was up on his knees rubbing the head of his cock on Mary's clit as her hips began to respond.

That was something else Mary had wanted. She wanted Randy's hard cock inside her cunt. Just as Sara started to cum, covering her mother's face with her juices, Randy entered Mary hard and fast, pumping his cock savagely while gripping Sara's hips and pushing her down on Mary's mouth. Loud moans poured from all of them ... Sara's groans of "OOOOh Mommy", combined with Randy's cock pounding away sent her into the most intense orgasm she had ever felt.

Chrissy stood with one hand between her own legs, watching what she had accomplished.

She smiled as he brought herself to a climax.

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