Elevator Music

By: Bart Man

One evening my girlfriend and I were invited to and elegant party at a place call the Ashley hotel, top floor over looking the ocean.

The entire day I spent countless hours getting things prepared, as to impress Melissa and make it a memorable evening for her. I ordered a Limo to takes us to and from the party. I stopped to pick up a bottle of fine Champaign, a bouquet of flowers and my clothes for the evening at the cleaners.

I had talked to Melissa earlier in the morning and she was excited about the whole evening. She told me that since the day I told her of the party she has been searching for the right outfit and finally found it. I begged her to tell me about it but she refused telling me that I will have to wait until the moment I picked her up for the occasion. As stunning as she is I knew it would be sexy and elegant.

I finished my errands and headed to the house for a shower and to get ready. It was almost time to go. I stepped into the shower lathering my body with soap. I ran my hand down to my up standing hard cock, and proceeded to stroke it a few times fantasizing about the evening to come. Knowing Melissa the way I did, I knew it was going to be one hell of an evening. You see Melissa has a thing about fancy parties, she gets all hot and bothered when she is at one, the spiffy men, the attention she gets, and of course the fine beverages helps out too. When she gets like that she wants to be fucked and how and where do not matter. This would be one of those evening, at least I was hoping it would be. I finished my shower and started to get ready, slipping on my black slacks, white shirt, tie, shoes, and as soon as I slipped into my blazer the Limo pulled into the driveway. I got inside and explained how to get to Melissa's house.

For such a short ride, it seemed to take hours. The entire time my mind was dancing with the thought's of the night to come. When the Limo did finally pull into the driveway I stepped out and was greeted with the most amazing sight for an man to see. Melissa was dress in a Black sequin strap less dress, with black stockings, pearl choker, her long blonde mane was pulled back, so as to allow her hair to trickle over her shoulder and down to the small of her back. My cock was ready to leap out of my pants and ravish her right there in front of the Limo driver. She walked up to me, putting her arms around my neck and grinding her hips forward, nudging my hardness through my slacks. She whispered into my ear " mmmm, you that happy to see me?" I just grinned and opened the door to the Limo for her to slide right in.

As we were traveling to the party I stared at her intently. She leaned over placing her hand on my thigh and gave me a hot kiss parting my lips to search for the pleasure inside. Her hand gentle squeezed my leg, then proceeded to slide up my thigh to the bulge that was now evident. I knew she was aroused already, so I played along by placing my hand on her stocking clad leg and rubbing it higher and higher up. I reached her stocking tops and felt that she had wore a garter belt. She knew that would get me fired up, when I reached them she leaned back, looked into my eyes and smiled. I proceeded to move even higher, until my hand had reached the patch of her panties that was hiding her now wet mound. Placing my middle finger at her crease, smoothly I ran it up and down the length of her love lips, pushing the material between them. She was moaning and kissing my neck, occasionally nibbling my ear lobe. As soon as I was ready to slip my finger under the leg band, we arrived at the party. To our surprise, as we drove it had started storm. Only we were so busy with each other that we failed to notice.

The driver pulled under the canopy and I got out and helped Melissa to her feet. At first she was a little wobbly, but she gained her composure and walked in with me on her side. We made it to the elevator, I pushed the button and the doors opened, we stepped in and I pushed the button for the top floor. The elevator was all glass so we had a view of lightening bolts striking all over the city. I had my hand around Melissa's waist when all of a sudden a bolt of lightening struck right in front of us about a of a mile away, blinding both of us. Suddenly the elevator stopped, that lightening bolt had struck a transformer and knocked the power out over a couple of city blocks, and left us stranded in a elevator stuck between the fourth and fifth floors. But that didn't bother me, from the instant she stepped out of the house I had wanted to be alone with her. Now was the perfect moment.

We looked at each other and laughed, before I moved forward taking her in my arms and kissing her. She opened her mouth and ran her tongue around and around mine, as my hands moved up to her breast. I squeezed them and teased the nipples to erection. At the same time her hands were searching my body moving from my chest, to my stomach, and then to my bulge. She stroked me firmly, as I pulled the top of her dress down to expose one of her breast to my gazing eyes. A flash of lightening struck and gave me the perfect view of her nipple standing straight up. I lowered my kisses down her neck to encase her nipple as I sucked on it and flicked the bud with my tongue. All the while my hands were running up her legs, bunching her dress as they went. She moaned and struggled to get my blazer over my broad shoulders.

She pushed me back against the glass front of the elevator and stared into my eyes with pure lust, as she loosened my tie and tore open my shirt. She kissed me and ran here lips slowly over my chest stopping at one nipple then the other, all the while her hands fumbling to undo my belt, zipper and buttons of my pants. She made her way down my stomach as my pants hit the floor. She now had a face to face view of my cock leaping around inside my boxers. Pulling them down my hardness sprang forth into her hand as she stroked up and down, looking directly up into my eyes. She kissed the head drawing a deep groan from within me. Taking me by surprise she opened her mouth and took the entire length to the back of her throat. I could feel her tongue burning circles around and around the head, as she pulled back sucking hard. Her mouth was like a furnace, I could feel the rumble in my balls start to stir as she picked up speed. But I didn't want to cum yet.

So I pulled her to her feet, giving her a searing kiss before unzipping her dress, allowing it to tumble to the floor with the pile that she had already created with my clothes. I kissed along her neck and back to her ear, where I whispered " I am burning up for you." A moan escaped her lips, as I felt her shudder. The entire time I had my hand on her mound rubbing it through her now wet panties. I moved my kisses around and descend lower swapping one nipple for the other. Slipping my hand into the waist band of her black silk panties, I moved my finger up to her clitoris and rubbed circles around and around. She moaned, and I sucked harder on her nipple nipping just the end with my teeth. I felt her body grinding and shuddering as my finger moved back and slipped right into her awaiting hole. I moved my finger all the way in and wiggle it around. Moving my lips lower, I licked down her stomach, reaching her panties, and peeling them down with my teeth. As she stepped out of them her legs moved apart, I stuck my tongue out and ran it the full length of her slit, before concentrating on her clit, flicking it back and forth, over and over. Her body tensed, as she pulled me deeper into her sex. Then she was there, creaming all over my face and wailing out " I am coming, Oh god don't stop licking eeeeewwwww!!" I couldn't answer her but there was no way I could stop now, I had tasted her and wanted more like a bear in a honey jar, I continued to lick. She yelled out " I want to taste your cock again!!"

I dropped to the floor and allowed her to move over top of me, so I could continue to lick her swollen pussy. She started sucking on me like it was her last meal, bobbing her head up and down, slipping her tongue around and around the head driving me crazy. I stayed right with her matching her fiery with my own probing tongue, causing her to drench me with her cream once again, as she shuddered through a body quacking orgasm.

She pulled her body up, spun around, and sank her hot wet hole upon my up standing cock. Once she hit bottom with a long moan, she just sat there enjoying the feeling of being filled completely. She looked into my eyes and grinned, as her hips began to sway around and around, allowing my cock head to touch every part of here walls. She was moaning and groaning, I could feel her juices flowing out of her, covering my thighs and balls. Then she went into a frenzy, bouncing her ass up and down, driving me deeper and deeper into her pussy. I could tell she was about to soak me again by the way she was panting and clawing at my chest. Then she let out a horrendous moan and sank to the base of my cock, allowing her juices to flow all over me. She lifted her ass up and looked down to see me still engaged in her wet pussy. Taking her finger she scooped up some of the cream and sucked it like she had when she sucked my cock. There was a ring of cream all around the base of my cock from here tight little pussy.

She hopped off and headed right for my cock covered with her cream. She sucked it all off then turned on her hands and knees wiggling her shapely fine ass at me and said "Fuck me hard from behind." I got to my knees and position myself behind her. I took my cock and ran the tip up and down her slit greasing it to slide right on in. She turned her head and said " Quit teasing me and pound me." I was happy to oblige, pointing the tip just a bit higher I sank it in. She was so wet at this point there were loud slurping sounds coming from her as I pounded in and out. There was the smell of pussy in the air and she was yelling and screaming for me to empty my load in her. All of this in combination to what her walls were doing to my cock caused my dick to swell and spurt my cum deep in her over and over. She was yelling " Yes, yes, pump me full baby, that's it fuck me." I could still feel her pussy pulsating around me, squeezing every last drop from my cock.

I feel back with a wet plop, as my cock became dislodged from her scorching hot hole. I sat back, she turned around and smiled, before lowering her head to suck my now spent cock, cleaning all the juices from it. After it was clean she came to my side and rested her head against my chest. After a moment to catch our breathe, we then stood to gather our clothes and get dressed. As we got dressed we laughed about the fact that if the elevator had started and gotten to the top floor, there wouldn't have been anyway either one of us could have stopped what we were doing. Just think getting it on doggie style and the elevator doors open to the top floor of a party, that would have been a sight to see. We ended up staying in that elevator for two more hours, although we didn't care we had all the entertainment two people would ever want.

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