Easter Sunrise Service

By Mistress Monica

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This tale should be titled "Daddy's Cumming Out Party" or "Finally, Out of the Closet".

My Daddy ... Damn ... Fuck ... Lousy son of a Bitch ... That he is ... I love him so ... But ... He is too ... Much!

Easter Sunday ... Very Early ... Someone shakes me and I open my eyes. I can't see. I try to rub my eyes and find my hands are tied securely behind my back. Being startled I try to lift my legs and find that they are tied at the ankles. My legs can move a little so there must be some slack. I hear the click of metal ... cuffs!

"Hog Tied?", I try to say something but my words are stopped by a ball-gag in my mouth. How did this happen, I thought, wondering how I would get like this position and not wake up. It must have been the 'shrooms and grass last night. I remember a magical trip and getting stoned at the office. Was I home? Was I at the office ... Am I in the Blowout Dungeon?

Laughter ... that's what I hear as I strain my bonds, trying to scream, "Mother Fucker".

Smell ... Yes ... I am in the dungeon and I can smell the odor of stale cum and candles.

Hard ... I am on the cold floor ... floundering like a naked seal.

What the fuck, I think as they laugh ... Who?

"Master", I mumble through the ball, shaking my head. "Daddy", but no one answers, only laughter.

Someone turns me over on my face and raises me by the arms until I am kneeling ... further ... until I am standing ... they push me and I stumble forward in small steps. I hear the clink of chain as my feet stumble. I must look like a chain-gang-er ... hobbling ... stumbling. Someone mumbles as I feel cool drops of water on my face and breasts. Mumble ... mumble ... I hear ... it sounds like a half moan ... half word ... chant.

Yes, I hear a chant and feel the coldness of steel on my wrist as the bonds are cut and my arms are raised. I feel the rough hands on my wrists, two hands on each wrist as I am pulled apart and back until I am against a post which is cold on my back.

My right hand grasps something round as I feel twine being wrapped around my wrist as I pull against the force holding my arm outstretched. Twine wraps around my left hand. T the restraints are wrapped from my wrists to my elbows and around my upper arm. I am helpless now as my hands open and close, grasping for someone ... anyone ... who ... where?

I shake my head and it bangs against the post and I feel tape on my forehead and my head will no longer move as it is strapped to the support holding me erect. I lift my feet and kick the air as the tape sticks to my stomach and I am secured. I kick again ... and again ... and my legs won't move on the third attempt as I hear a loud thud, like someone is hammering at my feet. "Stop this ... You Fucking Bastards", I mumble through the gag.

Splash ... again ... as the chant continues and I pull at the restraints without moving. "Fuck You", I mumble ... but my cry is inaudible over the chanting.

"Is that any way to grunt during Sunrise Service", I hear someone whisper in my ear.

"Right...", I hear whispered in my other ear.

"Holly ... Molly ... Mistress ... Monny", I hear and I know it is Daddy ... 'cuz DM never calls me Monny. "Happy Easter ... Mistress ... Monny ... You want to meet your new Daddy?", I hear, as I feel the cold steel on my scalp as if someone were shaving my baldhead with a straight razor. Flip goes the knife and the blindfold falls from my eyes and I try to focus in the dim candlelight.

In front of my ... undulating in a black monks cloak ... a bald headed man flounders and waves his arms as he dances around the post to which I am tied. "Daddy?", I mumble. From behind, someone drags the cold steel across my back, down my ribs and across my ass. The point sticks at my hole and I try to pull away but I can't move. Up across my ass and back the point glides until it slips under the string holding the gag tight. Suddenly the ball falls from my mouth ... and ... "You Fucking Bastards" ... gushes from my throat as the black figure slides across the room splashing water in my eyes ... chanting as he moves.

"Holly ... Molly ... Mistress ... Monny", the man whispers in my ear. "Fuck You", I scream as the baldhead appears in front of me and my eyes follow the form. My eyes move from side to side because my head is secure and I can face straight ahead. I can't see my outstretched arms but I know I am tied to a cross. "Fuck You ... Daddy", I yell, pulling at the bonds which hold me motionless. "Master", I scream, half asking and half questioning.

"Holly ... Molly ... Mistress ... Monny ... I have a surprise for you", Daddy whispers, moving in front of me and climbing onto a stool which has been placed a couple of feet in ahead. I blink from the droplets of water splash in my face as Daddy chants and flips water from a bowl he holds. "Crucified at sunrise ... Monny ... Dearest", he says writing like a snake on the stool. "Daddy has shaved for you", he says, moving his glowing bald head in the candlelight. "And ... I did this for you ... also", he shouts, throwing open his robe and displaying his withered cock in some kind of devise. Undulating in front of me, Daddy looks much like a slug with a short cigar-cock which had been sucked on too many times and for too long.

Daddy's prick in crunched in a black device. There is a metal ring circling his cock and there are a red and a black lead connected to wires that run down his leg to the floor. He flails his arms as he balances on the wooden stool naked in front of me. Every few seconds he twitches as if jolted. Tears run from Daddy's eyes and his knees seem to shudder when he is shocked. I hear the same laughter as before and I realize that it is DM somewhere in back of me. Straining my eyes to look down I can see the wires run from under Daddy's feet to somewhere in back of me. I still can't move my head and my eyes are sore from the water and the strain.

All of a sudden Daddy grasps his side and slumps, stepping down and sitting on the wooden stool. He gaps for breath and I try to reach out as he lowers his head. Zap ... he twitches and shakes ... holding his side. "Stop ... Master", I cry. "Please ... Master ... Stop!" I feel a the soft breath on my neck. "Shall I do you", I hear whispered in my ear. "Shall I do you, Monica?" "Anything", I whimper, "but stop ... Daddy!" The second black figure moves into view still wearing a mopnks robe. He reaches down to Daddy's crotch and unclips the wire leads running to the cock device. I pull at the bonds holding me to the cross as the black lead is clipped onto my right nipple-ring. Unable to move I strain to watch as the red clip is attached to the left nipple-ring. My hands grasp the rough wood of the cross. "Anything? ... Really ... ? ", I hear whispered in my ear as I am jolted back to reality as a strong pulse surges through my nipples into my breasts. My muscles tighten and I clutch the cross and strain at the tape holding my head.

"FUCK", I scream as I am jolted again and again, my toes straining as my feet pull against the cuffs nailed to the post.

"Yes", I hear whispered in my ear. "I will fuck you ... sunrise fuck my slave ... fucked on the cross ... waiting for the rabbit."

"FUCK", I cry again as a stronger jolt causes my body to shake as the rings burn through my nipples. " ... FUCK ... "

"Yes ... I will fuck you ... my slave ... for Easter", I hear as I feel an object play with my shaved cunt. I move my hips as my pussy-lips accept the prick as it is pushed slowly through the wet opening.

How wet I am, I think as I am impaled with the object ... and ... for the first time ... I see my Master as I strain to look down. "Fucky ... fucky ... rubber ... ducky", I hear as I strain to see what is being pushed into my open cunt.

ZAP ... comes the sharp pain in my nipples and my muscles spasm as I cum in a giant orgasm as the plug is pushed into my hole and I scream in unintelligible moans. ... ZAP ... CUM ... FUCK ...

My legs surrender as I fall onto the bonds that hold me to the cross. Cum drips past the cock and runs down my thighs as the prick pushes deep into my soul and is extracted from my hole.

"Zap me again", I whimper, holding tightly to the cross with my hands. "Please ... Master ... Again ... Please ... "

. . . . . . . . . . Z A P . . . . . . . . . .

Again ... I shudder as my pussy closes on the prick-object thrashing in and out of my cunt. Juice runs from me forming a pool at my feet as I hang limp from the cross. The end of the hard object passes my pulsating clit and traces a path across my stomach, rising between my sweating tits.

. . . . . . . . . . Z A P . . . . . . . . . .

I shudder as the dildo like object circles my wet lips as my tongue reaches out, licking the surface ... round and round ... tasting my sweet cum ... sucking the end which is pushed into my mouth ... down my throat. Deep it slides ... down my throat. I wish it would explode cum into my gut as I squeeze my eyes closed and twist the wood cross with my hands.

"Suck ... my little rabbit ... cunt slut slave ... ", I hear whisopered in my ears as my lips close on the prick-object pushed deep inside me. I massage the cock with my throat muscles ... pushing ... I gag as the member rotates in my mouth and I wish it were my Master's cock embedded deep ... deep in my throat. I that I was sucking the real thing. then ... I would feel the warm cum slip down as my tongue licks past the embedded cock to his giant hairy balls.

The object slips from my throat ... my lips suck until the last of the member is pulled from my mouth and my tongue follows the tip until it is taken away as I clinch my eyes closed.

. . . . . . . . . . Z A P . . . . . . . . . .

Brings me to life and my eyes open wide and the cum builds in my pussy as the cock slides inside like a giant cork. Deep ... deep ... inside me the prick slides as my cum oozes slightly by the plug. I literally drip inside myself as I hold the cross, watching my Daddy being lifted by my Master as they leave the room, closing the dungeon door. I am leaft in total darkness as if I were blindfolded.

"Good bye ... Master ... Happy Easter".

I whisper-moan.

"I love you", I call out.

I hang limp.

The cork-plug between my pussy-lips ...

... is imbedded deep into my swollen cunt.

"I love you ... Master ... "

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