First Time in the Dungeon

By: Mistress Monica

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It was a nice evening and Dungeonmaster picked me up for a party at a friends dungeon. We were mixing with the other Masters and Mistresses when I noticed a young man lurking in the corner, shoulders slumped. His head was lowered so that he could examine his feet as they shuffled back and forth. The dim, uncertain torch light almost kept me from seeing his face. His features were so delicate that they were almost blurred in the candle light. Only a trick of the light, a momentary flare from a nearby sconce, made me look twice. And once I had, I could not look away.

His cropped hair was so pale it was almost transparent. He pulled at his fringe of bangs as if he would like to make them longer, to hide behind them for privacy. Instead though, his hunted eyes looked out from a fragile, exposed bone structure. He could have cut himself on his own cheekbones. What the rest of his face lacked in softness, however, was made up for in his expressive mouth, pulled into a tentative pout. He looked breakable and I wanted nothing more than to be the one to break him.

Dungeonmaster noticed my intense observation of this young slave and whispered to me that I should have his cherry. It didn't take a moment for me to move closer, already feeling the wetness of my crotch making my tight vinyl pants grow slippery. My nipples rubbed against the inside of my vest as they grew hard, despite the steamy closeness of the atmosphere. My hand twitched in anticipation, unconciously slapping a slim riding crop against the side of my high boots. Glancing at his taut body, encased in nothing but black latex strips, my crop moved to the inside of my thigh and crept higher, rubbing more firmly.

My breath began to come too quickly so I removed the crop and flicked it out to tap it against a small silver ring set into the boy's leather collar. He flinched back almost imperceptibly and a slight smile tugged at the corner of my mouth. He was shy. I wanted him on his knees. I let the soft flap at the end of the crop brush his marvelous cheekbone so tenderly that he leaned slightly into the reassuring touch. With my other hand I snapped a long leather lead onto the ring.

The sudden movement must have been unexpected since the boy actually reared back, his eye growing wide with alarm. I chuckled softly, allowing the tiny half smile on my lips to grow wider and more cruel. My tongue flickered across my lips as I watched him grow a shade paler.

Turning, I strode toward a small door in the black painted wall of the dungeon. I felt the slightest resistance at the end of the lead rope so I gave it a sharp tug and heard the scrambling of footsteps as my new pet shuffled along behind, no doubt wondering what lay in store for him deeper inside the dungeon. I don't know which of us felt the anticipation more keenly.

The slam of the dungeon door behind us made him flinch again and this time I laid a stripe across his back for it. Shyness was one thing, but he had to learn sometime.

"Face me," I commanded, speaking for the first time and using my most authoritative voice.

He spun around. His eyes reflected fear but something lurked beneath, burned there. I glanced down and saw that his skin tight pants did nothing to conceal a growing bulge at his crotch. I teased it a bit with my crop and watched a thin film of sweat break out on his forehead.

Without warning, I slashed my crop down onto his shoulder and held it there, pressing, until he dropped to his knees. He struggled for a moment and then collapsed, pressing his lips against the toe of my polished boot and working more feverishly up to the ankle.

I let him continue for a moment, relishing the sight of him crumpled in front of me, and then pushed him away with a not too gentle nudge of my foot. He did not raise his eyes, but instead continued to gaze longingly at my boots.

"Do you like them?"; I asked softly, almost gently, waiting for the tiny, almost involuntary nod of his head.

"Well, they need cleaning", I continued. "See to it."

Grateful for a command to follow, the boy once again bent, this time to run his tongue roughly over the shiny patent surface. He worked diligently, not missing a spot, moving closer until he was kneeling in front of me, working his mouth along the very top edge, where my boots met the thin vinyl encasing the inside of my thigh. When he reached the top, he let his eyes drift up, silently pleading permission to continue up higher.

I stood for a moment, gazing into his eyes, blue and wet in the smoky torchlight and then sent him sprawling with my knee. At first, he lay s tunned on his back, but quickly recovered and abased himself in front of me again, this time spread almost full length along the ground.

" Enough," I said abruptly, growing tired of coddling him. It was time to begin his training in earnest. Reaching down, I planted my hand firmly in his short crop of hair and tugged him back to his knees. Quickly I turned and strode to the wall, forcing him to struggle along behind me as best he could.

Once we were in the center of the room, I yanked him to his knees. His lower lip was clenched between his teeth as he struggled not to cry out. I slapped him sharply until he understood that he was not to stop himself from making sound and was rewarded with a series of tiny whimpers.

Stepping back, I indicated that he was to clamp his wrists and ankles into the manacles that were bolted into the ceiling and floor. He did so without hesitation, but I hit him anyway when he struggled with the last of the cuffs.

Grabbing him by one of the strips on his shirt, I pulled him off balance so that he hung painfully from his arms, twisting slightly as he tried to regain his feet. His eyes soon found an immense table set against the wall. It was an enormous slab of oak covered end to end with various toys, some of them marvelously arcane and cruel.

I selected a simple cat o'nine tails to begin with and slapped it gently against his back and buttocks, increasing the strength of my blows until he gasped from it. Then I decided that I wanted to be able to see my handiwork. I took a slender knife, wickedly sharp on both edges, and held it up so that the torchlight glimmered along the side. He nearly fainted from the fear, but I had no intention of marking his perfect skin. I simply wanted to see it better.

Working quickly, I sliced through several of the more structural latex strips of his shirt, watching it fall to the ground around my feet. Soon he was clad only in his thin leather pants and I could see that parts of him were struggling against that.

I pointed to his crotch with my knife and murmured ironically, " That must be quite uncomfortable. Let me see if there's something I can do about


Expertly, I slipped the knife against the leather ties holding his fly closed. His eyes were pressed tightly shut and he trembled with the effort of holding perfectly still. However, no damage was done and within seconds his cock had burst from the remnants of his ruined pants. A look of relief washed across his delicate features and he opened his eyes to silently thank me.

I wasn't finished with him yet though. Turning back to the table, I ran my hand over some of the more ingenious devices, finally craning my head around to see his reaction. His lips grew taut with fright as my fingers brushed over a nasty studded paddle, only about as wide across as a small hand. Smiling, I allowed myself to pick that one.

I relished the sight of red weals and bright spots of color as I worked the paddle furiously over his thighs and buttocks. I beat him until he sobbed and then switched to another form of torture.

During his punishment, I noticed that his cock had lost some of its hardness, so I stroked him gently with one of my soft feather mits. He moaned slightly as his cock once more rose to attention and his hips ground slightly in involuntary circles. Once I was satisfied with his size and stiffness, I selected one of the many rings from my table and fit it snugly onto him, watching the tip of his member grow redder and more engorged. I got wetter thinking of riding that huge cock, feeling it thrusting and exploding inside of me, but I had other plans. I walked around to stand behind him and admire his round, welted buttocks.

"So far you've been a good boy," I whispered in his ear, running a lithe, flexible staff along his spine. "And good boys should be rewarded. But we musn't let it go to your head, so you must also be punished." I set down my crop and picked a large dildo, nearly the length of my forearm, from the table. With a sharp blow to the shoulders, I neatly doubled him over and had him impaled on the shaft before he had time to react. When he did, it was with a sharp intake of breath and a quiet sob, realizing that the worst was not yet over.

"Girl," I commanded sharply. A quiet shadow detached itself from a corner and crawled obediently to lay its head at my feet. It was a young woman, who had been my slave for quite a long time. She was properly broken and I thought it only right to allow her a little enjoyment herself.

"You may," was all I said to her.

She rose to her knees in front of the boy and gazed for just a second at his huge cock. Lovingly, she took it in her mouth, struggling to get her lips all the way around the head. Once she had it, though, she took it deep down into her throat, sucking desperately as the boy ground his hips against her, forcing his cock further and further into her mouth. She reached up and grasped his balls in her hand, stroking and tugging them gently, forcing him to restrict the movement of his hips, lest he damage himself. She knew my taste. I wanted the show to last awhile.

As the girl sucked and licked the boy's shaft and balls, I perched myself on a clear space on the table. Unzipping the crotch of my skin tight pants, I inserted my fingers into my wet pussy, stroking quickly, feeling the almost painfully engorged nub of my clit. I took another dildo from next to me and shoved it deep inside myself, rocking back and forth in time with the motion of the other two.

When I was absolutely dripping, I discarded the dildo and walked to where the boy hung, his face contorted. He was teetering on the edge of coming, but I wasn't ready for that just yet. I grabbed the girl by the hair and yanked her to face me. Her very talented tongue made the switch easily and was soon deeply planted inside my pussy. I faced the boy and saw him watch us jealously. I nearly chuckled as I reached around the kneeling girl's head to take his cock in my hand.

She licked, I stroked and he thrust toward us and I could feel us all coming in a huge climatic rush. My body bucked and trembled in ecstacy as his hot cum poured out over my hand and into the girl's hair. She cried out a little as she felt the power of the two of us writhing, one in front and one in back. Still holding her by the hair with my left hand, I pulled her up to face me and kissed her deeply. I unlocked one of the boy's hands and indicated that he use it to reward the girl which he did eagerly while I kissed her face and fondled her breasts. She put her hands between my legs and we both came together again. Limp and exhausted, we all stood leaning against one another for support. I unlocked the boy's manacles and sent the girl back to the corner.

Walking to the door, I held it open for the boy to leave. He stayed in the center of the room as if rooted there. I should have punished him for his lack of obedience, but instead, I merely let the faintest trace of a smile touch my lips.

I wished that I could keep him but I was, after all, Dungeonmasters Slave and my boy was a virgin no longer. Our eyes met once more as I left the room never to see him again.

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