A Dreary Day on Vacation

By ‡ˆ¿ˆ†he§@in†ˆ¿ˆ‡

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The October afternoon was warm, the sky cloudless and blue ... an ideal Indian Summer day. I was on vacation and headed for what we in Pennsylvania refer to as "GODS COUNTRY", a mythical land of pristine wilderness that exists primarily in people's imagination's. Still, it is possible to find pockets of solitude there during this time of year. I was headed for one now, a small state park campground that is seldom used after the summer tourist season.

Anticipating a leisurely week of fishing, canoeing and hiking, I drove unhurriedly, stopping often to enjoy the weather and foliage that was now at its prime. Crimson maples, golden birches, and terra cotta oaks, all glowing in a final blaze of glory before the snows of winter fall to lock the land in mystery and frigid silence.

It was dark by the time I reached my destination. I was disappointed to find that a single tent was pitched in the otherwise vacant campground, a two-person mountain tent set up next to a Toyota that had a canoe on its roof. Probably a couple or two guys out for some fall fishing, I thought. My favorite spot was unoccupied and well away from the tent, so my good spirits returned as I pitched camp by the light from my gas lantern. I erected my four-man tent, stowed my gear inside and hung a tarp over my small picnic table. The food and cooking gear remained in the back of my car as a precaution against furry things that go bump in the night. Then I hauled my canoe to the lake, leaving it on the shore. Finally, I visited the rustic facilities and retired to my tent to grab a few Z's before dawn.

The beautiful dawn I expected didn't come. The sky was dark, dirty and gray when I awoke. A steady down-pour beat against the tent and the campsite was awash in rain. Donning damp clothes and a rain suit, I visited the facilities before squishing along the muddy trail to the lake shore. Angry black clouds scudded low over the lake out of the northwest and whitecaps churned across the steel-gray waters. The slanting rain obscured the opposite shore. I thought about yesterday's sun and warmth as I returned glumly to my tent to catch more sleep. Soon I was snug and warm in my downy cocoon, dozing contentedly, the rain thrumming a monotonous staccato against the tent.

"Hello ... in the tent!"

I abruptly became fully awake. Did I hear a voice just now? I wondered ... a woman's voice? Was I dreaming, I supposed?

"Please, can I come in? It's cold out here and I'm soaked to my bones."

A voice indeed ... "Sure ... come on in," I replied!

The flap to the tent flew open and a soggy figure in jeans, flannel shirt and untied hiking boots entered. The tent flap was quickly closed and zipped up.

"Thanks," said the soggy visitor in a husky, unmistakably feminine, voice. "My tent is flooded, everything is soaked, and I'm really freezing my ass off! Have you got a catalytic heater or something?"

She was tall, about five-seven, in her mid-twenties with a pretty face, long, wavy, raven-black hair. The part of her encased in wet jeans looked very nice, but it was hard to tell part in the flannel shirt.

"No catalytic heater, but I've got the 'or something,' " I replied. She stood, shivering and shaking as I reached into my clothes box, took out a beach towel and tossed it to her. "Get out of those wet clothes and dry off," I ordered.

She hesitated for an instant, then stripped to the buff and dried herself vigorously with the fluffy towel. She looked very nice where the flannel shirt had been. She jiggled invitingly as she toweled herself. Her firm, upturned breasts, tipped with Bing cherry nipples, looked delicious. Her stomach was flat and well toned, curving from her narrow waist to her rounded hips. This led my appreciative gaze down to her long, shapely legs and the milk-white bikini marks contrasting boldly against her deep tan. Her naked body radiated an unmistakable aura of femininity coupled with uncommon physical strength. To me she was the personification of Diana, Roman goddess of the moon and of the forest.

While she dried herself, I unzipped my down-lined sleeping bag and formed it into a blanked. I also unrolled my other, synthetic-filled bag, unzipped that and quickly spread it on top of the foam sleeping pads that I'd placed on the tent floor. She stood naked and dry, but was still shaking and covered with goosebumps.

"You look like you're on the edge of hypothermia," I said. "Lie down under my sleeping bag." I lifted the edge of the cover to reveal the potential warmth that awaited her. She burrowed beneath the covers without hesitation, eager for some heat, her teeth chattering with cold. "I turned on my body heat for you," I whispered, smiling.

She snuggled next to me, and I flinched at the shock of her frigid body against my warm flesh. It was like cuddling with a block of ice. Gradually, though, she began to thaw, her shivering ceased, her goosebumps vanished and her body warmed and relaxed. Her breathing grew gentler, rhythmic, and she fell asleep. The rain hissed through the trees and drummed on the tent. I, too, was soon sleeping soundly.

Later, though ... I couldn't say how much later ... something awoke me. Hard rain was still pelting the tent and the light level was about that of a candlelit restaurant. Gradually I became aware of my guest's fingertips brushing softly up and down my side and the gentle pressure of her pliant breasts against my back.

"Good morning," I said . "I trust that you're fully warmed up now?"

"Mmm, like a piece of toast. Thanks for the body heat", she replied.

"Anytime at all. Stay and use me for as long as you like", I answered. "By the way, your heater's name is Carl."

"And I'm Sandy. Pleased to meet you."

Except for the sound of the rain, there was a moment of silence. Her hand continued to stray up and down my side.

"So, what would you suggest that a couple of campers do on a rainy day like this?" I asked lamely. "Got any board games in your pocket?"

"I'm fresh out of pockets right now," she said while feigning a search for them. "Hmm, doesn't appear you've got any at the moment either." She lifted the sleeping bag to peer underneath. "Nope, no pockets, but I do like the colors you wear. I'd venture to say that a man who wears red-striped black underwear is probably not boring and that he can manage quite well without any 'bored' games."

We laughed as she molded herself to the contours of my back again, her hand continued caressing my side. Her feathery pubic mound now began undulating slowly against my rump.

"I think I know what we can do," she breathed into my ear. "Good way to generate more heat."

"Great way to pass a dreary day, too," I said, thinking that this Diana is no virgin. Her stroking fingers slowly began to explore farther afield. Down my side to the top of my briefs, teasingly back and forth above my pubic hair as they probed beneath my waistband. My cock twitched with anticipation as her curious hand moved closer and closer as the member became stiffer and stiffer. Then her hand retreated to my navel and up to my chest to massage and stroke my pectorals. My throbbing cock hardened and grew nevertheless, until the swollen glands peeked above the top of my briefs.

"Nice body," Diana purred. "Hard and soft, all at the same time." Her hand drifted down to my waistband again and her index finger circled lightly around the apex of my pulsating erection. The first drops of love-lotion oozed from the hole in my cock-head, moistening her finger as she spread the juice in circles.

"My, what a friendly fellow," she whispered. "It feels to me like he's really anxious to come out and play."

Getting to her knees in a single, graceful movement, she threw off the sleeping bag cover and straddled my legs as I rolled over on my back. She peeled off my briefs like the skin of a banana and my seven inches stood tall and proud. Diana bent, cradling my stiff prick in both hands as if it were a bird or a helpless kitten. The index finger of her right hand rubbed the red glands until a few more droplets of my pre-cum emerged. She massaged the slick secretion into the head and the thick shaft as electric sensations radiated through every nerve in my body. More cock cream dripped from my excited nozzle and she collected it in her cupped hands, raising it to her lips as she lapped it up.

"Finger lickin' good", she said, smacking her lips as she bent again, teasing my cock lightly with her lovely mouth. Her long blond hair tumbled down to brush my belly. She looked up coyly as she flung her hair back over her shoulders. "You'll enjoy it more if you can watch the action." she explained. "Now, spread your legs."

I did as I was told and Diana sucked my stiff cock before she slid down between my thighs. She brushed her rosy nipples across my cock-head several times before lowering herself to smother my hardened cock in the cleavage of her satin soft breasts. After several minutes of tit fucking me, she slid down farther and took the root of my slippery shaft in her hand. She begins licking it from the base to the tip as if it were a Popsicle. I sighed in ecstasy when her sweet lips encircled the head of my cock once again and her tongue continued its sweet titillation. Her head finally went down on my seven incher, which gradually disappeared into the depths of her velvet mouth. She played my flesh flute like a virtuoso, building and heightening the intensity of pleasure that surged through my being, bringing me to the very brink of a climactic explosion ....

Them she stopped what she was doing!

"There," she grinned. " ... so much for the appetizer." She got on her knees again, straddled my hips and brushed her pubic hair over my hardened cock. She moved forward, rubbing her pussy against my stomach and chest. She stopped when her soft heather was right above my face.

"Eat it," she said hotly.

"My pleasure," I replied.

I licked her inner thighs, titillating but not yet touching her labial lips. I worked my way around her downy mound to her navel, which I attacked vigorously with my tongue. Then, running my mouth over her taunt stomach, I begin a meandering return to her impatient cunt. Diana leaned back, raised her hips, grabbed her ankles and braced herself in this position. The entrance to her pleasure purse opened slightly, revealing a bright pink interior that glisten with love honey. I grabbed her taut haunches with both hands and plunged my tongue deep inside her willing cunt, determined to suck her dry.

"Oh God ... That's it!" Sandy exulted as she raised herself up, took hold of my head, pressed my face hard against her flaming women hood and started rocking to the rhythm of my oral probing. I licked her engorged love button, as I explored the depths of her passion pit while I drank deeply of her flowing nectar. When I sensed that she was close to cumming, I reluctantly withdrew from her sweet honey-pot, not wanting to bring her to a climax just yet.

Diana released her grip and sat limply astride my legs. Her eyes remained closed and a dreamy smile played across her flushed face. Droplets arisen from sexual arousal clung to her pubic fur like sparkling dew. Sliding my fingers inside, I collected a handful of her warm juices and rubbed them well into her heaving breasts. Twice more I did this, until her firm tits and hardened nipples glistened with her own lotions. I fondled her slippery globes and lovingly pinched the hard, brown bullets at the tips.

Diana growled with sensual satisfaction as she leaned forward to press her fleshy mounds against my rotating palms. Then she put her hands over mine to guide them to the places she wanted me to pet. Soon I took her by the shoulders and brought her down on top of me. Our lips met and locked as I tasted my own cum as our tongues dueled wildly.

After several dizzying minutes, I broke off the kiss and moved my lips to her chin, her neck and her pussy lotion drenched breasts. I licked and sucked her hardened nipples and buried my face in the valley of her cleavage. The taste and smell drove me into a wild frenzy of desire. My hardened cock pulsed and quivered with excitement. I wanted to shove it all the way into her tight, wet cunt!

Sandy was so hot that she slid along my body again until she sat astride my thighs. She took my erection in her hands, raised herself to her knees and poised her dripping cunt over my throbbing cock. Slowly she impaled herself on my flaming dagger, taking the stiff prick to the hilt within her moist satin sheath.

"Time for the entrée," she whispered.

Diana's vaginal muscles caressed my rod while she sat motionless. Soon she began to rotate her hips while still flexing her vaginal muscles. My organ became more pronounced as Diana closed her eyes and started to rub her tits and kneed her nipples with both her hands. Her internal muscles began squeezing harder and harder on my cock and soon, she was humping up and down and round and round.

I began to moan with pleasure as her right hand moved between her legs to finger her clit. Her left hand continued working over her breasts, faster and faster, as she pumped my hardened cock with her tight wet pussy. I grasped her tight buns, thrusting upward to meet every bump and grind. The tension grew as Diana's gasps became moans, which told me that her pleasure was waxing well. Finally my throbbing cock couldn't stand it any longer, spewing its milky white load in a violent series of eruptions. Every contraction of my hardened cock sent waves of delight leaping across the synapses of my nerves.

At the same time, Diana was trembling in the throes of her own convulsive climax. Her body arched and stiffened as she cried out in ecstasy. Her proud breasts bounced with the rhythm of her humping, which was controlled in turn by the sensual spasms of her multiple orgasms.

Our chests heaving from our exertions, we wound down from our shared sexual high, experiencing the waning tingles of the after-glow. My wearied cock shrunk and slid out of her and she collapsed happily into my arms. I pulled the sleeping bag over our exhausted bodies to preserve the warmth we had generated as Diana nuzzled her check against my neck, her hair cascading over my arm and shoulder.

"I'm glad my tent flooded," she whispered ear.

"Hope it stays flooded," I replied.

"Oh ... I think it'll be too wet to use for the rest of the week," she countered with a sly grin.

Outside, the rain pattered insistently against the roof of my tent.

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