By: Gabriellet Xavior

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Finally, it's Friday and Kathie gets to the last house of the day to clean. A small smile forms on her lips as thoughts of Bo, the guy that lives there, come to mind. His dazzling smile, baby blue eyes, short brown hair and that body ... what a body!

In his tight wrangler jeans, western shirt, boots and Stetson hat, he is a knockout ... . ! ! WOW ! ! But ... today she wouldn't be seeing any of him. He had called and her asked to come after four in the afternoon. She usually came first thing every Friday morning. After they had gotten to know each other Bo would have a cup of hot chocolate waiting for her. They would sit and talk for awhile before he would have to leave for work. She wondered if she had said or done something to upset him. Or ... maybe he didn't want to see her anymore?

Kathie rings the doorbell and, being there was no answer, she took the key from under the mat and lets herself inside. The smell of his cologne lingering in the air. A shiver runs up her spine as it hits her senses making her think of is fabulous body. Heading for the kitchen she notices that the house has already been cleaned. It's not usually dirty any ways but this looks like she just got done cleaning it. She almost drops her supplies as she sees the kitchen. It's spotless! "Why did he have me even come", she thinks, totally baffled because he usually has dirty dishes in the sink. She decides to check the rest of the house so she goes to the master bedroom. There is a note on the door with her name on the envelope. She opens it, reading:


I hope you don't think I'm being to forward but I feel I have
to do this. My feelings for you seem so strong that I have to
finally do something about it. I can't tell you how much I have
wanted to grab you when you're here and hold you close to me, to
kiss you and feel your body close to me. It's gotten to the point
where I think of you everyday and I have to do something. If what
I'm doing seems to forward, or you don't feel the same, than just
throw this away and leave. I will certainly understand. If you are
going to stay then please enter my room. There is a package on the
bed for you.

Yours, Bo

"Oh, my God", she whispers, reading the note again. Waves of pleasure rush through her body. "He really wants me! Just as much as I have wanted him", she whispers to herself as she opens the door and sees the package wrapped in red paper lying on the bed. She walks over to the bed, she unties the ribbons and opens the box. inside, on the top of the tissue paper, is another note.

"Feel free to take a shower or a nice hot bath."

*Wink*, Bo

P.S. Hope it fits.

Folding back the tissue paper she sees a pair of lacy bikini panties, thigh high nylons and a baby blue velvet dress, with buttons half way down the front. She puts the box on a nearby chair, takes the presents and heads into the bathroom. On the counter he has laid a big fluffy towel for her, "Orchid Petals" shampoo and another package with a card which she opens and reads:


I know this is your favorite perfume as the sense of you lingers
in my mind long after I have left. I smell your sweet Fragrance
when I return, and you are gone. The memory of you lingers in my
my senses again.

Enjoy, Bo

She opens the box to find "White Shoulders" perfume. "My God!", she thinks, "this man is incredible! I never told him it was my favorite".

Kathie decides to shower, since she knows the hot bath would put her sleep and that's the last thing she wanted. She turns on the water, strips off her clothes and steps into the shower. The water splashes against her skin as her mind thinks of Bo while she washes herself hoping that tonight will be more than just another talk. As she's washing , she doesn't hear Bo as he came home.

He hears the shower running and waves of exciting passion run through his body. He is ecstatic to realize that Kathie choose to stay. He to the door of the bathroom and stops dead in his tracks as he sees her in the shower. Her eyes are closed as she rinses her hair. Bo takes in the view and he feels his cock start to stir. "Oh, God", he moans, quickly leaving before she opens her eyes and sees him watching her. Bo goes to the kitchen and sets the table in the dining room and checks dinner.

Kathie emerges from the bathroom to find yet another note:

My Dearest Kathy,

By now you have decided to stay, dressed in that baby blue dress,
with the nylons. I know that you smell soooooooo nice and sweet!
Mmmmmmmmm ... I want you to go to the dining room. I'll see you
soon ... very soon!

*grin*, Bo

Kathie's hand is shaking as she reaches the dining room and Bo hands her a long white box. There is no card but a note is written on the box in red:

I know these are your favorite, but their beauty does not compare
with the brightness nor fragrance of you.

*Kisses* Bo

Kathie opens the box and inside finds a dozen red roses. She looks up into his eyes saying, "Bo, I don't know what to say", as she feels the tears swelling up in her eyes. "No one has ever done anything like this before!"

He takes her chin into hand, his lips softly kissing away the tears. "I didn't do it to make you cry, darlin'. I did it because I care for you, You're one fantastic woman", Bo whispers.

"I know that you didn't do it to make me cry, its just ... ", she whispers, softly caressing his cheek as his lips meet hers. Moaning as she leans into him while his kiss sends little shocks through her body. Her whole body tingling from his kiss and she feels the stiffness of his cock against her wet pussy. Slowly ending the kiss he whispers, "Let's eat... I got your favorite food and I don't want to rush anything tonight. I want this evening to last and burn into your memory." He holds the chair for her as she sits.

Kathie looks into his eyes and softly says, "You have already done that."

Bo had prepared butterflied shrimp, asparagus and a Caesar salad. As they eat, talk about their week and the plans they have for the weekend. As they finish, Bo takes the bottle of Bordeaux and two glasses. Winking at her, he tells her to follow him. Kathie walks behind him, her eyes devouring his body as he swaggers and his ass swings, wanting to reach out and grab his nice butt through his tight jeans. He stops by the door asking, "can you open it for me, darlin'?" She opens the door, knowing it's his private room, with his computer, books, the fireplace and his scent always lingering in the air. He walks over to the fireplace, setting the glasses down on the end table, stirring the coals and adding a couple logs to the fire. He watches as she moves across the floor, her hips swaying slightly. He comes up behind her as she looks at the pictures on the walls. "My family", he says, as he wraps his arm around her waist. Bo kisses her neck, hearing her moans as she leans into him, he feels his prick starting to rise again. Taking her hand he leads her to the couch facing the fireplace. As they stand in front of the fire he pulls her back into his arms , kissing her passionately as they slowly sink onto the bearskin rug. Waves of pleasure rush through their bodies.

"Oh ... Bo, I wanted you to kiss me for so long", she says breathlessly as his hands softly caress her body. Slowly Bo unbuttons her dress and his lips slip over her throat as they travel on their way to her breasts.

"I have wanted you, darlin'", he whispers as he slides the dress open to reveal her pert nipples. Her hands roam his body, wanting to feel every inch of his manliness. They look into each others eyes and see the burning passion as a small groan escapes his lips as he softly kisses her nipples ... taking a breast in each hand and caressing it as his tongue teases the pint tips. His prick is throbbing in his pants. as he kisses back up her neck to her lips. Their tongues met, his sucking, her's retreating. "Oh, God ... I want you", he whispers, his heart beating faster as he is pulling her even closer. Her softness against his hardness ... her weakness held to his strength.

Taking her mouth away, her breathing ragged, Kathie presses kisses against his neck.

"Are you sure you want this", he asks? Bo wants to make sure it's what they both want.

She looks up into his eyes, blind with desire, her mind screaming ... "Oh ... Yes, this is what I want. NO ... this is what I need", Kathie whispers as she nibbles on the soft skin of Bo's neck. Need ... She needs this man in a way she never needed anything before!!! She was no longer the house cleaner ... nor he her employer ... they were man and a woman ... a couple with a burning passion. "Yes, Bo ... I want this more than anything", she says breathlessly.

Bo's hands roam her body ... stroke her breasts ... circle her waist ... caress her thighs. Her hands at his shirt ... pulling it free ... fumbling with the buttons of his jeans. He nudges her head with his chin ... planting open-mouth kisses on her throat. He moans against her flesh, holding her body down on the rug, his body gently lying on top of her. She turns her head into his shoulder, smelling him ... feeling him ... kissing him ... in a world that he created. Her hands feeling the skin that is exposed by his opened shirt ... feeling the curly hair on his chest ... as her hands glide up and down sending shivers up and down his spine ... she tugs at his jeans as she moans while he sucks her nipples.

"God the taste ... the ...warmth of your skin ... the softness ... the smell", Bo whispers, his cock rising hard and pulsing. His hands shake as remove her dress completely ... making a trail of kisses around the nipples and under her breasts, teasing the soft skin with his tongue and fingers ... watching her tits bounce with her breathing ... hearing her softly moan as she arches her back. Sucking the pink tits gently into his mouth as his hand slides down her stomach, pressing softly on her wet panties. Bo continues licking a path across her stomach ... kissing ... licking ... teasing his was lower as his hands gently pulling her panties from her waist and down over her thighs. Her hands hold his head ... her body squirming beneath him ... every inch of her wanting his touch ... so much! Lifting his head ... looks into her eyes ... directly ... passionately ... seeing the passion burning within.

"Oh ... Bo... yes ... I need you", she whispers, her breathing rapid .. her whole body throbbing ... wanting his attention. His hands part her thighs as she arches her hips while his fingers slowly slip inside her wet cunt. "Oh, yes", she moans ... gasping as she feels his mouth surround her clit. Her hands tangled in his hair ... clutching his neck ... her nails scratch his shoulders ... his fingers slide in and out of her wet pussy as he sucks her clit harder and faster.

"Scream", he says, " ... my name. Call my name as you cum ... darlin'", Bo commands in a loud stern voice as Kathie yells his name. "Louder", he says!

""Bo", she cries, "Yes ... I need you!"

Her breathing comes in pants, the ache inside her cunt travels throughout her body ... not an ache of pain but one of pleasure ... wanting to be released. "Oh ... M God ... Bo ... I'm cumming", she cries out ... shaking and trembling ... as he takes his fingers from her pussy replacing them with his tongue ... his mouth sucking her juice ... licking ... sucking ... tasting ... smelling her sweet nectar as Kathie cries out again as she feels herself cumming in giant orgasmic waves. Wave after wave of pleasure consumes her body as she takes his hand sucking and licking her cum from his fingers.

Bo feels as if he's going to explode, his cock confined in his jeans. He slides up her body and they kiss as her hands reach down ... shaking ... she finishes unbuttoning his jeans... setting his prick free.

"Bo ... I want to taste you ... I want to feel you ... I want to suck you ... I want to make you feel as good as you've made me feel", she whispers into his ear, nibbling the lobe as she rolls him unto his back. Kissing down his neck, he sits up as she slides his shirt from his large shoulders, throwing it on top of her dress. Gently Kathie pushes him back as she slide to his nipples as her hand pinch one between her fingers, her tongue swirls around the other as her free hand finds his cock.

"Oh, darlin'", he moans, his fingers sliding through her hair ... holding her head gently. His nipples are hard and pert as she sucks and pinches one ... then the other. She starts a path down his stomach as her hand lets go of his cock and pulls at his jeans, sliding them down. He lifts his hips as she pulls them lower while she licks her lips as his cock jumps out. His jeans come off and are thrown on the pile of clothes as her hand makes it's way up his legs ... her fingertips running up his thighs ... brushing against his balls. She feels him shudder as her hand reaches his cock ... squeezing it gently .. stroking ... pressing as she watches a drop of pre-cum seep from the slit in the head ... her tongue darts like a snakes tongue ... catching the droplet ... tasting the cum as her mind reels as she rubs his cock across her lips before parting them to take his cock-head into her mouth. She hears him gasp, his breathing becomes rapid ..."Oh ... God ... Kathie!" She lowers her mouth ... taking more and more of his cock in her mouth ... her lips surrounding his warm ... hot ... throbbing ... pulsing ... stiff cock as she feels the head slip down her throat as her tongue licks in the hair at the base of his glorious cock. His hands hold her head ... she sucks his prick ... her tongue swirling through his hair ... she feels him throb ... his prick gets harder ... bigger ... stiffer in her mouth as her hand tightens around his balls ... pressing the hard nuts. Harder and faster she sucks ... her head bobbing ... her throat expanding ... her mouth sucking as Bo pushes her head down over his bursting cock.

"Oh ... Kathie ... I'm cumming ... I can't hold it any longer", he cries as Kathie takes his cock all the way down as he explodes in her throat. Feeling him shaking as he holds her head, she sucks the juice from his stiff prick as spurt after spurt of his cum slides down her throat. Kathie doesn't need to swallow as the cum runs into her stomach ... while ... not a drop escapes her mouth until she pulls her head back ... takes her hand ... squeezes his cock and strokes the last drops of cum from his hot red head ... onto her tongue ... over her lips ... down her chin and onto her hard, pink tits.

Kathie slides up his body ... lays on top of him ... kisses him deeply as he tastes his cum on her lips.

"Kathie, that was fantastic!" he whispers holding her close to his breast, feeling her tits squeeze against his hairy chest.

"It sure was ... you taste so good", she whispers, her head resting on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

The fire inside of them yet not burned as his fingers toy with her nipples watching them grows erect. Her fingers softly run up and down his cock as she feels the shaft twitch and grow stiff. She can feel her pussy start to tingle and the delightful ache starting again ... crying out to be released one more time. She raises her head up, looking into his baby blues, seeing the passion, knowing that he wants her ... again ... so ... again ... they kiss with such passion ... the fire building ... their hands explore ... He hugs her so close she can hardly breath but she doesn't care so long as she can feel him so close to her. He rolls her over ... his cock throbbing ... sitting up ... he takes his cock ... squeezes it ... she watches as the droplets of remaining cum drip from the slit. Bo teases her clit with the tip of his tongue.

"Let's get on the bed", he whispers, lifting Kathie in his arms, he carries her to the bed and softly lays her on the white comforter. The white drapes are flowing in the breeze coming through the window and the soft air-cools their love-wet bodies.

"Bo ... I need you", she softly whispers spreading her thighs as her pussy opens. Slowly he enters her ... gasping as he slides inside her juicy cunt. "Kathie ... your so tight ... so wet ... so hot", he whispers as he feels her pussy tightening around his stiff prick. Looking into each others eyes, Bo holds her head in his hands. "Kathie ... you are the most wonderful person that I have ever dreamt of ... "

Bo pumps slowly into Kathie's wet cunt as her legs wrap around his waist, pulling him to her. Their love and passion grows to great heights as his cock is buried deep inside her ... stopping ... less he cum to soon ... she feels his cock throbbing and pulsing as he moves in and out of her hole. Her head spins as she pulls him down on her ... their lips meeting in a wild passionate kiss as her hands caressing his back. They start to move in unison ... slowly at first ... never wanting this moment to end ... but ... knowing that what is to come will be breathtaking. The fire within them burns hot as they move faster and harder. Bo rolls on his back keeping his cock deep inside her cunt as she gets on top and rides him. Sitting up and arching her back feeling his cock deep within her throbbing ... pulsing ... wild pussy as she squeezes his cock. Their bodies scream for release as she wildly moves up and down. Sitting on top of him ... his cock pumping in and out of her hot cunt ... her clit rubbing against his body getting harder ... wrapping her arms around him ... moving faster ... faster ... deeper ... "Oh ... God ... Bo ... I'm cumming", she cries, bouncing up and down on his stiff cock. "Oh ... yes ... fuck me Bo ... cum inside me my love", she screams as her cum oozes around her cock and puddles on his stomach.

Hearing her call out his name ... her pussy pulsing and squeezing his cock ... he can't take anymore. "Babe ... I'm cumming", Bo yells, ramming his cock deep into her hole!" ...."Kathie ... I'm cumming!" Bo grabs her ass, burying his cock deep inside her dripping cunt as he explodes with her ... their juices mixing together as waves of passion take their bodies ... clinging to each other ... hardly able to breath ... dry from the intensity of their climax.

"Oh ... yes", they say together ... shaking ... twitching in the aftershocks of love.

Kathie whispers, "I have never felt so complete , your fantastic!" Tears form in her eyes and slowly slide down her cheeks. "You have made me so happy ."

Feeling the dampness of the tears on his shoulders, Bo slowly lifts her face, kissing the tears. "Darlin' ... You're the one that has made me happy, you take my breath away", he whispers. She slowly rolls off his shrinking cock, his arm still holding her close to him ... resting her head on his chest ... hearing his heart beat ... his breath comes slowly ... they are getting back to normal.

He lifts her chin, softly kissing her lips. "Kathie", Bo whispers, " ... this was everything I dreamt it would be ... and more."

She snuggles closer to him, "I feel the same way", she whispers, as they lay in each other's arms bathing in the afterglow.

Slowly they drift off to sleep.

Each realizing that DREAMS DO COME

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