A Dream Cum True ... Hopefully!

By: Ronaldo Rythmman

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My wife and I went out to the country club for some supper. There weren't many people there, so after dinner and a few drinks, we decided to leave. As we went past the card room, we noticed men playing poker. We stopped to say hi and they invited us to play, saying they needed one more. I don't particularly like poker, but my wife does, so I told her to sit in and I'd watch. The game got pretty intense and the stakes were higher than we are used to.

After about an hour to an hour and half, my wife and I were out of money, but she said she had a good hand. By this time, we were also getting pretty drunk, since the beer continued to flow. One of the men, Bill, suggested, half shockingly, to my wife, "If your husband doesn't mind you can bet your clothes."

They all looked at me, I said, "I don't care, its your hand and your clothes." I could tell this made my wife both nervous and a little turned on to be in a room with seven men, counting myself.

She agreed. They raised and my wife stayed in. Bill said what are you betting. My wife said you guys tell me. She was wearing a short skirt, no nylons since it was summer, panties, and a button down blouse and bra. Bill said, "How about your panties." The other men, Sam, Jim, Brian, Lloyd, and Josh agreed and so does my wife. The hand was finished and my wife lost. She stood up and reached up under her skirt, pulling her panties down. The men moaned, as she threw them on the table.

"How about a little peek", asked Lloyd.

"That wasn't part of the deal", answered my wife. She agreed to continue to play and also agreed to continue betting clothes until she won some money or lost.

After a few up and down hands she once again was forced to bet a piece of clothing.

"This time make it your bra", said Bill. Some of the men were becoming visibly excited. The hand was finished and my wife lost for the second time. This time she pulled out her blouse and reached up under the back, unsnapping her bra, then she reached in each arm sleeve and pulled the shoulder straps down over her arms. Then she reached up under the front, pulling the bra out from under her blouse. As she threw it on the table you could see her erect nipples coming through her blouse. Several of the men commented, and began twitching in their chairs.

The very next hand, my wife was forced to bet her blouse. By this time I thought she might be losing on purpose. She stood up in front of the table and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. After it was unbuttoned, she asks if everyone was sure she had to do this. "A bet is a bet", coined several of the men. You could see her cleavage through the slit it her blouse as she grabbed the lapels of the blouse as she dropped it to the floor exposing her two firm erect breasts. Now all she had on was her skirt with no panties. The men were going crazy. She sat back down and said, " ... deal!"

The hand was dealt and she stated, "I have a sure bet this time, I'm betting my skirt." The bet went around and Josh stated I'll raise it $10.00, then Lloyd raised it another $10.00. My wife said, " ... you guys know I'm out of clothes and money, but this is a sure bet."

"Are you sure enough to bet your body too", asked Brian?

"What do you mean", answered my wife.

"If you win", said Brain, "we will give you the pot, plus $250.00. If you lose, you have to do anything we tell you."

My wife looked and me and asked, "What do you think. I have a pat hand."

"It's your body ... and your bet", I said. I knew both she and myself were getting turned on thinking about it. It is something we had discussed on and off over the course of our marriage.

She looked at the six men and agreed. They were playing seven-card stud and as they turned over their cards, it looked good for my wife. As she turned over her last card, she said, "Read them and weep", revealing a full house, three Jack's and two eight's.

"That's pretty good", Jim said as he turned over his last card revealing four threes as everyone in the room gasped.

"Now what?" my wife blurted.

Bill spoke first. "Why don't you stand up and play with your tits, while we think about it." My wife rose and gently massaged her breasts and fingered her nipples, which were fully erect. The men whispered among themselves and then Bill said ... "We decided we are going to cut the cards. The high card is the first guy you have to suck off."

"You're kidding", my wife exclaimed. They weren't. The six men each took a card and when they turned them over Josh had won. You could immediately see a bulge begin to appear in his pants. He pushed himself away from the table, out onto the floor where everybody could see.

"Let's go", Josh said. as my wife walked over and stood in front of him still playing with her tits.

"Tell me what to do,' she asked.

"Get down on your knees and you'll know", said Josh. My wife got down on her knees resting her hand on Josh's knees. She started rubbing his thighs as he parted his knees. Then she began rubbing his penis through his pants. The bulge was huge and I knew he was much larger than my stiff five inches. My wife leaned forward and unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled down his zipper. She then grabbed the pants legs and pulled as Josh raised himself off his chair to allow his pants to go free. My wife threw the pants to the side and resumed her position between Josh's legs. She rubbed his prick through his underwear and then pulled at the elastic. Once again Josh raised up as my wife pulled off his underwear. Everyone gasped as Josh's eight inch thick cock sprang up in my wives face. She was really turned on as she immediately grabbed Josh's cock and began pumping it up and down.

"I haven't seen anything like this in over 20 years", she exclaimed as she then kissed the tip, licking of the beginning juices. Finally, she engulfed the huge member in her mouth and began pumping up and down. She sucked the entire length, taking it in and out of her mouth. Every now and then she would pump it with her hand as she kissed his balls.

I can't stand this", said Bill, as he went behind my wife as he lifted her skirt up over her butt and began rubbing her ass. He then lowered his hand to her twat, and caressed it. Her pussy was wetter and juicier than I had seen it in years. She moaned and started moving her body with Bills touch, gasping as he inserted two fingers into her wet pussy.

Just as my wife gasped, so did Josh. "I'm cumming", he yelled, arching his back off the chair as he exploded into my wife's mouth. She sucked and sucked, swallowing every drop, which she had never done with me. Josh got up as Bill continued playing with my wives ass and pussy.

"I'm next", Jim shouted, quickly sitting down into the chair Josh had vacated. Jim already had his cock out and was stroking it. It was about six inches long, but very thick. My wife immediately began stroking Jim's cock, taking the whole thing into her mouth. This was more than Bill could stand. He stood up, undressed as he revealed another large cock. Bill got down on his knees, and approached my wife from the rear. He grasped her butt, pulling her close as my wife reached back and guided his hard cock into her pussy. They both let out a moan, as he thrust into her. The threesome kept, moaning, thrusting, and gyrating about. Everyone in the room was as hard as a rock, including myself. I had never seen this side of wife.

Just then, she yelled, "I'm cumming", as her body shuddered as both men kept pumping her from each end.

Within seconds, Jim pulled out of her mouth and told her to open wide. She grabbed his cocking, pumping it, as he sprayed his hot jism into her open mouth. She gobbled it with glee as she again took him in her mouth, sucking him dry.

Bill pulled his cock from my wife's dripping cunt and told her to stand up. He helped her by grabbing her tits from behind as they swayed nicely. Bill told her to lie on the poker table. "Now we are going to play a different game of poker. We are poking you", he said as my wife sat up on the table and lay back with her legs dangling. Bill placed her feet up on the edge of the table. She was on her back with her knees spread in the air and her pussy was right on the edge of the table. Bill approached her and once again thrust his cock into her pussy. My wife arched her back with pleasure as Bill pulled her legs up so there was one over either shoulder, while he rammed it home.

My wives head was hanging close to the other side of the table, which didn't go unnoticed by Brian. He came up to her, took off his shirt, and removed his pants. Brains seven-inch cock was throbbing as he placed it over her lips. She licked the bottom of his stiff prick, sucked his balls as she grasped his prick with her hands, guiding the shaft into her mouth. This was her third cock inside of a half-hour. Bill let out a grunt as he grabbed my wives legs and slammed his cock tight against her pussy. "Cum in me", she yelled. Bill exploded in her for what seemed like minutes, as he kept pumping and pumping. As Bill pulled out, you could see that my wife's cunt was dripping wet from her juices and Bill's cum.

Brain said, "Stay right there." He pulled his cock out of her mouth and went around and took Bills place. He thrust his cock into my wife's cunt and she immediately began to shudder. I knew she was having her second orgasm. Bill stopped for a minute and told my wife to get down and bend over the table. She complied as he again inserted his cock into her from behind. Within minutes, they both moaned as he shot his load into her doggy style.

My wife said she needed a rest and went over and sat on the couch. Bill and Jim sat beside her, kissing and playing with her breasts. "What about us?' asked Lloyd and Sam.

"Just a minute", my wife said. "But first it's my husbands turn. He is responsible for half my debt and needs to help pay it of." I asked what she meant and she said, "I want to see you suck a cock and you'll do what I tell you."

"This will be different", Bill said as he sat down to watch.

My wife started by giving me instructions. "Take off all your clothes in front of these guys and stand there naked." I knew I would have no choice, so I slowly pulled by shirt over my head, then kicked my shoes off. I bent over and took off by socks, leaving only my pants and underwear. "Keep going", she said as I unbuckled my pants, opened the snap, and pulled down my zipper. I took my pants off and stood there in only my underwear. My hard-on had gone down with the thought of doing another guy, which was new to me. At her command, however, I stepped out of my underwear, and stood there with my inferior penis dangling limp. I was small compared to the guys I had seen so far. "See why I needed this attention", my wife teased.

She wife continued with her instructions as Lloyd agreed to be first. At her command, I went over in front of Lloyd and got down on my knees. "Undo his pants", she yelled. I slowly unbuckled his pants, loosened the snap, and pulled down his zipper. "Rub his cock", she said, and I reached in, rubbing his cock through his underwear. It was unbelievably erect and big. As she instructed I grabbed his pants, dropping them to his knees, and then off completely. When I looked back up, I was face to face with this huge bulge peeking out of his underwear. I grabbed the elastic and pulled his underwear down and off. Lloyd had the biggest cock yet, at least nine inches long and standing straight out. I didn't realize, but my prick was also rock hard. "Why are you so excited? I thought men turned you off?" asked my wife. I grabbed Lloyds' cock, as my wife instructed and started stroking it, like I do when I jack-off. Lloyd moaned and gave me encouragement as my wife yelled, "Suck it." I started kissing the tip of Lloyds cock and worked my way up and down the shaft. Finally, I took as much as I could in my mouth and began sucking back and forth. Lloyd pumped his cock in and out of my mouth, as I had seen the others do to my wife. My wife was really turned on as I saw her playing with herself and fondling Bills cock.

I continued sucking, sometimes grabbing the stiff prick, and licking the shaft and Lloyds balls as I had seem my wife do. After several minutes, Lloyd moaned and said he was going to cum. "Swallow it", my wife screamed as Lloyd grabbed the back of my head as he thrust his cock deep into my mouth. I felt a warm sensation as he exploded down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, but some ran down my chin.

"Unbelievable", several of the guys yelled.

"I'm next", said Sam as he approached already naked, with his erect cock zeroing in on my mouth. Sam's prick wasn't quite as big and it was easier for me to handle. I turned and grabbed Sam's stiff cock and immediately engulfed it. I didn't realize how turned on I was. At my wife's command, I began stroking my own prick as I sucked on Sam's cock. Sam thrust in and out feverishly, since he had not cum since the beginning of this whole show. Within minutes, Sam also shot his load of warm cum into my mouth, which I swallowed greedily. At the same time, I reached a climax and came all over the floor.

"Now, wasn't that different", asked my wife. Everybody had cum, but my wife wanted one more favor. "I want to get all of you excited and ready to cum. But, this time I want you to cum all over me", she said. "Start beating yourselves off, until I can get to you." She began by once again taking Bill into her mouth, while Josh entered her from below. She straddled Josh who was sitting on the couch, then sucked Bill on one side and Lloyd on the other. She continued alternating between everyone, sucking and fucking, until they were all on the brink of orgasm. She lay down on the floor, on some cushions while the men stood over her stroking their stiff cocks.

Sam finished screwing her and he pulled out, spraying his cum all over her belly and breasts. Bill pulled out of her mouth and came over her face and neck. Lloyd finished himself off, spraying cum all over her breasts and shoulders. Jim had taken Sam's place and he too pulled out and came all over her front. Brain and Josh came too, shooting spurts on her breasts, mouth, stomach, wherever. She lay there covered in cum as she looked up at me. "Now, fuck me", she told me as I approached and knelt over her. She guided my cock into her hot cunt and pulled me down on her cum soaked body, holding me close. We were covered in cum, as she kissed me. I kissed her neck, lips, and breasts, tasting the cum of six men.

We got more excited and she rolled me over, taking control on top, which is where she always liked to be. After several minutes we exploded at the same time and lay spent on the floor.

"I love you", she whispered. "Thanks for a great night."

We said good night to all our new friends and left with a smile on our faces.

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