Dinner and Desert!

By Mike West

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I got home from work, showered and shaved, dressed and called Beth and Jody. This was the night for our dinner. After getting directions to their place, I hurried off as it was a thirty minute drive.

Wnen I arrived, Beth and Jody came out to meet me and then give me a small tour of their place. "Dinner will be in a little while so why don't we show you around", asked Beth and they took me to the gardens and their indoor pool/sauna. We then went inside and Jody went to check on dinner while Beth and I retreated to the living room. We talked about our first meeting and how interesting it was, how the three of us really took to each other.

Their will be someone coming over after dinner Beth said. My friend Debbie asked me if she could join later so I said sure. She told me that Debbie was a friend she met at the gym and is really great. Jody yelled that it was time, so we went to the dining room, sat down to a really delicious dinner.

After dinner the three of us went back into the den, Beth put on some music, and joined us on the sofa. Debbie is coming over in about fifteen minutes, so lets hold off until she gets here, said Beth. She pulled out some grass and papers and rolled a few joints. We lit one and passed it around, saving the others for later. Within moments we were laughing and were very relaxed. Jody suggested we watch a movie, and put one in the VCR. I knew from that moment on it was going to be a wild evening. The movie was XXX rated which started out with a lot of three and four-way group sex.

We heard a car pull up the driveway so we switched off the movie and Beth went outside to meet Debbie. When they returned I was very impressed as Debbie is a stunning brunette, with a very athletic body, with not an ounce of fat. Beth introduced her and we went back to the den. Jody and I shared the big sofa and Debbie sat on the loveseat with Beth. We fired up the other joints and relaxed, enjoying the buzz.

Jody was starting to get interested in me as she ran her hands on my thighs, working up to my cock. I pulled her closer and planted my lips on hers and kissed her deeply. "Hey you two", said Beth, "Debbie and I are going to take a shower, Debbie wants me to shave her tonight. So you two enjoy your fun and we'll see you in the hot tub later."

As the two girls departed Jody unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, followed by my shorts. She turned to me so that I could unsnap her dress, which fell to the floor. I first started playing with her small tits, watching her get turned on by my touch. I worked my hand down into her panties and traced my finger around her slit. She sat down on the sofa I pulled her panties off and started kissing inside her thighs. She parted her legs and I went right for her honey hole. She moaned as I licked inside her cunt and teased her clit with my tongue, I raised her legs over my shoulders and kissed and sucked on her clit. As I looked up she was playing with her tits and pulling her nipples, moaning louder and louder. I sensed she was getting ready to cum and her thighs closed tighter around my head. Her ass was moving back and forth and up and down.

Beth and Debbie came back after they finished their shower and shave, and sat down to watch us. "He is rather good, isn't he", Beth commented to Debbie. Already naked they sat on the love seat and played with each other as they watched Jody and myself. Jody was starting to cum and I could taste her honey. I sucked every drop, licking her clean as she finished. Exhausted she lay back to catch her breath. I joined her on the big couch, we kissed again, she licked my lips and face finishing the remaining cum. We both watched Debbie and Beth as the got into some serious playing. Their hands were all over each other, kissing and petting.

Jodys hand grabbed my cock. "I want some of this big boy", she said. Kissing the head and licking all up and down, Jody soon swallowed half the length of my cock. She kneaded my balls with her hands ever so gently, trying each time to more of my cock into her mouth. "I want to go all the way down", she said, "but, you are so big, and I don't want to choke." For the next ten minuets I enjoyed a really excellent blowjob. She concentrated on the head, then would slide up and down the shaft, then up tp the head again. I was getting ready to cum. "Jody", I said, "here I cum." Giant quantities of cum shot into her mouth as she sucked out every drop that I had to offer, and licked my head clean. I leaned back on the couch and took a breather, feeling very satisfied.

Jody then went over to Beth and Debbie, and Joined them on the floor. They all kissed each other Beth and Debbie licking Jodys face, licking the rest of my cum that was still on her lips. Beth took Debbie and went to a 69 position and I could see Debbie's clean shaven pussy, glistening with moisture. Jody got up and pulled me down to the floor, and told me to massage Debbies ass, while she played with Beths tits. The four of us really got into it, petting each other and planting kisses on sensitive areas. After a while Beth and Debbie both started cumming, wrapping their legs tight around each other. I took Jody and kissed her deeply. She was fingering herself as we played with the other two. Jody came hard, massaging her clit. With one hand busy in her box and the other arm around my waist, she held me tight as she orgasmed.

Beth and Debbie had taken a moment to rest and Beth said, "why don't we go into the hot tub and relax." We all got up and went to the playroom. Beth and Jody took off the cover and climbed inside the tub. Debbie and I also climbed in and sat facing each other. Jody and Beth started playing while Debbie moved closer to me.

"Your cock is so big Mike. I want it inside me", Debbie said, moving her hand between my legs and stroking me slowly while I was getting hard. I put my hand between her legs and played with her smooth pussy lips.

"You feels so nice and smooth", I said, sliding two fingers inside her slit. She moaned and I placed my other hand on her firm tits, playing with her nipples with my thumb and fingers. Debbie climbed on my lap and inserted my cock in her pussy, then fucked me hard riding my cock up and down the whole length. Her pussy was wet with lust and I could feel myself starting to cum. Debbie started cumming first, riding me faster and harder on each stoke. As she finished her orgasm I started mine and my hot cum filled her and gave her a second orgasm. We held each other tight, then rolled over to Beth and Jody, who were embraced and grinding their pussys together, kissing and petting. Debbie and I started massaging their tits, and we joined them in an embrace.

I felt three hands stroking my cock to another hard-on. I suggested we get out, dry off, and go play on the mat in the corner of the room. We spent a lot of time drying each other, paying special attention to certain spots. Beth went over to a cabinet and got some body oil and rubbed us all down. She put it on herself and teased us by masturbating and massaging herself in front of us. I pulled her down on top of me and we wrestled playfully. Jody and Debbie joined us and there were bodies all over. We rubbed ourselves together, got very turned on and my cock was fully erect, I laid Debbie on her back and placed my prick between her tits. She held her tits close while I slid my hard shart between them. Sometimes she would open her lips to kiss the head. When she did this, I held it in place for her to savor. Beth went down on Debbies pussy, licking her slit, finding her clit and sucking on it hard. Jody first started playing with her own pussy and tits watching us but soon came over and went down on Beth. Then she slid underneath her in a 69 position. Debbie had cum from Beth and I playing with her, I had not yet fucked Beth. I turned around and mounted her from behind, sliding my hard cock into her already wet hole. She ate Jody while I fucked her pussy hard. Debbie came over and watched us, placing her tits in my face, wanting as I kissed them.

Her hands were all over Beths ass, she took some oil and put it on her finger and slid it into her ass hole. Beth moaned as I fucked her and Debbie fingered her. I could feel her finger rub my cock as I pushed in and out of her sweet cunt. Jody sucked on my balls and also Beths pussy lips. Beth went back to eating Jodys pussy. Soon Jody was cumming hard, Beth had fingerered her pussy and ass together. Jody was getting it from both ends like Beth. Beth came all over my cock while Jody licked up all the juices. I pulled out of Beth and turned Debbie around and slid into her hot cunt from behind. Beth went and came back with a double dildo and a smaller dildo. She put the smaller one in Debbie's ass and switched it on. It vibrated softly as Debbie moaned with extasy. Jody and Beth each took one end of the Double Dong and started fucking each other, Beth stayed close to Debbie so that she could control the dildo.

I told Beth I would take control, that she should have fun with Jody. I fucked Debbie's pussy and ass together, 'till she started cumming hard again. She shook really hard then relaxed into a slump. I pulled my cock out of her hole but continued playing with the dildo. I was still hard, so I got some oil and stoked my cock 'till it was slick. I pulled the vibrator and slid my cock in the well lubricated ass hole. I did it so fast that Debbie didn't notice at first, but then asked me if I turned off the vibrating. I told her yes, that I was fucking her ass with my cock.

She took the vibrator from me and started swallowing it like she was giving head. Then we moved closer to Beth and she put the dildo in Beth's ass. I came hard but pulled out of Debbie and shot my load all over her ass cheeks. The other girls, seeing this, came over and licked Debbie clean. I laid back and watched them all get into a licking orgy, tongues moving everywhere. I played with my semi hard cock as I watched.

"Debbie", I said, "I like the way you took that dildo down your throat, I would love for you to blow me." Debbie came over and started sucking my cock to full hardness. Soon Beth and Jody wanted to join in and I had all three girls kissing and licking my prick, taking turns swallowing it as far as they would. As one would take it in their mouth, the other two would suck my balls. Soon I felt myself cumming. They all surrounded my cock with their tongues, kissing and teasing the head, and kissing each other. I couldn't hold back any longer and I came all over each ones lips as the girls kissed each other to share my cum.

"We all need to jump in the shower", said Beth and without hesitation we all climbed in, soaped each other up and rinsed off. Debbie and I got out and dried off, Beth and Jody stayed in the shower and continued playing. While we watched them I slipped behind Debbie, put my arms around her waist and parted her legs. She took my cock and slid it in her ass hole and I fucked her slowly, while Jody and Beth played.

"Oh, Mike fuck me harder", Debbie yelled as I increased my tempo and started pinching her nipples. Her ass started quivering and I reached down and pushed my hand into her wet cunt. She started cumming again as I slid out of her ass hole as she finished cumming. "Mike", she said, "let me help you cum. I want you all to myself this time." She took my cock in her lips and started to suck. She paused for a moment and then took my stiff cock down her throat. I could feel my cock in her throat as she took my whole length. "Mmmmm ... yesssss ... that feels so good", she moaned. Soon I felt myself cumming and Debbie swallowed every drop.

Debbie and I exchanged numbers and planned on getting together again for another exciting evening. When Debbie left I returned to the bedroom to see Beth and Jody. Each had a vibrator stuck in their pussys and they were laying back enjoying the stinulation. I climbed on the bed and, with both hands, moved the dildos in and out. They both started to orgasm and I watched them for about two minutes. I told them I had to get dressed and go home. I also told them that Debbie had my number and we should all get together again.

Which we will!

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