Debbie, Dawn and I

By Mike West

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I looked around for Debbie's number and called her a few nights later, we spent quite a bit of time on the phone, as she wanted for me to go into detail about my get together with Dawn, Jody, and Beth. I told her that Dawn wanted to meet her too so we made a date and Dawn and I would go to Debbie's house for an evening of fun.

On the drive over Dawn kept stoking my thigh and kissing me at red lights, she got me so hot I wanted to pull over and fuck her on the highway. When we got to Debbie's she was sitting on the porch waiting for us and we all went inside to the den. .Debbie had some music playing we casually chatted on the sofa and sipped some champagne. Dawn got up and asked Debbie to dance as she was in the mood for dancing.

The music was upbeat and kind of fast; the two of them were really getting into it. Dawn was moving towards Debbie and bouncing off of her softly, at times their bodies coming in close contact. The song ended and they both joined me on the couch giggling. Debbie got up and changed the CD with the music getting softer and slower. Debbie asked if Dawn and I would join her for a slow dance. We all got up and joined together, we all looked at each other and Debbie's lips then met mine, our tongues mingled. I turned my head slightly and met Dawns lips; we all kissed each other as we danced. I felt two hands on my ass and one moving around to my cock, I was not sure whose hand it was but I enjoyed it just as well. Debbie was steering us out of the den and into the bedroom.

Debbie unbuttoned my pants and helped me out of my clothes; she then undressed Dawn slowly, and asked Dawn to help her undress. The two of them embraced and slowly started exploring each other.

I moved us all over to the king sized waterbed and started playing with both girl's breasts and nipples. Debbie made a move to 69 with Dawn and the two of them locked up and started licking each other's clits. Debbie started cumming first, Dawn licked her hole clean. As Debbie went to work on satisfying Dawn, I slipped my fingers between Dawns thighs and slowly worked them into her anus. . Dawn shivered as I slipped one finger then two into her tight asshole. As I increased my tempo Dawn started cumming, she was really getting vocal when Debbie stopped for a moment to watch. She then dove back down between Dawns legs and tongue lashed Dawns hot clit until she finished cumming.

They both tackled me down and went to work on my swollen cock, both their lips and tongues together driving me wild.

As they both gave me a blowjob their hands explored each others breasts; it seemed like they really were attracted to one another. I son felt my orgasm building, and shot a load on their lips to share. . Debbie's mouth then went to Dawns breasts and she planted kisses all over her nipples, then worked her lips back up to Dawns mouth and the two shared the remains of my cum.

I was soon hard again watching this and moved behind Debbie and slid my cock into her tight pussy and fucked her doggie style. Debbie slid down Dawns tummy planting kisses all the way down her belly to right above her pussy. As I pounded Debbie's pussy I felt her lips spasm around my cock. Debbie sunk her tongue into Dawns pussy and went to work on her clit. Dawn was cumming hard also, as Debbie knew the right way to bring her to orgasm. Debbie's pussy was really clenching my cock her warm juices flowed all around it; I came hard into Debbie's cunt. The three of us fell down into each other's arms and rested.

I must have dosed off when I heard the girls coming back into the room. It seemed that I had took a longer nap than they had, and Debbie and Dawn had a little shower fun. Something looked different on Dawn then it hit me, Debbie had shaven Dawns pussy except for a small tuft of hair above the lips. We had such a great time together as you slept Dawn said, I am so glad we became friends.

It was late and Dawn and I both said goodbye, Debbie promised us another night of fun, we said we would call her and arrange a time. Dawn and I drove back to my apartment shared some wine, her hands were busy rubbing my cock through my pants, she undid my pants and slid her fingers around my hard cock. She took some wine and rubbed it all over my shaft, then slid down to lick it off. Her lips kissed my head and slowly took the whole length. I made her stop as I picked her up and carried her to the bed; I took off her shirt and dress and removed her panties looking at hers shaven pussy. I started planting kisses all over her smooth lips then moved into a 69 with her, we laid together sucking and kissing each other trying to match orgasms. When she would get ready I would slow down and she would do the same for me, soon we both could hold our orgasm back and licked each other clean of each other's love juices. I fell into her arms and we hugged each other goodnight, I have an idea, said Dawn. We could all go to the beach at my aunt's condo, who shall we invite? I asked. That's simple,said Dawn, Jody, Beth, and Debbie.

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