Cleaning Up After The Slippery Show

By TJ & Lee Star

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Ginger came back over to help clean up after yesterday's oil bath. I thought we may have ruined the carpet but after we got the plastic sheets rolled up we found only a few splatters from the wild night. We were both a little sore but had wonderful sex hangovers from all the sucking and fucking. After we finished we were kind of sweaty so we opened a couple of beers and sat on the sofa with our feet on the coffee table.

Ginger asked me what was the biggest turn on last night. I told her it was when I was watching TJ fuck her in the ass and she was licking my clit at the same time.

Ginger told me that she was most turned on when TJ was fucking her and I was licking his cock and her cunt at the same time.

Just then TJ came in from the gym. Even though I'm prejudiced, because he's my husband, I gotta say he has a great looking body especially when he's fresh from his workout. Ginger spoke up, "Man ... TJ ... no wonder you fuck us so good ... just look at you!"

Ginger was bold but I loved it. And ... I wanted to cause some trouble. "Ginger ... if you ask him real nice ... maybe he'll take his cock out and play with it while we watch", I asked Ginger.

"TJ ... would you ... please ... I love the sight of your cock", Ginger asked. TJ didn't need much prompting as he pulled down his shorts and let his meat dangle about four feet in front of our eyes.

"C'mon honey ... stroke it for us ... we're too tired to jack you off ... we've been cleaning ... you know ... you love to play with yourself ...", I said teasing.

TJ began to jerk off just for our entertainment. First he grabbed his prick at the base and wiggled his cock. Then he started a light and fast stroke just under the head. I began to rub my pussy through my shorts and Ginger stood up, shimmying out of her cutoffs. TJ's cock was rock hard now so he had put some lotion on his palm and his jerk off strokes now slipped over the head of his dick each pass. Ginger was slouched down with her long legs spread wide and her right hand going to town on her wet twat. I felt the, all too familiar, waves of orgasm cascade through me as I got off shamelessly watching my husband and my best friend please themselves.

TJ's mouth was wide open as he arched his back and he slowed his stroke a bit. Ginger was now finger fucking herself hard with three fingers and I could tell she was cumming by the way her shoulders hunched.

The head of my husband's cock was covered with pre-cum and lotion as he took two steps forward and straddled Ginger. He was standing in front of her as he started to jerk his meat really hard and fast. Ginger moaned as she watched his cock bounce in front of her face. TJ pounded his meat and I felt another orgasm building.

TJ's breathing increased and he gasped as his cock shot a wondrous load of cum on Ginger's face. She licked her lips, spreading the cum over her face with her left hand, since her right was still probing into her hot cunt. One of my hands was titillating my clit while the other pushed deep into my ass.

In a minute we all started giggling at our little circle jerk.

Sometimes getting off by your own hand is more exciting than anything else.

Who knows what tonight will bring!

I'll let you know . . . Lee

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