The Gentil Mistress

I received him as a gift from a former lover. She had tired of her plaything but felt that he was unprepared for freedom. I accepted him into my service reluctantly; I knew Lillian and her methods, and I had no desire to play nursemaid to a broken psyche. When she brought him to me, I marvelled that a man could look so strong yet exude such frailty. He was over 6' tall and very muscular; Lillian kept her slaves in tip-top shape. Though he carried himself proudly, something in the set of his shoulders made him look as though he were always anticipating the lash.

I examined him thoroughly before making my decision. White shiny ridges of scar tissue marred his creamy skin. His wrists and ankles were chafed from constant rope bondage. His anus was raw and scabbed from persistent abuse. Then I noticed the blackened circle of skin on his lower back. "Lillian, what is this?" I asked. She looked coolly at the injury.

"Oh that. Well I had his brand wiped out. I couldn't give him to someone else with my initials on him." She smiled, oblivious to my distaste for her methods. "So what do you think Dalila?"

"How is his health?" I asked her, the question unfortunately crucial in today's world.

"I knew you'd ask," she said. "I've got his tests results right here," and she waved a manila folder, "all negative."

I stood before him and gazed into his sorrowful brown eyes.

Fear and distrust mingled with the sorrow. I decided I would teach him to trust again. "He's delightful Lillian. Thank you." I said. She handed me his leash.

"He's all yours!" And with a wink and a wave, she left. My gift stood silently, head bowed, as I approached him.

"Do you have a name?" I asked softly. The question obviously caused him some embarrassment, and he mumbled something inaudible. "Speak up," I said in a firm voice that I knew he would respond to.

"My name is Shit Licker." He answered. I shook my head in disgust at Lillian's baseness.

"That was Lillian's name for you. It's not at all suitable for one of my slaves. What is your real name?" I inquired. He smiled shyly but avoided meeting my eyes.

"It's Richard."

"Richard means 'powerful ruler.' Not really appropriate for a slave is it?" I mused. "As I get to know you, I'll select something more fitting. You may call me Mistress Dalila or simply Mistress." I added.

"Thank you Mistress Dalila." he said.

"Dalila is an African name meaning gentle," I explained, as a prelude to my philosophy on slave/mistress relationships. "I'm not like Lillian; my methods are more subtle. I still expect absolute obedience, and I do not tolerate disobedience. But my punishments are not arbitrary or permanently damaging. If there's anything you object to strongly, we will discuss it and I will consider your feelings. Is this acceptable to you?" He nodded. "Good." I unfastened the collar Lillian had placed around his neck. It was leather and lined on the inside with dull spikes that pressed uncomfortably against his neck, leaving red dots. I tossed it into a nearby waste basket. "I will get you a proper collar. Let me show you where you'll be sleeping."

And I indicated that he should follow me. At Lillian's he spent each night in a cold steel cage; I preferred to keep my slaves next to me, their bodies warming me at night, much like adored puppies. "This is my room," I said. "At night, you will sleep with me. Any other time, you will use the rug beside my bed. Now I'd like you to shower and rest; you look like you could use it."

He knelt down on the floor and kissed my bare feet. "Thank you Mistress. I'll do whatever you say, I promise." I patted his golden mane.

"You're a good boy Rich." While he napped, I called my friend Michael, a physician, and asked him to make a special house call. Rich was still sleeping when Michael arrived, so I shook him gently to wake him. "Rich, this is Dr. Benson.

He's a friend of mine. I asked him to examine you." I guided

Rich to the bed so Michael could inspect him.

"Good god Dalila!" he exclaimed, pointing to the burn mark.

"Did you do this?"

"Of course not," I said indignantly. "He belonged to someone else until this afternoon. I think you should perform a rectal exam," I suggested, based on the trauma I had observed on Rich. Rich agreed and Rich obediently crouched on all fours to allow Michael access to his orifice. Michael probed gently with his finger and Rich broke out in a sweat. It was obviously very painful for him.

"Well, I don't see any internal tearing. But you'll need to keep an antibiotic cream on it and that nasty burn." I nodded and hugged him tightly in gratitude.

"Thank you Michael. Let's get together soon," I said as I walked him to his car. I returned to my bedroom and sat next to my new slave on the bed. I pressed my lips softly but insistently against his. He parted them to receive my tongue, and desire swept through me as he caressed my mouth. "Mm, you're so sweet," I said and stood up. "Undress me." He unbuttoned my blouse with fumbling fingers, his hands brushing lightly across my breasts. He reached behind me and unhooked my brassiere, and he blushed as he looked at my exposed bosom. He unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and I sat down so he could pull them off of me. Then he was still, awaiting my next command.

I laid back on the bed and spread my legs. "Lick my pussy," I directed. He moved his head between my legs, munching eagerly on my mound. He nibbled my engorged clitoris and slid his tongue into the wet recesses of my vagina. "Oh!" I moaned. "Lick me my sweet slut." He licked firmly and rhythmically, making his own small noises of arousal. I stroked my nipples and pinched them between my fingers as he devoured me. His mouth was so talented, and I began grinding my pelvis against it. He clasped my bare ass and did not release his hold on my little nub. As I came and the juices rushed out, I grasped his head and mashed my pussy against his face. "Ahhh!" I screamed. Then I lie motionless, my heart pounding in my breast, my erogenous muscles twitching spasmodically.

"Did I please you Mistress?" he asked timidly. I reached for him and pulled him close to me. I kissed him and could taste my tangy cum on his lips.

"Definitely," I said happily as he nestled against my side. When the pulsating subsided, I sat up and rolled him onto his back. I straddled him and saw fear enter his eyes as I used nylon scarves to tie his wrists and ankles to my four-poster bed.

I started to lick him then, slowly and methodically, savoring the manly taste of him. I licked his eyelids, his cheeks, and his mouth. Then I ran my tongue along his neck and the tops of his shoulders, where I used my teeth to bite him firmly, although I did not break the skin. He made lustful sounds in his throat as I licked his arms, lapping at his inner elbow, sucking each of his fingers. I kissed his hairless chest and rolled his nipples softly with my tongue. I anointed every scar on his torso with my tongue, moving slowly down to his thighs. I licked his thighs, his calves, and his feet. I sucked his toes and saw him squirm from my tickling tongue. I travelled back to his testicles and lapped at them like a cat licking milk. He was quivering, his whole body tense with excitement. Then I took his penis into my mouth, sliding it far into my throat, so that my lips closed around its base. His eyes were closed and his head tilted back.

I sucked him heartily, using one hand to stroke his shaft as my head slid up and down and the other to caress his balls, massaging them gently.

"Oh Mistress!" he moaned. "Nobody's ever done that to me."

I was surprised but pleased to think that his cock had never belonged to anyone's mouth except my own. I used my teeth to apply light pressure to its sensitive tip. Soon his hips were thrusting, trying to control the rhythm; I continued to fellate him slowly, prolonging his anticipation. My own pussy was moist and dripping, and I positioned myself above his long, thick penis. He cried out as I impaled myself on him, pushing his cock, throbbing and solid, deep inside me. I controlled our lovemaking, moving gently up and down, our genitals slick with my desire. I contracted my pubic muscles tightly around his shaft. "Please, can I cum?" he begged. "Oh please Mistress!"

He was practically crying, and it seemed that he expected me to deny him.

"Yes," I assured him and pinched his little pink nipples. The sensation tumbled him over the edge, and he rocked against me, twisting his body against the restraints. "Unh!" he grunted, and

I felt his organ pumping semen into my tunnel.

"Oh thank you Mistress! Thank you! Mistress Lillian didn't let me cum for two years. I almost forgot how good it feels." He looked at me seriously. "You're so beautiful and wonderful Mistress. I'll always worship you."

"You can start by worshiping this," I said teasingly, and scooted my pussy against his mouth so that he could lap up his gigantic load as it oozed from my hole. He cooperated enthusiastically, licking and sucking, burrowing his tongue inside me. His eyes were closed, and I stroked his soft hair as he lapped at me for several minutes, until I again orgasmed. "Oh baby!" I gasped.

I untied his bonds and collapsed exhausted on the bed beside him. We slept side by side for several hours, and I enjoyed the way his long lean body curved around mine, my bare bottom nestled in his groin.

I awoke to his hands caressing my breasts and his penis pushing insistently against my ass. I felt it was necessary to curb such impertinence immediately. "Did I give you permission to do this?" I demanded. He looked properly chastised.

"No Mistress. I'm sorry." he apologized, his head hung low. I reached under the bed and found my paddle.

"Over my knee," I ordered. He laid face down over my bare lap, the muscles of his ass tightening as he awaited his punishment. The wooden paddle made a satisfying smack against his muscled behind, and I felt myself growing warm.

"Naughty slut," I said as I struck him. I alternated cheeks until they were both flaming pink. His cock remained hard against my leg and I caressed it before tugging roughly on his testicles. He groaned slightly but spread his legs to give me the access I desired. I rubbed the fur-covered side of the paddle against his bulging sac. I interspersed my affections with sharp blows from the leather-covered side. When I finished, I used my tongue to cool his burning cheeks. I made him lie on the bed. "Stay here," I said.

I returned from the bathroom with a pair of used panties pulled from the hamper. I set these on the bed. "Fuck them," I demanded. He blushed a dark red. "You wanted to fuck me, slut, and I am kindly giving you my panties." He laid down on them then, and gripping the top of the bed, he humped the panties, his cock sliding against the blue satin. "Faster," I said and used a deerhide flogger to strike his back, careful to avoid his injury. He wiggled and rutted until an orgasm began to well up inside him.

"Mistress, I'm so close. Please let your slut cum?" I looked at his eager face as he continued to fuck the panties. He was so virile and sexy.

"Spray it on my tits," I ordered. He sat up and wrapped the panties around his rigid tube. He gave it only a few strokes before white ropes of cum shot forth and landed on my round breasts.

"Please, let me clean you." he begged. I assented, and he used his tongue to remove the sticky substance from my skin. He was careful not to miss a drop, and my nipples throbbed as he attended to them. I held his head close to my breast and kissed the top of his head.

"Do you cook?" I asked him out of the blue. He was still kneeling on the bed and he grinned.

"I make a mean lasagna and can grill steak, but that's about it." he said. "But I'll learn to make whatever you'd like me to," he added.

"I planned to have guests this evening, and I'd like you to prepare and serve the meal. Can you handle that?" I couldn't stop myself from caressing him. He was addicting.

"Yes Mistress. It would be my pleasure."

I expressed my approval. "I will provide you with something to wear." I hunted in my drawers until I found my favorite harness. It had belonged to my last slave, and I kept it when we parted. Strips of leather were held together by chains; they slipped over the shoulders, leaving the butt bare. The penis and balls were encased in a leather pouch. It suited him perfectly.

I collared him with a thick leather strap that buckled behind his neck. "This will have to do until I can pick one out for you," I said.

"I'm honored to wear any collar you give me Mistress." He replied. He was so sweet and giving; I mentally thanked Lillian for such a delightful present. It was the only nice thing she had ever done for me.

I had four dinner guests that evening, all of them friends from the d/s community. Rich grilled porterhouse steaks to perfection and served the meal in his quiet, obedient way. He did not even falter when my friend Melissa pinched the bare cheek of his buttocks. I observed that he looked uncomfortable around Rodney, and I suspected perhaps they had met before, when Rich was under Lillian's service. Rich sat beside me during dinner, carefully dishing food onto my plate and cutting my meat into bite-sized pieces. He was careful to keep everyone's wine glass full and did not speak unless spoken to first. Beneath the table cloth, I let my hand wander to his leather-covered penis. It sprang to life beneath my exploring fingers, and I smiled wickedly at him. He stroked my hand with his own in silent appreciation. But when he went to clear the table, the small leather pouch could no longer contain his giant erection and its smooth pink head peeped out above.

He was ignorant of this until Melissa kindly pointed it out to him. "It's nice to see you have a nice head on your shoulders AND in your pants," she giggled. He looked down at his exposed penis and blushed, attempting to hide himself, but I shook my head in disapproval. He let his hands drop to his side.

"Thank you ma'am," he said to Melissa and continued to clear the table. Afterwards, we adjourned to the living room for drinks and conversation. At one point, when Rich was allowed to use the bathroom and the others were engaged in conversation, Rodney took me aside. "Would you mind if I took Shit Licker--"

I interrupted. "His name is Rich, until I say otherwise."

"Of course. Would it be all right if I took Rich into the other room for some fun?" I only tolerated Rodney because of my friendship with his wife Tricia and had no intention of allowing him to be alone with Rich, who was too fragile for Rodney's reputed excesses. But I decided to play dumb.

"I see you've met my pet before. What did you do with him and what did you have in mind this time?" I asked, hiding my disgust.

Rodney smiled in memory of his experience. "Lillian gave him to me a few times. I fucked his manpussy raw," he said crudely. "And he gives excellent head, under duress of course." He licked his lips at the thought of Rich sucking him.

"You mean you forced him?" Rodney seemed completely unaware of my true feelings.

"Let's just say I persuaded him. A bullwhip goes a long way in turning a no to a yes." He leaned over and whispered conspiratorially, "Did you see that long scar on his ass? That's my work. The poor guy passed out when I laid him open," He bragged.

I looked coldly into his eyes. "Rodney, you will never be allowed near Rich as long as he belongs to me." I said between gritted teeth. His eyebrows raised in surprise. "I suggest you find your own slaves to abuse." Without another word, I walked away. Rich emerged from the bathroom; he was having difficulty readjusting his harness, and I assisted him. I leaned close to him. "You'll never have to worry about men like

Rodney again," I said to him, with a brief kiss. It was as though my lips touched his cock instead of his mouth; it became immediately engorged. I smiled. "You'd better learn to control that thing," I said to him.

"Yes Mistress," he replied solemnly. I led him into the living room. Rodney glared at me from his seat beside Tricia.

"Would anyone like a foot massage?" I offered. Both Tricia and Michelle quickly took me up on the offer. I had Rich administer to Tricia first. She slipped her heels off and held out one of her feet, clad in a black silk stocking. Rich sat down cross-legged in front of her and took her foot in his lap. He moved his thumb in circles on the sole of her foot, and she drew in her breath as he deftly massaged it. He attended to each toe, rolling it between his fingers. He finished with Tricia, and it was Michelle's turn. Michelle had stripped down to her bare feet.

"I don't want anything between me and those hands," she smiled. Her submissive sat quietly beside her on the sofa. Rich grinned, happy to be close to so many female feet. He gave her the same treatment as he had given Tricia, and she sighed contentedly. Finally it was my turn. My feet were clad in heels and stockings, and Rich asked respectfully if he could remove them. Our eyes locked as he stripped my feet bare.

Instead of using his hands, as he had with the other two, he knelt down and began to lick the tops of my feet.

"Mmm," I murmured, as his warm tongue caressed my right foot, tracing the curve of my ankle and along the side of my foot. He sucked each delicate toe and used his fingers to stroke my sole. His tongue slid between each toe, mimicking my earlier performance, and I giggled. "That tickles!" I exclaimed. He smiled at me, and went back to sucking my toes. He attended to my other foot in a similar manner, and I wished it would never end. As he massaged my left foot, I used my right to caress his testicles and touch his penis. We were lost in our own world, and the other guests had faded into the background.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Melissa fondling her sub, her eyes glued to Rich's smooth, round butt as he bent over my foot.

"Ahem!" Rodney cleared his throat. "Tricia and I have to be going. Thanks for having us Dalila." I stood up to bid them farewell; he tried to plant a kiss on my mouth, but I turned my head and it landed on my cheek. He watched, annoyed, as

Tricia and I kissed one another long and hard.

"Goodnight Dalila," she said as Rodney led her out the door. Michelle and I exchanged glances, and I knew she was asking to stay. I nodded my agreement.

"John," she said to her submissive partner. "I think it's time for you to go home." They did not live together and had arrived separately. He looked a little hurt but did not argue.

"Yes Mistress," he said, and she kissed him goodnight. Rich looked nervous, and I took his hand in mine. When John closed the door behind him, Michelle came over to us.

"Alone at last!" she said and leaned forward to kiss me. I held her in my arms, her body soft and warm against mine, and welcomed her tongue as it made its way between my lips. She closed her blue eyes as I ran my hand along her petite curves. "It's been too long!" She said with a moan.

"It's been a week," I said, with a delicate smack to her behind.

"I know. Much too long." She started to undress, and I motioned for Rich to assist her. As he helped her remove her silky green blouse, she grasped his hands and held them to her breasts, their nipples poking out of a black leather bra. He willingly rubbed the pointy tips of her breasts and she leaned her head back, her dark hair cascading down her naked back. I adored Michelle. She was intelligent, fun, beautiful-- and a sensuous lover. I lifted up her curls and placed a kiss on the nape of her neck. She shivered as my lips moved smoothly across her back. I reached in front and joined Rich's hands in toying with her rosy nipples. She had her hand inside Rich's pouch and was drawing his cock to its full length. "You're very naughty," she said to him.

"What did he do?" I asked her, my voice playful and teasing.

"He got a hard-on without permission," she said. "He should be punished," she suggested silkily. I nodded my agreement and Rich looked a little chagrined. I tied his hands behind his back with my stocking, and Melissa went into the other room and returned with clothespins. She put one on each of Rich's nipples, and he lightly bit down on his lip as they were delicately pinched between its wooden jaws. We each licked one of the little pink tips, all the more sensitive in their torture. "Ohh!" he moaned. Melissa knelt down and pulled his cock out of its sack.

"I have been wanting to do this all night!" she said and started to suck him. I watched as she took him fully into her throat;

his shaft was streaked with pink lipstick as she moved her head back and forth. She sucked vigorously, delicate hollows in her cheeks. I knelt beside her, and our tongues collided as we both licked his cock and balls. Rich was almost beside himself in ecstasy and was unable to prevent himself from ejaculating.

The hot sticky cum dribbled onto our faces and hair.

"Oh God!" he exclaimed. I'm sorry Mistresses!" A fearful look crept into his eyes. "I couldn't help it!"

I pretended to be very upset, although I was secretly amused.

"I think he needs a lesson in the dungeon!" I said sternly to Michelle, who agreed. Hooking a silver dogleash to his collar,

I led him into the playroom.

My playroom was really an extra bedroom, containing several pieces of equipment specifically designed for d/s activities. One of my favorite pieces was a pillory, made for me by a carpenter friend. It was hewn from solid oak and sanded to a smooth finish. I loved it for its old world feel and simplicity. It was mounted close to the floor, requiring the victim to kneel on a small wooden platform. "Kneel!" I ordered my slave and pointed to the wooden square. He dropped to his knees and I opened the pillory. I pushed his head down into the semi-circle and untied his wrists so that one rested on each side of his head. Then I lowered the heavy wood and locked it into place. He was trapped until I decided to release him.

I went to the front of the pillory and bent over. I lifted the skirt of my short black dress and spread my pantiless rear end. I pushed it into his face. "Eat my ass until I tell you to stop!" I ordered. His head nearly immobilized, he started to lick.

"Ungh!" he exclaimed, his tongue buried between my cheeks, as Michelle proceeded to crop him lightly.

"Thou shalt not cum without permission!" she cried as she rained blow after blow on his firm cheeks. I wriggled as his tongue did not falter in its service, thrusting into my puckered hole. I reached between my legs and started to fondle my clitoris, drawing moisture from my hot pussy. Michelle,meanwhile, had exchanged her cane for a thin black whip, and she whipped him steadily. He groaned and whimpered, but accepted his punishment as justified.

"Mistress, you have a beautiful, delicious ass," he said, hungrily reaming me. Suddenly he stopped licking. I turned around and was about to scold him when I saw Michelle kneeling behind him, a strap-on fastened about her waist. I forgot to tell her that anal play was out.

"Oh Michelle, you can't--" I started to say when Rich looked up at me and whispered, "It's ok, Mistress." "Are you sure?" I asked tenderly. He nodded.

"Is something wrong?" Michelle asked. I shook my head.

"No, just be very gentle with him there," I told her. She indicated her understanding as she slid slowly into his anus. I was surprised when Rich groaned in pleasure. "You're such a slut!" I murmured and kissed him deeply.

"I'm your slut, Mistress." He echoed. I stood before him, and spread my lips apart for him to lick. He loved licking me, savoring my strong womanly scent. Becoming increasingly aroused, I decided it was time to free my slave to perform more arduous tasks. Michelle pulled the dildo swiftly from his ass and stood up, while I unlocked the pillory.

"Get up!" she said and slapped his cheek. He stood up then, tall and proud. I completely removed his harness and strapped his balls in a spreader. They were full and round, and I loved the way they peeked out on either side of the leather strap.

"You are so sexy," I said and gripped his round balls firmly. He gasped. I removed the clothespins from his nipples and bit each one with my teeth. Michelle stood behind him and stroked his cock with her strong hands. He was sandwiched between us, imprisoned by his invisible bonds of servitude. We caressed and stimulated him until his arousal was overwhelming, and he trembled with need.

Then I pushed him back against a wall, where I chained his hands and feet so that he stood with limbs spread. I removed my dress and stood nude before him, his eyes affixed to my body. Using the metal foot and handholds embedded in the cement wall, I climbed onto his steely erection, sighing as it pulsed inside my aching cunt. I moved up and down, the points of my breasts tingling as they abraded his chest.

"Fuck me Mistress, please fuck me!" He panted. "I want to feel your sweet pussy coming on my cock." I made soft animal noises in my throat as I continued to thrust my body onto his pole. "Can I cum?" he begged, sensing that I was nearing my own orgasm. I shook my head, denying him, and he looked sad. Still he encouraged me to achieve my own climax.

"You're so hot and wet. I love it in your hot cunt. I love when you fuck me." His words increased my desire and I moved faster, my arms and legs starting to tire from the exertion.

"Your cock is mine, Slut!" I said, as an orgasm ripped through my body. My teeth sank deeply into his shoulder, and I screamed loudly. He covered my neck, my face, my hair, with kisses, his reverence evident in every one. Exhausted, I slid off of him. Michelle had been watching us silently, and although I did not see her, she made sure that Rich did. As I was working myself to a frenzy on his hard penis, she was shoving a vibrator into her own pussy, then licking it and thrusting it back inside. Although she had not cum, opaque juices ran down her thighs.

I released my slave from the wall. "Fuck her! Fuck her hard!"

I ordered. He was more than happy to comply and laid her back against the floor. Like an animal, he tore into her, pumping hard and grunting.

"Give it to me," Michelle moaned, arching her body against his. I brought my lips to her breasts and sucked one of her dusky nipples. Her crimson nails were digging into his back, and he thrust harder, excited by the sensation. The spreader that confined his balls delayed his climax, and he was able to fuck her almost endlessly. I reached my hand between them and stroked her clitoris, moving it in circles with my fingers, using my other hand to pinch her nipples. "Sit on my face Dalila!" she begged, and I straddled her face, facing Rich. She moved her legs up to his shoulders so that he could drive deeper. Then he leaned forward and latched onto one of my breasts. The three of us moved in harmony, Michelle sucking, me stroking, and Rich fucking. Michelle gave a high pitched squeal and sucked furiously on my button. "Oh, I'm cumming!" She mewled like a kitten and gripped Rich's thighs.

"Cum with me!" she ordered. He needed no more encouragement. His body shook as his semen sprayed from his body. As I saw it gush from her hole while he pushed into her one last time, my own excitement cumulated and I, too, came.

The three of us collapsed, sated and contented.

The next day, I ran several errands. First, I stopped at a fetish clothing shop and picked out a collar. It was silver studded black leather, with a small o' ring in front. I had a round silver tag engraved with the name "Slut," which I would give to Rich that evening.

I stopped at a friend's photography studio and dropped off the film I had taken that morning. Delicious pictures of my Slut bound and gagged, his beautiful cock erect and imprisoned, and servicing my lover Michelle with his talented tongue.

I visited Michael and vented some of my insatiable sexual energy in his office while patients waited in oblivion for him to finish "examining" me. It was my way of thanking him for taking care of my slut.

I bought clothes for my slut so that he could accompany me to the various social functions I frequently attended. I loved to outfit my slaves, with both fetish and non-fetish wear.

Finally, I stopped at the florist. I sent a dozen roses to Lillian with a little note: "Thank you for the gift-- don't even think about asking for him back!" Then I went home to my slut, who I knew would be waiting eagerly for my return.