The Initiation of Daddy ( Part 2 )

By Dungeonmaster

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I returned to the office about midnight and Monica was still working correcting the Spanish/English story. She was almost finished and I sat at my station answering some email. I watched as her ass wiggled as she sat on the large plug between her cheeks. Finally she leans back and announces that she is finished.

"Before you go, would my slave like to have my cock replace that plug?", I ask, sending my last email.

"Yes, Master", she responded, "I would like that very much, if it is your pleasure."

"My pleasure is to please my slave. Tell me your wish."

"It would please me to suck your cock. I would like for you to finger me with your thumb in my pussy and two fingers in my ass. I wish that you rub them against the skin as if you were kneading dough with a strong circular strokes. I want you to push your cock deep into my throat and send your cum into my gut while you pinch my inner skin tightly as I swallow the juice of you orgasm, Master."

I swivel around in my chair and spread my legs as Monica lets her dress slip to the ground. She steps over the cloth and approaches. Her fingers find the buttons on my pants and she rubs my cock slowly as she undoes each one slowly. When my fly is open and my prick is hard and I rise slightly as she slides my pants from under my ass, moves closer, bends over and takes my pulsating member into her mouth.

I reach forward, grab her clit ring and pull Monica toward me until I can reach her hot cunt while still resting back in my chair. I let go of the ring and I obey my slave request, pushing my thumb deep into her wet cunt and driving two fingers into her ass hole. Monica moves her head up and down along the length of my cock, licking the head as it moves in her mouth. I drive the full length down her throat on every repeating plunge.

The faster Monica moves her head the harder I rub her ass-cunt separation. My cock is ready to explode and I hold her inner skin in my hand, pushing and pulling while her mouth slides on my stiff member. My hand tightens on her crotch. My legs stiffen as my hand clinches on her ass-cunt skin and Monica slows her movement on my cock and sucks me deep into her throat, biting at the hair as the base of my prick. I let out a moan as the juice starts deep in my soul and shots through my prick into her mouth and down her throat while my ass-cunt-hand squeezes my favorite pussy and my hand pushes her head into my thighs and Monica gruntes and gasps for air. Realization overtakes me as my hand loosens it's grip on her ass-cunt and falls into my lap. My other hand rubs the smooth dome of her motionless head as her tongue circles my softening cock that is shrinking in her mouth. I am limp before she allowes my soft member to escape her lips and Monica continues to lick and blow softly on the head.

"You are the best, Master", she whispers.

Someone knocks on the door, interrupting us, and I ask Monica to answer it. Monica bends over for her dress, but I say, "No!", so she leaves the dress on the floor and answers to the door.

It is Rita, the nurse-slave that I had introduced to Stefan. She enteres the office and looks at Monica, standing nude by the door. She glances at me as I slump in the chair with my soft cock resting between my thighs.

"I guess I missed the fun", Rita says as she moves to Monica and rubs her hand between Monica's wet thighs. "Feels like you have had a nice evening", she says, licking the ends of her fingers. "Sorry I wasn't here."

"You really came just in time, Rita.", I say, "I have a virgin waiting for you. That is if you want to finish the initiation?"

A large smile grews over Rita's face as she continues sucking Monica's juice from her fingers. "So, where is this youngster?"

"Well, he's not young, but he is a virgin. He's waiting."

"Stefan ... !", Rita screams loudly, realizing what I mean. "Where is he? I'll pop his fucking Cherry", she says with delight.

"Monica ! Prepare Daddy ... ", I command, opening the lock on the door to the dungeon.

"What the fuck", Stefan shouts as the door swings open and I enter the dimly lit room. "I had to piss in the beer can. Why did you lock me in here?"

"Shut up, Slave. Come here and stand up straight", I say as Stefan approaches and stops in front of me. "Close your eyes. I have a present for you." I reach up and get one of the cuffs and clip it around his wrist. I fasten the second cuff to his other wrist and walk to the wall. I pull the ropes, lifting Stefan's arms above his head until he stands erect. I secure the rope and get a blindfold from the shelf and tie it over his eyes. "If you speak I will gag you."

"Sure", Stefan answeres.

"What did you say? Don't you ... "

"Yes, Master", I hear, as he interrupts me, realizing his error.

"That's much better. You'll learn", I whisper as I remove the knife from my pocket and flip the blade open. Stefan winces at the click sound of the steel and his skin tightenes as he fells the cold knife against his over stuffed stomach. I draw the knife down, cutting the waste band of his pants and shorts, allowing them to fall to the floor.

"What are ...", he says. "Shut up! Do you want "The Gag"?", I ask, squeezing Stefan's balls in my hand.

"No, Master."

Monica and Rita are standing onside the dungeon. I tell them to enter and instruct Rita to close the door and I motion for Monica to take a seat on the stool in the corner. I select a halter and dildo, tying the straps around Rita's waist and stringing the remaining supports between her thighs. The rubber cock looks huge on her small frame as she laughingly walks to Stefan, rubbing the stiff prick against his ass and pushing it between his tightly closed thighs.

"Spread your cheeks", she whisperes in his ear as she swings her hand with all her strength, landing a hard smack on his cheeks. "Wider", she yells, smacking one cheek and then the other. "Spread your legs wider you fucking, low life, slave, prick." Smack, the sound echos through the dungeon. Smack ... Smack ... Smack ... I hear as Stefan's ass glows red in the dim light. "Spread your cheeks or I'll dry fuck you with this hard rubber cock, you virgin bastard. Spread your ass or I'll spread it with a bat." Rita says, taking a baseball bat from the shelf and running it through Stefan's sweaty legs and under his balls. Stefan stands on tiptoes forcing his thighs apart.

Monica sits motionless on the stool in the corner watching Rita initiate her Daddy. I approach Monica and plant a soft kiss on her throbbing clit.

From fear or just stress, Stefan's prick is soft. His ass is red and beads of sweat are glistening on his forehead. He hangs from the cuffs, spreading his legs while Rita kneels in front, taking his soft cock in her mouth. She sucks deep, drawing his member into her throat, then sliding out to the tip she licks the head as Stefan's manhood starts to stiffen and rise. Up and down her head moves as the cock grpws inside her mouth and the saliva oozes from her lips. Rita slurps and licks while Stefan starts moving his hips, driving himself deeper into her open mouth. "Smack", rings through the room as Rita brings her hand sharply across Stefan's ass and he pokes his prick deep. "Smack", again and each time her hand lands on his ass he plunges forward, rocking on the ropes that hold him erect. "Smack ... Smack ... Smack ...", I hear as I suck on Monica's clit while she sits motionless in the corner.

Stefan's cock is now standing straight against his belly and Rita dips her hand into the jar of cream on the shelf and rubs the rubber attachment as if she were jacking off. She stroks the full length with one hand while she massaged lotion into Stefan's ass hole with the other hand. He continues to drive his cock as if Rita wass still mouthing him and his hips move back and forth while she guides the rubber cock toward his lubricated hole. He pushes and with each return the attachment penetrates more deeply into his ass. Stephan moves forward in an effort to escape, only to be driven backward with the swinging motion of his bonds. Rita's rubber cock pushes deeper into his ass and Stefan moans with pain and pleasure as her hips start to thrust and retreat. Her hands circle his waist and rub the length of his stiff prick. In rhythm, Rita pushes and strokes and pulls and the sweat runs from Stefan's brow as I suck Monica's clit and she stares at her Daddy while her pungent cum runs into my mouth. I can hear Rita bouncing against Stefan's ass and I hear the moans of pleasure escaping Stefan's mouth in a guttural scream as his orgasm shoots from the end of his cock into Rita's cupped hand. She swiftly strokes his cock while she brutally fucks him in the ass. Her cupped hand is full of cum and she raises it to Stefan's dry lips and rubs his face. His tongue licks her hands as he sucks his juice into his dry mouth.

Without a word I take Monica's hand and lead her to her Daddy who is now hanging limp from his bonds. She softly kisses his wet forehead as I remove the straps which hold the hard rubber cock to Rita's waist. I move to the wall to loosen the rope from the hook, allowing Stefan to slump onto the floor. I take Rita's hand, pick up Monica's dress and lead both my slaves from the room, leaving Stefan lying on the floor. I leave the dungeon, closing the door. I insert the lock. The slaves turn as they hear the click of the lock, knowing that Stefan must be left alone.

The initiation is over.

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