By Mistress Monica

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I haven't been on chat for a long time since I have been busy answering the Advice Column and editing Fantasies, re-writing a lot of stories and editing all of the photos. I really fun this fucking place now that Dungeonmaster is lecturing. I just don't have much time anymore but the other night I found myself in the chat room!

I was talking to some ass hole that spoke broken English and I thought of my nice college student in Mexico that writes the heavy S&M stories. He tells me that I am his inspiration, but, I think I'm just one of his fucking fantasies. Well I'm chatting with this prick and I see my ICQ button start to blink. I check it, finding that Dungeonmaster is contacting me from New York. Well, I kiss off the jerk and rush to my Master. Professor Pavlov would be proud of me, since my pussy juices start flowing the minute I see that it is my Master calling.

Hi: Monica ... I'm in my hotel and thought you might like some
company. I was hoping you would be in the office at your computer
since I have a surprise for you. Open your bottom right hand drawer
and take out the small blue box.

I open the drawer and take out a small velvet box. It is tied with a red ribbon and I am excited as I untie the bow and open the box. Inside are six brass weights attached by a string to six small hooks. I smile, knowing what my Master wants ... yet ... feeling the tingle of anticipation between my thighs. I open the box as I look at the computer screen.

Monica ... I want you to push your chair from the table so that
you can place your legs on either side of the computer screen.
I want to be able to see your lovely cunt as if I was inside
the screen. I know that you're not wearing any panties and that
your cunt is dripping wet. Don't close your eyes ... I want you to
pay attention ... but I don't want you to type nor do anything, other
than what I command.

Yes ... Master ... I say, leaning back in the chair and raising my feet so that they are propped on the desk. My knees are slightly bent and my thighs are apart so that Dungeonmaster could look into my soft shaved cunt if he were inside the monitor. I smile as I think of his tongue flowing from the screen into my open hole and my breath comes in short gasps as my hands run the inside of my thighs.

Stop rubbing your thighs ... I know you too well ...
Position the camera in front of your monitor so I can see
Tonight you will obey me ... you must obey ... and I will watch!
Remove your robe and sit at your station naked.
Point the camera at your cunt.

I raise my butt so that I can slip the caftan under my ass and over my shoulders. He knows me well as I always work with a soft wrap or a comfortable robe. I never wear undergarments of any kind, especially when I'm at the office as my Master often wants to fuck me ... suck me ... lick me ... or just watch me masturbate for him. I feel strange tonight ... almost as if he were here ... I position the small camera so that it is pointing into my cunt as I lean back and read his commands.

Relax ... read ... slowly ... I will type a number on the
screen and you will attach a hook to one of your pussy-rings
allowing the string to hang over your hips with the weight free.

ONE .... TWO .... THREE .... FOUR .... FIVE .... SIX

Almost six minutes passes as I take the weights and attach them, one at a time, to my cunt-rings. I place the top right first and then the top left and my pussy is pulled open and my clit sticks up just under the top ring. Alternately I place the additional weights as they spread my cunt lips and stretch the skin. It is not painful as I have often let my Master stretch my cunt open so that he can look inside with his flashlight. He likes to see my pink interior and blow softly inside my hole. I have placed all of the weights and move closer to the screen so that my calves are on the table and the screen in centered in front of my stretched cunt. I wish the keyboard had a tongue or the mouse were long and thin ... thick ...

Now ... rub your thighs ... spread your cunt juice on your skin
Over your cheeks ... inside your ass. I want to see your cream
shine in the reflection on the screen. Can you see your ass hole?

I squint at the screen and sure enough I see my ass in the reflection as I lean forward and reposition the monitor to that is faces downward. My ass is open and my cunt is spread and I want my Master inside me. I want his cock in my dripping cunt or up my ass but I can only look at the reflection and read the words on the screen.

Get your favorite cock ... other than mine ... the
rubber one that you keep in the desk drawer ... and rub it with your
pussy juice. Press it firmly into your ass hole as if I were there
ramming my cock deep into your gut.

"God ... he's reading my mind", I whisper, reaching into the drawer and removing the large cock. I run take my fingers between my thighs and scrape the juice from my stretched cunt and the back of my hand feels the puddle on the leather of the seat. I rub the rubber cock with the cum and reach down, slipping the head into my wet ass hole. I push with little jerks as the head pierces the opening and slips inside. The body follows until the cock is imbedded deep in my ass. The prick is seated inside me so I take my hands and squeeze my cheeks, opening and closing my ass hole as the dildo finds its' comfortable position. I'm thinking of my Masters cock and how he likes to lie behind me in the morning with his prick deep in my ass. I want so much for him to pound and ram hard and fast but he prefers to lie quietly as I flex my ass muscles, squeezing his cock, rolling my hips. Sometimes he will reach around and pull my rings ... and ... I'm thinking of this as my cunt spreads wider as the weights bump as I move my ass in the chair.

Cum for me ... CUM NOW ... I want to see your juice flow
I want you to think of me ... licking your spreading cunt
Sucking your pussy ... ramming my cock into your ass
Are you enjoying yourself ... Monica?

"Yes", I scream as if he were here with me. "Oh ... God ... Yes", I cry as I massage my ass cheeks and the giant cock moves inside me and my cunt spreads. I squeeze hard as my nails dig into my soft skin as I raise my head, blowing toward my open cunt as my master would if her were inside the monitor. The cool air passes over the wet lips as I twitch in orgasmic pleasure.

"I have a never-ending appetite when it cums to you!", I whisper into the screen, blowing on my wet cunt, feeling the cool breath as I think of my Master.

I have a never-ending appetite when it cums to you!

I wish you were with me ... in my hotel room ... in my bed.
I want to smell your rich scent ... drink your cum.
I want what I see on the screen ... I want you.

"Yes ... Master ...", I whisper, wanting to obey as I spread my legs further and bounce my ass so that the weights open my cunt for his view. "I am open for you ... my dearest ... Stephen", I whisper, shocked that I mentioned his name. I lean forward and look into the camera, stretching my hands to the keyboard as I continue blowing on my steaming, stretching cunt.

I love you ... Stephen ... Master Stephen!

"I want you so badly", I think as my hands fall from the keys and rest on my wet thighs. "Please come home", I whisper into the monitor as I rub my thighs, spreading my juice over my skin.

I love you ... Monica ... Slave Monica ... I will be home soon.

I watch the screen as the words burn into my mind. "He does love me", I whisper, bending hard to reach the screen with my lips, licking the screen with the tip of my tongue. "Yes", I whisper as I slump into the chair as the monitor blinks, the message on the screen reads:

Your Guest has Canceled Chat

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