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Hello Master!!
I decided to try a different kind of scenario for this one ... I hope you like it. Love, b

Where are you??

I am so lonely for you right now, I miss your lips .... arms .... and most definitely, your hard cock. You have only been gone from me for twenty-four hours now, but my body feels like it has been a lot longer than that.

Damn your trip!

Now what am I supposed to do since you are gone? I am so fucking horny right now!! I can feel my pussy getting wet just thinking of our last night together ... clandestine meeting in a crowded park ... one look at you and I was so hot, even though the temperature outside was in the teens. I remember clearly the look in your eyes as I walked close to you and that growing bulge in your jeans. I tried to play it cool, acting as if it wasn't that important that I see you one last time. But, by the time I was close enough to touch you, I was in your arms ... kissing your lips ... pressing against you ... feeling your stiff prick. I felt your need for me too and that only made me want you more!!

While you are gone, I guess I will have to entertain myself ... won't I? But I did promise to let you know EVERYTHING I do. So follow me as I take my solo flight.

I am in my bedroom right now, a roaring fire blazing in the fireplace ... pillows all around me ... some soulful jazz tunes playing softly ... I let my mind drifts to you ... my body instantly gets hot ... wet ... remember how wet I get? Hmmm ... sure you do ... I lean back on the pillows behind me, letting my hands reign freely on my tits. I tease my nipples .... both at the same time .... running my fingers over the soft skin lightly .... pinching them just like you do!! My nipples are so hard they hurt right now.

Oh God ... I miss you ...

I let my right hand travel lower ... across my stomach ... down to my cunt. Lightly, my fingers flow over my soft mound, covered lightly with blonde hair. I let my fingers slip between my pussy lips, moving slowly up and down, teasing my clit with small circles before continuing. My left hand is still working on my breasts as my right hand moves deeper into my cunt. I arch my back as the second finger enters."

Oh baby ... I wish it was your hands doing this!!

I begin moving my fingers in and out of my pussy in a steady, slow rhythm. I moan ... it feels good ... but I need more. Since I can't have your cock ... I guess the one in my drawer will have to do.

I lean over and get it out .... the peach colored dildo ... my favorite ... I plug it in ... I get comfy ... I'm wearing my favorite red robe with the silk draw string that you use to tie me to the bed posts ... I use the rubber cock to tease my pussy ... I let it rest against my clit ... just the head is inside my cunt ... feeling it buzz me ... I feel my first ... although small ... orgasm building inside of me ... I ride with it ... moaning your name softly.

I slide the vibrating prick down so that the head enters further into my dripping hot cunt. Closing my eyes, I picture your face, watching your expressions as the cock slowly enters me ... inch by inch .... my pussy is so tight ... I have to put a lot of pressure on the vibrator to get it inside. I remember how good it feels to sheath your throbbing prick in my hot, wet pussy? Think about that feeling right now as I start a slow, torturous pace of moving the cock in and out ... I am so wet right now I can actually hear it as I speed up the pace. I am trembling with need as I reach down and slide a pillow under my ass, giving me deeper access. My knees are bent, my hips are bucking wildly ... meeting my thrusts ... I am panting now as I work the cock ... harder ... faster ... as I bite my bottom lip as I begin to cum so damn hard!!

My juices are dripping out and running down to my ass as I cry out your name ... LOUDLY ... Oh God ... YES!!!! I am so wet!! I know you love the taste of my cunt ... wondering what it tastes like ... I move the dildo to my lips then slide my tongue out and lick the vibrating cock ... as if it were your cock ... mmmm ... you are right .... I do taste sweet as honey ......

Hurry home lover ... I need you so badly!!

My cunt needs you!

Be safe my friends! ((( Hugs & Kisses )))... Beverly

My Darling b:
I love your new scenario and the thought of you ... alone ... fucking yourself with your peach vibrator ... makes my cock stiff ... I am stroking my stiffness ... thinking of you ... of my cock ... deep inside your wet pussy. I would love to cum fuck you! Be safe my slave! Love, DM