CUFFS . . . . !

By Passion

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I was walking along the street late at night when you came out of no where and up behind me. It was dark and I did not know who you were and stood very still as your hands gripped my wrists tightly behind my back.

"You are coming with me", you said quietly. I knew then, it was you and relaxed a little, but, I was more then happy to play along. You pulled me along with you to a car I had not seen before and blindfolded me, putting me into the rear seat. I sat quiet, not removing the blindfold, as I heard you walk around and get in the driver's side.

You started the engine and drove off into the night. In about fifteen minutes I felt the car stop and heard you get out. I waited with baited breath ...... alone ..... no you. I sat very still, listening. After about five minutes you opened my side of the car and roughly pulled me out. You escorted me up some steps and into a house. I heard the door shut and the latch lock behind me. Anticipation was running high. Your hands touched the neck of my shirt .... fingers trailing slightly along bare skin ...... then you ripped open the front of my blouse and jerked it off of me. I felt your hands at the buttons of my jeans .... undoing them in contrast and slowly sliding them down and off of me. I stood quietly ..... almost naked ..... waiting ......

Hearing the slight clinking of metal, my hands were drawn behind my back and I felt soft, fur covered cuffs on my wrists. I bent my fingers to feel the chain bonding the two cuffs together, but your hand slapped my fingers away. I felt your hot breath on my neck ....... your tongue slipping over my lips .... then I heard a loud click. I felt something very cold and hard slide along my skin in between my breasts.

You cut my bra from my chest in one movement and I knew it was a knife. You cut the straps and let it fall. Then I felt the cold steel sliding down my stomach ....... cutting away my panties. I stood before you naked ..... vulnerable ..... excited. Your mouth was on my nipples ... sucking each one in turn ...... then your tongue descended to the soft hairs of my pussy .... parting them with your fingers ..... testing the wetness of my lips .... with yours.

"Very good. I see you are ready for me", You said quietly. I shuddered at the feel of your tongue entering my pussy ..... you spread my legs wider .... commanding me to stand still. You ate me until my juices were flowing freely and you could stand it no more. I felt you move away from me and the emptiness your tongue remained with me. I felt your hands on the back of my knees ..... you pulled them towards you and I fell softly onto a down comforter you had laid before me. You opened my legs wide and I felt your thighs between them. I felt your breath on my lips .....

"Do you want me? Only me ?", you asked with authority.

I hesitated. Suddenly I felt fingers on my neck ....... a soft gentle caress ..... you tug on the chain connecting the cuffs .... back into you I am pulled ..... not a subtle warning. "Yes, I want only you. I am only yours", I answered.

I felt your cock plunge deep into my pussy. Hard and fast you stroked me. I gasped at your need but felt the same desire within me. You were so hard and a perfect fit for me. The walls of my wet pussy pulled hard against your cock seeking to keep you inside forever.

"Cum with me", you command. I was so close,..... I felt your heat,..... I felt the first droplets of cum seeping into me. I let go of all reserve and started to shake with the passion of my climax. Your hot cum exploded into my wet needy pussy. We clung to one another in the exhaustion of the moment.

It was silent ...... You lay next to me ..... and I smiled.

All My Love, Passion!

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