By: Gabriellet Xavior

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It's such a nice day that Al and Mandy decide to go for a drive. They aren't sure where they're going, they just want to get away from everything. Getting into the car, they head out, Mandy slides over and sits next to Al placing her hand on his leg. He slips his arm around her, gently running his fingers up and down her arm and neck, sending shivers though her body. Snuggling up closer to him, her hand runs up and down the length of his chest. "You feel so good", she says, softly.

"You keep that up and we aren't going to get to far", he answers with a smile.

"Now, would that be all that bad?", She asks with a wink as her hand move down to his pants and unzip them. Reaching in and taking his cock out, she squeezes it gently, feels it throb and grow in her hand.

He hugs her to him and gives her a quick kiss. "Mmm, your hand feels so good", he moans, as he feels the excitement in body grow.

Slowly she kisses down his neck, hearing him groan, as she moves down lower, flicks her tongue out, teasing the head of his cock, and tasting his pre-cum. She runs her tongue up and down his stiff prick, nibbling, licking and kissing it. "Oh, god, she can't get enough of you", she whispers softly, placing the tip of his cock in her mouth. She sucks the head as her tongue swirls around the soft surface. Sticking her tongue into the slit, teasing it, she feels it pulse and throb in her mouth, "Mmmmm...", she moans softly.

His hand runs down her back until it reaches her skirt. He pushes past the waste band and starts to caress her ass. His hand feels so good that she starts to squirm and the fire inside starts to grow. Reaching down, until his fingers touch her pussy, he slides his finger into her wet cunt. Her pussy tightens and she moves her hand down and starts to rub her clit. She can feel herself get hotter and wetter as the passion builds inside her. She has to have all his cock in her mouth. Taking it in, until it touches the back of her throat, she softly whispers again, "Oh, it feels so good, throbbing and pulsing deep in her mouth. I love your cock."

Al begins to move his hips slowly as Mandy sucks harder, taking him deeper with each stroke. "Oh, god, I can't take any more", he shouts as he pulls over to the side of the road. Putting his hand on her head as he pumps her faster. Loving the feel of being deep in her throat, his fingers move in and out of her pussy with greater speed as she furiously rubs her clit.

"Oh, yes, I'm cumming", she cries, shaking and trembling, as she drenches his finger and hand. As he feels her cum he can't hold back any longer and shoots his hot thick cum down her throat. Sucking it harder, feeling the veins pulsing, she gulps everything as he cums in her mouth, swallowing all his sweet cum. She slowly lets his cock slip from her mouth as she licks her lips, raises her head and kisses him passionately. "Oh, that felt so good, and I love the way you taste", she whispers softly into his ear.

"You're great, Babe", he says as they straighten themselves out and catch their breath. He looks at her and winks. "Shall we continue our little trip". He laughs as they both wonder how far they are going to get before they have to stop again!

She decides that she'll sit by the window, thinking maybe that they'll make it a little farther if their not so close. She tries to keep her mind on the scenery but her thoughts and eyes keep returning to him. God, she loves him and his body, she thinks. She just can't get enough. Closing her eyes and thinking about him, her hands move up and start to gently rub her breasts through her blouse. Her nipples getting harder as her other hand slips down and starts to play with her pussy. Rubbing her clit between her finger and thumb feeling it get hard and start to throb. It feels good, as she thinks about him.

Al has a hard time keeping his mind on the driving and it is lucky they're on a road that isn't well traveled. His eyes keep wandering to the sight of Mandy playing with herself. "Turn around so I can watch you better, please" he asks. She turns, leaning against the door, spreading her legs wide so he can watch her. He watches as she slides two fingers into her pussy rubbing her clit with her thumb. She pulls open her blouse and pinches her tits. Faster and faster her fingers move in and out as he squeezes hard on the pointed nipples.

Looking at him, she sees the bulge in his pants. "Oh, god, I want you so much" she whispers to herself, thinking about his stiff prick deep inside her pussy. "I'm cumming", she shouts, shaking and trembling, drenching her fingers, gasping for air. She moans, "Oh, god". He takes her hand and places her fingers into his mouth, sucking them and tasting her sweet juices. This sends shivers up and down his whole body, making him want her so much as the excitement builds in his body.

"Oh ... Babe I need you now! I have to feel myself deep inside you". He pulls to the side of the road and they get into the back seat. they quickly undress, not caring where they are or who sees them. All they can think about is the passion and fire that needs to be quenched. She straddles him and starts to ride his cock slowly at first, feeling it throbbing and pulsing. Her pussy squeezes tightly as he begins to move his hips thrusting his cock deeper inside as he holds onto her hips. He places a nipple into his mouth, sucking it, gently nibbling on it. Back and forth first one then the other he plays with her tits. Their bodies screaming for release as their the passion grows.

"Oh, Al, you feel so good inside me", she moans as his mouth and cock drive her wild. Her breathing becomes more rapid and her heart beats faster. She reaches back and massages his balls. "I'm cumming ... again", she screams, her hips moving faster and faster, as he thrusts his cock harder and deeper into her. She feels his cock swell and grow bigger and, with a final thrust, he explodes deep inside her already dripping cunt. Spurt after spurt of hot cum fills her pussy. Their juices mix and drench his cock. Warm sticky cum flows out of her hole and runs down his balls. Her pussy milking his cock, drains every drop.

"Oh, god", she moans, trying to catch her breath. "Oh, Babe that was FANTASTIC! I love you, so much", she sighs, kissing him passionately.

"Mmmmmmm, Luv, you are FANTASTIC! You make me feel so good. I love you". He whispers softly, as they slowly come down from their sexual high.

Getting dressed, they start down the road again. Each of them with thoughts of how satisfied they are, but, wondering how soon it will be, before they have to pull off the road again .....


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