By: Nick Danger

I went to the local park on this nice day to take some pictures for my portfolio. I was sitting on a bench reloading film into my camera when out of the blue came a voice.

"I'm sort of new in town, would you like to buy me a cup of coffee"?

"It's 94 degrees out and you want coffee?"

"Sure do", she said, " ... and my name's Lindy. What's yours?"

"Nick ...", I answered, suggesting that we depart to my place and I would be glad to make some fresh. I put the coffee on and discovered that I was outta cream.

"No problem I'll drink it black", she said. "Where's the store?"

I told her I liked cream and that there was a store on the corner and I would go get some cream there.

"That won't be necessary", she said. You get the coffee and I'll get the cream. I went to the kitchen and got two cups of coffee and when I returned she had removed her blouse and bra and was sitting with two of the biggest tits I had ever seen. "One squirt or two", she said, bending over my cup and squeezing her nipple.

"Three", I said in bewilderment. Well ... we drank out coffee and she asked about the computer I have on the desk and I showed her the Internet and some of my stories at Blowout. We read a story and she asked if I would write one about her ... so I am ... Which brings us to this point.

Right now she is sucking on my cock. There she goes ... swirling gently with her tongue around the sensitive crack between the crown. Now she is contorting her lips and throat in a way that makes it impossible to concentrate on the typing. She is now going up and down so slowly that it's gonna take forever to get me off. Now she's fully engulfed my cock is pulsating her tonsils to gently massage my cock head and running her tongue all around the shaft.

"Let me know before you blow", she whispers between her lips and my prick.

"OK", I whisper pushing her head down so that I am imbedded in her throat. She's been sucking for about seven minutes, this expert cock sucking, up and down, tongue still contorting the tonsils and me still typing the story.

"Gonna blow!" "All right ... great", she says as a gush of cum enters her mouth. She sucks the juice from my cock, lifts her coffee and lets the cum from my fountaining cock cascade into her cup. She stirs it lightly with her finger, still sucking on the head of my prick and looks up smiling. "You like your cream and I like mine", she says, taking a drink of her coffee with my cream.

I'm still trying to type but it's hard while she sips cum and coffee. Well ... this was quite an experience for me I have never done it quite like this before.

Lindy finishes her coffee and reaches across the desk and picks up a cookie from the dish. "Want some cookies and cream", she asks, putting the cookie in my mouth and following it with a long squeeze from her giant tits.

"Tastes great!"

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