Total Control

By Dungeonmaster

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One of my early experiences with Dom came after I broke up with my steady Pin in college. I was tired of the normal shit kind of relationship. I wanted to be in control . . . Absolute Total Control.

I wanted someone who would do anything that I ask . . . Anything, Anywhere and Anytime.

The girl that caught my attention was Elaine. She went to the same college and she was pretty striking, with long hair, a nice complexion, a wonderful figure and I knew that she was a punchboard. My friends told me that she was ready for anything and really liked to fuck. Sometimes, when I was running I would follow her bouncing butt as we circled the track and I would fanaticize about her in the shower. I imagined seeing her naked. Her firm breasts and pointed nipples, her pubic hair would be like peach fuzz. I thought of her luscious lips and a beautiful tongue sucking on my cock and how her cunt must be smooth and juicy.

In one of my college courses I investigated making sexual potions. I worked with the some chemicals in the lab and figured out a formula. I wanted to use the drug and I could introduce suggestions which I was sure would be followed.

Friday evening picked up Elaine for our first date and she was wearing an old pair of Levis and a loose blouse with a black bra. We went to dinner and I told her about the potion and how it would enhance sexual desires and stimulate performance. I assured her that the drug was harmless and she was excited about experimenting. I put a little into her drink. In about an hour I felt that she was under so I suggested that we go to my place. She agreed and we went to my apartment.

We were sitting on the couch doing some light necking when she asked directions to the bathroom. I showed her the way and suggested that she take off her bra and panties. I watched as she went down the hall and I fanaticized about what would happen when she returned.

In a few minutes Elaine returned acting completely normal. I could see that her bra was gone and I wondered about the rest. Here was this woman, obeying my suggestions. As she approached the couch her breasts bounced freely and her taunt nipples almost shot through her blouse. My cock was stiff and I could hardly contain myself.

"I feel strange. It's like you have such power and control over me. I don't know what it is but I feel very close to you. It must be the drug, your control drug. I've had fantasies but I have never felt like this."

"What do you mean", I asked? I had great difficulty keeping my cool and I wouldn't take my eyes off of her nipples.

"Would you hold me", she asked. Tell me to do something."

"Like what", I asked.

"I don't know. I just feel that I have to do what you say. Tell me what to do."

"Have you ever thought about being someone's slave? I mean ........"

"Yes I have", she said interrupting me in mid sentence. "I've had those fantasies but I don't understand much about it. I really like the power you have over me."

I could hardly sit still as I imagined what may happen.

"Excuse me and I'll get you another drink".

I put a little more of the drug into the drink and we continued playing around. I whispered into her ear that she would be my slave and submit to anything. As the music played Elaine moved sexually and tossed her hair and arched her back so that her nipples were outlined by her sheer blouse.

"I feel so excited", she whispered. "I have never felt quite this safe and secure. It's like I want you to do something strange to me.

"What do you imagine?"

"Tell me to do something", Elaine whispered.

"Come into my parlor said the spider .............."

"I would love to", she whispered softly. Where is your parlor Mr. Fly?"

I stood, extending my hand which she took immediately. She stood up and half fell into my arms.

"You're so strong", she replied holding on to my shoulder. "After you Master."

"Are you willing to do whatever I say?"

"Yes!", was her reply. Elaine backed away for me so I could look at her. She turned around slowly and put her hands on her ample breasts. As she turned, she moved her hands slowly down to the top of her legs and palmed the insides of her inner thighs.

"Take your clothes off!"

Without hesitation, she obeyed, slowly unbuttoning her blouse and let it drop to the floor. She unbuttoned the Levis and let them slide down her legs to her ankles. She wore no panties and the hair on her blond snatch was almost invisible in the soft light.

"What would you like now?" she said in a barely audible sexy voice.

"Lie on the bed over there", I said pointing to the bed in the corner of my room.

"Yes, Master", she replied as I watched in amazement as she crossed the room to the bed. Elaine lay on her back and I took the ropes that I had for the occasion out of the drawer next to the bed.

"Spread your arms and legs", I demanded.

Elaine did as I asked and I proceeded to tie her arms to the head of the bed, stretching her legs to the bottom corners and tying her securely. I took a blindfold from the drawer and covered her eyes. Elaine was staring straight at the ceiling with her mouth slightly opened. The music was playing and I knew that the suggestions were strong as she was in a trance.

I got a razor from the drawer and knelt beside her still figure. I dry shaved her pussy as she lay there. Not even a whimper came from her closed lips as I slipped and made a cut in her pussy lips. A little blood ran down her thighs and I got very excited and made a little cut on the other lip and the blood dripped down her other thigh. With my finger I rubbed the red color around her bare cunt, placing two red spots on each side of her belly button. Her pussy looked like a clown smiling and I started to laugh.

"Does Bozo want to play", I asked taking a large vibrator and sticking it into the clown's mouth. Elaine came to life as the dildo entered her dry pussy and she pulled at the ropes and it seemed that she finally realized what was happening. She opened her mouth to scream but I put my hand over her lips, placing my mouth close to her ear and whispered, "Not a word or a sound my slave. If I hear anything from you I will make you regret it."

I removed my hand and Elaine relaxed as I continued to push the vibrator deep into her open hole. Elaine farted and it sounded like a clown gagging because his throat was stuffed or he couldn't breathe. Elaine farted again and I whispered in her ear. "Want me to plug the hole so you won't fart again?"

I went to the kitchen and got a cold beer from the frig and returned to the bedroom. I opened the bottle and the air escaped from the bottle sounding much like Elaine farting. I covered the opening with my thumb and shook the beer, letting a little escape onto her face. She licked her lips removing the cold liquid and shook her head, licking around her lips.

I placed the cold bottle between her breasts and Elaine whimpered from the chill.

"You asked for it", I whispered as I moved the cold bottle across her stomach and over her pussy. She moved from side to side as the tip of the bottle passed her cunt and my hand rubbed against the vibrator still humming in her wet pussy. I took my thumb off the end of the bottle and I shoved the neck into her ass hole. A little liquid escaped in the moment before her ass closed around the cold glass plug and she whimpered as the foamy liquid shot into her.

"Not sound", I said pushing the bottle deeper into her rectum and twisting the vibrating dildo further into her gaping pussy. "Not a sound", I whispered, taking a short length of rope and tying the bottle and the vibrator together and wrapping the rope around her thighs so that I would not have to hold them. I could hear the plastic vibrating against the glass and I imagined her hot skin against the cold bottle and the vibrating plastic and the foam in her ass and the cum in her cunt and a smile came over her face and the face of the clown looked like an old man mouthing a cigar and the red eyes next to her belly button began to cry as the beer mixed with the blood and ran across her skin.

I was out of breath and it was all I could do to lower my head and stick my tongue into her mouth. Her lips opened and I stuck my tongue into her throat and the gagged and it wounded like a fart and I licked the inside of her mouth and lips and whispered into her ear, "Why didn't you bite my tongue?"

"Because I love you", she whispered.

"Did I tell you to speak, slave!"

"No Master."

"Well then", I whispered, taking her nipple between my fingernails and squeezing the tip. I took the razor and slowly moved the blade across the nipple and a small trickle of blood oozed from between my fingers and ran down the soft curve of her breast. With my other hand I wiped the red liquid in a circle, outlining the end of her breast.

"One red nipple and one white one. That's not right", I said taking the other nipple between my fingernails and squeezing hard. Elaine's teeth ground and her lips were tightly closed as I put more pressure on the nipple and slowly scraped the razor across the tip. Like mile from her breast the redness oozed and I again rubbed the nipple much like I would a glass to make it sing.

The sweat was forming on her forehead and between her thighs and I could still hear the plastic clicking against the glass as the vibrator rattled and the foam made a puddle under her ass and I wondered if she had pissed the bed in her excitement. Elaine was limp and she no longer pulled at the ropes and I sat at the foot of the bed looking at the clown with a vibrator in his mouth much like an old man mouthing a cigar and the bottle stuck out of her ass hole and I again started to laugh.

Slowly I untied the rope that held the vibrator and removed pulsating member from her cunt. I pulled the bottle from her ass and held it up to the light coming through the window. There was a little beer left so I gulped down the remaining drops and dropped the empty bottle on the floor.

I removed one rope from her ankle, then the other and untied her hands. Elaine remained spread eagle on the bed as if she was unaware that her bonds had been removed. I undid the blind fold and her eyes were closed. She lay motionless as I blew softly on her forehead, licked her nose and ran my tongue over her lips. I would have thought her dead except for the rise and falling of her breasts and the sweet aroma that came from her mouth. Softly I licked the lips and kissed my way to her red nipples and dragged my tongue over the eyes next to her belly button and across the smooth skin which surrounded her bare pussy.

She didn't move as my tongue entered her sweet pussy and my finger explored her ass and I rested my head on the wet sheet. It smelled a like she had pissed the bed but the smell of beer and cum was so strong that I couldn't tell.

She didn't move as my eyes closed and I fell asleep with my tongue next to her cunt and my finger in her ass. We slept for about an hour before we woke up and Elaine said she had to go home.

"No you don't", I said. "You'll stay here!"

"I can't", she replied, " ... anyway, it was fun but I have to go."

I wondered about the potion, thinking that the control wouldn't wear off in an hour. "You must stay, I control you. You are mine."

"Knock that shit off", she replied, " ... no one controls me."

"But, I do", I said, questioning. "The drug ...".

"Drug your ass", she replied, "Do you really think that stuff made me do anything I didn't want to. Take me home ... Now."

Damn, I thought as I drove her back to the dorm. "I had a wonderful evening, can we do it again?"

"Maybe", she said, "but, next time you get to take the drug and you will be my slave."

"But it doesn't work", I answered.

"I'll make it work", she whispered as she kissed me goodnight.

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