By Mike Linton

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I have a terrible problem and maybe if I get it off my chest, I'll feel a whole lot better. You see I can't stop cheating on my husband and though I feel terrible every time, I really feel sorry. I think I might be some kind of insatiable nymphomaniac.

The worst thing is ... I love sex with my husband. He's really a good performer in bed and never leaves me unsatisfied, which makes me think there's something wrong with me for cheating on him.

None of this was ever a problem until about two years ago when I had a silly accident at a neighborhood barbecue. I walked into a door, receiving a bump on the head. It wasn't serious, but my sex drive, which had been normal beforehand, went into overdrive. Ever since that time I've been a total slut.

I love to exhibit myself in front of men and just the thought of guys getting their cocks hard in response to my actions puts me in heat. In fact, writing this letter is having the same effect right now! That's how it is with me. I'm completely addicted to sex, from talking about sex, to watching sex or even writing about sex. I just have to get satisfaction. My husband can't be with me twenty-four hours a day, especially since he travels away from home. Sometimes he's gone up to two weeks at a time, so you can see how I succumb to temptation with little difficulty at all.

My husband didn't mind when I started building up wardrobe of sexy clothing. He loved the way I started wearing sexy underwear when we would go out, things like stockings, garters, peephole bras etc. When I began getting into leather and latex he loved it even more. But, I'm not sure he'd like it if he knew I wasn't wearing the outfits only for him!

If my husband's at work, no man is safe around my house. If I know there's a man coming I'll dress up in the sexiest things imaginable and make sure he sees me. Like the other day, I made an appointment to have our dishwasher serviced because it had broken. When the repairman arrived, he found me sitting in the kitchen wearing my favorite purple silk robe. I had just gotten out of the shower and didn't wasn't wearing a bra nor panties. As the guy started on the washer I sat on the couch where, I was sure, he could see me. I knew he was watching as my fingers flashed in and out of my sticky cunt while be crouched on the floor in his dirty Levi's and pin striped shirt.

I let him watch me a minute, then lifted my fingers to my lips and, smiling at him, slowly sucked off all my glistening juices. He couldn't stay under the washer and it wasn't long before I was sucking his engorged cock deep into my mouth, letting him pump it back and forth as I finger myself to an intense orgasm. The craziness of it all was that the repairman wasn't the type I'd have given a second glance under normal circumstances. He was around forty and getting a bit thin on top. But, as I'd waited for him to arrive, I'd been fantasizing that he would be some hunk. When he finally did get to the house I was too far-gone with desire to pull back. But, after we got to it, hiss prick was magnificent and, with my eyes closed, his looks didn't matter. Well, I was sucking for all I was worth, when, after a few minutes, I was clutching the table for dear life as he boffed me mercilessly doggie style. He really fucked me hard and when he was ready he pulled out and shot his creamy fuck sauce all over my upturned butt. After that, he just left ... he just fucking left?

Feeling bad, I went to the movies. Since the repairman left early it was a matinee and there were only three people in the theater, two guys and me. I kept my eyes on the two of them and soon realized they had their eyes on me. Well it wasn't surprising that I hitched up my skirt to show to show off my garters as I rubbed my hand against the very wet pussy in my open crotch satin panties. Finally, they came over and I found out they were college students. Taking a seat next to me, it was obvious that they were turned on by my performance from the way they were rubbing their swollen crotches. I smiled and beckoned them to follow me and I led them into the bathroom. One guy leaned on the sink and I sucked his cock while the second one fucked me from behind. I remembered the repair guy but the college kids cock wasn't near as big and it wasn't as much fun.

Both the students were about to cum when I took the cock from my mouth and pulled away from the one in my cunt. "OK, kids", I said, sitting on the floor. "Pump yourself and cum all over me." They both stood over me and stroked their cocks until giant spurts of cum shot in my face and down the front of my blouse all over my boobs. I rubbed their cum into my mouth skin and licked my fingers clean. Then, one at a time, I sucked their cocks dry and sent them back to the show. It was sordid and cheap I know, but that doesn't mean I didn't love it!

What I fear is that someday ... I have a horrible feeling that I'll get caught, or someone will tell my husband what I've been doing. I mean it's gotten to the point where ... well ... the other day I ordered a home delivery pizza in the middle of the day in the hope the delivery guy might be attractive. He was, and well endowed, too. I greeted him wearing white crotchless undies, white stockings beneath a see-through black chiffon wrap. I'm sure he thought this was some kind of joke. Joke ... shit ... not after I had him pinned against the radiator in the hallway, his pants around his ankles and me on my knees in front of him, gobbling his cock. Then ... he knew that I was fucking serious. That said, he adapted pretty quickly and he was no slouch in the sex department. Most men I pick up to fuck on a casual basis have little concern for my needs, but this guy really wanted to lick my pussy. He was excellent as well and did whatever I wanted. Finally, when I told him to fuck me in the ass, he performed with blinding speed. Needless to say, I'll certainly be ordering plenty more pizzas from now on!

Now, if a day goes by without me getting fucked or sucking some strange cock, I'm on the point of frustration. My husband and I are going on vacation to Spain soon and with all those good looking guys around I don't know what I'll do. I already bought the skimpiest of bikinis and there's no telling what I might do.

My problem is, I don't know if this is the real me, or if it's really that bump on the head that I received. All I know is I crave sex more than anything in the world and can't go without it.

LOL ... the sex mad fucking slut cunt from Ohio.

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