By Mistress Monica

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Sucking cock is one of the pure pleasures in life. It is the best way to weaken the "stronger" sex. A submissive man starts with a man that wants deeply. Good cock sucking creates this need.

It's sad to think that many women don't appreciate just how wonderful it is and how many men enjoy having their penis polished by soft lips and an active tongue.

The reason is that most women don't know how to do it correctly and so it doesn't end up being much fun. If the cock doesn't get hard, the man A Mistress must be strong and in complete control and this cannot be done with a feeling of failure. A man-slave must respect and trust his Mistress before he can fear what she may or may not do. Cock sucking is the way to mastery.

The good news is that it's easy to learn how to be a terrific cock sucker.

I'm going to tell you exactly how. It doesn't matter where you do it. You can be home in bed, parked at the beach, in a dark alley, in a sunlit room or almost anywhere you feel comfortable. Choose whatever level of privacy you need to feel relaxed and sexy. For the purpose of this lesson, let's say you're on a couch in your living room. You're with a man you like and you know he'd love to have a good blowjob.

Slip down on the floor between his legs and open his fly. Reach in and touch his prick softly with your fingers. If he's ready his cock will be hard. If he's nervous, it may still be soft inside his shorts. Look into your man's eyes and kiss him tenderly on the lips while you take his cock in your hand.

Now, pull his cock out of his shorts and see how it stands. If it's stiff like a pole you're doing great. If not, here's a suggestion.

Pull his balls out and pull his pants and shorts down. Hold his balls in one hand and his palls in the other. Squeeze the cock gently at the bottom of the shaft and rub your finger, pushing slightly on the area between the base of his penis and his ass hole.

Run your tongue over your lips to get them good and wet and look again into your man's eyes. This eye contact is very important because your man will want to follow your eyes as you lower your mouth toward his cock. Men love to watch while they are being sucked off but some are too shy to appreciate it. Eye contact makes the rest easier.

Open your mouth just slightly to tease and excite your man by coming very close to his cock. Breathe on him, blow on him with your hot breath. Stick your tongue out again and reach for his member, toughing the hole at the head of his prick. Tease him.

Making sure your lips and tongue are wet, begin at the bottom of his shaft and lick upwards. Turn your head sideways and pretend to take a bite of him, gently setting your teeth into the side of his now hard cock. (If it's not hard now you had better look for a new man) Wet his member with your tongue and use your hand to spread the liquid around his cock if it's necessary. A wet cock looks, feels and sounds a lot sexier than a dry one.

Use your other hand to massage his balls, perhaps scratching them lightly with your fingernails. Remember, everything down there is sensitive so use caution until you know how much pain your man likes. You may also want to reach behind and underneath the balls and rub that sensitive area just before the ass hole. Wet your finger with the saliva around his cock and press it slowly into his ass. Since the muscle that causes the erection originates back there, this will produce a strong reaction in his cock. Some men shy from ass hole penetration as first but they will learn to love it once they get over the macho phobia of anal play.

Now that you've licked his shaft lots of times and it's all wet and hard, your man is going to start squirming with frustration. Now you must get serious. A quick look up at his eyes will let you know when you're taking things too far. Teasing is great but you can't go on forever. A little experience in cock sucking will educate you as to just when that teasing should stop and the real sucking should start.

On one of your upward swings with your tongue, from the base of his shaft to the rim of his knob, don't stop. Continue your long, wet lick over the top of his cock, lingering at the hole in the center. Stick your tongue into it, but don't suck the head yet.

Run your tongue around the rim of his knob, making frequent passes on the tender skin. This is where most men are the most sensitive.

One thing a good cocksucker has to learn to do is to ask questions. Each man is unique and so is his cock. "Talk Dirty to Me", was a film and the advise is appropriate. Men like dirty talk during sex and it is a prelude to mastering the stronger sex. Slavery comes with submission and your man must be weakened before he will submit. Making him want you to suck his cock is the first sign that you have control.

Squeeze the shaft and see if a little clear liquid oozes from the end. If it does, slip your tongue in the thick liquid and use it to massage the head with your tongue. This liquid is pre-cum and it tastes much like the real stuff. Make it look like you love the stuff even if you are repulsed at first. Most women find cum difficult to taste in the beginning but it will become the wonderful fluid of life as you gain more experience.

After moistening the head of your man's cock take the cock-head like it was chocolate ice cream, taking the knob into your hot mouth. Take as much of his cock as you can get into your mouth. At first you may have trouble getting the whole member into your mouth and throat. "Deep Throat", like in the movie, is not natural phenomenon. It takes patience and practice.

Learning how to deep throat is another lesson but here are a few suggestions. Start with something that you like and which feels comfortable. A banana will work at first and you can graduate to a soft dildo. Anything that is round, long and soft will work. Using a fragrant oil or cream will make the task easier and more enjoyable. Push the object into your throat until you gag. In the beginning you will have to remove whichever object you have decided to use but after several While practicing, remember that men want their cock in your throat to the hilt and will do anything you want to get it there.

"Anything You Want", is the control.

Stay there, with the cock down your mouth. Feel the stiff shaft in your throat. Tighten your throat muscles around the member. This can be as luscious as having a stiff cock in your pussy. You will learn to love it and your man will beg for it.

Now you have several choices. One is to slide up to the tip of the cock and flick your tongue on the tip. Your man will want you to deep throat him again. Don't let him bully you. If he had his way, it'd be over in two minutes and you would lose your control. you want him on the edge for a long time.

Now is when you want to moisten your finger and stick it into his ass hole again. Rubbing the base of his prick from inside his ass hole weakens the muscle and allows a little cum to ooze from the end of his penis. If the macho resentment is still there you must overcome his resistance by keeping pressure on his ass hole until he submits. Remember, submission is most important in the slave-mistress relationship.

Raise your head so that you can look into your man's eyes and start moving your lips up and down his shaft with greater speed. Slide his cock through your lips, up and down your throat, like you are fucking him. That's exactly what you are doing, or letting him do: it's called mouth fucking.

If he gets close to coming ... stop. It doesn't matter is his cock is deep in your throat or near the dead. Your man will push or pull but you must move so that the cock does not slide. It is the movement on the shaft that causes the climax. Your man will take your head, grab your ears, and pull your hair in his effort to massage his shaft with your mouth. Hold your position and make your man beg.

Your man will calm down and you can remove the throbbing cock from your mouth. Finger his ass and lick the hair at the bast of his cock. Remember, talk dirty. Now is the moment to ask him if he wants to cum in your throat? Does he want another finger in his ass? Does he want you to suck his balls? Does he want to suck some of his pre-cum from your mouth?

Your man will tell you what he wants and you will give it to him if ............

You continue the up and down with the rhythm of your sucking and throating. If you are playing music you should feel the rhythm and stroke the shaft in symphony.

Until now you have been mouthing and throating your man's cock. You can suck it, which is quite different. There are deep-sucks where the skin turns red from the suction and the pain is significant. Your man may have a preference so you must watch his reactions. Eventually you want him to demand the deep-suck and pain.

With the knob in your mouth, suck the head as if it were a lollypop. This is preliminary to the climax. It makes my pussy wet just thinking It is very important to understand that teasing feels great the first few times, but after a while, it's as if the cock gets immune to feeling. You don't want the cock to go to sleep. You want it just before the moment of climax but short of ejaculation. Your man will beg!

You've got a raging hard-on deep into your throat, your mans balls tightly in your hand and a wet finger or two deep into his ass. Move your right to the base of the cock and squeeze it there. This will cause the shaft to fill and thicken. The knob will be shining and smooth. Continue to take the prick into your mouth, down your throat and suck until you know the man can't stand anymore and he's going to climax.

What you do now is between you and your lover. Some men like to watch themselves shoot off in your face, giving them the visual images while watching the spurting cum. Others like to cum deep in your throat while others like to cum with just the head between your lips. It doesn't matter how he likes to cum because he will like what you let him like. If he is hot enough, and he will be if you are a good cocksucker, he will crave whatever you want to do.

As you get proficient you will want to vary your style. Sometimes you will want to watch. You will feel him cumming with your hand at the base of his cock. It always amazes me how much cum shoots out and how far it travels.

If you are watching the liquid will splatter your face and your man will love this image. If he cums while between your lips his liquid will remain in your mouth and you can let some run down your chin as you look up at him. Men feel superior when they think there is too much cum to swallow.

If your man cums while deep in your throat the liquid will slide into your stomach and the cock will soften in your throat. This is my favorite way to enjoy my man as he reaches orgasm and I believe every man dreams of cumming deep in the throat of their Mistress or Slave.

This brings a comment! There is little difference between submissive and dominant, Slave and Master, Mistress and Slave . . . It is a matter of timing and control. I have been both and I love both. To some I am a slave because my Master is dominant. To some I am Mistress because my slave is submissive. So, if you play this game be aware that you will someday be on both ends of the switch.

Back to the climax! Swallowing is the frosting on the cake. Everyone likes frosting but not everyone likes the taste of cum. If you're going to be a good cocksucker you MUST learn to like the taste of cum. To be a great cock sucker you must love, I mean ravish, the taste.

The first time your man chums deep in your throat you will probably gag. This will make your man feel masculine since he is stuffing you with more than you can handle. sometimes I fake a gag just to make my partner feel like super stud.

If you follow my instructions and practice you will give your man a blowjob that he will long remember. One that he will beg for. This man I've heard from men that one woman in fifty knows how to give good head. The rest act like it's a big favor. Men say older women are much better at giving head, but I should let you know that age doesn't make the job. Practice, patience and desire make a woman (or man) a master at the art of giving blowjobs.

When you are really good and love what you are doing you will orgasm while sucking cock.

A note for the men who are reading this article. There is nothing more harmful for a relationship than having a man push your head down onto his cock. Just wait. If your lady wants to suck your shaft she'll get around to it. Click Here to read "A Lesson on Eating Pussy" by Dungeon Master, and get your lady on track. Eating becomes mutual and proficiency makes for delight. Find your own method and culture your own strengths. Above all don't be afraid. You and your lady will find out who is Master and who is slave. And, I assure you, whichever your role, you will learn to accept it!

Ideas from an interested fan!

I just finished reading your "Lesson on How to Suck Cock". I was hard for an hour. You must be able to bring tears to a grown man after giving head. Monica, here is something you should try.

Try sucking on a Altoids candy (the ones in the metal box) for a liitle bit before sucking cock. Make sure your tongue,mouth and saliva have the full taste of the candy. First open your mouth wide over the head of his prick and blow your cool breath over his cock. After that suck his cock just the way you described in your lesson. The key is to moisten the cock with your cooled saliva some good deep throating usually helps. With the right prick this will drive a man crazy.

My wife tried it on me and I'm still wild. It also works eating pussy, as my wife will attest. You can bet we keep Altoids around in our house.

Thanks again for the great site! Mark

Monica, I love to suck cock, but the one thing that get's me every time is ... Please ... Please ... Please ... Tell these men that if it's not fresh or clean ... WARN US!

Nothing is worse than getting turned on, ready to suck a nice stiff cock and then the smell sends you heading north with an empty mouth. I mean, it can be down right frustrating. So tell all these men to wash up, especially if they are un-circumcised like my man. If you're not clean, and you want a suck ... you're out of luck. That is, if it smells like a shmuck.

Pissed Miss.

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