A Class Act

By Mike Linton

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On the plane to Los Angeles, I was reading, "Flesh", magazines, without any problems or feeling any guilty for it. I was sitting in the middle row and there was a guy who asked to borrow my magazine to have a peek. I loaned it to him for a little while but got it back as the trip was long but "Flesh" kept me busy with all wonderful stories and photos. After spending a few days in Hollywood, we decided to fly to Las Vegas and try out our lady luck at the tables.

We arrived in Las Vegas Airport only to be greeted by the sound of buzzing slot machines. After checking in at our hotel, and a quick shower, we decided to go for a walk along The Strip. We noticed that there were newspapers everywhere advertising escort services and that's when I decided to give my wife a little present.

The following day, I mad a few phone calls and arranged to have a male escort visit our hotel which was called Flamingo Hilton. I have fantasized for a long time about seeing my wife fuck another man and now was our perfect opportunity. My wife didn't know anything about this little plan of mine.

The next night we went out for dinner and my wife put on her sexy underwear and a very revealing dress, which was very short. During dinner we got really turned on and we both couldn't wait to get back to our hotel room. I had to be patient as I was waiting for the escort guy to make an entry. I was going to pretend that he was staying in the hotel and make small talk. This was extremely difficult to do! Anyway, this guy walked in and flashed me his card to let me know that he was the escort person who was there to fuck my wife. After a few drinks, my wife was quite relaxed and our friend joined our little group in the bar. This guy was a real professional and extremely smooth. I suggested that we all go to our room and watch the show that hotel puts on every hour. We entered the room and I was quite nervous since I've never done this before. By this time my wife was quite horny but didn't realize that this guy was going to stay.

To cut a long story short, this man, who called himself Alex, asked my wife if she would like to see his cock. My wife froze at his comment. I was in the bathroom listening to the conversation but my wife didn't know. She knew what was happening but was quite interested to see what Alex had to offer. I came out and winked to my wife as a sign of approval. Alex pulled out his cock, which was very large, my wife's jaw dropped when she saw the size. I'm only average and my wife has only had four guys before me. She had told me that they were nothing to write home about.

Within a couple of minutes, Alex moved towards the lounge where my wife was sitting. He stood in front of her and she reached out and grabbed his cock. She was still somewhat in shock as to what was happening and the size of Alex's cock but she seemed to like his big prick. She didn't suck him but instead she caressed that long cock with both her hands. I took my clothes off and sat next to my wife encouraging her to suck that monster. At first she was a little shy and apprehensive, but after a little push she slowly guided that thing towards her mouth. She sucked it from the head to it's base and then had another look, to remind her how lucky she was to have a cock that large.

I'm thirty years old and have a five inch" cock and my wife is twenty-six and has never had a cock as large as this one. The guy's cock must have been at least nine inches.

I went down on my wife and started sucking on her pussy while she was still cuddling that cock, by this stage she had it half in her mouth and the other half still in her hand. She was moaning like never before and, all of the sudden she started talking real dirty. She kept on saying how much she wants that cock inside her pussy. Alex was very patient since he had other things in mind.

Alex asked her to get on her back and my wife obliged without much struggle. He slowly teased her by rubbing his cock on her clit while she was sucking on my cock. Alex then pushed his giant cock into her wet cunt very slowly. My wife took one big breath as her pussy engulfed the whole prick. Within a few strokes he was up her all the way and she was gasping for air with excitement.

Alex fucked her real good, as my wife got very responsive, totally the opposite as when I fuck her. I'm usually the one working at it but this time my wife was very active. She moved on top of Alex and rode him real hard. I placed my hands on her ass and was helping her go even faster and deeper. Eventually Alex had an orgasm at the same time as my wife and I. My wife had the best fuck of her life. The only disappointment was that we couldn't all cuddle up together because Alex had to leave for another gig.

We haven't talked much about that night but I know that she craves large cocks, as she told me that she will never forget that feeling of being totally filled to the hilt with a large and thick prick.

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