What Are Friends For

By Rick Peters

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The other night, I showed my wife Cindi, and our friends, Laurie and Kevin the stories that was posted about our recent encounter. Everyone loved them, and it set the stage for this next sexciting encounter.

I could tell they were excited and couldn't wait to pick up where we left off. We all decided to go out for dinner and afterwards we come back home for some dessert.

The girls looked stunning! Laurie had on this tight red top, no bra and her nipples were pressing out at the fabric. She has small titties, about thirty-four's, but her nipples are the size of cherries.

Now ... Cindi is just the opposite. Her tits are at least thirty-eight's if not larger and the low cut dress she was wearing was really getting to Kevin. When excited, her nipples stick out like tiny cocks, she loves having them sucked, licked and, I swear he can cum from just that type of foreplay. Kevin has asked me many times if Cindi licks her nipples while we are having sex. I told him of course she does and that made him flip out.

The girls knew exactly what they were doing throughout dinner. They were teasing us while they ate their food. The way they were eating their lobster ... reminded me of the movie Flash Dance ... sucking on their fingers very seductively. God, I had such are throbbing hard on that if the restaurant wasn't so crowded I would have fucked both girls right then and there. As we were finishing our dinner my cell phone rang. It was work and I had to leave. To say I was pissed would be an understatement! Kevin and Laurie said, " ...Don't worry, we'll take good care of Cindi ... what are friends for."

Cindi looked at me and said, " ... go on honey ...we can use the extra money ...besides ... we'll make it up to you."

Laurie looked at me with her big brown eyes and said, " ... yes ... Ricky ... most definitely ... well make it up to you!"

We left the restaurant together and walked to the parking. Cindi got in with Kevin, and to my surprise Lauri got into my car. She yelled to Kevin, " ... go on ... we'll meet you at the house." She turned ... gave me a very deep kiss ...our tongues entwining ... and I felt her hand on my leg as it moved upward towards my crotch. She felt the bulge and said, "... Mmmmmm ... we have to take care of this before you get to work."

Lauri's fingers worked on my zipper and when she got my pants undone ... out sprang my throbbing cock. No more words were spoken as she lowered her mouth on to my throbbing prick. Her tongue darted out, licking the tip of the head, slowing teasing it as she proceeded to engulf the stiff cock a little at a time ... coming up to tease the head from time to time. she was a great cock-sucker.

When Laurie clamped her mouth tightly around my prick and started her up and down motion I thought I would die! She had the practice of cock sucking down to a fine art. Her fingers massaged my balls as she sucked slowly at first and then gradually speeding up. My cock began spasming as I shot my load in Laurie's mouth but the girl wouldn't quit. She sucked me completely dry as I drove her home and then I left for work.

It was hard to concentrate at work as I had such a constant hard on that I had to go to the bathroom and jerk off thinking about what was happening at home. When seven O'clock rolled around, I literally flew home.

When I got in the driveway, I saw Lauri and Kevin's car parked on the street. As I walked in the living room clothes were strewn all over the place. I tiptoed to the bedroom and saw the three bodies lying on our bed. The aroma of sex filled the room and there was a long rubber dildo between Cindi and Laurie. I couldn't help but notice the dried cum stains that were on Cindi and Laurie. Kevin's cock was standing straight up as he lay sleeping on his back.

Feeling grungy, I decided to take a shower before I woke the sleeping beauties. I lathered my cock and balls and felt hands on my shoulder. I turned and saw Laurie with a big smile on her face. "Mind if I join you? I need to wash up", she said, pointing to the crusty stains that were all over her body. She stood behind me and began washing my prick, her tongue licking around my ear, her hot breath blowing on my neck. She started to stroke my stiff cock and whispered, commenting on what a great time the three of them had, that Cindi has the sweetest pussy she ever tasted and Kevin sure liked fucking her.

"Mmmmmmmm, does she ever know how to make me cum with her tongue", she purred. "Kevin and I had her quivering like a bowl of jelly. We fucked each other with a dildo, then Kevin did her, I did her, we did her together and she was completely out of control. She screamed with desire as she came. She had tears in her eyes.

Listening to Laurie, as she continued to stroke my cock, was all I could take. I started to cum in gobs all over her hand. She took the fingers and licked them clean as I knelt down and her pussy to my mouth. She straddled my face in the tub as I licked her pussy clean. Did it ever taste delicious.

Lauri pulled my face further into her crotch and moaned, "Mmmmmmm ... yesssssss ... that's it ... baby ...lick me like Cindi did. Make me cum all over your tongue."

Lauri's clit was engorged as I nibbled around her snatch, which sent her to a shaking ... shuddering climax. "Yesssssss ... yessssssss ... awwwwwww ... my gawddddddddddd ... ", she screamed, " ... that's it ... yeahhhhhhh ... oooooooooh yessssssss ... it's soooooo gooooooooddddddddd ... this is fucking heaven."

Her pussy juice was drowning me as I tried to swallow every drop. Laurie fell back against the wall, her tits were heaving as she tried to regain her composure.

We got out of the shower and I positioned Laurie against the vanity. She bent over exposing her lovely ass and I knelt down and began to lick slowly ... all the way down the crack ... stopping to wiggle my tongue near her butt hole.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm ... that feels wonderful", she moaned as my finger rubbed her clit fast and furious as she began to cum once again. " Please ... Rick! Put it in my ass!", she sighed. "Please, fuck my ass."

She didn't have to beg. I took my cock and began to rub it around her ass hole and she backed into me, begging for me to fuck her ass ... NOW! "Do it ... put it in ... fuck me like the slut I am", she pleaded. Hearing her talk like that got me harder then I ever imagined and her ass sucked my cock inside. "Ooooh ... yesssssss", she screamed, " ... fuck it...I deserve to be fucked in my ass.

I could feel her muscles clamping down on my cock and her ass hole was gawd damn tight. Yes ... that's it", I thought as I pushed my stiff cock deeper into her hole. "Oh fuck .. ", I whispered in her ear.

"Yeah ... Fuck", she moaned, as she backed into me harder ... fucking her ass with my cock. I grabbed her hips and, with a final thrust, buried my prick deep in her ass and started to pump in and out with great force. I could see Laurie in the mirror, pinching her nipples. She had this fantastic glow on her face as my thrusts went faster and harder. She let out a squealing sound as I felt my cum begin to boil deep in my balls.

"Cum in my ass ...I want to feel your hot cum ... I want to feel you explode inside ... in my ass", she cried.

One final hard thrust and I buried my cock deep inside as I exploded. She pulled me harder into her and held onto me as her legs trembled. When she let go my cock popped out with a PLOP!

A river of cum flowed from her ass as she leaned against the vanity.

Without dressing, we walked into the bedroom, and there were Cindi and Kevin in a sixty-nine embrace. Kevin's cock was all the way in Cindi's throat, and Kevin was munching on Cindi's pussy while his finger was penetrating her tight ass. Laurie and I stood watched as the two of them came in unison.

Cindi turned and saw us standing there. "Good morning, Honey!", she said while Kevin's cum dripped down her chin.

"How was your night", I replied?"

"Ok", she said, " ... but ... the morning is going to be much better."

Laurie and I joined them in bed.

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