Cindy and Her Daddy

By Michelle Thomas

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  • This story involves consensual sex between a father and his underage daughter. If you find fiction dealing with incest, sex with minors or consensual sex offensive, stop now! Actually, if you do find any of that stuff offensive, what the fuck are you doing here in the first place?

  • The story is fantasy and uses two highly trained, professional, stunt characters. In other words, you probably shouldn't try this at home. (At least not in front of the kids.)

  • While I'm thinking of it, for the benefit of those readers who haven't caught up with the modern world yet *vbg*, 40° Celsius is 104° Fahrenheit.

When Cindy came home from school she went upstairs to her room, stripped out of her school uniform and put her bikini on before tidying up the house, emptying the dishwasher and preparing dinner for she and her daddy.

It had been a very hot day, topping 40° Celsius, and the temperature still hadn't dropped much below 38°, so a swim in the pool was definitely indicated. The water was deliciously cool and Cindy had become lost in her own world when she felt someone watching her from the house. Looking up she saw her father standing by the kitchen window sipping a beer and looking like a melting statue.

"Hi Daddy," she called as she swam to the side and started climbing out.

"Hi darling, how was school?" he asked her once she had stepped through onto the patio.

"Same old... How was work?"

"Well, my neck is killing me, I've got this proposal to be finished before Monday and your mother rang to say her work is keeping her away from home for another three weeks...

"Oh Daddy! Aren't they ever going to let her come home?"

Cindy's father give her a hug and she wrapped her arms around him feeling his strong back through the sweat-soaked shirt. "Sweetheart, your mother has an important job with her company just like I have. That's why I often need to stay up late at night working on reports and proposals here. It would certainly be nice if we could be together all the time, but that's just not how it works out. I miss seeing your mum as much as you do darling."

"Oh Daddy, I'm sorry if I seemed selfish. I do miss Mummy, but you must miss her more, after all, she's been gone three weeks now. Let me give your neck and shoulders a rub, it'll make you feel better."

"Okay sweetie," her father said as she took his hand and led him to one of the armchairs under the veranda. As he took his necktie off and unbuttoned his shirt Cindy started kneading his shoulders, feeling the tightness and knots starting to loosen.

"Daddy you're way too tense for just a rub, you need a proper massage, but first strip down to your briefs and have a swim with me."

With very little further encouragement Keith quickly removed his outer clothing, tagged his daughter and dashed for the pool. As he dived in he could hear her laughter as she pursued him.

Surfacing at the far end he turned to be greeted by a torrent of water as Cindy avenged herself. While Keith was clearing the water out of his eyes he felt gentle fingers running up his legs. Looking down he saw that while he was blinded Cindy had submerged and swum up to him. Surfacing, Cindy wrapped her arms and legs around him and pecked him on the lips.

"Feeling cooler Daddy?" she asked.

"Yep. Nearly human again," he laughed.

"Only 'nearly'?" Cindy asked as she walked two fingers up his back. "What's the bit that isn't human?"

"Grrrarrr!!!" bellowed Keith, feigning a fierce beast.

"Eek, Kraken!!!" Cindy exclaimed, struggling to free herself. Squirming loose, she fled to the other end of the pool alternately laughing, squealing and splashing as her father pursued her, roaring and bellowing.

Allowing herself to be cornered Cindy begged, "Oh please don't eat me Mr. Kraken, I'm just a little girl."

"And why shouldn't I eat you? Eating little girls is what Krakens do!" Keith snarled as he gently nibbled her neck.

"Because if you eat me I won't be able to give my daddy that massage I promised him," she laughed.

Keith stopped nibbling for a moment and looked thoughtful. Cindy giggled, feeling her daddy starting to stir where she had her legs wrapped around him. That had been happening a lot over the past two weeks and Cindy was thrilled that her daddy wasn't still thinking of her as just a little girl anymore. After all, while her mother had been away, she was the lady of the house.

Feeling himself starting to rise to the occasion, Keith decided that the best way out of a potentially embarrassing situation would be to divest himself of this squirmy girl and get his traitor body back under control. She was his fourteen year-old daughter for chrissakes! You don't fuck little girls and you sure as hell don't fuck them when they're your own flesh and blood!

"Okay little girl I won't eat you this time," Keith said in his deep 'Kraken' voice as he released her. "You start drying off and I'll just do another couple of laps and get out too."

Cindy kissed her daddy again and laughed, "Okay Mr. Kraken. Thank you for sparing my life."

Cindy watched her daddy swim while she dried off and thought to herself how good her daddy looked. She had always thought of her daddy as the handsomest man in the world but recently she had found herself feeling all tingly sometimes and thinking about him in a very different way.

When Keith climbed out of the pool, Cindy held the towel out but, instead of handing it to him, she wrapped it around his torso and started patting him dry, her bikini tickling his chest hairs. When she began drying his chest, making her way further down Keith felt his loins stirring again. Taking the towel from her he smiled and took over.

When he was dry enough to walk into the house he wrapped the towel around his waist and smiled down at the little girl who was blossoming into a sexy... Stop it, she's your fucking daughter! Sexy, his dick said. Daughter, his brain reminded him.

Taking him by the hand Cindy led the way into the house. As she led her father up the stairs his eyes rested on her fourteen-year-old, bikini-clad bottom, noticing the maturing hips, the soft skin of her buttocks and the covered ridge between her shapely thighs and he felt his cock twitch. Ashamed, he rapidly repressed his thoughts and feelings. Again.

Realising that his daughter has led him into her bedroom he stood silent for a moment until he felt her take the towel from him. "Now Daddy, you lie down and I'll get the massage oil."

As Cindy turned her back, Keith quickly lay on the bed before his daughter could see the swelling in his briefs. Turning back with the bottle of oil, Cindy smiled down at her father and sat astride his hips. Pouring a liberal quantity of oil into her cupped left hand, she started gently spreading it over her father's back and shoulders.

As he felt his daughter's gentle hands caressing his back Keith became more and more aroused. Suddenly he felt her lean forward and begin to press harder as her fingers untied the knots and soothed his aching muscles, releasing tension and forcing him into a state of deepening relaxation.

Feeling her father's muscular back relaxing, Cindy traced the curves and contours with her fingertips, alternately kneading and pummelling. Feeling a stirring in her loins, she wondered what it would be like to feel her father touching her tenderly on her bare skin, gently caressing her, his hands soft on her flesh, her nipples, moving slowly down toward... Cindy could feel her pussy twitching as she thought about it. Almost lost in her reverie, she continued working on her father until, her own back paining her she stopped and gently coaxed her father onto his back.

Cindy started to kneel across his hips again and hesitated momentarily as she noticed the wet patch at the tip of the bulge in his briefs. Smoothly continuing her motion she mounted her father and, taking the bottle of oil in her hand, stretched. As her own aches and pains vanished in a series of soft cricking sounds she ignored her top sliding up until suddenly it was sitting uselessly over her now naked breasts.

"Oh!" she exclaimed. "Daddy, I can't do anything, my hands are all oily. Do you think you could pull my top down again please?"

As Keith struggled to pull his daughter's cups over her breasts, his efforts were frustrated as they, almost with a mind to keep their freedom, eluded his every attempt.

"No Daddy, you need to hold each breast with one hand and pull the cup down over it."

As Keith gingerly supported his daughter's left breast and pulled the cup down, he was horrified to feel his penis becoming erect in full contact with Cindy's shapely bottom. Having restrained the left breast, Keith then held the slightly larger right breast in his hand but, as he pulled the cup over it, the left breast again broke for freedom.

Feeling her father's erection straining under her, Cindy said, "Oh daddy, this isn't working is it?"

Before Keith could reply Cindy continued, "Just take it off daddy. I think you've seen everything anyway and it's only a nuisance where it is. Take it off me and I'll do your front."

As Cindy lowered her head, Keith groaned inwardly and lifted his daughter's top over her head and down her arms. Dropping it onto the mattress beside him he tried very hard to get his hormones under control and ignore the two pert breasts riding high on his daughter's chest. With an embarrassed giggle, Cindy began to massage her father's front, noticing that he had closed his eyes. She also noticed the swelling she was sitting on and how much harder it seemed now.

While his daughter's hands moved slowly down his chest Keith was keenly aware of Cindy's bottom moving slightly against his hardon. Against his will, the touch of his daughter's fingers on his body moving down across his nipples to his sensitive belly was arousing him. With a mind of its own his hand rested against her thigh, feeling his teenage daughter's smooth flesh.

"Mmm that feels nice Daddy," Cindy whispered gently pressing her tail on the bulging ridge beneath her.

"So do you sweetheart," Keith replied as he opened his eyes. His hand slowly started to explore her thigh while half of his mind screamed at him to stop. Unable and unwilling to heed it Keith stared at his daughter's breasts as they slowly swayed in time with her hands' motions on his upper body.

Running her nails gently down his belly towards the elastic of her father's briefs, she felt him quiver. As a moan escaped his lips, Cindy smiled at her father before tracing down to the elastic band of his briefs. Letting her gaze follow her hands she again saw the wet patch at the tip of the bulge and noticed that it seemed much wetter than it was previously.

Seeing his daughter staring down at his erection Keith squirmed and again, ignoring the panicked screams of his inner voice, moved his hands upward to hold his daughter's hips. Letting his fingertips gently caress her young flesh, Keith noticed the strings of the tie-sides of her bikini bottom. Slowly, gently, quietly Keith started pulling first one then the other as his fingers stroked her hips and waist.

Cindy felt her father surreptitiously pulling at her ties. "Yes," she sighed, letting just the tips of her fingers explore beneath her father's elastic. "Oh yes Daddy," she whispered lifting herself up to just clear her father's erection.

"You sure baby?" Keith asked even as he pulled the ties open, letting her bikini bottoms fall. Part of his mind noticed that the little voice inside seems to have quieted as he tugged her bottoms away from her to drop them beside her top.

"Sure as sure Daddy," Cindy replied moving back, taking her father's briefs with her. For a moment she stared as the briefs stretched, pinned by the shaft under them before suddenly they come loose. Cindy gasped as she watched her father's rod spring back to lay just right of centre. Motionless, she sat staring at his organ before standing to pull his briefs the rest of the way down and over her his feet, dropping them on the floor.

Naked now, Keith sat up and looked at his daughter, as she stood posing naked by the foot of the bed. Her pert breasts, each tipped with a rosy pink nipple surmounting a halo one or two shades darker. His gaze travelled down her perfect, flat tummy to the tight fine bush below which her labia pouted at him, holding between them an inflamed and swollen clitoris, the glistening end of which peeked shyly back at him from under its hood.

Cindy watched her father as his eyes slowly moved down her body, noticing also the erection standing against his belly. As she watched she noticed that it appeared to be beating and, remembering her life-ed classes realised that it was probably beating in time with her father's pulse. As she watched, another drop of clear liquid oozed out of the slit on the side of the knobby head facing her and began to dribble down the wet trail left by its predecessors.

Cindy and her best friend had often talked about sex. Janine seemed to delight in shocking her and had told her about going down on boys. Cindy remembered how totally grossed she was out when Janine first related how she had sucked her boyfriend's cock when she was having her periods, how she had listened attentively to the details, getting hotter and hotter, all the while pretending to be shocked and disgusted. Cindy could honestly say that she had lost her hymen, but she would never admit to anyone that she had lost it to her hairbrush. Seeing her daddy's cock standing all hard and naked while he looked at her bare body, Cindy felt a strong desire to do what Janine had done.

"Do you like me Daddy," she asked nervously. "Do you think I look sexy?"

Three weeks without his wife had taken their toll on Keith. While his little daughter had sometimes aroused him in her innocent way, he had never taken her sexuality seriously. But now, naked and erect, sitting on her bed and hearing her ask him if he thought her sexy as she posed nude before him, his inner voice quietly cheered him on as, his voice nearly breaking with emotion, Keith answered his daughter. "Cindy, you are the most beautiful girl in the world and the sexiest young woman I've ever seen!"

While her father was speaking, Cindy had walked around the bed and knelt by her daddy. Reaching across she took her daddy's pole in her hand and gently squeezed, feeling how stiff and hard it was on the inside and how soft and smooth it felt on the outside. Intoxicated by the feel of an erect penis in her hand, knowing that it was she who had made it so, Cindy leaned forward and, reaching out with her tongue, tentatively licked the head of her daddy's penis.

The taste! The texture! Very subtle, but sweet and viscous and slightly oily. This was the juice of her daddy's penis. Cindy closed her eyes and, opening her mouth wider she enveloped her daddy's knob. Holding his shaft steady in her hand, she ran her tongue over his knob, licking up all of his juice. Janine was right: cocks, at least her daddy's cock tasted wonderful! Gently, she squeezed her daddy's shaft and moved her hand up and down feeling the lumps and bumps and veins and everything, licking and tasting more sweet cock-juice each time her hand moved up, milking his cock into her mouth.

When Cindy placed her hand on Keith's cock, he nearly came on the spot. Seeing his little girl wrap her hand around his shaft, he moaned and watched in anticipation and disbelief as her head moved closer to his weeping knob. When Cindy licked the drooling pre-cumm Keith just sat watching dumbly as she savoured the taste then, obviously approving, took his throbbing knob into her mouth. Feeling her tongue and watching her mouth as she gently ran her hand up and down his cock, Keith felt his balls churning and knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

Cindy had an idea what to expect from what she was doing and, giving her daddy's hard pole one more squeeze, moved her hand down to caress his balls. Looking up, she made eye contact with him and felt a wonderful tingle in her pussy at the look of bliss on his face as he watched her. Suddenly his cock seemed to jump in her mouth as his balls tightened and she felt a warm, sticky fluid squirt into her mouth. While she was still deciding how it tasted, it was followed by another then another as her daddy moaned. Giggling to herself at what she had done, what she was doing, to her daddy Cindy swallowed again and again as her daddy squirted his love-juice into her mouth.

Keith had no idea that oral sex could feel this good. He knew he was going to cumm soon and was a little worried what Cindy would do when he did. Moaning with pleasure, Keith felt on the verge of orgasm when, suddenly Cindy looked up at him. The sight of his little daughter watching him back, his cock disappearing into her mouth and the feel of her tongue swirling around his knob was too much for him. He came hard. Groaning he felt his cumm pumping through his cock, spraying into Cindy's mouth. She seemed to have been taken by surprise but, as his cock continued to throb inside her mouth he could see that she was beginning to enjoy the taste. He could see her savouring his spend before swallowing until, feeling light-headed, Keith leaned back against the bed head and gently pried his daughter loose from his rapidly shrinking cock.

"A man's cock becomes very sensitive just after he cumms, sweetheart," Keith told Cindy. "Please, stop for a little while."

"Did it feel good Daddy?" she asked, sitting up. "Did I make you feel nice when I sucked on your cock?"

Holding his arms out Keith replied, "You made me feel really nice darling. You made your daddy feel nicer than I've felt in such a long time."

As Cindy scooted forward into her daddy's arms she knelt over his lap and, as they embraced, she moved her mouth to his. Kissing her daddy this time Cindy kept her lips a little apart and as their mouths joined she felt the tip of his tongue against hers. With a sigh she melted against him, pressing her breasts into his chest and her pubic bush against his belly. Sucking her daddy's tongue into her mouth, Cindy started grinding her bush against his belly trying to relieve the aching tingle in her clitoris.

Caressing her smooth back, Keith let his hand wander down over her cheeks to explore the cleft between her legs. When his fingers reached her little cleft Keith was pleased to find his daughter was already wet. As his fingers played along her labia towards her clitoris Keith again found himself stirring, his lust for the little sex-kitten in his lap building again.

"Daddy," Cindy whispered.


"Daddy, do you remember when I was a little girl you would let me sit in your lap and read me stories?"

"Uh huh."

"Can we go down to the lounge room and you sit in your chair with me on your lap please, Daddy?"

"Sure Kitten," Keith said, remembering how this squirmy little bundle used to wiggle in his lap, getting him hard on more than one occasion until, with deepest regret, he had to explain to her that she was too big for stories anymore.

Briefly kissing her daddy again Cindy rose and, picking up the towel, moved off the bed to stand, offering him her hand. Looking down she could see that he was getting hard again and smiled to herself.

Taking Cindy's hand Keith stood and, arms around each other, they walked down to the lounge room. Sitting on the towel that Cindy had placed on the cushion of the armchair Keith waited until she was sitting in his lap. Cindy adjusted her position until her daddy's cock was standing up between her labia, then snuggled back against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her. Guiding his hands up to her breasts, Cindy turned and again kissed her father full on his mouth. Responding to his daughter's kiss, Keith found her tongue probing his mouth, the sweet taste of his daughter's mouth and her aroused scent combining with the feel of her small, budding breasts to make his head reel.

Feeling her daddy responding to her kiss, Cindy reached down and stroked her father's cock, pressing the shaft against her inflamed clitoris making little lightning bolts shoot up her body to meet those coming down from her nipples. Lifting her hips a little, she settled his knob against her wet pussy and lowered herself slowly feeling the first cock to enter her filling her love tunnel.

"Oh Daddy," she whispered, "I've wanted this for so long. I've wanted to feel you filling me up inside for so long and now you are. Oh Daddy I love you so much."

"Baby, Cindy darling, the only reason I stopped you sitting in my lap was because I wanted you too and I was afraid of what you might think of me if you ever felt me getting hard."

"Ungh," Cindy said as her bottom settled onto her father's fur. "This is so much better than I dreamed," she murmured as she started to rock her hips back and forth, feeling the pressure of her father's cock on her clitoris. She experimentally clenched her pussy muscles lightly and, feeling her clit tingle and buzz, clenched harder.

Keith, enjoying the warm, wet tightness of his little girl's pussy on his cock suddenly gasped as her pussy became tighter and a ripple travelled from the base of his cock up toward the knob. "Ohhh baby," he moaned as she did it again.

"Ung so good, feels so good Daddy," Cindy sighed as she clenched her pussy again and again, feeling the pleasure building inside her. "I'm going to cumm Daddy, I'm going to cumm with your cock in me Daddy it feels so good I love you Daddy it's so good so good Ohhh!" Cindy babbled as her pleasure built toward it's climax. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, Ohhh! Yessss! Fuck me Daddy fuck my cunt Daddy I'm cumming I'm cumming Daddy!!! Ohhh!

Hearing Cindy's words as she thrashed around on his cock, Keith felt it starting to throb, then, as Cindy's pussy began spasming and convulsing on him he let loose spurt after spurt of creamy cumm inside his daughter's tight little pussy. "Oh God baby," he moaned as he held her hips and thrust inside her again and again, feeling his cumm lubricating her pussy further.

As Cindy collapsed back against her father, she felt his cumm dribbling out of her pussy and running into her father's pubic hair to wet her bottom with its warm stickiness.

Keith held Cindy in his arms, tenderly caressing her breasts and tummy until their breathing slowed and he felt himself shrink and fall out of her.

Slithering of his lap, Cindy offered her hand and said, "C'mon Daddy, I love being all sticky from your cumm, but we should have a shower before dinner."

Taking her hand Keith stood and leaned down to give Cindy another kiss. As she returned it, her arms went around his neck. Breaking for a moment she jumped up and wrapped her legs around her father's waist, hugging him tightly. "Carry me Daddy?" she asked, rubbing her nipples against his chest.

With one cheek in each hand, Keith carried his daughter upstairs into the en-suite off his bedroom and over to the shower. Making a long arm, Cindy reached in and turned on the taps, adjusting the temperature. When the water was to her liking she kissed her father on the tip of his nose and said, "Okay Daddy, let's get wet."

As she loosened her legs and slid then down Keith handed his daughter into the shower and followed her inside, sliding the glass door closed behind him. He found Cindy waiting with the soap in her hands, sudsing up. Kneeling down Keith asked, "Remember when you were little, sweetheart?"

"You used to wash me when Mummy was too busy," she said, handing him the soap. Putting her hands behind her head she giggled and asked, "Wash me now, Daddy?"

Keith sudsed his hands and ran them all over her smooth, young body. As he covered her in soap he delighted in the feel of his daughter's skin; the firm, bounciness of her breasts, the taut flatness of her tummy, her breasts, her shoulders and arms, her breasts, the way her back curved smoothly down to her tight little buns, her hips and waist, her breasts...

Hearing Cindy's laughter he looked up, a quizzical expression on his face.

"Sorry Daddy," she giggled, "it's just that you never gave me really sparkly-clean titties when I was a little girl."

Keith cracked up realising what he had done and, pinching her nipples, told Cindy, "When you were a little girl your titties were nowhere near as much fun to get clean!"

They laughed together as Keith polished them again before moving down to gently wash her pussy. After he had rinsed her off she picked up the soap and said, "My turn."

As she started to sudse the soap in her hands her father told her, "Just rub the soap on sweetheart, then lather it. I'm hairy enough that foamy hands won't really work."

After she had soaped his chest and lathered his pubic hair Cindy put the soap back in the tray and commenced washing her father's chest, cock, shoulders, cock, tummy, cock, arms and cock until she got a fit of the giggles. Laughing himself, Keith managed to sputter, "That's the cleanest my cock has ever been I think!"

Laughing together, they embraced, letting the water rinse them off. When Keith felt his cock starting to stir again, he turned the water off and, still holding each other they walked out and onto the carpet to dry off.

They ate dinner nude before going hand in hand up to the master bedroom where Cindy spent every night until, seven weeks later, her mother finally returned.

When her mother finally did get back home she was surprised and warmed to see the stronger bond between Cindy and her daddy. A bond that seemed to grow even stronger with every business trip she took...

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D edicated to the the sweet memory of Teresa "Tosh" Bliss

August 21, 1976 - September 5, 1998

A beautiful light went out on Earth but a new star burns brightly in Heaven.

Requiescat in Pace

H e whom the gods love dies young, while he has his strength and senses and wits.

Plautus (c.254-184 BC)

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