Cindi & Lauri (Part 3)

By Rick Peters

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What happened next is something to remember.

We had a few drinks and started to discuss sex ... group sex ... gay sex ... just a lot of sex.

Finally, the girls said they wanted something from Kevin and I. Cindi spoke first, "You enjoyed watching us together ... NOW ... we want to see you together."

I wasn't too sure about that idea, and I figured, neither was Kevin. The girls persisted, however, and we finally gave in. I had never sucked a guys cock before, but I have had some fantasies about doing it. A deal was a deal so I just reached over and started to stroke Kevin's cock. After a few minutes I put my mouth real close to his prick ... stuck out my tongue ... flicked at the head ... touched his cock lightly ... and his stiff member jumped as my tongue made contact. Slowly ... I licked up one side and down the other ... finally taking the head in my mouth. I stopped as we got on the floor and Kevin straddled my face as I took his cock in my mouth and I started a steady rhythm of sucking it while I massaged Kevin's balls.

Lauri urged Kevin to do the same so he put his hands under my ass, pulling me up so that my cock slid deep into his mouth. I moved my head ... opening my mouth as much as possible ... taking his prick into my throat as Kevin began licking my swollen cock. I heard Lauri cry, " ... we're married to faggots ... " Cindi laughed ... replying, " ... who cares ... this is hot ... I'm getting wet again ... Do you want my cunt ... Lauri?"

Kevin's muscular body flexed as he held me to him. I was really getting hot as I deep throated his stiff cock as he struggled to get my monster into his mouth. I heard a moan and glanced over to see Lauri and Cindi doing sixty-nine on the couch. The room was filled with the sounds of sex ... moaning ... groaning ... slurping ... sucking as we all floundered in our individual fantasies. Kevin was the first to cum as his cock rose and the hot squirt deep into my throat as he pulled his tender cock from my mouth and deposited what was left of his orgasmic fluid over my face. The taste and feel of his sperm drove me to orgasm and I felt my cock spasm ... my balls tightened ... as Kevin squeezed my sack and sucked my stiff prick as I gushed great quantities of cum into his yearning mouth.

Kevin rolled off me. I was speechless as to what we just did. Kevin said that was wonderful ... and ... I had to agree. Cindi gives great head ... but ... Kevin knows what feels good to a man. I know too!

The girls finished licking each other when we saw the time it was nearly 5:30 a.m.

Cindi said her good-byes ... first kissing ... Lauri ... then Kevin. Myself ... I took Kevin in my arms and gave him the deepest French Kiss possible. As Kevin pulled away I whispered in his ear, " . Next time I'll fuck you in the ass!"

As we left we all planned another meeting .

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