Cindi & Lauri (Part 2)

By Rick Peters

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Well ... we started to rest ... but ... it didn't last long.

After I finished cumming in Lauri's pussy, I looked over to Cindi and saw Kevin's spunk dripping down her chin. What a turn on that was, seeing another man's cum all over my wife's face. I pulled my cock out of Lauri with a plop, and started to rub it over her ass. Meanwhile Cindi was licking Kevin's cock clean, making sure she got every last drop. All Kevin could say was, "whew!!!!!"

Lauri was still nibbling on Cindi's clit and my wife was beginning to have another orgasm, pulling Lauri's face deeper and deeper into her pussy. Cindi moaned and groaned as she orgasmed, and Lauri placed her fingers so that Cindi could push against them, driving them into her cunt. I was looking at Lauri from behind and could see my jizz seeping out from the lips of her pussy. That was when Cindi let Kevin's cock slip from her mouth and she told us that she wanted to suck my juice from Lauri's dripping, cum filled, cunt ... so ... Cindi lay on her back while Lauri straddled her face in a crouch and Cindi began to lick and suck Lauri's beautiful shaved pussy.

"That's it Cindi, suck it all", Lauri cried as Kevin and I sat back and watched as the girls. "Eat me ... Baby ... your tongue is so tender."

Cindi tried to answer but her mouth was now covering Lauri's cunt and her words were muffled. Lauri was humping over Cindi's face and my wife's hands were clutching the cheeks of Lauri's ass, holding her mouth to the thrashing pussy. I couldn't take watching any longer so I rubbed my cock to stiffness and asked Lauri if I could join. By then Kevin was jacking-off also and wanted to join the fun.

Lauri told us to let Cindi alone and we should take care of ourselves. Well ... Kevin and stroked our cocks as we watched girls. We were sitting on the floor facing each other as we beat our meat. I shot my load all over my hand and Kevin, with a loud moan, followed. We were both caught up in all this action and, as I looked at Kevin, he took my hand and drew it to his mouth, licking my cum and sucking my fingers. I returned the favor and licked Kevin's hand clean.

When Cindi had finished cleaning Lauri, the girls settled down and asked if we enjoyed the show.

"Fuck ... Yeah", was our response.

"What's next", I asked?

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