Cindi & Lauri (PART 1)

By Rick Peters

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I guess every man's fantasy is to watch two women make love, well, thanks to my beautiful wife, Cindi, my fantasy became a reality. Last week, I bought her some new clothes and she wore them out for dinner that night. She had on this black mesh top and I had told her not to wear a bra so her 38c tits bounced and jiggled as she walked. She also wore a pair of black satin pants that really did justice for her well-rounded ass. After dinner we went to a local club for a few drinks. When Cindi has a few drinks in her she changes completely ... she is hot, wild and very unpredictable.

After about fifteen minutes or so, a couple we know, Lauri and Kevin came over and we started talking. Lauri and Cindi were the best of friends throughout high school, and I had known Kevin for many years. I went over and talked to Kevin, leaving Lauri and Cindi to chat. After a few minutes a guy yelled over to us, saying, " ... better watch the women ... " We looked over and saw Lauri running her hand up and down Cindi's leg. Lauri remarked that she loved the material and we said, " Yeah ... keep it up and we are going to go get the video camera.

The drinks were going down real good and the conversation turned to sex. Kevin made a remark about this one girl that had been with them one night and told Kevin if he didn't go down on his wife, she would. That got Lauri going and she just started babbling on and on. I could tell Kevin was getting a little pissed. "She'll never shut up now", he said.

"I said guess you'll have to stick something in her mouth to keep her quiet", I replied.

"That doesn't always work", he said.

The bartender came over and asked if we wanted last call but we decided to go over to Lauri and Kevin's house, for a few more drinks.

When we got there we sat down and had a drink. Again, Lauri said she loves the feel of the material and rubbed Cindi's leg. I said to Lauri, " ... if you get her excited you will have to take care of her." Cindi has always expressed an interest in being bi-curious. Watching the two, I thought to myself, this is great. I said, " ... come on girls ... show us what your made of."

Kevin looked at me and I just winked at him. Lauri's hand started massaging Cindi's leg and my cock started getting hard. Her hand went up higher and higher and then inside Cindi's thigh. I could tell from Cindi's moan that she was getting turned on. She threw her head back and grabbed hold of Lauri and pressed hers into her tits. They both fell back onto the couch and started embracing. Cindi's hands were now rubbing Lauri's ass and when their lips touched Kevin and I nearly flipped out. As they were kissing, they slowly started to remove each other's clothing and I looked over to Kevin asking, " ... this is all right?"

Kevin looks at me and says, " ... Cool !"

The girls were now naked and fondling each other, Lauri was licking and kissing her way to Cindi's nipples and her hand was parting her legs to rub her pussy. I couldn't take much and had to free my raging hard on, Kevin followed and we were slowing started stroking our cocks as we watched the show in front of our very eyes. The girls seeing us, asked if we were enjoying ourselves and we both nodded. Lauri started kissing her way down Cindi's belly to her dripping pussy as she used her fingers to open Cindi up, and slowly darted her tongue at her clit. Cindi let out a moan as Lauri then proceeded to lap at Cindi's pussy like a puppy dog drinking from his bowl.

I motioned over to Kevin and told him to go stand over by Cindi's mouth and sure enough Cindi opened and took all of Kevin's prick deep into her throat. I sat there for a moment and watched as my wife was being eaten by another woman and sucking a cock at the same time. What a fucking turn on that was! I then got behind Lauri and started to finger her pussy. God was she ever wet! I took hold of my cock and started to rub it up and down her slit. I started to tease her with my cock, putting it in and pulling it out, finally I just thrust it deep inside her. Her cunt was so tight you would never know that she was a mother of three. As I pumped in her she continued to lick at Cindi as my wife sucked Kevin's cock, her hands massaging his balls.

Watching my darling wife sucking on another mans cock was to much for me and I started shooting my hot cum deep inside Lauri. A few seconds later Kevin moaned as he let go a hot load that Cindi swallowed. Cum was dribbling from the corner of her mouth, as she sucked his cock clean and dry.

I watched Kevin's prick soften in Cindi's mouth as mine went limp in Lauri's ass. Both girls lay motionless as we fell rested together.

"What will happen next", I thought. Well ... that is another story!

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