Christmas Eve at Blowout Online

By Dungeonmaster

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I was very lonely this year because Mistress Monica was out of town visiting her father who is dying of cancer. This would most probably be his last Christmas so I let her go, even though she had promised to give me a special present.

It had been a nice day and I felt good because I had gone to a friends S&M store and played Santa and gave presents to a lot of ladies that came in to buy presents for their ... whatever. One lady really interested me and when I asked what she wanted for Christmas she said that she wanted to be tied and fucked by Santa Clause. I offered my services but she told me that she already had a Santa at home and had just stopped in to buy some Velcro cuffs to use that night.

That was as close as I got to an offer. When a lady came in and bought some Strawberry Lotion and let me finger her cunt as she sat on my lap I thought I had it made, but when I asked her to sit on my face after work she said that she already had plans but would be interested new Years. I had to tell her that Monica would be back and I had promised to teach her a lesson for leaving me alone on Christmas.

When the store closed I want back to the office and chatted with LoveSlave and She-Wolf online and got myself all worked up for nothing. It seemed that Love's husband had bought her a Christmas outfit with red, open crotch, panties with white fur and he was under the table sucking on her pussy as we spoke. She-wolf was getting fucked in the ass by Horney. I was alone in my office. Although, both of my Internet slaves were sorry for my plight they were busy getting all the pleasure they could handle on Christmas Eve.

About midnight the doorbell rang and I wondered who would stop by this late. When I opened the door I was a beautiful Asian standing on the welcome mat, dressed like Santa's Helper, with a sign, which read:

Dear Master:

I am so sorry I can't be with you tonight.
I have sent a present to be enjoyed in any manner you wish.

Your Slave, Monica

The note was hanging in front of her breasts with a leather thong around her neck. She was dressed in a red skirt with white fluffy trim, a jacket to match, red and white boots and a Christmas hat. Her hair was in braids and hung over each shoulder and she had a big smile. "Merry Christmas, Master", she said bowing her head and waiting for a reply.

"Merry Christmas. Please come in", I said as she entered the office lighted only by the small Christmas Tree in the corner. I closed the door behind her and walked to my computer to sign off. My little present followed behind me. I told LoveSlave and She-wolf of the surprise and they were both very pleased that I would not have a terrible Christmas. I assured both of them that I would not and said good night to both of them. Turning my attention to my new prize, I swiveled in my chair to face her and I asked if Monica had prepared her for the evening. Her hand went under her short skirt and I could see the dark hair and knew she wore no panties.

Her finger entered her cunt and she swirled it around, wetting it with her juice, and extended her arm until her finger was under my nose. I took a deep sniff of the rich smell. I raised my head a little and took her finger into my mouth, sucking it deep into my throat and motioned her to come closer. I sucked her and pushed my thumb into her warm pussy and my index finger found her ass hole, which was slippery from lotion. I pushed inside her and rubbed them together through the thin skin separating her two holes. My presents breath came in short gasps as she looked at the floor while I fingered her. With my other hand I removed the sign from around her neck and saw that she had no bra nor blouse and the jacket was held closed by the bottom button only. I hung the sign over the computer, shutting out the light from the monitor. Soft Christmas Music was playing through the speakers.

With my left hand fingering her two holes I took my left and pinched the pointed nipples on the end of her firm breasts. Monica knew that I had a strong affection toward dark skinned slaves, especially Asian, and her gift was exquisite. The elf came closer and slowly unbuttoned my pants, unclipped the suspenders and I stood allowing the cloth to fall to the floor. I wore no shorts so it was easy for this little girl to drop to her knees and take my now swollen cock into her mouth and suck it deep into her throat. It was hard to believe that such a small girl could handle my dick and take it to the hilt, deep into her throat while her hands circled my waist and the index finger from each hand slid easily into my ass hole. She pulled me forward, driving her fingers deep inside my rear and forcing my cock into her throat

Without taking my prick from her warm throat I grasped her hands and forced them behind her back. Taking a piece of rope from the drawer I tied her hands and wrapped the rope around her jacket so that her arms were secure. I pulled my cock from her throat and drug her onto my lap, driving my cock into her cunt and holding my finger above her head as she tried to reach it with her mouth. My prize stretched her neck and licked my finger, which I gave her and she sucked it into her mouth, licking the fluid with her tongue. When everything was gone from my fingers she brought her face to mine and stuck her tongue into my mouth. I would taste the rich cream in her mouth and my cock pumped in and out of her cunt and I was about to cum so I removed myself and pushed her back on the floor where she lay, bound and still.

My present looked up at the ceiling as I stood with my feet on either side of her hips and I squeezed my cock, milking the pre-cum that filled the tube. I lowered myself to my knees and held my hand over her face as she stretched to reach my hand with her mouth. I gave it to her and rubbed the cum over her face and she licked my palm and fingers clean. My other hand pinched her nipples which now were red and swollen and when she was finished licking I lowered myself, biting her nipples as she moaned in pleasure. My tongue circled points of each tit and worked its' way across her smooth stomach and into the hair that covered her snatch. Her hips pitched from side to side, up and down as my tongue played with her crack, licking the wet lips but staying out of range for her dripping pussy.

"Please", she yelled. "Please suck me", she yelled again as my tongue lightly brushed her clit which now stood like a small penis. "Take me, Master", she yelled and I stuck my tongue deep into her cunt and pushed my thumb into her ass hole. Like two animals in different rooms my tongue and thumb played with each other through the thin skin separating her holes as my little present yelled at the ceiling and bounced her hips to the music.

"FUCK ME MASTER", she yelled again, trying to free her hands from the ropes holding her in place.

I took the rest of the rope and wrapped it around her knees and her ankles until her legs were together and her cunt was held shut. She cried and screamed trying to open her cunt but she could not overcome my strength and in a short while she was tied like a steer at a calf roping.

I reached to the ceiling and brought down a rope and tied her ankles and raised her feet over her head. Seeing my prize with her hands behind her back, her legs in the air and her sweet wet ass blowing in the Christmas light I started to laugh. Taking a lollypop cock, I removed part of the wrapper and shoved the long chocolate member into her cunt and moved it in and out as she screamed with the music.

"Harder", she cried as I pushed and pulled, occasionally removing the sucker and pushing it deep into my mouth sucking her rich cream and the sweet chocolate. I ten pushed the lollypop to her mouth and deep into her throat. She gasped and thrashed against her bonds as I pushed my cock deep into her ass hole and rotated the sucker. Pumping hard I rammed myself deep into her ass, holding onto the rope and using it to move her back and forth as I went in and out of her hole.

"Fuck me, Master", she cried as I started to cum. "Yes, Master ... for Monica. Fuck me for Monica. I am your present to be enjoyed in any manner you wish. Take me now. Cum now .... with me .... Master">

I humped and pumped as the little present bounced on the end of the rope with my cock pushing deep into her ass, while one hand pumped the rope and the other pulled her pussy hair and massaged her cunt.

"Yes", I whispered as I shot my load into her ass and grabbed her hair with the thumb in her pussy and my fingers squeezing tightly to the rest of her mound. "Yes, here I cum", I whispered and she screamed and I filled her ass with my cum and she twitched at the end of the rope.

She hung there and I held myself by the rope to the ceiling until I opened the drawer and removed the knife I kept and flipped the blade open with a loud clink. She was startled by the sound, but relieved as I reached over and cut the ropes that bound her hands, freeing them so she could caress my balls and hold my cock in her ass. I cut the rope around her thighs and ankles and her legs separated and I fell to my knees, still inside her. My prize wrapped her legs around my waste and pulled me forward until my face was next to hers and my tongue met hers and her mouth opened and my tongue went inside. I let go of the ceiling rope and fell beside her, my limp cock in her ass, my tongue fell out of her mouth and we were limp on the floor.

"To be enjoyed in any manner ... , Master", my prize whispered in my ear. "From your slave, Monica."

"Thank you, Monica", I whispered, as my present and I fell asleep.

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