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by Jorge Garcia


Cher was very upset with Sidney for she had worn the same red dress, and it was the worst thing possible. Cher was vain of being always in the clue, fashion, music, cinema, guys or meals. Also her close friends were always in the clue; it was her task. She had visited the week before a parapsychologist with some friends; it was a spiritual session. The medium parapsychologist got overwhelmed with Cher's aura. He told her she was the person with the most hypnotical power he had ever seen, and, "I've seen a lot", he said. They were apart and Cher laughed in the medium's face.

She talked with Dion, her best friend, about that and they couldn't believe it at all.

"He only wants to play with you, don't believe him", said Dion, a real nice black teenager.


"Maybe he wants you to get into spiritualism".

"And if I had this great power?"

"What would you do with it?"

"Sidney would pay for what she had done!" They were in their high school in Beverly Hills and there was Sidney smiling at them.

"She's a bitch", said Tai, another of Cher's best friends. Cher began to think that Sidney would apologize her and that she would refuse it.

Suddenly, and absolutely unexpectedly, Sidney approached her saying, "Apologize to me, Cher. I didn't know you were gonna wear that dress and you don't know how sorry I am."

"And how are you sorry", thought Cher to herself. Maybe the charlatan was true after all. Lately she wanted the teacher to finish the class soon. It also happened and she realized she had the power inside.

She and her friends went out to the schoolyard and lay down over the grass. Cher didn't want her friends to know about her new secret so she didn't tell them a word. But, she kept on disturbing Sidney. She was walking with her sickening daddy's daughter friend and Cher made Sidney trip into a puddle. When her friend was going to help her she also fell in and she grabbed Sidney's skirt and tore it. When Sidney and Mary Joe, it was her name, stood up with their soaked clothes everybody could see Sidney's violet undies. She runs into the rest room as fast as she could, and Mary Joe run with her. Dion and Tai were laughing heartily at Sidney while Cher kept thinking about their new powers. Cher wanted to know if they could work without seeing her target, so she asked Sidney to wear Mary Joe's blouse but Sidney had larger breasts and Mary Joe which was as plain to see as a table. When they got out of the rest room, Mary Joe was wearing Sidney's green blouse and Sidney wore Mary Joe's blouse and everybody could see her naked belly. Cher was satisfied with the test and went to console Sidney.

Finished with the ordeal, Cher left and when she arrived home her stepbrother, Patrick, was kissing and touching up his redheaded girlfriend Ann. Cher felt very horny and decided what to do with Sidney. She would be Sidney's sexual slave, and she would be sorry of her thoughtlessness. But, right now, she wanted the redheaded to eat her pussy so she wanted Patrick to go away and leave Anne with her. Patrick remembered he had to go back to the campus so he and suggested Anne to wait there.

Ann kept on looking TV and Cher sat with her. Anne put her hand underneath Cher's skirt and caressed her thighs. Cher pretended to be disgusted and stopped Anne's hand.

"Sorry, I don't know how that happened!", Anne said.

"It doesn't matter", said Cher placing her head next to Anne's, giving her a big French kiss. Cher had never French kissed another woman, only a couple of guys, and she was still a virgin. She didn't want an amateur to take her cherry, she wanted a movie or a famous athlete.

It wasn't Anne's first lesbian experience and she was happy to caress Cher's body while their tongues played in each other's mouths. Then Anne took Cher's blouse off, also her bra, and she played with the teen-nipples. Cher's tits were not as large as Sidney's but they were fine for her age. Anne took her tongue from Cher's mouth and began to lick her nipples. Her left hand went under Cher's skirt and caressed her pink silk panties.

"Eat my pussy, Anne", Cher said smiling.

Anne was mystified by a strange power and, without questioning, she obeyed. She removed Cher's panties and looked at her tiny patch of sprouting golden blonde pubic her. Her tongue licked Cher's cunt-lips while her hands curled her pubic hair. Then she spread her pussy open while Cher was enjoying the time of her life. Anne's tongue licked the tiny clit and it was the first time that someone had touched Cher other than herself. Her crotch was moist and she reached the first orgasm she had ever experienced other than masturbation. She screamed like a fool, but nobody was at home.

Cher's tongue fucking lasted almost a quarter of an hour and then Cher told Anne to lick her ass hole. Anne lay on the floor and Cher straddled her head with her ass hole over Anne's tongue. Without any hesitation she began to lick and she inserted her tongue into her ass hole and into her the virginal hole. Cher was in a dream world and began to ride Anne's head as if she were riding a hobbyhorse. If Anne had been a guy, Cher would ask her to fuck her wildly. But, in that moment her Virgo wasn't important at all. Anne's head was bathed with Cher's juices. Cher turned over and when they kissed once again she could feel and taste her own juices. Cher got dressed and the both of them were watching TV when her stepbrother returned.

It appeared that nothing had happened between them. Anne and Patrick went into the dorm. Cher wanted to know what was happening in Patrick's room and she wanted to discover what had gotten into Anne's mind. Anne was giving him head, licking his shaft and allowing his cock deep into her throat. The throbbing cock discharged spurts of semen into her throat and she swallowed every drop.

"Patrick, eat my pussy", Anne said, and Patrick couldn't believe what he had heard. Anne had never asked him to do that and he was astonished. He was not a skillful pussy-eater but he spread her cunt open but he couldn't find her clit, but, Anne was still moaning and dripping with excitation. He finally found her love button, licked it aggressively and she came instantly, gushing cum into his waiting mouth.

Patrick fucked her wildly and he was dumbfounded with her newly acquired slutty behavior. He had always thought that Anne was not a passionate lover but her behavior had changed incredibly. He didn't understand that Cher was sending command after command into Anne's mind with her mystic power.

Patrick exploded once again inside Anne's pussy and when he withdrew, she sucked his wet cock until it recovered her former stiffness. Anne then asked him to fuck her in the ass.

Patrick had never ass-fucked her, nor even proposed the subject. He had practiced anal sex in some university parties, but never with Anne. But as she got on all fours in front of him, her ass wet with her pussy juices, Patrick's slipped his cock into her ass hole easily.

At first it hurt Anne a little but when he began to pump, and with Cher playing with her mind, she felt most excited. Her screams and moans resounded through the house. Cher, tiring of mind games, began to masturbate. Cher's mind was so horny, and being connected to Anne's body through her mystic power, she began dripping as a fountain.

Patrick came into Anne's ass hole and when they finished, Cher thought about what to do the next day with her new power. Oh, yes, she would turn Sidney into a slut. She thought all night long about what she would do and she was so amazed at her own wickedness. In the morning when she awoke her bed was completely soaked from her pussy dripping. It was Saturday and there were no classes so she didn't have to get up early.

Cher didn't know if Sidney was virgin, but that was not a problem. All morning long she did her homework and forgot about her powers. She, Dion and Tai went to the shopping center and spent the whole afternoon. Then they met Sidney and Mary Joe, Cher made Sidney spill her refreshment on her clothes and her white blouse became so transparent that her breasts and nipples were clearly visible and everybody noticed.

"Sidney, you are always wet, aren't you?", Cher giggled.

"I don't see what's funny", Sidney answered rather upset.

"Mary Joe, why don't you loan her your T-shirt?", Dion asked, "I love your belly, Sid", he said giggling.

"You are a black whore", Sidney spat as she grasped Dion's curly brown hair. They struggled for awhile and Dion came out the winner and Sidney straddled Mary Joe, who had her T-shirt torn and her little breasts were fully exposed.

"What did you say, pale whore? I want you to say that you are the worst bitch in the world."

"I won't , you black beetle bitch", Mary Joe spitted at her while Dion slapped her face and tore her skirt.

"You will say that or go home completely naked".

"I'm the worst bitch in the world", she said loudly.

Dion stood up and Mary Joe tried to hide her nakedness.

"You are in a great shape, Dion", said Tai. "Why didn't you give her a good thrashing?"

"She will get one if she keeps on behaving this way".

Cher thought to herself that Mary Joe deserved a good lesson. They went back home and Cher and her friends got into her bedroom while Patrick was enjoying Anne one more time. They began to talk about sex but the conversation was much more dirty than usual. Cher wanted their ideas on what to do with Sidney and Mary Joe, but, she didn't want to ask them directly.

"What a slutty mind you have, Dion", said Cher. "You had made me blush". But her mind was working real fast. Sidney and Mary Joe would never forget her revenge. It was late at night that Cher tried to introduce herself into Sidney's mind with her power. She succeeded, with a little effort, probably because Sidney was tired. It was then that Cher discovered William, Sidney's brother. She had met him at a party and he wasn't so straight as his sister. William's mind was Cher's new target.

"OK little guy, you're gonna get up and rape your slutty sister", Cher projected into William. "I don't want you to give her any pleasure. I just want her raped. This night may become Sidney's worst nightmare. When you have ended you won't remember anything but you will see Sidney as the fox she is".

Cher knew she could guide his mind with her own thoughts but she enjoyed it more saying them. William awoke in a complete sweat, with his cock stiffened and with a strange feeling on his mind. He went into the kitchen and drank some water. On his way back to his bedroom he passed in his sister's closed door. He didn't understand but he opened the door and entered her room. Sidney was asleep, with her silky nightgown. He had no self-control and suddenly, with one jump, he straddled her body. She awoke, scared, dumbfounded, but before she could scream her brother covered her mouth. He lowered his pajamas and rubbed his cock against her nightgown. Sidney felt completely defenseless when her lovely Willy pulled her nightgown up. "You're not gonna scream my prudish sister, or you will be sorry for the rest of your life. I'm gonna uncover your mouth so keep quiet".

Sidney wanted to scream but she couldn't. William was rubbing her thighs with his prick as his hands tore her panties from her hot body. With one savage stroke he inserted his cock into her sister's dry cunt. She felt terribly sore inside her virgin pussy, and it hurt when her cherry popped. She was crying silently and she couldn't believe what had happened. Her brother had a tremendous orgasm inside her and when he pulled his cock out it was bathed in blood.

"Good night, little sister. Not a word, you know", he said.

Sidney was virgin before that night. She hadn't even touched herself or masturbated. How could her brother have taken her virginity? How could she have been silent? She went to the bathroom and cried uncontrollably. When she cleaned herself, removing all the bloody spots from her thighs and her pubic hair, her once virgin pussy was very sore. Cher, on the other hand, was having a splendid time and suggested Sidney to play with herself. So, Sidney guided her index finger into her sore but wet cunt and she forced herself to her first self inflicted orgasm all the while thinking of her brother William.

Well my slutty Sidney, thought Cher, You won't forget this. But, you can't tell it to anybody and tomorrow you will go with your life as usual. Why don't you go to the soccer match?

Sidney was completely ashamed after her first masturbation and with the image of William in her mind she went back to bed. She couldn't sleep the rest of the night.

Cher found herself with three fingers in her cunt, but, she was really careful not to break her hymen. Well, she thought, it's Mary Joe time next.

This time it was harder to Cher to get into the mind of her target. Mary Joe wasn't asleep. She was at a stupid party in her cousin house. It was completely boring and the guys seemed queer and the girl's nuns. Cher couldn't understand how Mary Joe could be enjoying it. Cher found out that her uncle was a catholic priest. Then Cher discovered how to control Mary Joe. Under Cher's influence Mary Joe and her uncle, his name is Sam (It's not a joke) went into the kitchen and they closed the door. Cher was doing a great job as she controlled the two awaken minds with her power, both at the time. Mary Joe picked a Canarian Banana from the fruit bowl. She cleaned it while her uncle unzipped his trousers. Mary Joe got on her fours and inserted the banana into her cunt while her Uncle Sam stuck his cock into her mouth and began to fuck her. Cher, using her power, gave Mary Joe her full consciousness Mary Joe wanted to stop but she couldn't, her arm shoved the banana deep inside her cunt and her head was the property of her uncle Sam who was grabbing her by her hair and shoving his thick cock into her face fucked mouth. He came in her throat at the same time she induced a strong orgasm with the banana. Sam kneeled down, pulled the banana from her dripping pussy and shoved it into his niece's mouth. It was soaked with her cunt juices and he glided it as it slipped down her throat in one piece. Mary Joe wanted to stop but she couldn't. She tasted her own juices, completely ashamed what had happened to her, as she ate the banana. Her uncle then put her on her fours once again, pumped his stiff cock into her ass and came for the second time. What a sprout! When he withdrew from her ass he turned Mary Joe over and dripped his remaining cum over her hair and face.

When Uncle Sam and his niece returned to the living room, Mary Joe's hair covered with her uncle's sperm and the crowd knew what had happened. They giggled and commented among themselves, but nobody told her a word. Cher knew that it was an unforgettable night for her "friends". But, the best thing of all, was that it has just begun.


At 4 o'clock in the morning Cher awoke with a thought in her mind; she didn't know if she had to reveal her game to her victims or would it be more pleasant than keep them in the shadow?

She decided that for a while she would keep on moving the puppets from the shadow. That Sunday Cher, Dion and Tai went to the soccer match. It was the most fashionable sport and Cher and her friends took pleasure in watching twenty young boys in shorts running behind a ball. Cher got satisfied when she saw Sidney, dressed in an awful black dress and with rings under her eyes. Mary Joe was not there as her parents had chastised her. Cher was dumbfounded when she saw William with Sidney.

Cher was seated close to them and she greeted them. The match was real interesting. When there was only twenty minutes left in the match William went out of the stadium and Sidney went down to the changing room. A security man didn't let her get in until Cher put the thought into his mind with her power. The security man not only let Sidney in, he also got in also and then he jumped on Sidney. He undressed her. She didn't struggle, in fact, she seemed to enjoy it as he tied her spread eagle over the stretcher with her legs wide open. He caressed her cunt easily since she only wore a black garter bell, and then he masturbated himself. In moments he came in her panties and used them to gag her and he blindfolded her with her clothes.

When the match finished the players came into the changing room and saw Sidney spread for their pleasure they were excited. Cher, being sure of herself, played with of the boy's minds. "What a lovely present", the captain said, looking at Sidney. All the players got stripped and one by one they fucked her. Some fucked her wet cunt while others lifted her and fucked her in the ass hole. There were sixteen players and all sixteen enjoyed her tied and gagged present. Sidney struggled in the beginning, but, as the boys fucked her, she couldn't understand herself but she started to enjoy the rape. Her cunt was dripping with her and their cum and all of the semen of all the team ran down her thighs as her vagina couldn't old one more drop. She was full of life seeds.

Tired of fucking her, the whole team jacked off and the sixteen players came at the same time over her tits and cunt.. They kept on playing with their present who was now untied, but Sidney was without her own will since Cher was in control. The boys threw her into the shower and the goalkeeper glided a bar of soap into her cunt and her grunts were so audible that the other players joined the party. Some of the players knew Sidney, but it didn't matter to them. Cher was completely satisfied. When Sidney could leave the changing room she was so sore and humbled she didn't notice she wasn't wearing any panties. The players had kept those as a prize.

Sidney discovered it when she seated in the taxi and her sore pussy touched the leather of the seat. She also forgot that she didn't have any money so she paid the cab driver with a nice blowjob, since her cunt was too sore to fuck anymore. At home Sidney was near to suicide, but Cher, put courage into her mind with her power. She closed in her bedroom and spent the whole afternoon crying and dousing her cunt and ass hole with cold water.

Cher left them alone for a couple of days, just enough time to the first rumors were heard. Sidney's reputation fell and people whispered about her performance into the dressing room, and as often happen, they exaggerated what happened. She didn't care about that, she had enough troubles for herself so she had changed her manner of dress. Her mini-skirt became the shortest of all the high school, her make-up the sluttiest and she always wore in black leather. Fortunately, she thought, nothing strange had happened during the last couple of days and she couldn't forget the frightful match.

That Wednesday Mary Joe's chastise was finished and Cher had new plans for her. Mary Joe was a xenophobe. The only black person she talked to was Dion, and she didn't talk with exact kindness. Cher wanted it to change but she didn't know exactly how to do it. She had to make Mary Joe change her opinion about black people and think that the change was of her own. It happened during one recess. Mary Joe went into the bathroom and Emmanuel and Charlotte, a couple of Dion's black friends, passed in front of the door. They began to French kiss each other before going into the restroom. Mary Joe was putting lipstick to her lips when she saw the horny couple. Emmanuel noticed they weren't alone and said to Mary Joe, saying, "Please, don't tell anybody about this". Mary Joe's answer was to kneel down, unzip Emmanuel's zipper and grabbed his stiffened black cock with her hands. She began to lick the shaft and slowly inserted the cock into her mouth, with the prick deep in her throat. Charlotte, was too surprised to react. She ordered her to stop but Emmanuel stuck his cock out and it was bigger than ever. Unexpectedly, Charlotte pulled her skirt up, lowered her panties and pushed her shaven black crotch to Mary Joe's face.

Mary Joe began to lick Charlotte's cunt and in a few seconds her tongue was buried into Charlotte's wet pussy while she continued to play with the big black cock. Emmanuel ordered her to lie on the floor; so Mary Joe stopped eating Charlotte's box and obeyed. When she was on the floor Charlotte straddled her face and she started sucking on the wet pussy. Mary Joe felt the black meatloaf into her cunt as Emmanuel pushed his cock deep into her hole. She tried to grunt but the cunt over her mouth gagged her moan. Her juices began to flow and so did Charlotte's. Emmanuel looked like a stallion with a motor inside as his cock rammed in and out of her swollen pussy. Charlotte came, a few seconds late so did Mary Joe and Emmanuel kept on fucking that white girl and her white pussy was his first time with that colored cunt

Mary Joe came for her second time and Charlotte began to lick her hard rock nipples. When Emmanuel noticed he was going to cum he shook his cock out and came into his girlfriend mouth and his cum splashed over Mary Joe's tits. Gush after gush of his semen went into Charlotte's mouth, she made an effort not to swallow it. When the climax finished Charlotte, with her mouth plenty of semen, French kissed Mary Joe and gave her the boyfriend's seeds. Mary Joe swallowed it all without hesitation. A few drops remained on her chin, which she didn't notice. They all got dressed and went back to the class. When the three of them entered into the class the other students were dumbfounded with Mary Joe's appearance. Their wonder increased when they realized the jism in her chin was from Emmanuel. Sidney was seated beside her and told her about the cum on her chin and told her to wipe it off. Mary Joe blushed and Cher, not far away, sketched a smile.

After ten minutes Mary Joe's dislike for black people returned and she felt nastier and more ashamed. After the class Dion asked her friend Charlotte what had happened and she explained it all to Dion and both of them grinned. Of course the news ran faster as the wind and Mary Joe's image dropped. Neither Sidney nor Mary Joe would never be among the most popular girls of the high school again.

That afternoon Cher began to write a diary and she kept it hidden under lock and key. She wanted to enjoy another afternoon, like the previous one, so she began to work thoughts into Anne's mind. Cher knew that something had changed in her friend's mind as it had been prudish , but now it seemed courtesan. Anne got naked and Cher gave her a vibrator that she found in her brother's messy bedroom. Without hesitation Anne pushed it into her cunt. When the whole twelve inches were inside her pussy she switched it on. She was moaning and gasping like a fool when Cher displayed her naked crotch. Anne began to eat Cher's shaven pussy and she acted like the most expert lezbo courtesan in the world. Cher was completely soppy and her cunt dripped like an opened faucet. When Cher reached her third orgasm, Anne lost the count of how many climaxes the vibrator had given her.

Cher went into her brother's room and came back with Chinese balls. Cher soaked it with Anne's juices and then glided the six balls, one by one, and real slowly, into Anne's ass hole. Anne was in the seventh heaven so Cher ordered her to lick her ass hole. Anne's tongue ran eagerly into its target as Anne stuck her whole tongue into Cher's hole and she could taste Cher's bowels. It was real naughty and disagreeable but she was so wet and horny that she didn't care at all. When Cher thought that she had more than enough she ordered Anne to stop licking her. Cher switched off the vibrator and pulled it out. Cher picked the thread of the Chinese balls and with a strong tug pulled them out of her ass. Anne screamed in pain, in pleasure as she didn't expect that surprising end. It wasn't unpleasant at all and she came again and again. Cher kneeled down and began to lick Anne's swollen cunt-lips, soaking her chin and drinking Anne's juices. Cher had never eaten a pussy and it was an exciting experience. Anne's next orgasm was an unforgettable experience for Cher as the cum ran into her mouth.

"Cher, I'm crazy about your golden pussy", Anne said after their tidying-up.

"I'm glad you like it. And ... what about my nipples? You haven't taken care of them ... yet", Cher whispered.

"You don't know how sorry I am. I promise I will do them next time".

"Another time, Anne."

"Right now I feel like a whore. Nothing is as sweet as you".

"But your boyfriend! Don't you like his too?".

"Yes ... but ... You're the most adorable friend I've ever got. I will clean your altar whenever you let me. I'll be your slave ... if it pleases you".

Cher was satisfied. She had stopped controling Anne's mind a long, long time ago. Now, Anne's will was her own and she wanted her. "So see you tomorrow, Annie".

After Anne left Cher ran into her bedroom and wrote her new experiences into her diary.


Cher had new ideas for her two friends. It was almost closing time so she didn't have time to lose. She ordered them to meet each other in front of the cinema they go to and then to enter into the sex shop in front of the movie.

In the shop the saleswoman was turning the pages of a bondage magazine, waiting the closing time. They looked around the shop and bought all kind of vibrators, dildoes, candles, sexy lingerie and some Chinese balls. They also bought an inflatable man with a 13 inches plastic penis named Rod. Their credit cards were good for all their sluttiest purchases and they went back home with real huge packages and plans.

William, who didn't remember her sister being raped, was completely sure that his lovely sister had become the biggest whore in all LA so that night the both of them slept with the biggest dildo deep into their dripping cunts. Cher thought they needed a good shaving and their asses were still untouched.

Cher started thinking on her new plans and her control.

She had a dream that she still was virgin. She knew she had to correct it as soon as possible. Who would be the fortunate one to deflor her?

Thoughts of a lot of the cutest young movie stars passed through her mind but she couldn't decide. She wanted to lose her virginity with a man without her controlling his willpower. Cher didn't want to use her hypnotic powers.

Each day in high school had become a hell for Sidney and Mary Joe since Cher had power over them. Cher's intentions for this day were so simple. She would leave Sidney alone for the moment and order Mary Joe to go into the boy's rest room where she had to give a head to each guy that came in. She had to swallow all of their jism and so far she must have had more than fifteen guys. Her stomach was full of semen and she would never forget that taste of cum.

But, the worst thing that happened was when her cousin Jim, who thought she was a frigid bitch, went into the rest room. He had heard about Mary Joe's performance with his Uncle Sam but he didn't believe it. that is, until he saw her with cum dripping from her mouth in the john. Mary Joe kneeled and unzipped Jim's trousers. When she had his cock in her hand and her mouth was sucking the head, he stopped her.

"On the floor, bitch", he demanded.

She obeyed.

"I'm here to have a piss and I will. Drink it all". Out of his cock a golden stream and hot piss began to fall into his cousin's mouth. She felt so humiliated she thought of suicide. The golden shower had not fallen into her mouth but all over her face. She was crying.

When Jim had finished his task he said: "What a lovely piss. Dear cousin, what about the blowjob you wanted to give me?"

With tears in her eyes and the most unpleasant taste on her mouth she put his flaccid cock between her lips. She had to suck up and down just to revive his penis. It was her longest blowjob and it seemed hours before she thought he was going to cum. He ordered her to stop, pulling his prick. He stroked his cock wildly as cum gushed from the end straight to her hair.

"I'm no less than your Uncle Sam is, you slut", he yelled, grabbing her head and thrusting his cock down her throat. Mary Joe began to work on his cock when another student appeared. "Get your place in line, guy", Jim said to him. "Don't you like the smell of piss in here? Great work ... Mary Joe", he gasped. It was a torture for Mary Joe and when Jim came he lasted even longer than before and the cum filled her mouth. Jim stepped aside and the second guy quickly stuck his cock into her cum filled mouth and started pumping deep into her throat as she gagged on the size of the stiff prick.

When Cher returned and took control of Mary Joe's mind she learned what had happened. She had never heard about "golden rain" and the understanding pleased her a lot. noticing the cum in Mary Joe's dyed blonde hair Cher ordered her to clean and to get back into the class.

Almost everybody in the crowd knew what had happened in the guys' rest room and they saw her as a most despicable whore. Some of her companions that had enjoyed her mouth were whispering. She also had a strong smell of piss in her clothes.

That afternoon Cher made another test. She wanted to know if the others could see her if she told them she was invisible. The test was a complete success and she imagined a new way to degrade her "friends" even more.

She took her brother's video camera and she decided to visit them. Mary Joe was depressive and Sidney was worried about her closest friend. Cher used her power to have Mary Joe phone Sidney to meet in her house. Cher was waiting for Sidney, invisible and armed with the video camera. When Sidney arrived they got into the house and went upstairs into Mary Joe's room. Her face was wet with her tears and she felt cheered up with the visit of her friend.

"What happened this morning?", asked Sidney.

"I don't know. 'Something' ... had made me act strange. I sucked at least twenty cocks, half the class, my Cousin Jim and I had him had piss on me".

"But, what is this 'something'?"

"I don't know Sidney", she answered, starting to cry. "I'm been doing terrible things for the last week. It's like I'm a slut ... and ... 'something' is turning me on?"

"You know that? 'Something' similar is happening to me. All the soccer team raped me last weekend. I bought a bunch of perverted items", she said pointing out the package of dildoes and another toys.

Cher was not recording the this with her camera and she let them express themselves as they cheered up. Party time, thought Cher, as she began to record again. "You're going to shave your cunts, I want them smooth. You can use shaving soap and Mary Joe's father razors. Oh, and I want a big banana deep in your cunts", she empowered the girls to act.

While Mary Joe went down to the kitchen and picked up a couple of big bananas Sidney looked for the soap and the razors. Cher found the toys that she was looking for. When they got into the room they tossed a coin to see who would be shaved first. Sidney was the lucky one so they peeled the bananas and they glided them into each other's cunts easily, since their cunts were wider than a week before, because of the use. They were moaning but Cher forbid them to cum until she ordered to.

Mary Joe soaped the lovely black pubic hair of her best friend crotch. It was the first time that Mary Joe used the razor so she was worried that she may cut her friend. Working on the most delicate part, her friend's cunt-lips, she almost had a tragedy but she cut the banana instead her friend's inner lips. Cher was real near taking close ups and photos but she was playing with herself and couldn't hold the camera still.

When Mary Joe finished, Sidney worked in her crotch. She was more skillful than Mary Joe was for she had shaven her legs a many times and he pussy once. When finished their cunts were burning like fire from the scratch and Cher ordered them to eat each other's bananas out of their pussies. They got a 69 position and they succeeded at the to eat all the bananas. Since they were completely soaked it became almost a pussy eating contest.

"Get up and show me your smooth pussies", ordered Cher through her will power. "I know you want to cum, but, don't worry. You'll cum when the time is right. Why don't you glide a couple of fingers into your boxes? Keep fingering yourselves until your fingers are soaked."

Cher suggested that Mary Joe pick up the double-dike dildo and she commanded through her power that Mary Joe and Sidney to fuck each other with it. The two girls lay on the floor, joined together by the dildo. They fucked each other hard, and inch by inch they shoved the dildo deep inside their cunts. When the dildo was deep inside each of them their cunts were separated by less than a centimeter, the whole dildo was in their bodies and their hot cunts almost touched. "Keep on moving your waists. I want you to struggle to get more dildo inside", commanded Cher.

They moved as hard as they could and their gasps and moan were so loud that Cher had an orgasm from the sheer excitement. "I want you to cum as you have never came before, my sluts", she thought as the girls pushed toward each other. It sounded louder than a heavy metal concert. The floor was completely soaked with their juices and they were completely attached to each other.

Cher was recording it all. What a great film she would have.

"And now, why don't you fuck her ass hole? Sidney... you're first this time.", she thought. Sidney, not knowing why, picked up one of the strap on dildoes and buckled at her waist.

"Mary Joe, on all fours", Sidney whispered.

Mary Joe obeyed and Sidney, with her plastic strap-on dick firmly in place, walked to Mary Joe and put some Vaseline around and into her best friend ass. When she glided her lubricated finger into her friend's butt hole Mary Joe screamed in pain. Sidney lubricated her ass hole walls and tried to insert the dildo. The dildo was one of the widest in the sex shop and Mary Joe's hole was so tight that Sidney had to shove with all her might just to stick the tip of it in her ass. Mary Joe was crying and screaming, her voice was louder than a soprano opera singer was. Little by little, and with a lot of screams, the dildo slipped in. When the whole thing was inside Mary Joe's ass hole Sidney began to pump.

"Mary Joe, cum for me", suggested Cher with her power as Sidney pumped the rubber cock deep into her ass as she pulled on her cunt-lips with her hands. Mary Joe, with a loud cry, came in a gush that filled Sidney's hands and caused the two girls to fall in a heap upon the floor.

Cher had fulfilled that day's target. The crotches of the two girls were shaven and their ass holes weren't virgin anymore.

"Well my girls. I'm leaving", thought Cher. They couldn't hear her, or understood her at all, but, she wanted to tell them. "This night you will remember. Not just the dildo in your cunts!. I want you to wear a cucumber in your ass hole as a reminder too. And, tomorrow morning you will lick the shit off of it. Have a good night." That night her friend's ass holes stretched even more with the cucumber but they couldn't fight against her will power.

Mary Joe didn't go to high school so Cher empowered her to fuck herself the whole morning long. And, as a matter of punishment, she couldn't cum.

Sidney went to class but she almost couldn't sit because her ass ached a lot.


That day in school the students had a monthly class on sex. It was a bore, completely theoretic with no images. Cher wanted to give life to the class so she made Sidney cum as loud as she came the night before with the double dicked dildo. When Sidney was finished the class gave her an ovation, they thought she was pretending, yet, she blushed completely.

"What a lovely performance, Sidney", said Cher later, "Have you done it before?"

Sidney didn't answer and Cher didn't force her. The teacher, a fifty years old fat fart of a man, called Sidney into his office. He wanted to know why Sid had acted that way. She told the teacher that she didn't know, but Cher got into her mind and forced her to give him a blowjob.

The teacher was dumbfound with his gift. He was a dirty old man, but he had no chance to enjoy such young flesh. He came into her mouth and then he fucked her sore pussy.

"You deserve to be punished, you little slut", said the teacher. "You will come here each recess and I will teach you about sex".

Sidney knew for sure that she was in deep trouble.

Mary Joe had fucked herself with each dildo and vibrator. Rod, her rubber cock, had probed her cunt and ass for at least twenty times that morning and she was exhausted. She tried real hard, with everything she could find, but she couldn't cum.

When Cher arrived home she noticed that Mary Joe was so worn-out she had fallen asleep with an incredible cucumber deep in her ass, a carrot and some cherries in her cunt and Rod in her mouth.

Cher felt sorry of Mary Joe so she commanded her to cum. Mary Joe awoke to a continuous flow of juice from her pussy. Cher let her alone the rest of the afternoon.

Sidney wasn't so lucky. Cher made her pick up a giant butt plug and shove it in her ass. She was ordered to wear it all afternoon long.

When Cher heard her stepbrother talk about a savage party at the University with sex, drugs and alcohol she thought it was a suitable event for her friends. She suggested, with her power, that they go to the fraternity building dressed as the whores. When they arrived, nobody paid attention on them. They were the youngest there but their sluty clothes weren't out of place. Almost half of the crowd was drunk and they weren't enjoying the party. So, Cher ordered them to go into the rest room and provide good head for everybody. It didn't take a long time for the guys to be lined up at the door. When Sidney had sucked two guys and Mary Joe three, one of the eldest members of the brotherhood discovered them and decided something better to do with them. Of course, Cher's power was in that decision.

"What are you doing here, little bitches? Why don't you enjoy the party? Come with me", he said. A couple of drunk guys grabbed them, ripped off their clothes and tied them over a big table, spread-eagle, head to head.

"Pussy competition!" screamed one of the frat members.

A couple of lines were formed at their feet and the guys stripped naked. In Sidney's line they were at least thirty guys and only twenty in Mary Joe's. The rest of the crowd was around the table and the contestant's cheering.

"OK, guys, even up", the leader yelled and the members got into two lines to twenty-five. "Brothers, you know the rules. You will fuck them until you cum. When you have cum, you have to let the next guy in. The first of these two lovely sluts who makes everyone in her line cum first ... wins.

The first two pussy fuckers in each line took their positions and the referee, the brother who had discovered them, whistled. They began pumping like raging animals, it was a competition. Suddenly, and no one expected it, a couple of girls went up the table, pulled their knickers down, and straddled over the girl's faces so that they would have to eat pussy while they were being fucked by the now angry men in lone.

"Hi ... referee", said one of the girls. "The first of them who make one of us cum ... wins".

"It's not into the rules, let's make it a friendly competition.", the referee said. Sidney's fucker was the first to cum and he was replaced by the second in line. By now, the cunts of the girls were so wide that it was more difficult to make their fuckers cum. Two pails were in the room and the non-participating guys began to masturbate and piss into them; they shot their semen into the pails and when they were finished they poured the mixture of cum and piss over the girls to cool them off.

Sidney was in the lead, sweating and fucking, twelve of her guys had cum to just ten of Mary Joe's. In the pussy-eating contest it was different. Mary Joe was more skillful and the cunt covering her face oozed juice into her mouth. The sixteenth guy that Sidney fucked lasted an eternity and Mary Joe grained ground. Finally Sidney won, beating her friend by three guys.

"It's been our shortest competitions. Sidney is our new record holders", said the referee. "We want you to recover yourselves so we give you this treatment". The girls were untied but they couldn't stand alone because their legs were weak and their cunts were almost split open from the abuse. One of the brothers put the pails on the floor and told Sidney and Mary Joe to kneel down.

"You're gonna drink the rest ... BEGIN."

Sidney and Mary Joe's heads were sunk into the jism and piss filled pails. They knew they had to lick it all with their hands held at their backs. They were doing it eagerly and the other girls at the party began to piss into the pails and all over the two girl's bodies.

"What a lovely taste", said the referee. "What a pity, it's all for these whores.".

They felt nausea and the girls were suffocating from having their heads held in the pails when the guys jacked-off, discharging more semen on them. When one of the brothers dropped a bottle of vodka Sidney picked it up and took a big slug to get rid of the taste in her mouth. Mary Joe finished and the referee raised her hand. Her face was all soaked with jism. Sidney was the loser so she was placed on the table and fucked by ten more guys. One of the brother picked the pail up and dropped the semen-piss-vodka combination over Sidney. Laughingly, one of the girls got onto the table and pissed in Sidney's face.

"And now it's my time", id the referee. "Turn the bitch over", he commanded as the members rolled Sidney's limp body so her ass hung over the table. " Spread her legs", he yelled as two of the guys pulled her ankles as her cheeks spread. "Up your hole", the referee yelled as he rammed his giant cock deep into Sidney's ass hole. She screamed as the cock drove in and out of her engorged hole and the two guys spread her legs until she almost split.

"We will give you a present", said the referee. "You will get an unforgettable memory of this night".

One of the party girls brought over a box. It was filled with plenty of rings and other piercing elements. Mary Joe was pierced in her nipples, her navel, her tongue, her nose and all over her ears. With each puncture she screamed.

"And for our you, the special medal", yelled the referee as he came into her ass.

Sidney was pierced in her nipples, her navel and three rings in her pussy lips. She screamed, cried, struggled with all her might buy the guys holding here were too strong.

"What a lovely snatch. I want to use this new cunt for the first time", said the referee as he fucked the motionless Sidney on the table. She felt an incredible pain in her labia as the rings pulled on her lips and the cock rubbed the sores. Cher's stepbrother, influenced by her stepdaughter's power, was recording the session.

A couple of the members drove the girls home and Sidney and Mary Joe were so abused that they almost couldn't get into their houses. They went to bed with the dildoes in their sure cunts, a cucumber in their ass holes and a nasty taste on their mouths.

That Saturday morning Cher saw the film of the party. She felt pity for her friends but she was enjoying it at all. Their reputations were sunken and she knew they almost had killed themselves over the shame.

Anne went to visit Cher. The blonde girl was so tired she invited Anne to get with her into the bed. There Cher ate Anne's pussy under the sheets. Late they were so attached to each other that their bodies became one. Their tongues screwed in, their sweaty bodies as close as possible. Cher lead Anne to her crotch and the redheaded began to work in her golden friend's altar. Cher enjoyed so much being eaten that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with a tongue in her slit, licking her labia, caressing her clit.

Cher wanted somebody to share in her actions as it would be even nicer if everybody knew what was happening. With Anne's tongue deep in her cunt, making Cher came time after time, Cher decided that Anne was her perfect confidante for her power. Anne was so deeply in love with her that Cher knew for sure she would be controlled.

"Anne, do you think I'm a bitch?"

"How? You a bitch? You're the loveliest person I've ever met"

"Maybe you wouldn't have that opinion of me if you know what wicked things I do. Do you remember Sidney and Mary Joe? I turned them into whores. I almost caused them to commit suicide over some of the abuse they suffered at my hands, and the best of all is ... how much I'm enjoying it".

"If you enjoy it, it couldn't be bad. Whatever makes you feel satisfied is a good think. What could you have you done to them?", Anne asked. Cher didn't answer. She just got up and switched on the video camera and the TV set. Anne watched the movies and during the film she shoved into her pussy everything she found. It was not the reaction that Cher had expected. She thought that Anne was a reasonable grown up and that the sick movie would make her sick. On the contrary, Anne was getting her best orgasms, maybe the best she had never seen, before the things that happened in the brotherhood party.

"Patrick told to me about piercing", said Anne, when she recovered her breathe. "He wants me to pierce my navel, maybe I will. Should I?"

"Don't you think I'm a bitch, now?", asked Cher for the second time.

"Of course you're not. They're having the time of their lives. They may not think so now, but wait. I discovered this the first time I met you"

"You've gotta know I used my hypnotical powers on you".

"And you don't know how grateful I am. My life has changed, every day, every hour is a new experience. My dark side has come to life. I'm a good student, a real person, I'm not as shy and I owe it all to you"

"And what do you think I should do right now?", asked Cher.

"Maybe you better tell me everything, since the beginning. Then we can work it out".

Cher confessed to Anne all the wicked things and the Anne was getting ever more excited. Her pussy was on fire so she asked Cher to eat it. Cher ate her friend's cunt, her head bathed in the womanhood juices and with her Anne's clit between her teeth. Anne was moaning so loud that they didn't hear Patrick. When he saw his stepsister kneeling, eating his girlfriend's , he had a hard-on almost instantly. Cher was so deep between Anne's legs so she didn't notice that her stepbrother was on the room, enjoying the show.

"Well, my little tiny stepsister bitch. Why don't you fist-fuck my girlfriend, he said, wanting Anne to feel sorrow. He wasn't jealous at seeing his slutty girlfriend being eaten out by his lovely stepsister. Cher obeyed Patrick, it wasn't unpleasant at all. If her stepbrother would try to made her anything she didn't want to do, she could use her powers to stop her. Her whole hand glided easily into Anne's fantastically well lubricated cunt as she moaned ever louder than before.

"You can insert your hand even deeper, my sis", he said, and Cher kept on pushing. She slightly rotated her wrist into her stepbrother's girlfriend's cunt. She hasn't ever been so deep in anybody, almost to her elbow. When Cher couldn't bury her arm deeper Patrick took a photo so he could have a reminder of that moment).

Cher noticed that her stepbrother's mind was the strongest she had ever confronted so she had to make strong efforts to let it go. Cher stuck out her arm, completely soaked with pussy juices and began to suck it. Patrick unzipped his jeans and his cock was as erected like an obelisk.

"Cher, suck my cock", he commanded and Cher kneeled and inserted her brother's massive cock in her mouth. She had never given him a blowjob. She was licking the shaft, trying to get the whole monster deep in her throat. Patrick helped her moving her head and she could feel that the massive cock was getting bigger and bigger in her warmth. Suddenly she noticed it was her stepbrother's will that was in charge. She couldn't or she didn't want to control him.

She made an effort and used her power to suggest that Anne to eat her cunt. It was successful, maybe Patrick had become immune to her powers. With a cock deep in her throat, she was getting gagged. The tongue in her cunt made Cher enjoy her most unforgettable afternoon. Patrick came in Cher's mouth and his stepsister swallowed it all. She didn't know how many times she had cum in Anne's mouth. Patrick's penis held its hard-on and when Cher thought that this loaf of meat was going to defoliate, Patrick pulled it from her mouth and buried it into Anne's stretched cunt. There was Anne, on the floor with her tongue into Cher's golden pussy, being fucked by Patrick. Cher, for a moment, wanted Patrick to rape her. She was so horny and wet that she almost asked him to fuck her but his cock was deep in Anne.

A quarter of hour later everything had ended. Patrick and Anne looked like a couple of psychology students and Cher an angel face teen.

"I saw your friends Sidney and Mary Joe yesterday", said Patrick. "They were the main attraction of the party".

Cher and Anne knew what he was talking about but they pretended they didn't.

"What did they do", asked Cher.

"Maybe you shouldn't hear it. They became a nasty couple of bitches" It was his last word, fortunately he didn't suspect of her stepsister. Cher discovered she could sail into Patrick's mind but she couldn't influence him. She also discovered his most perverted fantasies, she felt so horny she decided to put them into practice with Sidney and Mary Joe.


Sidney couldn't get the taste of piss and semen out of her mouth. She had brushed her teeth a lot of times and ate all kind of strong tasting food but it didn't work out. All of her body was soared as hell, her rings hurt her, especially the ones in her labia. Her parents began to suspect her behavior, her unusual interest to cucumbers and the way she had changed her clothing style. Her cunt lips were swollen and she couldn't forget that party. She felt so humiliated she wanted to kill herself and the referee.

Mary Joe wasn't much better off than her friend wasn't. Her piercings weren't so hidden as her friends and everybody could notice of them. Fortunately, they didn't pierce her labia and all of the sores had healed. That was her only solace and she could still hear Sidney's screams while the savage members had pierced her most tender flesh. But, Mary Joe couldn't forget her nipples and feel the sorrow when they were pierced, and her pierced tongue hurt when she drank water. She had been habituated at the semen taste in her mouth and she couldn't get rid of the taste.

Both girls were afraid to remove the rings and piercings, expecting that the members would do something worse if they found out.

Cher looked into her stepbrother's papers, looking for his adult reviews. She knew that what she was looking for and she found it in a bedroom in the magazines. She was surprised when she saw the photos and when she read the text. She selected one of the advertisements, maybe the cruelest one, and Cher decided who would be the fortunate one to enjoy that special session. Sidney was the "lucky one". Her second idea would be for Mary Joe.

Mary Joe and Sidney were together at Sid's house. They went into her room and they repeated the shaving ceremony. Cher, who had suggested with her power that they do this, wanted them to eat each other. Mary Joe paid special attention on Sidney's pierced labia and in the cunt-rings indeed. Sidney felt a mixture of pleasure of pain deep inside her. Maybe the piercing was not so bad after all.

Cher released their minds but they kept on eating each other and lately they made use of the double dicked dildo for their own will. Cher was getting excited, her friends had turned into real bitches. Her work was nearly finished. Her latest ideas would be a suitable climax. Cher got surprised when Sidney picked the strap on dildo up and buckled it to her waist and she ass fucked Mary Joe.

Cher gave Sidney the latest order, she had to go that afternoon to the Master's address. Cher, invisible, went with her. Sidney rang the bell and a bald woman opened the door.

"You are Sidney, aren't you".

"Yes, I am".

"The master will receive you in a couple of minutes, come with me". The master was a thirty years old young, a broad smile, intelligent eyes.

"You're Sidney".


"From now on you will say Yes, Master", he said. "Are you sure you want what I have for you?"

Sidney didn't know what he was talking about, but without hesitation she answered "I'm here ... Master. Yes, I'm sure, Master".

"You're my youngest slave. I must not admit you as a client, you could be a lot of troubles." Indeed, without Cher's introduction. he had never accepted a minor as a slave. "Sidney, get into the playroom", her Master commanded. She felt frightened when she saw the room, mirrors everywhere. There were chains, cuffs and all kind of odd instruments.

"Slave, strip ... slowly. I want to enjoy your body", her Master ordered and Sidney obeyed. Cher was recording the session as Sidney removed her bra or knickers. The master was studying her, getting surprised by her piercings.

"You've been made ... a good job", he said studying her cunt-rings. He noticed they were recent. "Slut, come here", he said attaching her waists together with some cuff and raising them over her head. He lifted her until the cuff's link joined a hook on the ceiling. Her feet barely touched the floor. The master also attached a spreader bar to her ankles.

"Don't try to struggle, bitch. It will begin in a few seconds". He picked a paddle up and began to thrash her ass. Sidney screamed in deep pain as her ass was getting redder. Her Master stopped for a while and settled a couple of weights in her pierced nipples. Her pierced nipples began to stretch and she felt they would tear. He caressed her pierced labia, playing with the rings. Her cunt was dry but he solved it in a minute.

"You're not enjoying it, bitch. Don't worry, you will.". He thrashed her ass once again even stronger than previously. He finished paddling her ass as it had turned as red as a tomato. Sidney could see her buttock reflected in a mirror.

"This has been an aperitif. The good times will begin real soon".

He lowered her and untied her wrists and the spreader bar. A couple of masked assistants prepared a set of ropes, which they tied to the ceiling hooks. The master began to tie each rope to Sidney's wrists and ankles. He put a collar around her neck and tied the fifth rope to that. Her legs were spread wide and she was fully exposed. He settled a ball-gag in her mouth and pulled the gag tight.

"I don't want a bitch to upset my neighbors. If you close your eyes I will stop until you open them. You have to see the what I'm doing. That's what the mirrors are for". He picked up a cat of nine tails and thrashed the air.

"After each hit I want you to lift your hips. I want you to expose your lips. I will apply Vaseline on them. It won't decrease the pain but it will keep you from bleeding".

He rubbed the Vaseline in her pierced labia and began to thrash her wide-open pussy. Sidney couldn't believe that so much pain could exist. She lifted her hips the first five time but she couldn't the sixth time.

"If you disobey your Master ... You'll be punished."

He rubbed her sore labia as she felt a frightful pain from deep inside. He picked up a cucumber and he shoved it deep in her ass. She didn't react as he expected since he didn't know that she loved cucumbers in her.

"Oh, I could park my car in your slutty ass hole", he cried.

He called one of his slave assistants, a masked woman with pierced nipples joined by a golden chain. She also had a big ring in her cunt with a chain connected to her collar. He ordered her to slip her whole arm into Sidney's ass hole. The slave removed the cucumber and pushed her fist deep into Sidney's ass hole as she tried to struggle against the invader but she couldn't. When the slave's elbow was into her ass hole the Master began to whip her cunt. He also thrashed his assistant arm but she didn't protest.

Her Master whipped her at least fifty times, she lifted her hips after each one and she didn't close her eyes. When he finished the session he untied her and said good-bye. Her crotch was as swollen as if a billion bees had stung it. She couldn't walk, her face was wet with her tears and her ass hole was very sore. Her ass was even more than her cunt. The slave assistant helped Sidney dress and get to the car and Cher drove her home.

"Well, it's your last time", Cher said to Sidney on the drive home. "Now it's Mary Joe last time."

Cher began to work her power into Sidney's mind. She wanted to comfort her as it would be the last time she played with her. Cher and Sidney went to Mary Joe's house. They made her open the door and wait her in her room with Blinky, her Great Dane. Cher asked Sidney to step to the corner and watch as she made Mary Joe strip and she spread honey into her cunt and in her ass hole. Blinky didn't react but Cher influenced Mary Joe with her power and made her approach the dog. When Blinky smelt the honey he began to lap it, probing with its tongue deep into Mary Joe's pussy. she got on all fours in front of the dog as he licked his tongue in her cunt. She moved forward as the huge Great Dane followed, lapping the honey in her ass hole. At the end the giant Dane jumped her and guided its massive dog cock into her cunt. Blinky fuck lasted a long time as Mary Joe was continuously came as the monster dog pumped his cock into her. When Blinky came inside her Mary Joe grabbed its flaccid cock and put it in her mouth. She sucked on the dog's cock, tasting the different flavor of his cum.

"Have fun", thought Cher as she left Mary Joe on all fours, Blinky licking her ass hole and Sidney crouched in the corner.

The next Monday Sidney and Mary Joe didn't go to school. Sidney was recovering of the session with her master and Mary Joe was playing with Blinky. Cher used her power again on the teacher to put one biology movie on the screen for her class. Everybody in the high school could see her companions' attitude. They never went back to high school.

Sidney and Mary Joe left went to live together in Las Vegas. A couple of years later they opened a brothel and they earned enough money to afford their perversions. Mary Joe loved animals, she bought a farm and Sidney became the madam of the business.

Cher didn't work with them, she only visited their minds from time to time to learn about their lives.

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