By Jay Chennell

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My mother died when I was six. She died as she was trying to give birth to my sister. My dad did his best, and all the relatives tried to tell me that I was not to blame for my mother and sister's death but it took a year or two for me to come to grips with the fact that my they were both gone.

Since then, there has been a steady stream of nannies, babysitters, girlfriends, neighbors, relatives, and the like to care for me while dad was at work. Around the time I was eight, or so, Dad started hiring live in ladies to clean, do the laundry, cook, and to keep an eye on me. They would occupy the room at the end of the hall. These ladies were sometimes old, young, fat, skinny, and everything in between. The longest any of them stayed was about three months. It seemed they all got better offers, got married, moved away, or what have you.

Then Marla came to work. I was eleven when dad hired her. She was a little younger than the rest, probably early twenties, pretty long red hair, smooth skin and even being so young I noticed her figure. She was a knockout. She and dad seemed to get along better than dad did with the other maids. Marla almost seemed like a part of the family right from the start. I hoped she would stay with us for a long time.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I awoke up at two in the morning to hear some noise coming from down the hall. The house was lighted only by a streetlight shinning through the little windows and it made the second floor bright enough to make your way from bedroom to bathroom without turning on any lights. As I turned the corner out of the bathroom I heard noises coming from dad's bedroom. I made my way to the partially open door, and peeked inside.

WOW, dad was getting it on with Marla. The room was lighted with several candles, one on the nightstand and two on the dresser. I sat down very quietly to enjoyed the show.

Marla was on her stomach and dad spread her ass with his fingers and his tongue was moving from her wet cunt to her tight ass. Marla was scratching the bed with her hands as if trying to dig into the mattress and I could hear her moans of sexual delight. I pumped my stiff cock as I watched dad pull Marla over, put her knees over his shoulders and ram his hot cock into her cunt. They were moving back and forth in unison, and I could see the muscles in dads ass flex each time he arched his back.

The two screwed this way until dad moved away, and let Marla's ass and legs return to the bed. Dad was now kneeling on her side, and was sucking on her tits while his hand was buried in her pussy. Gradually he moved his head to where his hand has, and began to lick at her pussy. By this time, I had my cock in my hand and was stroking my hard-on. Dad stretched out on the bed and Marla gathered up his cock and balls and started to kiss the end of his prick. To my surprise, dads cock was not that much bigger than mine was. Soon she had the entire organ in her mouth and was making slurping sounds while dad fucked her in the mouth.

Dad made a fast turn so they were face to face and he shoved his cock into her pussy. Marla squealed, arched her back, and threw her legs around dad's waist. They both pumped wildly for a moment, remained motionless for a few seconds, and then began to relax. I snuck out and had to make a hasty stop in the bathroom to clean my cum, which was all over my leg, stomach, and some even got to my chin.

The next morning we had breakfasts as usual, and I watched dad and Marla for any sign. There was none. I was baffled. Was last night a dream, or did it actually happen, and if so, has this been going on for a long time?

About a week later, after gym class, I looked around at my classmates in the locker room and in the shower. I was familiar with what I had between my legs, but never really paid any attention to anyone else. I've seen my dad in the shower lots of times, and his dick is about six inches long. I measured my cock, not too long ago, and if is a little over five inches. Dad's dick looked fatter than mine. At any rate, the boys in my gym class range from pencil dicks, to boys with a lot of pubic hair and large dicks. I have just a little hair on my cock.

When I got home from school that afternoon, Marla had the sewing stuff all lay out in my bedroom. She was sitting cross-legged working on a pair of my pants. I glanced down, and yippee, I could see her wonderful tits. She was wearing a loose low cut blouse and no bra. Her gorgeous tits mesmerized me. The very tits my dad was sucking on the other night.

Marla finished pinning the pant legs, than told me to try them on for length. I returned a moment or two later with the pants on, still thinking of her tits. Marla got to her knees and was measuring and marking the pant legs for the cut. My right hand was only centimeters away from touching her nipple and I could feel my cock start to rise. Just then, Marla's hand brushed against my stiffening prick and she stopped dead in her tracks. She looked up at me, caught me staring at her tits, and asked, "What do we have here?" Her hand was now full on my cock and she was squeezing my penis. Effortlessly, she moved her other hand to my waistband, undid the button, slid down the zipper, and my pants were at my ankles. Now she had both hands on my cock, and was removing my shorts.

My cock was at full attention and throbbing in her soft hands. Stroking my prick with her thumb and forefinger she moved her other hand to caress my balls. I nervously reached out and put my hand on her wonderful tit. She drew closer and placed the end of my cock against her lips. The feeling of the warmth of her mouth raced from the end of my cock to the very depths of my groin. Slowly, my cock was disappearing into her warm mouth. I now had both hands under her blouse, and was enjoying the feel of her wonderfully soft breasts.

Marla's nipples were getting hard as I squeezed the soft points and she was moving her mouth up and down my stiff cock and each time her lips made contact with my pubic hair, I could feel her throat squeeze the end of my prick. She threw her arms around my waist, and held me tight into her and I could feel my orgasm building.

Marla must have felt my rise also as she began to suck harder and harder. She released her grip on my waist, and returned one hand to the base of my cock. While I was mouth fucking her, she was jacking me off with her thumb and forefinger traveling in front of her lips. My orgasm lasted forever, or so it felt, as I pumped my cum in Marla's mouth, which she greedily swallowed.

We relaxed and Marla patted my now flaccid cock.

Smiling, she whispered, " ... Gee, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

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