My Wrestler

By Jay Chennell

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We had just started to perform for the wrestling team and it was an experiment of sorts. The school was trying to build student and audience participation in the team and, at the same time, increase the interest in wrestling as an inter-mural sport.

I had been dating Jayson for a while. We met last summer on the beach, and he is a member of the wrestling team, and one of the more successful wrestlers on the team. Our group will not win any state championships, but the boys try real hard. The cheerleaders have made the team stronger and the guys have a better record so far this year than they did last several years. Maybe our presence does make a difference.

In the time Jayson and I have been dating, we have never really been alone. It seems we are always at a party, on a double date, or with a bunch of people. We have never gotten past the grouping stage to any significant sexual contact. I certainly would not object too loudly if the circumstances were right. I know Jayson must think about it all the time, because it seems, when we are together, he gets a massive hard-on. I have brushed against his stiff cock from time to time, but never had the right opportunity to go any further.

Tonight's match was with the best team in our division, and our boys won. After the match, Jayson and I were to meet at the side door where the team members go in. I was waiting and one of his Jason's teammates said that he was still in the shower. It was a little chilly outside, so I thought I'd go inside. I made my way through the gymnasium and stuck my head into the boys' locker room, hollering to Jayson that I was going to the bathroom and for him to wait for me in the practice gym.

Our cheerleading outfit consisted of a dark green sweater with out school name in white, a megaphone patch, with my name, Paula, embroidered on the back. Our skirts were pleated and very short. We wore panty hose that must be made of iron. They are almost indestructible, and really make our legs and butts look good. We have write panties with elastic around the legs, white socks with green trim, and white gym shoes.

Jason and I were the only people in the building and when I came out of the bathroom to saw Jayson sitting on one of those horses the gymnasts use. The lights were out except for the exit signs, and the street light shining in the window at the top of the ceiling. I walked over to Jayson and gave him a hug for winning the match.

Then we kissed, a hard French kiss, and I was feeling a little mischievous so we started to play tag. I would run and Jayson would chase me. When he caught me, we would kiss again, each kiss getting more passionate. We found ourselves on the trampoline and tried to kiss while jumping but found it not a good idea. I ran to the chin up bar, a wooden bar about three feet away from the wall, and seven feet off the floor. It is used for the athletes to exercise and do chin-ups. I jumped up, grabbed hold of the bar, and proceeded to hook my knees and hang upside down. Jayson positioned himself on the floor in front of me and we were kissing, but I was upside-down.

By this time, my sweater had uncovered my tummy, and was resting on my tits. I let me arms go limp and Jayson slid the sweater off ... quick as a wink. This was OK with me as Jayson started to kiss my chin and my neck. His hands were moving towards my tits and I was holding on to him to hold him close.

He fondled my pert breasts for a moment then Jayson's hands moved with lightening speed to my bra snap. He flipped the clasp, pulled the bra and now he had my bare tits in his hands. He began to kiss each nipple while fondling them as I started to pull his shirt out of his pants. The hem of my skirt was within his reach as he covered my tits with his strong hands. He found the buttons of my skirt, and before long; it was in a pile next to my sweater and bra. Jayson was now on his knees, licking my tummy, while his hands were holding my ass as I jump from the bar.

He slipped a finger under the elastic of the panties and started to slide them up, exposing my wet pussy. I unlocked one leg from the bar, and Jayson slid the panties of that leg. As he stood up, his face was the level of my pussy, one leg hooked on the bar, the other hanging to the side, my legs spread wide apart. Jayson began to lick my inner thighs, while his fingers explored the inside of my streaming cunt.

I was franticly undoing his pants, and sliding down his shorts, exposing his throbbing cock, which was only inches from my face. Grabbing him by the ass, I pulled his cock to my mouth. He tasted good, a mixture of manliness and Irish Spring. With his face in my cunt, and his tongue on my clit, his cock in my mouth, he held me tightly, and gently removed me from the chin-up bar and laid me down on the mat. My legs still spread wide apart as we lay on the mat with Jayson fully on top of me.

I can feel Jayson's fingers in my pussy, then slowly move from there to the rim of my ass hole. I quickly tighten up, but Jayson persists in his probing, and within a moment he, has the tip of his finger in my butt. I start to relax as his finger slides further up. Between his tongue in my cunt, his finger in my ass, and his cock fucking my mouth, I am in a whirl. Wanting to return the favor, I hook my arms under his knees and force him into a kneeling position, still keeping his cock in my mouth. This opens his asshole for my fingers. I took my hand, moved it to my mouth and slid the middle finger along side his cock. Removing the wet finger, I moved from his balls, to that area between and finally to his tight asshole. As soon as my finger rests on the rosebud of his ass, he relaxed and my finger is buried as far as it will go.

I want him to cum in my mouth, and I want to cum in his. I feel his cock start to pulse ... and whammo ... my mouth is filled with the sweetness of Jayson's cum. He keeps pumping for a moment until I feel his cock start to soften. All of a sudden I get the warmest tingle starting at my toes and shooting up to my cunt. My hips are uncontrollably grinding away at Jayson's face, which is now drenched with my cum. I allow his cock to slither out of my mouth while I swallow the remaining droplets of cum as Jayson rolls off me and lies quietly beside me.

I spin around so that we are now face to face and we kiss long and hard while our naked bodies are pressed together. As we break the kiss, I reach for his hand, the one that had a finger up my ass, and bring it up to his mouth. I slide the finger into his mouth while I do the same with my finger. We lay sucking our fingers, and then kissing deeply. As we lay there, I can feel his cock begin to stir and feel it push against my tummy. It does feel good, and my pussy is very wet. While locked in a kiss, we move our bodies into a position where his rock hard cock is rubbing the lips of my cunt. I reach my hand down between our bodies and guide it into the waiting depths of my cunt. We roll over so I am on top, and I rotate my hips to insure his cock will experience full immersion of my pussy. Once my ass is resting on his balls, I start to move up and down, side to side, increasing the pressure and the enjoyment for both of us.

I have my hands on his shoulders and my back is arched as far as it will go. The feeling is euphoric. Jayson's hands are kneading my tits, while we are fucking each other. I can feel Jayson meeting my thrusts with more passion. Each stroke is more intense than the last, until Jayson holds me tightly, my pussy contracts violently as he shoots another load into my gut. My pussy continues to contract until all the cum is drained from Jayson.

I move to Jayson's cock to give it a bath with my tongue and taste Jason and myself on his softening cock. In a moment, Jayson is cleaning up my pussy with his tongue.

After such a nice time I might join the wrestling team.

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