By Jay chennell

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I'm sixty-two and recently widowed. My wife left me almost a year ago after a bout with breast cancer. She had the cancer ten years ago, and we thought all was well, but it reared up its' ugly head and took my Julie. She didn't suffer much, the last few weeks; we kept her sedated and as free from pain as Morphine will do. This weekend I am going to the cabin with my son, his wife and their daughter.

My granddaughter, Katie, is a beautiful girl of sixteen. She lives at home while my grandson, Terry, is away at school Military School. Katie is into teenaged stuff, clothes, boys, Smashing Pumpkins music, who ever they are, and more boys.

I was in my office thinking about our trip when my secretary came in asking about the copier. She's thirty-five, single and attractive in an odd way. Most all the men think she is very plain, skinny and wouldn't give her a second look, but I know she has a spark that lights my office. She has cute little tits, very nice shaped hips and an ass that is hot. Some think she is homely, but I call her beautiful, and she loves it. This day, I called her "beautiful", and she wondered if I was serious. Of course, I told her, that I saw, under her well-protected camouflage, a sexual beauty.

Without a word she turned and locked the door, took my hand and led me to the sofa where she removed my clothes and had me lie down. She was wearing a black and white Pokka-dotted dress, which she pulled up and straddled my face, lowering her cunt over my mouth. As my tongue entered her wet cunt I could feel her lips on my stiff cock. I'm an old man but I can still get it up when I have the opportunity. Our after-nooner lasted about an hour and I left early, since I was going away for the weekend.

But I'm getting off track.

My son Bill, his wife Jean was able to leave as soon as Katie got home from school. When I got home from work the weekend was in full swing. Bill heard my car, and had the door open for me. Katie's greeting was a hug with her arms around my neck, and I swatted her on the ass as usual. Katie then kissed my on the lips very quickly, something she hadn't done before. I could feel her breasts crush my shirt, and thought how much she has grown in the past several months.

That evening the family and I left for the cabin, driving late and arriving just after midnight.

Saturday morning, at the cabin, broke with an overcast sky, and a cool breeze. We were finishing up breakfast when Bill and Jean said they needed to go into town for supplies, as this was our first weekend since last fall. I was happy just to be there, warm and fed. Katie didn't say much about her plans, and was a little subdued. This was not typical and I picked up on this very fast.

Bill and Jean left for town and I was finishing up the Sports section when I became aware that Katie was standing in front of me. She was wearing a tee shirt, and some cut off baggy old shorts. Her brown hair was in a pony pail, and she was wearing some odd looking slippers that looked like snails. Katie had a strange look on her face, and I held my arms out for her to sit on my lap. She curled up with her head on my chest and her knees up to my side as she kicked off the slippers. I sensed there was a problem, and asked her what was wrong. She shifted a little in my lap, put her left arm around my neck. My left arm was draped over her left shoulder, and my right hand was on her knees.

She told me that she had just finished the book "Lolita" and was very confused and wondered if older men really desired young girls like in the book. All of a sudden, I felt the girl sitting on my lap was not my granddaughter, but someone else. I told her that a man never stops looking at beautiful women, and it happens quite often that a young girl is attracted to an older man and visa versa. Katie shifted positions on my lap, and I could feel the crack of her bottom squarely against my rising cock. I tried to stop my erection, but if was too late. Katie looked a little astonished, and squirmed, feeling my cock against her ass. Katie was smiling now and she knew I was a horny old man. Each time she wiggled, my left hand moved further on her perky little tit.

My right hand moved from her knees to her hips, while she took my left hand and moved it squarely over her tit. By now my cock was straining at my shorts as I took both hands and started to remove her tee shirt. She sat up straight on my lap and raised her arms up over her head. There she was, sitting on my lap in her bra and baggy pants. I reached behind her to undo the snap, letting her bra fall to the floor. I stood up, with Katie in my arms, and carried her to the couch. I placed her down, and was kneeling at her side. I reached my hands up and caressed her little tits. Her breasts were small, firm, and smooth as silk. Her nipples were very small, but were getting as hard as a rock. My right hand left her tit and slid down her stomach and over the baggy pants as I felt the mound of her young pussy. My hand touched her young cunt and she flinched just a little, but, she was lying with her eyes closed and making slight moaning sounds. Her right hand slipped down and rested on my knee.

She slid her hand under my shorts and took hold of my stiff cock. She was massaging my stiff prick as I was sliding down her baggy pants. With a couple of kicks of her feet, the pants were gone and my eyes gazed on her sweet young pussy. I caressed her soft pubic hair and she spread her legs uncontrollably. I moved my face toward her garden and smelled the sweet fresh scent of her love. Gingerly, I kissed the upper most section of her pussy lips as my fingers were exploring her womanhood. I pulled her close as my tongue investigates the innards of her canal. I could feel her struggling with my pants, so I helped her by removing the belt and undoing the zipper.

Soon, she had my pants around my knees, and her hand pulled my jockeys down. Now Katie had full rein on my cock and balls, which she proceeded to stroke and fondle. I opened my eyes to see her tight little ass tucked right behind her sweet pussy. Removing my fingers from her cunt, I slid one finger over the rosebud of her ass. I could feel it pucker as my finger made contact. As my finger remained on her ass, she relaxed a bit, and I poked the end of my finger in her ass. There was a slight moan, but also unmistakable pressure on my finger to continue ... which I did ... until my entire finger was in her ass. I wiggled it around and she responded happily.

At this point, I moved my body up onto the couch with a knee on either side of Katie's head. I could feel her hot breath on my cock as she continued to stroke and fondle. I lowered myself until my prick was at her lips. She craned her neck to kiss the head of my throbbing cock as she opened her mouth took my cock gently.

My tongue was fucking her cunt, my finger was fucking her in the ass, and my cock was fucking her in the mouth.

I felt Katie start to buck and twitch, and I knew she was about to cum. I speed up my fingering and concentrate on her little pussy with my mouth. She starts to heave, buck, and wrapped her legs around my head in a death lock as my mouth fills with her orgasmic juice.

She turns on the couch, still pumping my stiff cock with her young mouth, as I rest on my hands, driving my prick between her lips. She squeezes my balls and I can no longer control my orgasm, as I fill her mouth with my cum. I look down at my beautiful blond grand daughter, her eyes closed, cum dripping from her virgin mouth and a sweet smile of contentment on her lips.

I rested on the couch, looking at my granddaughter, spread-eagled, bare ass nude with my cum dripping down her chin. I licked my lips, tasting her virgin cum as she smiled, and looking up at me.

We have an added dimension for our weekends at the lake, my granddaughter and me.

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