The Charge Nurse

By Dianne Allen

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It started off, slow, with idle chitchat while in the medication room, some casual banter passed back and forth. But I had been out of relationships for five years, living my daily life and thinking about the past. Susan was a married woman ... unhappily so. She was very forthcoming in providing insight into her unhappy marriage and her husbands multiple extra marital affairs. Her unhappiness struck a chord in me, and she found something in me that intrigued her. Maybe it was nothing more than two lonely people passing in the night, so to speak.

At any rate, Susan is attractive, VERY attractive, but considered off limits by me due to the presence of her husband. The thought of sloppy seconds doesn't appeal to me, as much as I thought about how glorious it would be to lick her pussy and feel her push herself into my face. Hard to concentrate on patients when you are pre-occupied with thoughts of making love to the charge nurse, and the noises she will make when she cums.

But, when things are meant to happen, they are meant to happen.

We decided to go out for a drink after work one night ... her idea. Her curiosity about the "lesbian lifestyle" got the best of her and she suggested we go to the local gay bar. Not too many people hanging out in a gay bar on a Tuesday. We found ourselves a quiet corner and ordered two vodka rocks and began unwinding after the busy evening shift we had just worked at the hospital. Susan somehow managed to look very sexy even after eight hours of patient care and I found my eyes trying to subtlety roam to the hint of milky white breasts I could see at the "V" of her scrub top. Her tits were hard not to notice when she leaned forward to talk to me. I could smell the faint scent of her delicate perfume and could gaze down at her breasts to see her nipples firmly protruding beneath the flimsy material of her nursing uniform. It crossed my mind, what a fool her husband is, but I quickly chased him from my mind as I didn't want thoughts of that asshole detracting from the experience of being alone with her, now. She was a beautiful, educated, compassionate, woman, and I wanted nothing more than to bring her pleasure this evening; pleasure like she had never known before.

As the vodka rocks warmed us and freed us from any inhibitions, we began to lean in close to speak to one another. I rested my hand on her knee, only to slide it up her thigh within inches of where I wanted to be. I feared she would pull away, but she did not. She only met my gaze, placed her hand on mine, and tipped her chin up to place her lips on my mouth. What a sweet, tender kiss it was as she then parted her lips and I felt her tongue touch mine. A moan escaped her, as I pressed my hand against her mound and she moved towards me. The warmth of her pussy through her scrubs was incredible and I longed to have them off of her where I could slip my fingers into the wetness. She ended the kiss and we looked at each other, wondering what the other was thinking. She trembled as she told me that she was scared of what she was feeling, but then wrapped her arms around me and we kissed as I held her breasts were against mine.

The drive home was too long as we held hands in the car and said not a word, each lost in thoughts of making love. She held my hand with a grasp that conveyed her apprehension and her desire. I knew that I was falling in love with this woman and would do anything to make her happy.

We entered my apartment and didn't even turn on the lights. I led her to the shower and we undressed and allowed the hot water to wash away all doubts. Finally I could slip my fingers into her pussy and feel her wetness. Susan moaned and lifted her leg along mine so that I could better penetrate her wet cunt. Her lips were soft with sweet kisses as she more urgently began to moan that her needs to me. I am the first woman to be with her, but her touch is not awkward as I feel her fingers along my clit and then inside of my tight pussy. She is full of passion and excitement and it is contagious. We are soon on my bed, she on top of me allowing me to suck on her as she feeds each breast to my mouth. I am eager to wrap my lips around her pink nipples and to feel the heat from her beautiful pussy on my abdomen. It is excruciatingly erotic and I find my hands pulling on her hips trying to convey to her how much I want her now. She lays flat on me and grinds her pelvis on mine until I push her off, gently off of me, and she lays flat on her back as I reposition myself between her thighs.

Susan is quick to pull her knees up and apart as her pussy lips spread wide and I lose myself in the moment of seeing her open herself to me. Her pussy is beautiful and full of cream, as I take my first taste of her by touching my tongue to her clit. Her moans fill the room as she tries to spread her legs farther apart. I resume licking what she is showing me. Her cream is flowing freely and my tongue and lips are sliding all over her clit as it engorges as she begins to move her hips with a growing urgency. I know that her climax is near and I increase my lovemaking. This is an orgasm she has waited a lifetime for and, as it builds, she is beginning to cry loudly with the years of pent up desires. My own body is responding to her excitement and it is hard to control my needs as her clit jumps and slides under my tongue. She is cumming and I hear her cry out my name and I know that she will always be mine now.

As her orgasm subsides, my tongue finds her hole and licks at the cream that it finds there. Then I return to gently touch her clit that is still throbbing and spasming. She is crying and pulls me up to her and kisses the mouth that tastes of her pussy. She cups my breasts in her hands.

Our lovemaking will continue into the dawn.

Susan and I explore each other and fall in love.

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