By Mike Car

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My mother and father had offered to pay me fifty dollars to clear a twenty by twenty foot space in our backyard for a garden that they were planning on planting that spring. I accepted their offer with the full understanding that if I didn't I would be digging the garden for free.

I started after school on Monday and my plan was to work for a couple of hours a day until Friday. Then would be able to finish with a good day of hard work on Saturday. For a fifteen-year-old kid I had already developed a good work habit and was sticking to my plan. On Thursday I was well ahead of schedule and realize that I could slow my pace and, still, I would be finish by early afternoon Saturday.

While working at this slower pace I was able to look around a little and it was then that I notice Mrs. Chapman. She was sitting by her window looking at me. Thinking nothing of seeing her there I simply waved and went back to work. Ten minutes later I could hear someone walking toward me from the Chapman's yard. I looked up to see that it was Mrs. Chapman.

"How are you doing Mike?", she asked as she got closer.

"Fine ma'am", I responded.

"I see that you have been working hard at digging a garden back here this week", she continued, "How much longer do you think it's going to take you."

"What, you need to know how much longer you can watch me?", I jokingly responded.

My statement seemed to have a strange effect on Mrs. Chapman. She started to move around nervously and avoided making eye contact with me. She then started explaining how that, during the week, she has stopped occasionally by the window briefly and had notice me working. Like most fifteen-year-old boys I wasn't very sharp when it came to dealing with the opposite sex. It wasn't until I was going to bed that night that I realize why she had seemed so nerves. As I replayed the incident in my mind I started to notice things about Mrs. Chapman for the first time.

She stood about the same height as me with dirty blond hair that had a hint of gray at the temples. She had light blue eyes with exceptionally smooth white skin. Her body seemed to rival that of the girls I attended high school with but she seemed to be more aware of how to move herself. As I thought about her body in more detail I could feel my penis start to rise. I started visualizing what her breast would look like and how they would feel in my hands. I pictured myself fondling her body with both my hands and my mouth. This made my penis get extremely hard so I started to slowly stroke it.

The feel of my hand on my penis gave me the mental picture of Mrs. Chapman taking my brown penis into her mouth and this made me lose control. I shot cum all over myself.

The next day as I worked in the garden I kept a watchful eye on the Chapman's windows to see if she was watching me again. I didn't catch her looking but something inside of me told me I was being watched. Friday night at dinner my mother and father discussed their fishing plans for the next day and told me we would be leaving at five in the morning. I explained to my parents that I had planned on finishing the garden this Saturday and asked them to allow me to stay home so that I could do so. My father was impress with my commitment to finishing the job on time and that he would help me convince my mother to let me stay home that day ... with the understanding that I was to finish the garden. Also, when I finished I was suppose to stay in the house until they got home. That morning I woke up around seven and made myself something to eat. At eight I went into the back yard and looked over the garden site. All I really had left to do was to chop the big dirt chunks into small pieces and remove any grass or weeds that came loose. I figured three hours tops and I would be finish then I could decide if I should stay in the house or to go to a friends and hang out.

Two and a half-hours into the job I hear Mrs. Chapman voice. "You don't think that your finished ... do you?"

Surprised by her presents I simply answered, "Yes ma'am."

"Well ... you're not", she said. "Your mother is thinking of planting tomatoes, beans, carrots, and melons. You are going to need to row up the front half of this garden and then use the extra dirt to build up a flat patch in the back for the melons."

I told Mrs. Chapman that my mother had not given me any instructions on how to lay out the garden. She told me that my mother had told her. I knew that my mother and Mrs. Chapman often would stand outside and talk to each other so I accepted her statements as facts and started to prepare the garden as she had directed. This also gave me sometime to check out her body as she stood at the fence and watched over my work. We made some small talk while I work and I learned that Mr. Chapman had gone fishing with my parents. It would take me another hour to finish but eyeballing Mrs. Chapman made it an hour well spent. After the job was done I excused myself and went inside to take a shower.

Shortly after I had gotten out of the shower Mrs. Chapman called and invited me over for lunch, telling me to come in the though the patio. For a moment I was curious at way she wanted me to use the patio but after I thought about it, I had always entered their house that way. Mrs. Chapman was one of those ladies that always look like a lady, so when I saw that she was in a dress and make up it made prefect sense to me.

While we ate we made small talk about what was going on in my life and what life was like when she was my age. She asked me about my girlfriend and if our relationship had gotten serious. Thinking like a fifteen-year-old I stated that our relationship was serious because she was wearing my football letterman's jacket. She smiled and asked if we had sex. I just froze and got a dump look on my face that told her everything that she needed to know.

Mrs. Chapman set up, looking me directly in the eyes, asked if I would like her to be the one that took my virginity.

All I could manage to do was make an unintelligible grunt that thankfully sounded like a yes to her. She stood up and started toward me, signaling for me to stay seated. Once she got about two feet from me she stopped and started talking, "Unless fifteen year old boys have changed in the last thirty years, our first encounter is going to be over real fast ... but that's okay ... we have all day to get it right."

Those were the last words that I can remember her saying as her actions did all of the communicating she would need for the rest of the day. She slipped out of her dress in one easy movement. The sight of her totally nude, before me, made my heart race and my penis turn into steel. She kneeled down in front of me and grabbed hold of both my sweat pants and underwear waistbands. Looking me directly in the eyes, she pulled them down to my ankles as I lifted my hips instinctively. My penis popped up straight and hard once freed from my clothing and pointed right at Mrs. Chapman face. Without breaking eye contact with me she placed her hands on my thighs and started to slide them upward toward my hips while bring her face closer to my penis. Every nerve in my body was alive and on fire. The anticipation of what was to come was almost too much for me handle and I could see drops of pre-cum starting to appear on the tip of my penis.

Once her hands reached my hips they travel down to firmly grasp my buttocks, which placed her face directly over my penis. With her blue eyes locked on to my eyes, she slightly opened her mouth, and, with her tongue she licked up one of the pre-cum drops on the tip of my penis. She then lovingly smiled at me and took my penis into her mouth, never braking eye contact. The feel of her mouth wrapped around my penis was far more enjoyable than I had imagined. Her tongue swirling around my skin along with the constant sucking pressure cause my toes to curl and my eyes to shut. I could feel the explosion rising within me as I allowed my head to roll back on my shoulders. I reached out with my left hand and softly caressed her head as I felt cum about to blast out of my penis.

I open my eyes and looked down at Mrs. Chapman to see her still looking directly at me as my penis slide between her lips. This took me over the edge as I came with a force that I had never known was within me. It felt as if my entire body made one large contraction as my cum spilled from my loins. The sight of Mrs. Chapman's cheeks bulging outward with her. She kept the suction on my penis until the last drop of cum came out. Then she let it slip from mouth with a soft popping sound.

I was surprise to see that my penis was still hard but Mrs. Chapman must have expected it because she just help me to remove my shoes and skirt and led me to her bedroom.

She had me lie down on my back and she lay down on top of me. She started to push her private parts against mind as she moved in a circular motion on top of me. Her lips went to my ear and she slowly chewed on the lobe while her hand reached between us to grab hold of my penis. She used her free hand to lift herself so that she could look me in the eyes again as she placed my penis at her opening. With a wicked smile on her lips, Mrs. Chapman rotated her hips enough to wedge the head of my penis inside the opening of her love hole. With a grunt she push down onto my stiffness. Her first effort pushed about two inches of my penis inside of her and it was a tightest thing that I had ever felt. The wetness of her pussy made it possible for my penis to get as far as it did and I was hoping it would help to get the whole thing inside. Her second and third efforts manage to get another four inches inside her and then with a grunt she pushed the final few inches deep. She just sat still for a while as her virginal muscles started to message my penis and her mouth drop to my nipples. Slowly she started to raise and fall on my member as she sucked my nipple inside of her mouth. She maintained this

Her fingernails begun digging into my shoulders as her teeth bite down on my nipple. Without any warning she just froze and I could feel her body tighten as she trembled on top of me. The power that I felt coming from her was intense and I could feel my own excitement starting to rise.

I flip us over so that she was on her back under me and put my arms under her legs so that they were propped up in the air against the sides of my chest. I started to move my hips in a natural movement that combined circular and up and down motions. Mrs. Chapman started to moan loudly as she wildly ran her hands through her own hair. I looked down to see our parts mixing and the contrast of her white skin to my brown skin made the moment even more exciting for me. I knew instinctively that I was nearing my second climax of the day and I could feel Mrs. Chapman starting to move jerkingly underneath me again. It felt as if I was on the edge of losing my mind when I felt the blast of cum escape my body to invade Mrs. Chapman's body.

We seem to stay in that moment of time where our bodies were spasming uncontrollably forever. Once I became aware that my orgasm was over, as was hers, I continued to hump her until my penis went soft. We lay there quietly for awhile until I felt Mrs. Chapman's hand wrap around my penis again.

We spent the rest of the day humping like caged horny dogs. I owe everything I know about making love to what Mrs. Chapman taught me in my many trips to her bedroom during my High School years.

I could never repay her for the knowledge she gave me.

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