My Dungeonmaster ... My Love

By Mistress "Celeste"

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It is getting hot in the mid-west and I am dreaming about my Master in Southern California. On my desk, next to my computer, the box with my graduation present is open and I look at the beautiful emerald ornament, which my Master placed to slowly and tenderly in my clit. My hand slips between my thighs as I pick at the keyboard with one finger. My cunt is wet and my clit is full and tender. I feel the gold clit ringlet, which I wear when I don't want the fancy jewelry.

"You bastard", I whisper. as I continue reading "Finally Fucking Baby - Slave" . " ... You rotten fucking bastard!"

I close the top to the box and put the emerald out of my site, sticking it the drawer of my desk. "How could he", I say out loud to no one. "How could he find another baby so soon?"" My first thought is to leave school, go to California and kill that rotten bitch. My judgement over rides my emotion and I settle back in the chair. My hand is moving now, rubbing the stubble growth of fur on my hot cunt. My finger slips between the wet lips ... two fingers ... then three as I push deep inside. I move the candle, spread my legs and put feet on either side of the monitor as I rub my thumb against my clit.

"I can only say that Celeste ... Has my dreams for her graduation", I read, finger fucking myself as I glare at the screen. "Fuck you ... Baby", a say out loud. "My graduation is mine and you will never have my dreams."

I move my fingers with more fervor and depth, wanting to cum as if my Master were watching. I picture him ... tied to the bed ... cock stiff ... balls tight ... ass open as I place my lips to the tip of his hard prick. My tongue touches the tender head ... liking pre-cum from the tiny hole before my eyes.

"Suck my cock ... you bitch", he yells, pushing his hips as I withdraw my mouth. " ... Suck ... you cunt", he yells, thrashing on the bed as I laugh out loud.

"Pins to prick you with my dear", I read, pinching my tit with my free hand. "Pins ... you prick", I yell, squeezing my nipple while I drive my fingers deep into my spreading cunt. "My pins ... you prick! You are offering someone else my pins. How dare you!"

My fingers curl inside my cunt, finding the end of my thumb and the parts of my hand push together, gripping the flesh like a vise. My eyes close and I see my Master pushing his cock at my mouth, screaming for my mouth ... my throat ..."

I twist in the chair, gripping the soft flesh tightly, feeling the stubble fir. It's been a week since I shaved and my Master would be furious if he knew. He hates a stubble cunt ... but I hate him ... fucking that Baby - Bitch ... cunt ... whore ... fucking slut.

"She didn't make a sound as she turned like a ballerina on toe", I read, pulling the flesh as my cunt throbs.

"How can you", I yell, my voice echoing through the room. "You Bastard ... how could you ... steal my show", I sob, clicking the down arrow as Baby's image moves up the screen. The photo vanishes as if by magic, clearing my mind to read without looking at that cunt's picture.

"I walked to the case and removed my duct tape", I read as I finger my cunt and take the candle with my free hand. Holding the burning wax over my pussy I let the droplets fall on the stubble as I rub the hot wax with my thumb so that the hairs are covered. I grit my teeth as my tender lips burn as the wax builds quickly. I blow across my cunt, feeling the breeze cool my cum while the wax hardens.

For an hour I drip the candle, looking at the ceiling, finger fucking my stiff cunt. I had stopped reading and I could only think of my Master and the fucking tape.

"Would you like a gag ... my dear", I read.

" ... Fuck no!", I yell, slipping by fingernails under the hardened wax "Fuck no ... you bastard Master", I scream as my hand stiffens, grasping the hair patch and slowly ... ever so slowly ... pull the glob as the follicles pull from my tender lips. "Fuck no!" I shout as the right side pulls free. I squeeze my cunt flesh as I find the second hair patch and slowly ... ever so slowly ... pull the remaining hair from my tender lips. Tears run down my cheeks as I push my head back into the chair. I pull my fingers from my dripping cunt and spread my cum over my smooth pussy lips.

"Do that ... you cunt", I yell.

I open the drawer to my desk and remove my Ben Wa Balls. One by one I push the round blue balls into my cunt until they are all home. I push my legs against the desk as I take the cord in my right hand and pull. The first ball pops free and the cord subs the tender surface of my hot pussy. The second pops out ... the third ... forth ... as I push my head against the chair and dig my heels into the desk. One by one the balls pop from between my tender lips. I throw my head back and scream, " ... FUCK ME MASTER ... YES ... FUCK ME!" My eyes are pressed shut as my cum flows and puddles on the seat. I can see my Master ... cock stiff ... struggling for my mouth ... pushing in the air ... as I place my tender cunt over his stiff prick ... driving his cock beep into my love hole. "Yes ... Fuck me", I yell as the last ball pops from my cunt.

"Are you going to pierce my clit ... Master", I see on the screen as I slowly open my eyes.

"Not in my life time", I whisper as the cum soaked blue balls fall to the floor.

I slump in the chair.

"Not in my fucking life time ... you Baby - Bitch."

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