Fucking ... slave chris

By Mistress Celeste

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Usually I wouldn't be more than friends with Chris. He's real anal .... Everything has to be in its place or he goes psycho. Well he had a big cock and he was a good friend so I decided to get revenge on Dungeonmaster.

I decided to get revenge for his going off with Baby - Slave. I came back from college and was furious. I sent Baby Slave this email:

Oh ... you Bitch!

NO ONE WRITES STORIES ABOUT ME ... Come up with your own Master or Daddy or Fucker ... But ... Stay away from mine.

I only wrote one story about you and then you act like ... "Oh my gosh, Celeste wrote a story I am so mad." Get over and come up with an original idea ... OK! Your just copying from me ... you stupid little fucking bitch. I am so much older than you ... so get the fuck out of my way. Don't write another story about me ... come up with something knew that doesn't INVOLVE ME OR DUNGEONMASTER.

Back off you fucking Bitch!

After I wrote the cunt I felt better but I was still pissed at DM. I had a ... let's say ... "fuck friend" ... and he was willing to fuck me at anytime. I called Chris up from my hotel room ... DM had no idea I had come back from college.

Let me tell you a little bit about my "friend" Chris while the phone is ringing.

We met when I still lived in Iowa and he moved out to California for a higher paying computer job. While in the farm country we fucked a couple of times in my father's barn and down by the river. He wasn't a great piece of ass, but, as I said, he did have a giant cock.

One afternoon when we were in the hayloft he broke my cherry, ass hole cherry that is. Chris was eating my hot cunt, and it was a hot day. I was spread, belly down, over this bundle of hay. My cum dripping between my thighs and Chris was tonguing my ass hole. It felt wonderful. I was pumping my tight butt against his tongue as he licked circles around the rim. Suddenly, Chris let out a yell. I looked over my shoulder just as he drove his stiff prick in my ass hole. It hurt like hell but I didn't cry out or anything like that. I just dug my nails into the bail and let Chris ride me like his little lamb.

The interesting thing about Chris and my relationship after that is, after I gave him my ass, he gave me everything else. I had always been the bottom in any relationship ... but with Chris I finally got on top. He would do anything I asked. I didn't know much about fem/dom at that time but I sure did my best as an amateur. Now that I know more I was looking forward our meeting.

Finally, Chris answered on the tenth or so ring.

"Who the hell is this ... it's 7:00 a. m.", he answered gruffly.

"It's me ... Celeste ... your lamb ... I'm back from college." "Back where?" "Here ... and ... are you ready for me? Stephen went and fucked another girl", I screamed. Chris got me to tell him the whole story and then I told him of my plan to get even. Chris totally agreed ... and why shouldn't he. I am a great piece of ass and he loves my ass! I was so excited. I knew My Master had won an award for his new restaurant and the presentation was tonight at the Adult Video Awards Banquet. Wait until he saw me.

Chris picked me up at my hotel room and we both went to the awards ceremony. As soon as we walked in DM spotted me with Chris. His eyes grew furious large ... he was furious ... walked over to us and pulled me outside.

"What the hell are you doing with him?", he screamed at me!

I had never seen him so emotional about anything. He was always so cool, contained and not emotional. DM was like a robot when he was serious. This outburst was so uncharacteristic.

"You went and fucked Baby ... now ... it's my turn !", I said as I spat at him.

"Just wait 'til I get you back ... Bitch ... I'm going to hang you from the ceiling and whip you ass", he yelled again.

"Promises ... Promises ... what's Baby for", I asked, laughing as I stepped back. With that, Dungeonmaster walked off in a pout and Chris and I went to our table.

All during the ceremony Chris tried to play but I was, for the first time, protective of my clit and pussy rings. I wouldn't let his hand on my cunt for most of dinner. I did let him finger my ass and, when dessert arrived, his hand push under my ass and he felt the dangling rings. His eyes widened and a large grin crossed his lips.

"What's the matter", I asked.

"Nothing", Chris answered, " ... I didn't know you were in to that", he said, twisting the gold ringlet.

"I am ... are you?" Softly he took my hand and guided it into his pants where I could feel his stiff cock. I felt through his briefs and felt a cold object near the head. Wiggling my fingers under his shorts I could feel the warm skin of his erection and, near his cock-head, I felt a solid ring. With my other hand I unzipped his fly so that his cock popped free and I put my head under the table to get a better look. His huge cock stuck straight from his pants. Imbedded in the head was a studded silver ring. I returned my gaze to Chris, took the ring between my fingers and gave it a full turn. I watched as his grin changed to a straight line as I twisted. I leaned forward and whispered, "Well ... Chris ... do you still like the bottom?"

His smile returned, "Yes ... if you're on top."

"With you I am always on top ... Beg", I commanded.

"What for?"

"Because ... I ask!"

"I know ... but for what?" "Make up something", I said twisting the ring another half turn.

"OK", Chris said quickly. "I want my ring in your ass." "What?"

"I want ..." Chris started but I interrupted him.

"Finish the statement correctly!"

" ... ring in your ass ... Mistress.

"That's better. Later I would like that ... slave."

DM tried to watch this whole show being put on by Chris and myself. After awhile Chris and I decided to go back to his apartment so he could ring my ass, so to speak. His place was small ... but it had a bachelor's feel. He took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I though tonight was going to be passionate since I was with Chris ... but ... boy was I wrong! He closed the door to his bedroom .. . gave me the look DM does when I've been bad. But, his look was mixed with another kind of feeling that I couldn't put my finger on.

Chris told me to lie on the bed. He turned off the lights and walked over to where I lay. He took his time, removing my clothes until I was spread on his bed naked. The room was dark except for the small Lava Lamp in the corner, which make abstract patterns on the wall as the bubbles rose in the colored fluid. Chris then stripped and I could see his cock-ring shining in the light. He walked to the dresser and took out a pair of black leather cuffs.

"For you or me", I whispered, as he approached the bed.

"For me", he said.

"For me .... What ?"

"For me ... Mistress ... with Your permission.

I sat up and he handed me the cuffs and put his hands together. "Turn around", I said, " ... and put your hands behind your back. This he did and I wrapped the leather around both wrists, pulling him roughly onto the bed so that he lay next to me on his back, his cock sticking up straight.

Chris lay still as I walked to the dresser, opened the drawer and fumbled through the assortment of toys.

"What are you doing", he asked in a whisper ... as if I already didn't know what he was doing.

"Looking for an instrument. Which one would you like ... slave? What would you wish from your little lamb?"

"Your lamb wishes to suck on your tight pussy ... Mistress.

"And fuck my tight ass?"

"Yes ... Mistress Celeste.

"First I want to show you what happens to bad boys." I took a large dildo from the assortment and returned to the bed. "Roll over and spread your ass. I want you to feel how I felt when you took my cherry. Remember ... up in my Daddy's loft ... on the hay bail ... remember my lamb", I whispered as I pushed the bead of the rubber cock slowly against his hole.

"Yes ... I remember ... Mistress", Chris moaned as the cock pushed inside his ass. "But ... you're not getting my cherry", he laughed as I pushed hard, driving the artificial prick deep.

"I don't want your cherry ... you fucking bastard ...", I yelled. "Fuck Baby ... will you ... not again."

"What", Chris said, as he pulled my hand trying to stop the cock from fully sinking into his ass hole. I was straddling his head and I took the rubber prick in both hands, driving the imitation prick into his butt while I screamed about Fucking Baby - Slave . "You're crazy ... You Bitch", Chris yelled as I pushed the dildo with both hands as I held his head between my thighs.

"Shut up ... slave", I yelled as his hands held mine, struggling before they relaxed and Chris surrendered to my probing. "That's a good slave", I whispered, pushing the rubber cock to the hilt. My cunt was dripping cum on his head as I moved, demanding that he roll over. Chris did and was now lying on the prick in his ass, his cock standing in the air with the beaded ring glistening in the Lava Light. "You want my ass", I said moving over his stiff cock, placing the head at the entrance to my cum soaked ass hole. "Fuck me ... my little lamb", I whispered, lowering onto his prick as I felt the ring scrape into my opening.

The ring was cold once inside my hot ass. I could feel the giant cock shiver as Chris fingered under his ass, pushing the cock deep, as he thrust his hips upward to meet my downward thrust.

"Yes ... Baby - Chris ... cum for your Mistress", I whispered as Chris moaned with pleasure. His signs turning into screams as he pumped his cum into my tight ass.

"Please ... Mistress!"

"Cum for me ... cum in my ass", I whispered, lowering my head toward his lips. "Fuck me ... my Baby - Lamb."

Chris slumped after his climax and his cock shrunk until I could only feel the ring inside my ass. Slowly the metal popped free and I rolled to his side. Chris unsnapped the links to the cuffs and held me close as he drifted off to sleep.

"I thought of Dungeonmaster ... Baby-Slave ... top ... bottom ... submit ... control ... " I was confused ... very confused.

"Power", I thought, " ... is a strange tool. I remember Dungeonmaster's words:"

When I am in control ... I am God.
When I give up control ... I am God.
It is just a different experience.

One cannot give what one does not possess.
One cannot possess that which one does not take.

I really didn't understand him before. I'm not sure I understand him now.

I just know ... I am My Master's possession.

"The rest is just play!

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