My First Night with Mistress Marna

By Slave "Celeste"

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The first week I was with blowout, Dungeonmaster pierced my pussy and gave me a beautiful gold ring. It hurt at first but soon healed and I love the feeling of the cool gold rubbing between my thighs. In the evenings, when I masturbate, I twist the ring, feeling the slight pain and think about my Master. He is away for a week and I wanted to surprise him so I went to a studio, which is owned by Mistress Marna, a friend of his. She is a witch of a bitch with long, straight, black hair ... pale white skin ... blood red lipstick ... small tits ... very thin ... quite tall and she would be an absolute knockout in a vampire movie.

I got to her shop about eight and asked if she would place another ring like the one my Master had done. She smiled, told me to take a seat on the leather sofa and that I should remove my panties. I hadn't worn any underclothes so I sat down and pulled up my skirt while Mistress Marna locked the door, turned down the dimmer on the lights and placed a small reflector light on the floor near the couch.

I was not the least shy, fearful or displeased as I spread my legs, allowing Mistress Marna access to my young pussy. Her hands were very soft and her nails very long as she spread my pussy lip and fondled the ring.

"You have a nice pussy", she whispered as she ran her nails through the small tuft of fuzz I had left above my clit. Her fingers spread my pussy lips and I could feel her warm breath as she blew softly into my spreading pussy. "Sweet too", she said taking a sniff.

"Stop the sweet shit, Marna, and place the ring or Dungeonmaster will hear of this."

"Now sweetie", she whispered licking her finger and rubbing it into my now wet pussy. "You go tell your Master anything you wish. I need to have you relaxed so I can do my job. Piercing your tender lips that is." Marna laughed as she got an ice cube, placed it on the lip she was about to pierce, took out a long needle and squeezed my pussy between her thumb and forefinger. "Fast or slow", she asked, placing the point on the skin which had been numbed by the ice.

"Slow", I whisper through my tightened teeth as I feel the slight pain as she pushed the needle through the skin. I wanted to cry out but held my breath and didn't utter even the slightest moan. I felt so proud that I could stand the pain and I wondered if Marna would tell Stephen what a brave slave I had been.

"You're a brave one." I felt her tongue on my crack as Marna licked the droplet of blood that oozed from the pinhole in my lip and I now felt the sting as she pressed the gold ring in place. "You smell so good", she whispered as she continued to lick around the ring, spreading my thighs with her hands as I leaned back into the over stuffed couch. This was the first time a woman had been close to my cunt and I wanted her to stop, yet I was unable to move away.

"Please", I whispered, " ... stop."

"Sweet Celeste; your Master would want you to please me. After all ... I have pleased him on many occasions."

I didn't know what to say and the thought of my Master with Mistress Marna shook my consciousness and made me a little jealous. I tried to sit up but she pushed me back roughly, spreading my legs and forcing my cunt open. Marna buried her head in my pussy while I fought to close my legs only to find that her head was pushed between my thighs, holding me against the soft cushions as she sucked hard on my clit. My hands tangled in her hair as I tried to pull her mouth from my dripping hole but she was too strong, or I too horny, and I found myself pushing her head into my thighs as I humped her mouth.

"Fuck me sweet Celeste", Marna moaned into my cunt as she grabbed my ass with two hands and pulled me ahead. "Fuck my tongue, sweetie", she yelled as I fell sideways, spreading my legs and pulling her mouth to my clit.

It was uncomfortable for a moment as Marna twisted, bringing her body onto the couch while I straddled her mouth as she squirmed under my dripping cunt, spreading my lips with her fingers, pushing her tongue deep inside. "Please ... yes", I whispered as I lowered myself onto her tongue, reached between my legs and pulled her hair. My new piercing throbbed as she pushed her thumbs on my rings, spreading my lips, but the feel of her mouth clamped to my cunt was more than I could escape.

"Yes, sweet Celeste, hurt me, pull my hair, yes. I want to get inside you. I want to know you. I want to be yours."

I felt a surge of strength as I twisted my hands in her hair, pushing her head into the couch, lifting my cunt slowly from her lips.

"No", she whispered, trying to follow my pussy with her lips while I held her tight. "Please", I heard as I brutally twisted her long hair in my hands.

"Fuck you, bitch", I whispered, sliding down so that my dripping cunt moistened her boy-like nipples. "Fuck you", I said, lowering my lips so she could feel my hot breath on her sweaty face. "You want my cunt you'll have to beg for it."

"Yes! I want your cunt. I want it all. Please!"

"Please what?" "Please, Mistress Celeste, may I suck your cunt?"

"Maybe next time", I said, letting go of her hair and stepping away from her gaping mouth.

"Next time, when?

"When I say so", I whisper, lowering my head and sticking my tongue between her cum soaked lips. Marna takes my tongue into her mouth as if it were a stiff cock, sucking furiously as she brings her fingers to my head. I take her hands and force them over her head, slowly drawing my tongue from her suckling lips.

"Will you come back, Celeste?"

"What did you say -- bitch?", I ask demandingly.

"Will you come back -- Mistress Celeste?"

"I will let you know -- my slave.

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