Rings & Nipple Pins

By Slave "Celeste"

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Dungeonmaster returned from his trip to New York and I showed him a copy of my story, My First Night with Mistress Marna , which I had signed "Slave Celeste".

He read the story and, of course, made a few corrections then told me to sit on his desk and spread my legs. I slid his keyboard to the side and sat in front of his, spreading my legs, which he raised and put onto his shoulders. I wore no undies and my Master had a clear view of my two pussy rings. He wet his finger, softly touched my cunt and felt the new ring. Slowly he raised his finger to his nose and took a deep sniff as a nice smile came across his lips.

"You smell sweet", he whispered as he lowered his head and slowly licked my hot cunt. "Tell me -- is the story true?"

"Yes -- Master -- I hope you aren't mad!"

"Of course not! Did you really put Marna off as you wrote.

"Yes -- Master Stephen!"

"How nice -- just what the bitch deserved. She has always been a slave at heart. Now you will be her 'Mistress'. Sign your story, 'Mistress Celeste'">

I was so pleased that Stephen wasn't mad about Marna. I was proud that he had made me a Mistress. I was beginning to understand that a person could be a slave to one and a Mistress to another. It depended on strength --- power --- control --- submission --- desire.

I felt quite at ease controlling Slave Marna, while I needed to be Slave Celeste to Dungeonmaster. I tried to think of my next meeting with my tall, pale bitch of a slave but my Master was pulling my rings apart and burying his tongue deep inside my hot cunt. I wrapped my legs around his neck and pulled him closer while my hands took his wrists and spread his hands, opening my pussy to his ravaging mouth.

"I missed you --- Master", I whispered as his hands went under my ass and lifted me to his mouth. "I have missed your tongue --- Master."

"I have missed your sweet cunt --- slave --- I have brought you a present."

"Oh -- Master -- What?"

"It will be a painful present.

"Yes -- I've missed the pain.

"Well -- then -- slip off your robe."

I pulled my robe over my head and sat in front of my Master --- nude and willing. I watched as he reached in his pocket and pulled out a little box. Master Stephen opened the case and showed me two butterflies shaped metal ornaments with two long pins with ruby jeweled heads. My Master took one of the decorations and placed it on my left breast, pressing so that my nipple stuck through the hole in the center. I was very hot, my nipple was hard and it stuck through the hole perfectly.

"Would you like me to use ice", Master Stephen asked as he picked up one of the pins and touched my burning nipple.

"No ice -- Master --", I whispered, gritting my teeth as I watched his hand push the pin through the tip of my nipple. A moment of excruciating pain ran through my breast as he twisted the pin until it had pierced my tit and held the decoration in place. Stephen leaned forward and licked the droplet of blood that dripped from my punctured nipple, raised his head and touched my lips with his tongue.

"You are brave --- my slave. Do you want ice for your other breast?"

"No ice -- Master --", I whispered, as he placed the second decoration on my left breast and pushed the pin through my nipple. This was much less painful than the first and I smiled as my Master tongued my hot nipple.

I looked down at my gifts and smiled as Master Stephen returned to my dripping cunt and sucked my slit into his mouth. I held his head as he ran his tongue in circles around my stiff clit, breathing into my open cunt. My Master ate me as I felt the nipple pins and massaged my hungry tits.

"Mistress -- Celeste", my Master whispered into my orgasmic cunt.

"Yes --- Master?"

"Someday we shall visit your Slave -- Marna?"

"I would like that -- Master Stephen!"

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