My Slave Marna

By Mistress "Celeste"

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It was two weeks before I talked to Marna. She called eight or ten times but I had Master Stephen tell her that I was out --- occupied --- or just not available.

Dungeonmaster and I talked about her on several occasions --- one being when he fucked me in the ass while I lapped milk from a bowl while we played dog games. See --- my butt is nice and round while Marna has this skinny ass and her cunt is covered with straight black hair. Master said that, in spite of the fact that Marna's hipbones stuck out, she was a good piece of ass. "But", he said, " - she doesn't like taking pain. She can give it - but doesn't enjoy when she was on the receiving end." This excited me and finally, I told Dungeonmaster to let me talk to her the next time she called.

It was the following morning when the call came and I set up a meeting with Marna at her house. I didn't mince words and came right out and told her that I didn't like her cunt hair and it had better be gone when I got there. Also - I enjoyed giving pain as much as receiving it so she had better get set for some enjoyment. I could tell that she was hesitant - but she was so anxious that I come over she agreed to do whatever it was I wished.

That evening about eight I showed up at her door wearing my tight red slacks and a black knit top. It was cool and my nipples stuck through the net material. If I do say so myself, I was a knockout, and it was obvious that Marna agreed when she came to the door.

She was wearing a silk robe and a black collar as I had instructed her. I entered the room, closed the door and told her to remove her robe, which she did. Marna is taller than I am and her tiny shriveled tits hung down, reminding me of photos I had seen in national Geographic. The collar was without studs and the only piercing she had was her ear, in which she had small rings. I took a length of chain from my pocket and attached it to the collar and led her to the futon which was laid out in the corner. I told her to kneel and pull her hair over her head so that I could examine her more closely. I walked around her slowly - first pinching one tit - then the other nipple - feeling her shoulders - sticking my finger in her ass hole - and finally I pushed my hand under her ass and felt for the black hair on her cunt. She was clean - soft - and wet.

I gave her a push and she fell forward onto the mattress, lying on her stomach as I stood between her legs. "Spread your ass", I demanded and Marna's hands came back to her ass and she spread her cheeks. I imagined my Master, ramming his cock into her ass as she spread her butt. Her cunt glistened in the light and I could see her cum oozing from between her lips. Just above her pussy - of below - depending on where you are standing - she had a rash from shaving and the top - or bottom - of her cunt was red.

I knelt down and lowered my face so that my tongue was just above her ass. Softly I blew into her hole and over her wet cunt as I whispered, " - wider." She moved her hands closer to her as and spread her cheeks as I took a pair of cuffs from my pocket and fastened on her wrist. Marna pulled her hand but I overpowered her and snapped the second cuff on her other wrist, whispering, " - not so fast my slave. Remember - you said I could do anything."

Marna stopped struggling and lay motionless on the futon as I got up and went to the kitchen. I got some ice from the frig and returned to my reclining slave, telling her to roll over. She did and lay on her back with her hands securely fastened behind her and the black collar snug around her neck. I took the chain and fastened it to one of the loops in the futon so that Marna couldn't raise her head, and then I spread her legs, examining her cunt more closely. Her pussy looked a lot nicer without all of that black hair and she let out a moan as I pushed my fingers into her steaming cunt.

While I fingered her I chewed the ice cube so that my mouth was full of crushed ice. Marna tried to raise her head but could only get a few inches, just enough to see that I was entranced with watching my fingers glide into her cunt. Her clit rose from it's fold and stuck in the air, framed my the redness of her shaving experience, and I bent over and took the little pencil like cock between my lips.

"Oh - No -", she yelled as I sucked her stiff clit into my cold mouth and swished the crushed ice over her hot clit. I spread my fingers in her cunt and she understood that she was not to yell and bit her lip as I continued to swirl her clit in the cold ice.

Marna's legs squeezed my head as I reached down and pulled one of the needles from my nipple and pushed it against the soft skin under her thigh. I dragged the needle up her thigh and through the crack of her pussy lips. Marna was thrashing about as I held her clit between my lips and sucked hard as my hand moved ever so much closer to her sex.

"You need a ring - slave", I whispered as I put another ice into my mouth.

"No - Please", she yelled.

"Quiet - bitch", I said sternly. "Or - would you rather have your clit pierced warm?"

"Please - don't - Mistress Celeste. I can't stand pain."

"you can stand anything I wish", I said, bringing the needle to my lips and pushing slowly on the surface of her clit. I remembered my Master pushing the needle through my nipple and how the pain was excruciating and how I had wished that he had taken more time so I slowly twisted the ruby head of the needle between my fingers as the point punctured her soft clit-skin and the tip slowly passed through the short distance and emerged on from the opposite side. Marna screamed as I slowly pushed, twisting the head, turning the needle into the hole.

When the needle had pierced the clit I took a thin gold ring and spread the opening, passing the end through the hole and pushing the ends together. Marna was gasping for breath but her screams had diminished as I again pushed my fingers into her cunt and lowered my tongue to her wet pussy. I played with her new ring with my tongue as I put pressure on her ass hole with my thumb, pushing deep inside so that I could feel my fingers through the thin separation. She squeezed my head and pulled her head against the chained collar as I sucked her rich cum into my mouth.

Marna's gasps had turned from pain and fear to orgasmic lust. She pumped her cunt to my mouth as she rotated her ass onto my thumb. Cum ran from her pussy as I slurped her sweet juice into my hungry stomach.

"You like it now - don't you - slave Marna?"

"I love it - my Mistress."

"I knew you would", I whispered as I pulled my wet thumb from her squeezing ass and slid up so that I could reach her face with my hot tongue. "I knew you would", I whispered as I unlocked the cuffs while our tongues met and out mouths filled with each other. "I knew you would", I said into her suckling mouth as I unfastened the collar chain. Marna sucked on my tongue as I raised my head. She followed until I pulled on the chain and her head pulled back.

"Not so fast - Bitch - ", I said pulling the chain.

Marna slumped to the floor as I stood above her. "Come to bed - Bitch - ", I commanded as I pulled her chain and walked to the bedroom as she crawled behind me. "If you are nice you can share the bed with me. Otherwise you can sleep on the floor."

"I will be nice."

" ... be nice what?"

"I will be nice - Mistress Celeste."

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