Easter Breakfast

By Slave "Celeste"

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After I got the OK from Mistress Monica to be Dungeonmaster's slave ... I worked hard to preserve Monica's memory in my mind. I did everything my Master wanted ... and enjoyed everything.

Easter arrived and my mater decided to have fun with me. When I woke up that morning he was not in the bedroom so I got up, took a shower and went into the kitchen to find Dungeonmaster was boiling eggs.

"Good morning, Master", I said softly as I kissed him and went to get something out of one of the cabinets.

"Come here slave", he says, so I approach him slowly. "Put your hands on the table and spread your legs", he whispers in my ear. I do as he says, leaning against the table wearing my silk robe and nothing else. I flinch as I feel something hot rubbing against my pussy. "Stand still you naughty cunt", Dungeonmaster whispers in my ear. "We're going to play ... 'find the Easter egg'."

When he said that I felt something-warm push up into my cunt. I started breathing and tried to push it out by contracting my stomach muscles. "Stop that right now", my Master commands.

In a short time the object produces a strong sexual sensation. I reached down and pushed my fingers into my excited cunt and felt the soft surface of a hard-boiled egg. I thumped it with my fingers and the egg jiggled in my pussy as I gasped with pure pleasure. I repeated this over and over until my Master saw what I was doing.

"Stop right now, I said. I never told you that you could play with your Easter Egg."

I looked at my feel as I have been taught to do when my Master reprimands me. I stayed that way until I heard Dungeonmaster leave the room and then I started thumping the egg again ... I moaned ... the egg was stretching my pussy ... it felt so nice and warm ... I thumped it again as I heard my Master enter.

Your going to be punished now", he whispered as he pulled my hand from between my legs ... took my other hand from the table ... pulled both hands behind my back and pushed me through the door ... across the hall ... down the stairs ... and into the "playroom". I knew I was in trouble.

The dungeon was dark as he pushed me to the desk against the far wall. "Clink", I heard as I felt the cold steel of the handcuffs being clamped on my wrist. "Clink", I heard as the other wrist was fastened with the cold bracelets. "Clink", I heard as the chain between the cuffs was fastened to the steel clip hanging from the ceiling. I heard the squeak of the pulley as my Master pulled on the rope and my arms rose above my head until I was standing straight in the middle of the room.

My breathing got heavier as I waited in silence for my punishment. I knew my Master was upset and I understood that he was going to punish me for disobeying ... I stretched in silent fear awaiting whatever punishment my Master might bestow ... I waited ... I wanted his revenge ... the pain ... the pleasure ... the anticipation ... I needed his attention ... I wanted his cock to replace the plug in my ass.

"What a naughty cunt you are", my Master whispered as he walked around me, placing candles on the floor ... one at a time ... lighting them so that the soft light lit the cold room. I felt his soft hand run across my thighs as my Master fondled my pussy-lips ... moistening his fingers with my cum ... softly rubbing his way to my ass he grasps the soft rubber of the plug retainer and pulls the rubber cock from my asshole. Silence fills the room as I stretch to see what my Master will do next.

"Swish", I heard as a sharp sting bit into my ass ... my body jerked . the cuffs rattled ... I let out a little whimper. "Swish!" ... I heard ... again ... again ... as my ass felt on fire.

"I am going to get it now", I thought as I closed my eyes ... fighting the tears that wanted to run ... holding my breath so as not to upset my Master with another whimper.

"Swish", I heard over and over as the sharp sting rose on my ass repeatedly.

"Master", I said to myself as I clinched my teeth ... moaning under my breath ... another slap as my Master's hand fell hard on my ass ... I love his hand more than the whip ... my Master's hand is loving ... personal ... a part of him ... "Master", I moaned. "Please strike me again."

"Swish", I heard ... jolting my limp body forward as the egg flew from my dripping hot cunt and rolled across the floor of the dimly lit room.

"What", I heard from my Master yell as he watched the egg roll to a stop. "I told you to keep my egg warm for me ... you fucking cunt. Now it's dirty", he says as he bends over and picks up the whitish yellow sphere.

"Oh Master ... I'm sorry ...", I whisper as he approaches ... taking my chin in his hand ... pushing down to open my mouth. "Stick out your tongue ... you cunt", my Master orders as he holds the egg to my face and I lick the surface as the egg rolls around on the palm of his hand ... I watch it roll as I lick. My ass burns and my tongue stretches to reach as I lick until all of the dust has been removed.

"Now ... bitch ... keep this warm for me", my master says as he rams the egg between my legs and firmly pushes it deep into my wet cunt. "Don't drop it again", he whispers threateningly. "Swish", I hear as his hand lands hard on my ass while I tighten my thighs as the egg slips bobbles my hot cunt. Cum drips down the inside of my legs as I fight to keep my Master's Easter Egg inside my dripping pussy.

I moaned softly as I hear his scuffling on the floor as he moves behind me. "Shut up ... now ... no more of that ... I am in charge", my Master growls in my ear. "You asked for it", he whispers, licking my ear lobe as I hear the sound of his slurping tongue and the zip as he pulls his zipper down.

I know what is about to happen ... my ass cheeks are being spread ... my toes barely touch the ground ... my thighs open ... the egg bobbles at the edge of my cunt ... I feel the tip of my Master's cock push into my asshole ... stretch the opening. I jerk forward as his hands surround my hips ... pushing the egg into my cunt as he pulls me back onto his hard cock. His arm wrap around my waist as I clutch at the ceiling ... he pulls me further onto his hard prick ... his rod fills my hole ...his cock is in my ass ... my Master pumps ... I rock backwards ... feeling his cock .... he pounds ... harder ... faster. I pull on the chain, which holds my hands as my Master cups his hands under my cunt as he rams his stiff prick into my willing ass.

I must relax my ass. I can't hold the egg hold the egg inside and the round sphere pops into my Master's cupped hands as my cum drips onto the egg.

"I caught it this time", my Master whispers as he brings his hands to his mouth and pushes the cum soaked egg between his lips ... taking a big bite as he rams his cock deep in my ass hole. "Mmmmmm", he whispers ... chewing on the egg as I clutch at the ceiling.

"Open your mouth", my Master whispers, " ... and I will share my Easter Present with you."

I spread my mouth lips as I feel the dry crumbling yoke being pushed between my jaws. I chew as my Master pulls his cock from my ass and crosses the room. My hands feel limp while I slump to the floor as the rope is lowered. "Finish your egg", I hear him whisper as the cuffs are removed. "Finish your egg and I will let you suck my cock."

I swallow the dry yoke as I stretch my fingers ... rising to my knees in front of my Master. I can see his dark form ... standing tall in the candlelight ... unbuttoning his pants and allowing them to fall to the floor. He steps out of the pant legs and approaches me.

My mouth is cock height as I see his cum filled prick slowly move to my lips ... enter my mouth ... push into my throat as my hands rise to cup his swelling testicles ... his hands cup my head ... he moans as I touch his balls ... them .. squeeze them ... fondle them as I swallow his hot cock.

"I'm going to blow my cum down your throat ... you cunt", Dungeonmaster screams as I feel the tightening of his balls ... the jerking of his prick ... as I reach between his legs and drive my thumb in his ass hole.

"Yes", he yells as my thumb rams deep in his ass ... driving his cock down my throat ... I squeeze his balls as the hot cum fills my stomach.

"Good ... slave", my master whispers as I swallow every drop of his morning orgasm. "You are learning well."

"Yes, Master", I whisper as he pulls his cock from my suckling lips.

"Yes ... slave", My Master whispers as he lifts me from my knees and holds me to his sweaty body. I feel his fingers softly spreading my ass cheeks as his other hand pushes the butt-plug against the opening of my now conditioned asshole. He pushes the plug home with one swift bump and I hang limp in his arms.

"I loved my Easter Breakfast", I whisper.

"You'll love dinner ... too!"

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