My Master --- My Slave

By Mistress "Celeste"

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To Dungeonamster --- I am His slave!

To Marna --- I am her Mistress.

It's sometimes confusing --- I'm a Mistress one moment and a slave the next. That's how the world of domination is. If you are a weak subject --- you become one's slave. To some you are dominant --- one becomes your slave.

I am quite new to this "domination" scene. But, I have certainly started to enjoy pain with pleasure. I love the feelings when Stephen controls me and I love the feelings when I control Marna.

I love it when my Master, I prefer that name to Dungeonmaster as He uses on Blowout, spanks my ass as hard as He can --- it makes my pussy drip. I enjoy it when He pierced my nipples --- it hurt terribly --- but --- the hurt was from my Master. At the time the pain was excruciating --- but in retrospect --- I now wish the needles had been longer and the push of my Master's hand --- slower.

When I first came to Blowout my Master pierced my pussy lip --- it hurt --- but then the ring felt so good against my hot wet dripping pussy. Now I have two rings and they feel wonderful when I play with them.

I think I would do anything for Master Stephen --- anything He asked or wanted to do to me. I wear a butt plug and I enjoy it. I would feel naked without my plug. occasionally --- when I am out for a walk --- I feel the plug and I fanaticize that it is His cock in my ass.

If someone were to ask me to do these things a year ago --- I would have left in disgust. Now pleasing my Master is my life. I love to serve Master Stephen --- I enjoy when He spanks me --- ties me down --- inflicts pain --- or when He just demands --- and I obey.

He loves me as His slave --- I make Him happy --- I love being his slave. I love to suck His cock at any time he wants --- slipping His prick between my lips --- down my throat --- caressing His balls --- feeling them swell --- Him shooting cum down my throat --- warm and thick. He loves to watch His cock slide in and out of my mouth --- going down my throat.

All these feelings are pleasurable and His training is going slow as He helps me to understand about His world.

Maybe this vignette is my way of telling Him that I seek more --- I want it harder --- I need to elevate --- I have to experience --- I fanaticize of much more than He demands.

He loves all of what I do!

I enjoy doing whatever it is He desires.

I needed to explain why I enjoy being His slave.

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