By Slave Celeste

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After work, on the sixteenth of March, Dungeonmaster told me we were going to go see Monica in the hospital. I was nervous about meeting the famous Monica and I was a little distraught by the look in my Master's eyes.

Master took me to the hospital in a long black limo and I was so scared. The stretch pulled up in front of the large gray building and Dungeonmaster almost had to pull me from the car and drag me to Monica's room. He pushed me in her room as he walked over to her and kissed her on the lips.

"Monica ... this is Celeste", he said as he introduced us.

"Come over here", she whispered through her breathing mask. She was pale, wrinkled and, as she lifted her skeleton like hand I could see that she was very weak. I walked over to her and took her cold hand in mine.

"You are very pretty", she said.

"Thank You, Mistress Monica." I answered.

"Turn around", Monica whispered. I turned and felt her hand rub my back, slip over my ass, my thighs and under my short skirt. Monica's hand was cold on my thighs as her fingers lightly walked between my legs, feeling my bare cunt, the one ring and tenderly pushing on the butt-plug that I have been wearing continuously. "Celeste ... listen to me. I know Stephen needs a Mistress." Monica gasped for breath in mid-sentence, then continued. " ... and I want you to be his Mistress." She rubbed her thin finger around my butt-plug as she whispered, " ... come closer."

I leaned close as her finger touched my lips. " Stephen has told me of you and I approve ... not that he needs my approval ... but ... I want you both to have it. He is a kind Master and will teach you well", she continued as she rubbed my ass with her frail hand.

"She's very beautiful ... keep her", Monica told Dungeonmaster in a raspy whisper. He smiled at me, taking Monica's hand in his and pushing hard against the plug.

"Take your shirt off", Monica told me and I quickly pulled it off. She reached out softly cupped my breast as she weakly played with my nipples. "Very nice ... very nice. I wish I could have had you when I felt better. I would have loved to teach you a thing or two.", she whispered as my tits bounced in her hand. "I used to have nice tits before cancer and the knife took them away. Stephen always liked my tits.">P> "So, Stephen, where did you find this one?"

"She answered the ad. Just like you did, a long time ago", Dungeonmaster answered squeezing Monica's hand and pushing on my plug.

"Get dressed ... Celeste ... I want you to be Dungeonmaster's new Mistress. I want you to please him as I think I pleased him over the years. Treat him well and be there ... always make new and exciting", Monica told me seriously.

"I promise", I assured her.

"Stephen ... treat her like your important slave", Monica whispered as she leaned back, closed her eyes and fell asleep.

That is the last time I saw Monica alive.

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