The Butt-Plug

By "Slave Celeste" Mc Bride

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My hands are cold as I hold onto the chain as Stephen pounds my ass hole as I hang limp. I hate the pain but love the pleasure. It must have been a half-hour before my Master's sweaty body collapsed at my feet as he fell from exhaustion.

Shortly after his orgasm he left the room in silence. I try to remove the bonds that hold me to the chains, but am unable to do so. I slumped, hanging, as I think of my Master. I almost pass out before I hear the door open and Dungeonmaster enters. He approaches as I rise ... he releases the ropes that hold me in position ... he gently lifts me in his arms and carries me to the bed. He places me on the soft sheets and lovingly kisses my young cunt as I rub his baldhead.

"Turn over, my dear", he whispers, helping me roll over onto my stomach. I lie motionless, listening to the sound of a lid being removed from a glass container and I feel a cool liquid on my ass as he rubs between my cheeks, massaging the lubricant into my soar ass. I unconsciously spread my legs allowing my Master clear access to my hole.

"This will help", he whispers, as I feel something push into my butt ... spreading my muscles ... opening the hole. There is little pain as the well-greased object passes the opening my ass as the muscles close on what seems to be a smaller portion of the plug, leaving the larger part inside.

"This plug will make it easier for you to use your ass in pleasing me. Don't remove the plug until you are told. You will keep it inside!"

"Yes ... I understand ... Master", I say as I roll onto my side and hold Stephen close ... feeling his warm body. Taking a chance I reach down and take his soft cock in my hand. "May I hold you Master", I asked?

"Yes ... you may", he replies as we drift off to sleep.

The Next Morning I wake up to a burning sensation in my ass. I remember the plug my Master had put in ass the night before.

"How is your ass ... my dear", he whispers as I roll over and look at him. He sees pain in my eyes and the stiff clinching of my lips. "Good girl", he whispers as he pushes another, larger, butt-plug in tighter. I let out a sharp scream with the pain. "Hush ... you know you like this", he whispered in my ear.

"Yes Master ... but ..."

His stern voice cuts me off abruptly as I look him in the eye. "No buts ... nor ands ... my Slave.

After setting the butt-plug firmly in my ass I relax and feel the muscles spread to accommodate the larger object. "You will wear this until I am ready for you again. It will be easier next time ... and next", he whispers as he pushes his fingers into my wet pussy. His hand is under my cunt as I move up and down, fucking his hand as if his cock were inside me. As I approach orgasm my Master removes his hand, rises from the bed and commands me to follow him.

He leads me to the bathroom and turns on the shower. "You will clean up before we go to work", he says as he leaves the room. I am alone as I soap my body paying special attention to the plug in my ass, washing my cheeks and removing the excess oil. As I rub my cunt I remember the ring in he inserted in my pussy-lip and I flick the round piercing with my finger, amazed that there is no pain. When I finished showering I dried and put on the plain brown robe that had been left by my master. I wore no underclothes and the rough material made me feel funny, almost like I was a monk.

I am uncomfortable work, squirming under the pressure of the butt plug and the roughness of the robe. Finally I pull the material up and sit on the leather chair, which feels wonderful on my bare skin. "Celeste ... come in here right now", my Master yells form his office.

"Yes ... Master", a say as I enter the room.

"Take off your robe", he demands nonchalantly. I undress quickly as he watches me. "Turn around and bend over", he says as I shyly do as he asks. "Your such a beautiful bitch", he whispered as he leans close, examining my butt-plug. "Come over here."

I approach him and he takes my hand, pulling me close as he turns me sideways and bends me over his knee. Dungeonmaster rubs my ass and I feel his finger pushing the plug around as he takes the end and pulls the rubber until the plug is half way in and half way out. The largest part of the plug is spreading my ass and the pain turns into pleasure as my Master rotates the large part of the plug slowly. After several minutes he pulls the plug from my ass and I feel the extreme pleasure of his cool breath as he blows into my hot ass.

"Lean over my desk ... my dear ... I want to give you some dictation", he commands. I lean over as I heard him unzipping his pants ... "Your ass is my ass", he whispers and shoves his cock roughly into my ass.

"Fuck me", I beg. as his cock sinks deep into my ready hole. "Please fuck me hard", I scream.

"I never said you could talk ... Bitch." With that he pounds my ass as I hold onto the desk for dear life. His cock invades my ass hole as he pumps deep into the well-stretched opening ... pounding ... pushing me against the desk. "You are a stupid cunt", he screams as fucks my ass harder and harder with each thrust. I reach behind and feel his balls swell as they slap against my ass. "BITCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", he screams as he pumps deep. "CCCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMM", he yells as he spurts his hot juices in my ass. He pulls out ... zips his pants ... backs up ... as I lean against the desk. His cum drips from my ass hole as I feel my cheeks spread with the plug is again pushed into my hole.

"Better", he says as the plug is set in my ass. "Much better ... My Dear Slave ... Celeste." "Yes ... Master ... It is as you said. I want to be the best."

"You will be ... I assure you.

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