The Pleasure of Pain

By Joan "Celeste" Mc Bride

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I was awakened about midnight and told to stay on my hands and knees for the rest of the night ... which I did. Dungeonmaster woke up early and looked at me to make sure I was still in the same position. My back was aching and he saw the pain in my eyes, which seemed to please, as he was breaking my will power.

Stay that way until I come back", he told me, as he left the room, closing the door. It seemed like hours but Dungeonmaster came back a few minutes later. He crossed the room to where I was crouched and, as he rubbed my ass, his finger found my asshole, which he played with much to my delight.

"Celeste, lay down", I was told and I crawled to the bed and lowered my aching body onto the soft sheets. "Drink this", he told me, handing me a cup of coffee. I drank it and started to feel sleepy. I handed him the empty cup and fell asleep. I awoke a several hours later and my pussy was throbbing with pain.

"Your finally awake, slave", Stephen said as he sat on the bed next to me.

"My pussy hurts", I told him.

"I pierced it while your were knocked out. You got wet while I was placing the first ring", he informed me as he got a piece of ice from a container and rubbed along the swelling area of my pussy where the ring had been inserted. I cringed from the cold of the ice and the pain. "Oh, your such a naughty cunt of a slave ... I knew you were when I first saw you. A naughty cunt with nice tits", he whispered as he leaned over, suckling my breast as his tongue teased my nipple. "Today ... I'm going to teach the pleasures of pain and of being my slave", he whispered around my stiff nipple. "Here are the rules:

Do not speak unless I ask you a question.
You will do only as I say.
Answer to no body else.
You will accept all pain that I give you.

"Do you understand", he asked?

"Yes sir", I said meekly.

"It's ... Yes Master ...."

"Yes Master", I repeated after him. He rubbed my ass with his hand and lightly smacked it. "Ouch", I moaned.

"Did you say something, slave", he asked?

"No Master", I whispered.

"Stand up and let me see your body", he ordered. I slowly rose from the bed and stood before him. He ran his hands all over my body as I just about melted under his touch. "Slave ... stand up straight", he yelled. "I am going to fuck your ass, Celeste, and you will feel the pain ... the pleasure ... that comes with a stiff cock in your asshole."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me into another room. There were sex toys on the shelves and a wooden table in the middle of the room. There were chains hanging from the ceiling and I could see paintings of sexual pleasures in the dim light. He pushed me to the center of the room and raised my hands over my head, tying one, then the other, to the hanging chains.

"Listen to me, Celeste ... I am going to fuck you dry. You know that you deserve this. If you relax it won't hurt. If you resist me I will hurt you bad", he threatens. He moves around my helpless body and places a leather mask over my head, blindfolding me, as he puts a ball in my mouth, pulling the strap tight behind my head.

I hang for a moment before I feel something smooth rubbing on my ass. Then a sharp pain on one cheek ... a sharp pain on the other. I can feel my ass burn as his hand lands hard on the soft skin and, in spite of my fears, my cunt is dripping with sex juice. Then ... I feel something push at the opening to my ass and I know it's my Master's cock fighting at the opening.

"My Master", I think, wondering how I got here and where I'm going. I couldn't leave if I wanted to and, the strange thing is, I don't want to leave. I want to surrender.

I want his cock in my ass.

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