Job Interview at Blowout

By Joan "Celeste" Mc Bride

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It was the beginning of March and this small hick town I live in was very boring. I had to do something with my life. I had to get out of this town! I don't know what made me decided to go to LA ... well ... yes I do ... but, we'll get to that later.

I arrived in California a sweet southern belle in this big place, and frankly I was intimidated. I had made up my mind to stay for about two weeks. I knew I had to find a job somewhere so I could have money for a hotel. I bought a paper and saw an ad:

Secretary Wanted
Must be sexy and young
Interviews will be taken at Blowout Online
532 West 18th Street
Los Angeles, California

I had no idea what Blowout was but I knew it was a job I could handle, and I am sexy, young and have a body like a goddess. I found a hotel I could stay at for two weeks and asked the man at the front desk where was Blowout located. He stuttered, looked around as if ashamed and said, "It' only three blocks from here." I thanked him and went to find Blowout.

I walked the short distance and found the address. It looked like a brick house. I knocked on the door, an older looking man came and opened. It was Daddy, I found out, and he asked me what I wanted. I explained about the ad and he told me to follow him upstairs. He led me into this office looking room and told me to wait for Stephen.

After Daddy had left I sat down in front of the computer and noticed that it was connected to the Blowout Chat Room. It looked like fun so I started chatting with this guy. I hadn't noticed that someone had come in the room until I felt some heavy breathing on my neck and turned around.

"Oh, I am so sorry", I said apologetically with my best southern accent clinging to every word.

"So you like to chat in this nasty room", the man asked, quite sternly.

"Well .. Sir ... it was already in this chat room. I wasn't ..." He placed his finger to his lip and I quickly stopped talking as he gave me a look of disapproval.

"Stand up!", he growled. . I stood up, moved to the side and he sat down in the chair. "Well you have a very nice body, and you're young. I think you may get the job", he told me. I smiled as I looked down at him. "BUT ... there is one thing that you must do to get this job." The man paused, cleared his throat and looked at me as though he could see through my clothes. "You must show me everything. I must investigate every nook and cranny."

"Yes sir", I answered in a whisper.

"Lock the door to my office", he commanded and I walked over to the door, locked it and returned.

"Take off your clothes", he said in a raspy whisper. I looked at him in a funny sort of way. He was already pulling out his cock and was fondling it. "I said take off your clothes .. NOW", he yelled at me. I started unbuttoning my blouse, taking careful measure not to tear it. "Am I going to have to do it for you", he questioned? . I shook my head as I slipped the blouse off of my shoulders. Then I started undoing the skirt I was wearing, letting it fall to the floor also.

I felt so humiliated but I couldn't refuse. It wasn't that I didn't want to run out ... which I did ... but some strong power made me stay. "Come here", he told me. I walked over to him and he rubbed his wrinkled hand all over my flat smooth stomach, flicking my belly button ring with his fingers. "I love rings", he whispered, " ... especially in a young beautiful girl ... but, you know that. "What's your name?"

"Celeste", I said with my southern drawl.

"And I'm Stephen ... But you can call me Master ... Dungeonmaster."

"Yes ... Sir", I managed to answer.

"Master", he said sternly." "Master."

"I like that name ... your name Celeste ... very nasty and naughty." I looked at him with surprise in my eyes. "Yes you heard me ... your going to be my nasty, naughty cunt of a secretary", he told me. "Sit on my lap", he ordered. I eased onto his lap and felt his hands run over my back. "Are You scared of me ... Celeste", he asked?

"No sir ... it's just that your ... " I ended my sentence before I made a fool of myself.

"What Celeste ... what am I doing." He nibbled on the side of my neck and my breathing got harder and heavier. "Well ... Sir ... I am getting quite wet." I whispered.

"Get on your hands and knees", he told me so, without hesitation, I lowered myself to the floor, getting my hands and knees. I could feel his hands running all over my back. I felt my bra being unsnapped and falling off. "Let me see your tits", he whispered. I sat up and let him inspect my firm young breasts. "Nice ... very nice", he told me as he flicked my nipples making them grow stiffer than they were already. "What size are your breasts", asked. " ... about 38C?"

"Exactly ... Sir ... and silver dollar nipples", I added.

"Master", he said, " ... and don't forget again."


"Celeste ... you're going to have to learn something. When I ask you a question I only want the answer to the question nothing else. NOW get back on your hands and knees." I put my hands back on the ground and, all of a sudden, I felt a smack on my ass, which scooted me forward. "That's for answering more than you need too." He started rubbing my ass as he yanked off my silk panties. There I was in the middle of the Blowout office, naked, letting this old man inspect me. "Stay there", he ordered. I heard a few noises before he commanded, "Sit on my lap!" I climbed on his lap and sat there nervously. "Face me", he told me so I turned around facing him. I felt his cock push against my shaved pussy.

"Are you going to hurt me", I whispered, breathing in real fast.

"Well, Celeste, this is how I'm going to welcome you to Blowout." I tried to pull away but he held my arm forcefully yet gently. "Your not going anywhere ... are you!" I settled back on his stiff cock and let out a whimper as his prick slipped between my shaved young pussy lips.

"Please ... don't hurt me", I said, breathing hard.

"If that's what you want. Do you want not to be hurt?"

"Yes ... No ...", I said in confusion. "I don't like pain."

"Then why are you here ... cunt."

"Because ... Sir ... "

"Master", I heard as his fingers twisted the belly-button ring causing a sharp pain.

"Master ... I'm sorry." Another twist brought a sharp scream and tears to my eyes.

"You will learn to beg for pain ... you Southern Cunt. That's what I'll call you. Slave Southern Cunt-fort ... my hot whisky Bitch.

"Bounce on my cock ... you Bitch ... bounce", he yelled as I started going up and down on his stiff rod. "Faster you cunt", he yelled louder as I started going faster and harder. I heard myself moan as he penetrated deep into my young cunt. "That's what I thought ... you like this." he whispered as he bit my nipple. I could feel the pain rushing through my body but it felt so good. I kept going and soon I felt myself reaching orgasm.

"Master ... I'm going to cum", I shouted as I arched my back and let him feel my cum run over his cock and down the crack of my ass. I fell exhausted in his arms as he cradled me. He held me gently until I fell asleep.

"Little Celeste ...", he whispered " ... tomorrow is another day!"


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